Barack Obama just dropped a major bombshell about Michelle’s future that President Trump did not want to hear


After Barack Obama left office, he broke with the long held tradition that former Presidents lead a quiet life to respect the new man in office.

In fact, he just dropped a bombshell that could change everything.

And what Barack Obama just said about Michelle’s future should make every single Trump supporter panic.

The Obama’s have transformed their public profiles into a celebrity status they are using to rake in millions of dollars.

First, they secured a deal with Netflix worth tens of millions of dollars.

Then, Michelle Obama published a book and toured the country to promote her radical feminist agenda while making millions.

Now, Michelle Obama is leveraging her recent fame and wealth to fan the flames of rumors she is running for President.

And Barack Obama just dropped a bombshell about her next move.

While speaking at an event in Singapore, he stated that women are “indisputably better” than men, and that if women ruled things would be better.

BBC News reports:

Michelle Obama’s last-minute entry into the 2020 race would upend the Democrat Presidential primary.

Some candidates would be forced out of the race, and others would begin trashing Obama’s record to stop her from cruising to victory.

But Michelle Obama would likely become an instant frontrunner.

A new Franklin Pierce University-Boston Herald poll shows Obama ahead of the Democrat field with 26% in New Hampshire, a key early primary state.

Even Tucker Carlson speculated the former first lady will be the 2020 Democrat nominee if she entered the primary.

Carlson points out a poll earlier this year found that Michelle Obama was the most admired woman in the world.

The media would likely fawn over Michelle’s candidacy while doing everything they could to tear President Trump down, making her a significant threat in a general election.

What do you think?

Could Michelle Obama beat President Trump in 2020?

Leave a comment below.


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  2. Here are the sad facts; 1) We have approx. 50% of the voting population Democrats, 2) Our open borders and no valid proof for being able to vote increasing the Democratic voting base, 3) voting fraud and 4) the progressive agenda to get a minority female in the White House. Is there a possibility? Absolutely. Should there be a possibility? No, but you have to consider the average intelligence of our population and them looking for a way to get something with your money.

  3. Hasn’t the country seen enough of the Obama’s? They still think they are in the White House. Obama almost brought this country to its knees, infiltrated this country with tens of thousands of illegal immigrants and despite what Obama said about having an 8 year scandal free government that was a blatant lie. We don’t need any Obama in any form of government ever!

  4. Voting is all about personal interest. Every person that chooses one politician over another does so because they perceive it is better for their personal interests. When it comes to poor people, the democrats have the upper hand because they simply promise to take money from people that have it and dole it out to people that don’t have it in exchange for their vote. Republican’s message is we want to shrink government and take away entitlements forcing people to learn to support themselves, instead of relying on other people to support them.
    That’s not a popular message with most poor people, all though it ought to be. Poor people don’t tend to look at the long term and realize government dependence NEVER leads to prosperity.

  5. I like Mr. Carlson, but who took this poll showing Michelle Obama the most admired woman in America?? Her and Hillary Clinton are on my list alright. But it’s not for most admired!! I can tell you that!!!
    Heaven help us all if we get another Obama as our sitting president. Good-bye USA. Hello NWO for sure! Well, now I know why NYC starting handing out drivers licenses to all the illegal aliens already living here, yesterday. Can’t use the same trick of having dead people to vote for them. So let’s stack the deck with people living in our great country illegally, to vote Democratic! That will really give them a lot of votes!!!
    I’m putting in GOD’s hands and hope HE will see this country is still worthy of HIS grace and blessings and get us through this nightmare…. Let’s us pray!!!

  6. Michael javick: You know, that same sickening thought just crossed my mind as well!! Can you imagine the devastation we will be faced with these four running our country again?????

  7. We NEED Mandatory Voter ID Laws NOW. I had hoped President Trump would have gotten on this before the 2018 election but he did not. unless this is established there will be rampant cheating by Dems and others forevermore! THIS is the top, first priority subject that President Trump really should address to secure not only the 2020 election but beyond! And btw; Michelle Robinson Obama IS A GODDAMNED MAN! IT’S A F%^&*NG TRANNY And we do not want anymore lying ass Obamas (not even his real name) in office, period! Barack Hussein Obama’s real Birth Name is Stanley Malcolm Dunham, born in Seattle, Washington (State) to an unwed mother who attended a famous Communist School there in that State. She met Malcolm X in New York while he was there giving a speech and she had a one-night fling with him as she was an enamored fan having been educated herself by Communists. Malcolm X is Hussein’s real father. Read the book, “The Obama Error”, by Stephen Pigeon, an investigative Lawyer. He cites sources and evidence to back up his data and radical claims.

  8. I am a 69 year old straight woman who has worked many high stress jobs with people who were “not at their best”. Some of the women I’ve worked with, professionals and otherwise, were well suited to their responsibilities, some were emotional, sneaky, childish back-stabbers. Both men and women have their biological as well as individual strengths and weaknesses, but on the whole, as hostilities and defenses go in both international and local affairs, women are absolutely NOT the automatic best choice for leadership. Women make too many weak decisions, fall for sob stories, are unable to see the big picture, are unwilling to separate personal from professional. And any woman in a high level of management knows this whether she admits it publicly or not.

  9. I really don’t think a coup by Mitchell and the Hilldebeast would ever happen for the simple fact that they hate each other.
    Having said that if either of them ran and won ,God help us All.

  10. Hitlery is on her death bed because she has KURU which is Stage 4, and Airborne..That disease is the result of CANNIBALISM. Slick Willie also has it. She DIED when her body was shoved in that black car during the last 9/11 tribute. I will not go into the horror of giving that B*#@H new Blood of BABIES after her blood was drained just as an undertaker would have done. What remains is a VAMPIRE who must be propped up when sitting. Unbelievable? NO! It’s the TRUTH! When and if you think you see Hitlery, I can assure you it’s “one” of her Body Doubles.

    Michelle Obama is a MAN – BIG MIKE – Michael La Vaughn Robinson. In doubt? Go to Social Media and YT to view the pictures of the two lovers as BOTH MEN. Proof Positive! OBOZO slipped up at least twice and referred to his “wife” as MICHAEL.

    BOTH OF THEM hate America and all for which it stands. His goal has been the DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA, making it the land of MUSLIMS. Countless trips to the East Coast were thousands of Somalians and Muslims.

  11. Michael javick: You don’t have to shout at me sir. I am on your side. I never said your comment about Clinton and Obama teaming up is just idle talk. It’s very much a possibility.
    We WILL react if the election does goes to the Leftists. Not to worry….I WILL NOT surrender our great nation to the Demon party without resistance. Thank you.

  12. Why would anybody vote for someone that admitted she never respected this country until her hubby was elected? Insanity!!!

  13. She is not a woman she is a man in woman’s clothes there is so much anti America stuff on this man and we should be able to bring out the drugs Obama was on most of his life, he’s a druggy for sure!

  14. first of all not a chance of either one of them winning an election, didn
    t we ;have enough of the obumss for two terms each in the white house, go trump 2020

  15. Also, With Michelle Upfront, not sure Hiw Dems & Media can hide her Man Hands, Height and floppy stick tied under the skirt 24/7… They tricked the world deeply before though

  16. first of all not a chance of either one of them winning an election, didn
    t we ;have enough of the obumss for two terms each in the white house, go trump 2020

    how could this be a duplicate, first time posted, i think you are lib brained and want to block me

  17. Trumps inability to understand how his coarseness alienates the female voter will be his downfall if Michelle Obama gets in the race— She will get all of the black vote, much of the literally undecided
    and a major portion of the women vote .I will vote for Trump but he has only to look in the mirror to see how he lost!!

  18. the obama is not threat to president TRUMP just look at the economy down the drain and not only that for
    8 years of the obama wasted 10 trillion the G.W.BUSH for 8 years only at 5 trillion and now at TRUMP less
    than 3 trillion and which one is better for the whole nations ( IT’S PRESIDENT TRUMP/PENCE so people
    please listen up. WE THE PEOPLE FULLY SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP/PENCE IN 2020 and beyond and

  19. Then impeachment goes down the drain because Article 1 is about Trump outing the Bidens, via Ukraine. Article 2 is because the D’s did not want to fight out the remaining subpeonas in court. I mean they give Trump so much he wanted in the budget and at the same time they want him gone? Doesn’t make sense to me. (Maybe I got the article numbers switched; no big deal there.)

  20. Why would anyone vote for a woman who is racist , who gas said she doesn’t want to be in politics as the president of the US, who wants to run around the world hobnobbing with the Hollywood asses and live it up as if she is a billionaire. Because she is a woman is not a reason t vote fir her, because she is black, I don’t think that is enough if a reason to vote for her, because she is popular, I don’t think that is a reason to vote for her, but of course this is my opinion as a woman and I believe if you are running for the presidency you really should want it because you want to do what is good for your country. Not because you can win because you are popular. And to be honest, in my option I think Trump is still unbeatable even if she runs for president.

  21. I am with you. Let’s start the impeachment process now. We have to make sure that Michael don’t get to be in ANY GOVERNMENT POSITION. We already had a very sad waste of 8 years of Barry.

  22. Donate some money to the reelection effort – it does not need to be much. Skip a couple of fancy coffees. Volunteer to have a sign put on your lawn or a sticker on your car. Wear a hat.

  23. I sure am glad the Obummers are making lot$$ of money. The are going to need it to pay the legal bills to keep what they are stealing from the American tax payers and stay out of jail.
    Go directly to jail do not collect $ 200.00.

  24. Do we really want another Obama? Do we want to see our economy g into the dumpster with the return of regulations that stifle growth. How about her disaterous lunch progam which schools wasted food & cost them money. Do you really think she’d be running the country? I think not. Do you think she’d want to give up the home in Martha’s Vineyard for the entire summer? I think not.

  25. See May and Merkel over in Europe, for example. The two effective women on the Subcontinent were cut down in 1984 and 2007. Then again those are quite partriarchal societies compared to our own.

    Israel was almost overrun under Golda Meir in 1973. She resigned soon therafter.

    The UK’s Margaret Thatcher (in power 1979-91) was the one great exception in our time. She never wore her sex on her sleeve, either. Their Queen, largely a figurehead, is nevertheless amazing in her own right. Not sure what the British do differently than the rest of us.

  26. You are absolutely right, Jan. I have worked with female bosses and male bosses in my lifetime. There is no comparison–females would never be my choice, and I am a female.

  27. Seeing how Hillary thinks everyone wants her to run, I don’t think she will tolerate Michael entering the race….Michael will be another Clinton victim with a “self inflicted gun shot to the back of the head” ……

  28. Why is it that half of our country doesn’t see or doesn’t want to see the pragmatic reality of the last three years? Was it better the previous eight years? Did the same half of our country feel more financially secure during the previous eight years or during these last three years? Are people making more money now or did they do better during the previous eight years. Don’t their children’s futures hold greater promise than ever before?

    Why do these same people want to once again experience a life lived with less. Less belief in themselves, less confidence in the future, less hope for their children?

    Follow one of the golden rules of business. When things are going well, don’t do anything to “fix” it!

  29. You are so right. Michelle or Hillary are no women we admire, just the opposite!! We would never vote for them because we are steadfast in our support for the President. No more Clintons or Obama’s for all eternity!!

  30. Not the most admired woman in MY world. Question whether “she’s” a woman to start with, then the ego, then the delusions. Which world is she most admired in?

  31. All questions like this, when talking about elections, revolve around this simple fact; George Soros has been allowed to hone his voter fraud skills and empire for the last three years, right under Trump’s nose! Figure that one out! Trump either CAN’T or WON’T take him down, but the result is to Trump’s peril!


  33. She’s not my pick for most admired women in the world and she will not get my vote period. I’m sick and tired of the all the speculation that goes on just to be in the news.

  34. So, Barack says that women are “indisputably better than men”? How would he know? He married another man. So, doesn’t that indicate that Barack thinks men are superior to women? Oh wait, problem, Michael is a Tranny.

    And here I thought that the Dhimmicrats had been saying the sexes are EQUAL all these years. Now along comes Barack and says women are superior.

    Then the Dhimmicrats want transsexual men to compete against and easily defeat inferior women in sports. So wait, this is getting confusing trying to keep up with just who the Democrat Party is pandering to on any given day.

    Women? Trannies? Men? Oh, right! I forgot. You can choose your own sex now. So you can be whatever the Dhimmicrats are in favor of on any day of the week. How can you lose!?

    I guess. (Eye-roll of the millennium here!)

  35. Totally agree…they should get the award for two of the most hated, arrogant women (should say woman and transgender).

  36. Trump has done wrong. The dumocrats need to take chill pills and hope the Republicans don’t take over the House….which they WILL !

  37. that “woman” HATES AMERICA! she thinks EVERYONE is beneath her! doesn’t matter color, race, religion! no one is as PERFECT as this hateful person is! I’m positive if SHE was investigated to the bone there’s so telling what would fall out of the woodwork!

  38. Can’t the democrats find somebody that is NOT a disgraced or disbarred lawyer??!?!? The problem
    with either Michelle or Hillary is the untouchable idea that either one of these would actually be a
    puppet of their husbands. The lame stream media won’t even mention that situation. It would be
    a presidency by proxy — and WE know it. Clinton had some political successes and achievements.
    Although, now, it looks like we don’t want him, or anybody like him, in the presidency again. Obama
    was a total disaster as an American president. I can’t think of a worthy accomplishment. He was an
    embarassment to our country. I think that was intended. His allegiance is to Islam!! His actions back
    that up. It will take a while to undo some of his works. Here comes another election that will require
    some prayer in addition to the votes

  39. If Michelle Obama becomes the candidate it will be a sure win for Trump. The fact that a poll from the Left indicates she is the most admired that does not mean she is the most capable. She has a number of skeletons in her closet that will come to light and there will be no Democrats in the White House to protect her from being thoroughly exposed. The mere fact that the media would support her would be a clear kiss of death since the Leftist media has no credibility at all. In addiition when the Durham indictments start to fly Barack Obama’s reputation will be destroyed considerably when his henchmen are put to trial and they role over and admit that he knew everything that was going on. Michelle is a threat to America.

  40. Give people a bit more credit than that. California, Kentucky and one other state I cannot remember at the moment have been forced by the courts to purge their voter registration roles of thousands of obsolete registrations. Given the business with impeachment and the sheer lunacy of the unproven accusations I don’t think you are going to see as many Democrats united against Trump since there are so many candidates with such disparate views in many cases the loyalties will not shift easily to a single person particularly one who has not been a part of the process and becomes involved only at the end. You either put it on the line early or don’t put it on the line at all.

  41. “I had hoped President Trump would have gotten on this before the 2018 election but he did not.” (vote integrity is the responsibility of the states. that is why Democrats support open borders and supply driver licenses to illegals)

  42. Giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens in New York may assure that the Stater government remains in Democrat hands forever but will have no affect on the 2020 Presidential election. We can be fairly sure that New York’s Electoral College votes will go to the Democrat candidate. Trump did not win New York in 2016 and doesn’t need to win the State in 2020

  43. This article could not be more wrong, on every level. Is it lying propaganda? Michelle and Barrack Obama are reviled in the U.S. by the majority – which has had first-hand experience of what they represent. They deliberately hurt America. This woman would face more vitriol than any declared candidate has ever had. She is NOT, not has she ever been, “the most admired.” That was laughable. Likewise, he was never deserving of a Nobel. The Obamas sought accolades, while the people seethed with loathing at what they were doing to our great nation.

  44. Another obumer with lots of promises to the American black people if they will vote for her, just like baked head made promises to them, what did they get? nothing except no jobs and a lot of misery we sure don’t need 4 or 8 more years of the obumers bring in more muslims to create no go zones, muslime spouting sharia law which in against the constitution, threating women and children with rape, if this witch has the balls to run the only thing that the brown, black, yellow and white people can do is vote a straight republican ticket otherwise we will lose our freedoms and will have to fight to regain them

  45. Eleanor I couldn’t agree with you more….I am sick of them and their group of liars and cheaters. If she does this it will see the end of our great nation…she will complete what her man started…God Help Us.

  46. Would michelle (real name mike) have a chance, yes. It would be the 2nd worst mistake Americans would make. The 1st was voting for his husband back in 08 n again in 2012. His husband barry was the worst President in America’s History! Look how many Americans were on food stamps how many were jobless how many companies were leaving America n taking their jobs elsewhere cuz there were way too many regulations n their taxes kept rising unemployment was higher than it had been in decades. He was trying to give up our sovereignty to become a 3rd country doing away with our borders our liberties n freedoms. If mike were to get in he would take America right back to where his husband left off n finish killing the United States of America. You can bet there will be more dead people voting Than all of the other elections combined if mike decides to run. Plus it will in reality be Barry’s 3rd term which is against our Constitution, of course that doesn’t matter to the democrats they just care about getting free stuff not America n our Constitution they’ve proven this time n time again. We true Americans must get out n recruit recruit n recruit some more to re-elect President Trump n save America for our future generations. GOD Bless America n GOD Bless President Trump.

  47. Michelle is enough to make anyone throw up! She is a bigoted old putz married, we think, to the worst president ever.

  48. It wouldn’t be her anyway! It would be him all over again. She’s an idiot following a bigger one! No one wants them. The Demorats are getting desperate. SHe’s scum married to scum. They think they are the top and they are the bottom of the barrel. They will lose. Not one person I know would vote for them. Of course all the illegals with their drivers licenses could right? That’s why the Demorats are doing that after all. They are all scum, scum.

  49. Who In There Right Mind Would Want Michelle Obama For Our President. She Has No Class, Very Little Common Sense And Would Bring Nothing But Racism To The White House.

  50. They want to be the next dynasty. Clinton’s and Bushes are history so now they want to be the next dynasty. Doesn’t matter that Barrack was an anti cop anti American President, his wife is a carbon copy. Corrupt just like Hillary. Obama was illegitimate. He was never born in this country. He should be prosecuted as a illegal who won the White House. Now his boyfriend wants to run and completely continue on the same path as Hussein. Anti cop, anti white and anti America. Are the American voters really willing to go back to a failed Obama administration? After what Trump has done for all Americans regardless of race. I don’t think the American people are that stupid. We don’t need a Queen? No we need a constitutional President like Donald Trump. He has a record. Michelle only has a big ego and absolutely no interest in all Americans. Her support is Hollywood and sports stars. Both of these groups live in a bubble. Does anyone think she would be an ally to middle America

  51. He said that, about woman making world better, to set the way for Michelle to run for president in 2024. I don’t have anything against her but she will reinstate all of Obamas America destroying policies. He’s knows what he’s doing. We have to be watchful and make others aware that she would not be good for a country she wasn’t proud of.
    America may not be a perfect country but it’s a darn good one. And Trump is doing what no other president did before him, put Americans first!!!!!

  52. The hospital she worked at before obama ran for president, she did some specious activities that were buried during his run.

  53. Jihn, let’s not be petty and show our classless discriminatory ignorance. If they aren’t good for America it’s not because of their race. It’s their ideologies.

  54. Now, now, Gerald, as I mentioned to john, let’s not be classless and make ignorant poor trash vitriol comments about a persons race. It is not their race that caused problems. It was their American destroying ideologies.

  55. Who in the hell would want Michelle back again! She ruled the white house for 8 years because Obama has no backbone. Obama is about to go down for crimes against the Constitution, against Mr. Trump, illegal dealings in the Ukraine, conspiracy with Hillary and so much more. I do not know how she can hold her head up after all of the crimes committed by Obama. Who can trust her after all of the illegal stuff that she and Obama have pulled against America and her people!. If she sticks her head in and actually wins, I will be first in line to impeach her! I shouldn’t worry, though, she will not win!

  56. Well Said Bob, The Democrats know they will get their votes with all the illegals immigrants and the immigrants that have come into our country the last 5-8 yrs. They all want a free ride from us tax payers they feel they are entitled to our benefits free all because of the Democrats telling them they will get it and they have. The illegals just got proved of their Licenses in Jersey and New York and some already have had citations SAD!!!! If the Democrats win all seats trust me I’m sure the walls will be tumbling down.

  57. AOC just proved Obama W R O N G ! . . . due to HER ability NOT to lead, anyone who can’t even chose an insurance plan or even work a GARBAGE DISPOSAL. He needs to pull his head pull of his head out of his WAZOO and tell the TRUTH – and that what HE said was only a LEAD IN to ATTEMPT to bring Michelle into the Political arena. And, if she is EMBARASSED to be and American, then MAYBE a “Fund Me” account can be established for her to get a ONE WAY TICKET out of this country to VENEZUELA! Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  58. Everyone says it’s because the Dems hate Trump. Thats the reason for the fake impeachment. That’s not it. The Dems are AFRAID of him.
    For years all of their dirty laundry has been swept under the rug, by one leader or another, even Bush allowed it.
    Trump is a horse of a different color, so to speak, because Trump can’t and won’t be controlled and he’s outing folks.
    The Dems are aware that there are subpoenas already to go and many of their names are in them. Trump will make them pay for their crimes against the American people and not sweep all their surreptitious dealings under the rug.
    I believe in his second term Trump is going to expose the treasonous and lawless behaviors of some of our law makers, judges, etc. after all, what did the investigators find in Epsteins home or on his island that incriminates powerful people? They found something, believe it. And what politicians did el chapo have on his payroll. I hear El Chapo did some heavy singing since his captivity. How many Dems names did he mention we’re on his payroll? I hear there were many.
    That’s why I adore Trump. He’s his own man who is about the truth and what’s best for the American people of all races!!!! God and dear Jesus bless him and his family.

  59. Don’t forget she is a Disbarred Attorney just like her husband! I believe if you are or were an Attorney disbarred you should never be able to run for political office!

  60. Gosh no. I would not vote for this woman. In fact, I’m voting for Trump. Democrats are the nastiest party ever. The progressive movement ruined America. And they are ruining America as we speak. We were a nation of “anti tax laws” people used to have determination to do what they want and they used to “THINK” of how to get what they wanted. Now we have a bunch of lazy asses sleeping in tents at the capitol in Colorado!

    Lord, help us! We are losing our freedoms. Morality is all time low. Hell NO! I won’t vote for another OBAMA

  61. Absolutely her husband ran out country into the ground and the racism is what they brought back just can’t stand those two not the Clinton’s.

  62. The only thing the democrats have is a united hatred of Trump.
    That is the only thing they can use to get the voters out in mass and possibly beat Trump.
    Their message of free this and free that Social -ism, with open borders and free medical for illegals, and Israel hatred isn’t resonating with the general population.

  63. Michelle Obama can’t even run her OWN body parts effectively, so why on earth would ANY legal American elect that racist witch…I mean…’Perpetual Victim’, to run this country?

    The criminally insane, but oh sooo cowardly, defunct “DINOs” (now ‘Globalists’) leadership, along with their co-patsies across the aisle, the “RINOs” and “Never-Trumpers” ???? ???????????? ????, are PROVEN [AND OFTEN ADMITTED] untrustworthy liars, schemers, and thieves, just like their almighty, QUEEN OF THE EFFING PANTSUITS

    lThe ONLY messages she was entrusted with while camping out with her mother like squatters

    (Trumps family actually works for the BETTERMENT of EVERY American Citizen, even those of you who are so full of hatred and bigotry, and oh, let’s not forget your cries of racismabout the racist votersfor who YOU ARE, YOU GET ABSOLUTELY TURNED ON BY DIRECTING YOUR HATE TOWARD )

    Besides, Michelle would merely be a masthead for the globalist party, it’s clear she has no critical thinking of her own and ultimately we’d end up being led like cattle to slaughter

  64. She has no qualifications to be president. She is a RACIST!!! She would not be the first woman president & everyone knows why (Michael)

  65. The Obama’s should have their stolen money from the tax payers and the Iran deal taken away from them and then kicked out of the USA. They should be investigated along with Biden on the Ukraine deals and abuse of power and everything the Dems have accused THE HONORABLE PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP of, because it has already been proved they have did it.

  66. If Michelle Obama should become President if this great nation, that would be the end of it as we know it today. The Obamas hate the United States. So that would just be the ruination of us.

  67. Jan, here, here. Women we can be supportive yet sometimes also have that Queen Bee attitude. Meaning, ‘I’ll help you but you better not think you’re gonna get at a higher level than me!’

  68. Well said!!! Parduc!!!…..Still trying to figure out how this Obama jerk got elected not once, but TWICE…and when did he become an American citizen??

  69. Miss Daisy….I’ve worked for two women in my career…one you could not trust and the other I loved…..she was great to work for and I was a supervisor for her.
    But Clinton and the Obama broad who hates American I’ve heard….good way to absolutely lose an election. Have no trouble with a woman for president….but these aren’t the ones….No trust for them AT ALL!!!

  70. Spot on Shirley TRUMP 2020 this so called female OBUMA would mean one more chance for that anti American scumbag to continue to destroy our country

  71. I think you have it backward, many Whites hate Black Americans and other people of color. But don’t worry Whites will not vote a Black women to be the POTUS before the Rapture.

  72. How in the name of everything that makes sense can she be the most admired woman in the world? She’s has done nothing in her life other than to hate America and push school lunches that nobody would eat. Whether she’s actually a man or just an unattractive woman, she isn’t even slightly qualified to be president any more than a TV actor is qualified to be a doctor.

  73. We don’t need another black homosexual un the White House. We already had one and the damage will last for decades.

  74. Yeah we wound not be in the mess we are in if eve did not eat the apple in the garden, can’t imagine what the world would be like if they ruled
    Woman need to get back in their place in the house

  75. There is one thing that may stop her. The corruption in her husbands administration will cause arrests to start sometime in the spring. Obama committed treason. I believe that rather than tear the country apart there will be a deal in place. Leave the country or go to jail. I know this sounds far-fetched – however the facts are that somebody (perhaps more than one) will come clean. HE knew about the silent coup and approved of it. Also Nixon was forced to resign because of spying on his opponent = Obama did the same thing and used our government to do it. This mess he started isn’t over and Michelle will be dragged into it. I don’t believe her use of tax payer dollars will also stand scrutiny. She had a huge staff and spent money on lots of trips for her daughters. She could well figure out quickly that she is better off being “popular” rather than be President and end up in jail. Yeah I do believe in miracles and I don’t think she is stupid.

  76. Well, I bet we can impeach it to remove it from the white house starting with it’s first day in office, if it gets that far!. I bet there is someone already working on that scenario.

  77. Mr Crawford. Percentage wise blacks dislike whites more than whites hate them. They use the almost 200 year old bondage thing for an excuse for that. Just look at the miss black America beauty contest, BET, and all the other blacks only segregated clubs blacks have today that if whites had blacks would be screaming racism to the rafters. Blacks want payback and reparations. 50 plus years of affirmative action wasn’t enough. A black president wasn’t enough. Many Blacks won’t be happy until Whites are in chains and sitting in the back of the Bus.

  78. First, she wouldn’t be doing anything. That If, and that’s a big if, she got elected, that would put Barry back in the drivers seat, leaving her free to travel all over the world, on our dime again.

  79. Trump will chew her up and spit her out………………..all she did was spend taxpayers money on all her trips everwhere and taking everyone she ever knew with her………………she hates America. He Hates America.
    They just both want to be pampered and taken care of again in the White House………….She would probably chAnge the name to the BlAck House, is she ever got in it again.
    Worst 8 years in American History………………real Americans do not want any part of that crap ever again!

  80. popular? competent? capable? with America’s best interest at heart.
    Michelle/Mike can only dream
    she is not even good enough to run for dogcatcher

  81. A vote for that Lying Gorilla would be a vote for the Lying Kenyan to resume taking the USA apart and flushing it down the toilet ! We would become a 3rd world country in less than 2 years and would never recover .
    The ONLY thing that would prevent this from happening would be an armed Patriot take over of DC and a lot of Hanged Democrat !

  82. After 8 years of listening to the babbling queer Kenyan lecture us on “who we are” when he spent the majority of his “life” in Indonesia, there is no way his HUSBAND will ever occupy our White House!! MICHAEL shot off HIS mouth many times, telling us that HE never was proud to be an American until brokeback barry started propping his stinky feet on our desk. MICHAEL shoved school lunches off on us, and many kids went without lunch to avoid eating that crap that even pigs wouldn’t eat. GO AWAY, MICHAEL, and keep your lying tranny mouth SHUT!!

  83. Most of the people who voted for Obama only want a historical change, after all the man had no accomplishment ,here’s a person who studies law and don’t know the different between natural and community laws.

  84. Ken Marx: Plus she she is too darned lazy to be stuck in that job. She had an excellent paying job remember but never showed up for it.

  85. You nailed it! Mic drop! She’s disgusting in every way. Barry almost destroyed America and raised black racism to a new high. What a dumbass he was/is. He’s 100% muslim and should be spending the rest of his life in prison as he is the head of the Deep State’s attempted coup of the President, Donald Trump, the Super Hero for the U. S. A.

  86. dprato: from June 15th,2015.
    It’s a list of voter fraud i.e. more people voting than registered
    One out of every 5 REGISTERED TO VOTE in Ohio was ineligible to vote according to the Columbus Despatch.
    In at least two counties in Ohio, the number of registered voters EXCEEDED the number of eligible adults who were of voting age.
    In Northwestern Ohio’s Wood County, there were 109 registered voters for every 100 people eligible to vote.
    An additional 31 of Ohio’s 88 counties had voter registration rates of over 90%, which most voting experts regard as suspicious. Obama miraculously won 100% of the vote in 21 districts in Cleveland, and received over 99% of the vote where GOP inspectors were ILLEGALLY removed!!!!!!!!!
    The inflated numbers can’t just reflect voters who had moved, because the average voting registration level nation wide is only 70%. The vast majority of voters over the 70% level were not voting because they wanted to, they were voting because someone was getting them to cast a vote, one way or another.. These 31 counties are most likely the largest counties in Ohio, representing a majority of Ohio voters. This meant the number of votes cast above the 70% typical voter registration level easily topped 100,000, THE MARGIN BY WHICH OBAMA WON OHIO.

  87. Ken M: I don’t think she is – it’s all left wing PR. Also Barack was possibly the least qualified to be President ever….a community organizer?

  88. At least you on the left perceive that all whites hate non whites but that is your preception because the media hypes incidents but the majority that the media ignores get along fine maybe yo and the haters should go somewhere and work it out among yourselves and leave the rest of us alone

  89. Osbama had eight years to try and destroy this country and made race relations the lowest I have seen since my birth. Now you want to give him and her another chance to ruin our country.
    How much to Solyndra
    How much to Iran and how much did he Osbama keep.
    How many Muslim let go for traitor who walked into the hands of Isis.
    People need to wake up and see the years he was president and just see who would be doing the same if it Michele ran and did win.
    Look at what the Muslim B. Huss. did to President Trump.
    He ruined the military, CIA, FBI, Department of Justice and many other units of the government.
    God help us if she ran and won but I do not see her winning. The America voter is not that ignorant but they were in 08 and 2012 but fixed the problem in 2016.

  90. Right! Michelle wrote her end of year college thesis on how “white people hated black people” but really she showed how much SHE hates white people then and still does. It is so obvious in everything she says and does. She can’t win the white vote because her background is cluttered with white hate. Besides, we don’t want another community organizing saul alinsky rules for radicals Marxist in the White House!!

  91. This woman’s? intelligence level is lower than whale crap on the bottom of the ocean. The only one lower than Michelle is Barak. A matched set of losers. The only one who should worry about their job is the janitor and he/she shouldn’t be too worried.

  92. Ya that’s why Sweden and Germany are doing so well. Lying sexist tranny Michelle would have the whole country on welfare and food stamps after bringing the whole third world in.

  93. Sadly. the 9th Federal Court liberal judges {put in by Obama during his 8 years} would have found whatever POTUS Trump did to put in Mandatory Voter ID Laws against the Constitution, just as it did everything else he tried to do.

  94. Why should anybody be concerned? Firstly, it will not happen, and if it does at east half the country would not vote Michelle Obama into office. To many Americans, she is a pariah, a leftist who has little, if any respect for this country.

  95. How can anyone even think about voting for her, with her pass comments about this Country. How she Hates what we stand for. How, this is the most corrupt Country in the world. How it is such a racists Country. On and on; she continues to degrade U.S.A. She even has said that All African-Americans (PC) deserve to be paid by Whites, for slavery (which, by the way, was founded by the Democratic party) long ago. No modern African-American (PC), according to records and the main-stream media, have ever been forced into Slavery, in this modern day and age. So, if this rumor does become true, voters must remember these things that she has said and vote for someone who really appreciates and love this Country, and wants it to be what it was before her husband took us down the path of destruction.

  96. I find the the majority of folks I’ve met, regardless of race, are hard working, loving, charitable, intelligent people who are there to offer a hand in friendship and not looking for s handout even if they are poor.
    The fake news gets knuckleheads to spread thier hate in an effort to keep us at each other’s throats.
    I recall a volatile march of white supremacist on tv years ago who were out spouting hate for blacks and Jews. One supremacist, a big guy, jumped in a smaller black persons face and before you knew it, he was accosted and pummeled by other blacks protecting thier cohort. When he was knocked to the ground, a black woman covered him with her body and protected the supremacist.
    Stop believing the hate you hear on fake news as well as the few knuckleheads they find to interview.
    There is a lot of love out there from many folks of every color. Stop looking for the negative and start focusing on the positive.
    200 years of bondage is not an excuse it’s a fact and an evil part of history. What if it happened to you and yours.

  97. As far as Michelle running for president. I know that the left is preparing her for a 2024 run. They know Trump can’t be best! That’s why the left is pulling every dirty trick out of thier hats. I personally don’t have anything against her but I will not vote for her and have another anti American in the White House who believes it’s ok for babies to be killed at full term or otherwise, or to hurt our military as the Dems do by having ridiculous policy stating ‘don’t fire on the enemy until they shout at you!’ The aforementioned was real and set forth by the Clintons and Obama administrations.

  98. They don’t hate him, they are afraid of him. Trump will not let thier heinous behavior and undermining of American taxpayers to go unchecked.
    His second term is gonna blow everyone’s mind. Many politicians will be retired or sent to prison for treason and they know it. Watch!!!!

  99. The United States government, let alone the United States executive branch, does not have the authority to require States governments to screen people who are seeking to cast votes in civil affairs. The federal government also lacks the authority to implement such a process directly. Instead, the job is to track down and deport foreigners whose presences in the United States are illegal. The Militia of the United States may be used for this purpose, but presently the Militia is not especially equipped to serve as detective.

  100. The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 against the Trump Administration that wanted to add the citizenship question to the 2020 census. The census question was legal and had been asked in previous census. John Roberts questioned the government’s “intent” in casting the deciding vote to deny the question. Result: 2020 census will count every person regardless of status meaning additional congressional and electoral votes will go to the most populous states! Hmm…

    The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 for Obamacare. According to Obamacare if a person did not purchase a product he did not want he would pay a penalty. The penalty was set so high he would be forced to buy the product, clearly unconstitutional. John Roberts changed Obamacare’s “penalty” to a “tax” and said the qovernment has the Right to tax therefore Obamacare was Constitutonal. Hmm…

  101. Who needs four or eight more years of the qu ere I mean the obumers they did enough the first eight years like apologize to the other nations because they were supposedly Americans, gave millions of tax payer money to Iran, supported a crooked Sec of state, corrupted a once great FBI, CIA and other government departments, gave thousands of muslims access to the US who created no go zones and continue to follow sharia law which they want to foist on the American people, they will not recognize the constitution nor our laws, we really should take steps to get these people deported before the conflict between the muslims and Americans can get even uglier than it is now

  102. Oh, yeah you can run for president. What the f-=-k does she know about running a country? let`s see her dumb scheit of a husband has got to have 3 stall bathrooms so he can go into there middle one to change his mind? Personally I always knew they would try this. Best know that this would be the end of America. She doesn`t like white people. She doesn`t like America. One would ask her what she is still doing here?

  103. Do you stay up[ at night dreaming this garbage up? Bombshell???? ROFLMAO……..a total bomb period. She has no future in politics.

  104. To the ignorant voters in this country the spiteful hag Michelle would be an excellent candidate for presidency. She could continue the destruction of what has been done by Obumer’s administration. If the women voters, including the illegal ones, would vote, the hag would certainly win.

    Dr. Dimento

  105. The possibility of the witch becoming President is as bad as Hillary…Sadly I am afraid we have so many uninformed and illegal voters this might happen. GOD HELP AMERICA !!!

  106. Yes, I thank Obama is right when he says the world would be a better place if it was run by women, because I think that women are smarter than the men, and know much more about us than we know about them.

  107. WHY
    JUST DONT !!!!

  108. If That Damned Lying B’tch Gorilla runs for President there will be no guarantees that it will live past a nomination . I wonder what the odds in Vegas will be ?

    A L L !!!!!!

  110. 1st birth certificate, then full frontal undoctored nude photo of both,and valid explanation as to bouncing untaped schlogger appearing thru sweatpants while dancing on ellens degenerous show.Additionally 14 years tax returns to show how the two fellows rose from rags to riches.

  111. His hubby Barak …. er …. Her hubby Barak had no qualifications to be president either (other than cult of personality and a lot of really stupid people).

  112. YEah…sure. We ALL want Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Ocasio-Corte, Tlaib and Omar, any one of them to be President! NOT.
    Like hell will freeze over first, like there will be a new revolution first.
    The problem is that MOST of the women that Obama is thinking of would be worse for EVERYONE than not.
    Just like with men, one can NOT make a blanket statement. Some, very few would be good enough to be a leader. Obama wasn’t. He is already being listed as possibly the worst president in history. Why listen to him at all?

  113. Finally somebody who knows what they’re talking about.The hatred is manufactured the only thing They hate is the fact that There criminality may come to a light

  114. There is no Michelle Obama only fraud Michael and people need open there eyes and realize this man needs to be deported back to his own country and our great President who God help elect continue making making our country great place to live and work.

  115. Well, this just crazy! Where did my reply go? I made a comment about how George Soros planned what Obama was to do and it is gone. Think the outfit running this is connected to Soros?

  116. We the True American people DO NOT want the dumb ass OBAMAS in our White House again to have to clean it up. They just bought a new home, dirty it.

  117. When someone is elected to the Presidency, they are required by oath to protect our country. Putting Michael/Michelle in the position of protecting our country would be like bringing a knife to a gun fight! The man/woman is not capable of governing this country, much less governing himself/herself. I sincerely hope no bleeding heart voter would even consider voting to put trash into the White House. Once was enough.
    All blacks blame the white people for their slavery. Maybe they should be blaming the old Chiefs back in Africa that warred on other tribes, and when they won, they sold their black captives into slavery!
    Do your history research.
    I really don’t worry too much about Hilary or Michelle ever being elected,
    as all of America has had a good look at both of these corrupt women.
    All voters should take a long hard look at the Devil’s disciple and advocate, Nancy Pelosi! I have never seen a more vile disgusting evil person than her. She should be removed as Speaker of the house, and never allowed to hold any political office ever again.
    If every Republican, and every voter that considers their self to be a true American who really loves this country does not get out and vote for Trump and also for a straight Republican party ticket will be guilty of giving our country away to the most evil entity, (the Democrat Party.)
    Watch Sean Hannity tell it like it really is, and also Rush Limbaugh! Both of these highly educated men are true patriots!!!
    Look at the schemes which Nancy Pelosi has designed to help Planned Parenthood continue to kill/abort babies to harvest their organs and sell them. You can call it any name you want, and justify it any way you can, but murder is still murder!
    This was at one time a patriotic Christian nation and everyone was proud to be an American! Let’s get back to basics by electing Donald J.Trump. So far, as a President he has done everything he promised to do. Now we need to do our part! Turn out, elect Trump, and Make America Great Again. God bless our country and Trump.


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