Barack Obama released a “Best of” list that has people rolling their eyes


Barack Obama just won’t go away.

The former president continues to insert himself into the public conversation.

Now Obama released a “Best of” list that has people rolling their eyes.

In the past, former presidents typically tried to avoid the public eye after leaving office.

They may collect money from speaking engagements, but they don’t attack the policy positions of the president in power.

But Barack Obama refuses to do that.

He’s not only directly and indirectly working to undermine Donald Trump’s presidency, but he’s also fought to stay culturally relevant.

And Obama just released a list of his favorite film and television shows, and one of his selections revealed one of his true weaknesses.

Breitbart reports:

President Obama tweeted on Sunday afternoon a list of 18 movies that he described as his favorite of the year, plus three TV series that he considered as “powerful” as movies.

His list features five Netflix titles. Barack and Michelle Obama signed a lucrative production deal with Netflix in 2018 that will allow the former first couple to partner with the streaming entertainment company on scripted content and documentaries.

Among the feature titles on Barack Obama’s list was the documentary American Factory, which was backed by the Obamas’ Higher Ground production company and released by Netflix. The documentary tells the story of a former General Motors plant in Ohio that is re-opened by a Chinese billionaire.

Obama placing his own film on the list shows just how vain he truly is.

Obama proved to be a petty and thin-skinned president.

He sicced law enforcement on conservative pundit and documentary filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza because he made a highly critical Obama film where he interviewed his Kenyan brother.

Obama also used the National Endowment of the Arts to give grant money to artists who would make pro-Obama artwork.

Hyping up his own documentary is just the latest self-aggrandizing move from Obama.

The Obamas refuse to relinquish the spotlight, and Leftists in media are all too eager to oblige them.

For a president who was so critical of billionaires and wealth creators, the Obamas sure are busy raking in the dough with book deals, speeches to big banks, and film and television deals.

These actions wouldn’t be an issue if they weren’t so boldly hypocritical.

Do you think it was vain of Obama to recommend his own film?

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  2. Obama just can’t get enough of himself. He’s a true narcissist.
    Poor Hillary, she just can’t believe she was beaten by Obama and then Trump.
    What happened?

  3. Barack may discover that his staying relevant attempt is an exercise of diminishing returns.

  4. The absolute worst president in the history of the world, Obama has to look relevant. He should do a documentary on how he hates and tried desperately to destroy America with the help of the filth and scum democrat party.

  5. Obama should be stripped of his presidency. He was not born in America. He has continued to work against America. He committed treason and should be placed before a firing squad along with Hillary who continues to betray America. Both of these people should be given a date before a firing squad.

  6. If it was up to me I would find a way for him to fade away into the sunset and leave our presently elected President do the job that he is capable of doing with out any creticing from a has been. Why doesn’t he just fade away to Martha’s vineyard and close the gates and doors to his mansion and leave the rest of us alone.

  7. Believe the Kenyan Communist has been a fraud since day one,a treasonous traitor,and law violator,probably will turn out to be an “illegitimate POTUS” when the dust settles!!!!

  8. The only movie I will ever watch, dealing with this narcissist liar, is the Obama’s finally telling the truth about how they have, and still are trying to destroy our great nation !! But I know that will never happen! The Obama’s are one of the main reasons why I cancelled my Netflix account. I hope on his “best of” list he has his name under the category” of liar, deceiver and manipulator” Right next to the Clinton’s . That’s the only list they belong on…

  9. The rule of thumb is and always has been that if you keep pushing every thing forward some one will finaly catch you.

  10. The Obama’s are so full of themselves that they actually think people give a darn about what they think. They are ignorant about who the American people are and what is important to them.our values are not their values. I couldn’t stand them when they were in the WH and I still don’t want to hear from them. They don’t have enough class to stay in the background. Go retire somewhere far far away

  11. It’s called cheating. It is very hard to have 190% voters which is impossible. They came to the voting ploes buy bus from other areas and voted some times three and four times. They say Trump cheated think again he won every vote that went up on the board.

  12. Obama is a whimp, I wish he would just go away and mind his own business. He was a failure as a president. With Obama it all about me myself & I.

  13. If all his speeches where the word, “I” or “me” or “my” were top count didn’t tell you this guy’s ego is bigger than the universe, you weren’t paying attention. Listing one of his own works only confirms it.

  14. How I despise thee, let me count the ways!! Too many, gave up at 999! He is exactly why we don’t have Netflix since last spring. As soon as we heard about his propaganda we quit this pop stand!!

  15. Obama was the worst President I can recall. I used to think it was Jimmy Carter, but then Bill Clinton came along and I never thought anyone could top him as the worst President. However, I was wrong. Obama finally topped the list as the worst President.

  16. He tries to look and remain relevant and the harder he tries the more ridiculous he looks and sounds. He is a pathetic human and one of the worst Presidents this country has ever had. Trump will be correcting his mistakes for the next 5 years.

  17. I did not realize how corrupt the media was until the Obama election. Newsmen like Brian Williams started fawning over him and could not conceal their glee. The news covered over his corruption almost making him Saint like. Obama was the most corrupt President in our history. This is a fact. Starting with the IRS. FBI Justice Dept you name it and Obama corrupted it. I hope history will finally expose him for the corruption and divisiveness he caused in our Country.

  18. I agree ! Only a Lowlife leaves office only to hang around DC . Total narsacist ! He and Hilary have that in common along with “thinking” their opinions matter ! What a Lowlife jarred is too ! A grown woman who can’t even buy her own home !

  19. Only problem is he Did set Our Country back terribly , and now President Trump has to try and clean up his mess ! Obama was the Most Dangerous person in history !

  20. I can’t understand why anyone is surprised at anything he does! Everyone with a single brain cell knows he was bought and paid for by Soros and his Muslim nations to take over the White House and destroy America from within. He did a good job of that! He has never made a decision on his own. He is and has always been a Soros puppet. He continues to react every time his strings are pulled. It Is strange how many “free loaders” still believe in him. They must have destroyed their final brain cell With all their free weed!

  21. He is a narcissistic twit. I wish he would just go away and let Trump do his job and fix the mess Obummer left for him.

  22. I can’t believe that any American would consider four more years of Obama’s in the White House. If Michelle Obama were to get in, God forbid, we’d have four more years of Americans have to pay for expensive vacations and our country going down the tubes. Both Obama’s hate America and would love to destroy our country. Has everyone forgotten how Michelle made no secret of the fact that she hates white people? Trump has made our country a country we can be proud of again. Let’s keep it that way.

  23. You can’t expect MUCH from a MISERABLY FAILED EX president TRYING to stay relevant, ESPECIALLY when he ISN’T. Reminds you of the “king who had no clothes on” . . . nothing there! Just MISERABLY failed LEFTIST policies that (THANK the Lord JESUS above!) is being REVERSED by POTUS TRUMP. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  24. To Barry the Fairy from that Chicago Bath House I say —> ‘ FUH-Q and go to Hades ” !

    Its time for you to SHUT YOUR LYING KENYAN MOUTH !

  25. We have had enough Of Obummer and Obomunism! Please list Obummers list of achievements in 8 years of office? Other than giving the order to take out Bin Laden, I can’t think of anything that Obummer accomplished. 600 days of golf is not much to brag about! Non of his policies have helped America!

  26. Yes he was and still is. He was Soros puppet. The perpetrators of the One World Government.
    He wants Michelle to run in 2024 to continue his heinous agenda. Don’t stop praying for our country. The negative force is still busy.

  27. HCB; You know, I used to think you came on this site just to pull our legs. Just being an obstinate fool looking for negative attention. But now I see you really are a typical, brainwashed , very ill informed Leftists that has no clue what your demon party is actually all about, do you? Don’t you have at least one active brain cell that can comprehend the truth?? You have the nerve to praise Obama and claim you want him to continue to fight for the USA. Is that how you truly see this traitorous, lying, narcissistic demon???? He, and his “wife” have done NOTHING but to destroy our great nation and will continue to do so as long as fools like you give them any attention and creditability.
    But you know what? I think come election day, you will see a lot of former Democrats will vote against this party. They are sick and tired of all the BS the demon party has been pulling since President Trump has been in office and want no more of it. But regardless of this year’s election, I trust GOD and HE will make it right if HE feels we are still worthy. If not, then you better enjoy the freedoms and rights you have right now, because if we get a sitting Democratic president, they WILL all disappear…..Good-bye USA. Hello NWO. Then won’t you be proud???

  28. It’s sad Linda their are many who feel the way HCB does. You can see them rally around Sanders,Biden, Warren and others. You are absolutely right if they take over Good-USA. May God bless America.

  29. ROFLMAO….love it. So many accurate comments on this blog about the narcissistic clown there’s not too much more to say except about the village idiots who elected him, along with the cheating, and help from a useless congress that’s still inept as well as crooked…..and that’s on both sides. The only time the right did or said anything against him and his policies was at election time. The rest of the time they just rolled over like “that’s not who we are” Ryan and gutless McConnell.

  30. It is a wonder the muslin’s haven’t killed him as they detest the queer community.Just my opinion.

  31. Paul D; I am with you Paul. Let’s hope, before our true history hasn’t been totally distorted by the demon party, Obama’s corruption will be exposed!!

  32. The Obamas represent the best of the leftist liberal hypocrites. Lie, cheat, steal… whatever they need to do to concentrate wealth and power in their own hands regardless of the damage it does to the nation and its citizens.


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