Auburn University’s football team is under attack by radical atheists


The atheists’ one goal is to completely eradicate Christianity from society.

They hide behind the guise of “separation of church and state” to antagonize Christians.

And you won’t believe why they’re attacking Auburn University’s football team.

Football and prayer go together like peas and carrots.

But according to the radical atheists at the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), college football players shouldn’t be allowed to pray as a team before games.

FFRF sent Auburn University a letter “reminding” them that having a Chaplin pray before each game is “unconstitutional.”

WTVM reports:

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) has once again set its sights on Auburn University’s football chaplain.

The group began looking into the chaplain position in 2014 then requested that the chaplain be fired in 2015. Following a video posted, the group claimed it is “redoubling its efforts” to stop what it calls “unconstitutionally excessive piety” in Auburn University’s football program.

The video the group references shows Chaplain Chette Williams, a former Auburn linebacker, leading the team in a pregame prayer in Jordan-Hare Stadium. The team locked arm in arm circled around the interlocking university at the 50 yard line. The prayer has become a tradition. Players circle each week for the prayer. The video also shows players leading prayer following Williams.

In a three-page letter from the FFRF, representative Christian Line says “We’d like to remind AU that employing a chaplain and giving him unfettered access to a captive audience of football players is unconstitutional.”

The University claims that Williams is not a university employee despite the fact that he is listed on Auburn’s athletics staff directory and has a university phone number and email address. Investigating further, News Leader 9 searched university financial records and found that Auburn has never paid Williams in any capacity.

“I think it is important that we keep the chaplains there,” said Auburn University student, Kody Ehlers.

This is not FFRF’s first rodeo with Auburn University, however.

As WTVM noted, FFRF previously attacked the University in 2015 when they were looking for a Chaplin to lead the prayers.

To date, none of the football players have complained.

But, FFRF believes that just watching someone pray is infringing on your rights.

This is nothing new for them.

As we reported, FRFF also attacked a group of high school football players for praying for a sick girl before a game.

FFRF’s true colors are on full display here.

They don’t care about protecting “Freedoms” at all.

Their goal is to threaten and fear monger Christian conservatives until Christianity is relegated to the shadows of this once great, God-fearing nation.

Do you think football players should be allowed to pray as a team before games? Let us know in the comments below.


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