Attacks on American families heat up as the radical Left seizes control in numerous states


Radical Democrats taking over in a number of states claim women are vital, just not to their families or children.

What used to be a bizarre theory of some pin headed leftists and disturbed activists is now becoming law.

And now attacks on the American family are heating up as the radical Left has seized control in numerous states.

Anyone following the news recently knows about the radical leftist takeover of once red Virginia.

The state that gave us the Declaration of Independence and Constitution has been completely overrun by a horde of frothing at the mouth socialists.

These big government, no freedom legislators are joining with their racist Governor to attack gun rights, allow abortions AFTER birth, and destroy Virginia families through destructive legislation and government mandates.

The situation in the Old Dominion is so bad a number of counties are considering seceding from the state and joining West Virginia instead.

But, as bad as Virginia is, other states controlled by radical leftists are even worse.

In New Jersey, the Democrat controlled legislature is moving to force a number of anti-family bills down the throats of struggling Garden State families.

New York has gotten so bad they are losing residents by the tens of thousands as families flee to the south and west.

And in Washington State, Democrats are ramming legislation through that decimates families and promoting moral decay.

Bills are moving through the legislature that range from decriminalizing underage prostitution to mandating a comprehensive sex ed program that was soundly rejected by a majority of Washington state parents late last year.

And Democrats already passed legislation that says referencing mothers and fathers in parenthood laws is now unconstitutional.

SB 6037 passed in 2018 not only made parenthood sex-neutral, it legalized surrogacy for profit and put in place the very dangerous and disgusting precedent of parenthood based on “intent”.

The result of this?

Courts can now be forced to award children to whichever adults have the money to acquire them.

This concept is also known as slavery, or human trafficking.

Now, another SB 6037 introduced this year penalizes businesses that don’t have a “gender diverse” board.

The author of this bill thinks there should be at least 25 percent female representation at the head of each company.

So, in 2018, Democrats remove women from families. And in 2020 they force companies to install women as Directors.

In other words, women are vital to the corporate world, but optional and unnecessary to the family.

The continued destruction of the American family is not by accident, or because of “social value change.”

It is part of a growing and destructive socialist force taking root in our nation, and uprooting the American family.

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  2. More propaganda from the Fascist/Christian folks who think a women’s place is barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen.

  3. Most barefoot women I knowed got pregnant in the bedroom, not the kitchen, but 2 outta 3 ain’t bad for a liberal, I guess…

  4. Women are vital alright! Without them there would not be any people! But as far as women being critical in Corporate America ? I do not think so . Only those who have the necessary education and skill regardless of sex are qualified to run Corporate America . The very idea that women must be in a minimum percentage of Corporate America or else is wrong . Dictatorships come in many forms . Shaming men for being men , masculine or shaming the natural God given abilities of men is wrong . Men can do things that women can never do and women can do things that men can never do! That is how it is! Like it or not! ” The phenomenon of being woke is a cultural push to challenge problematic norms , systematic injustices and the overall status quo through complete awareness ” . This wreaks , and it is a clear attack on all the men of America! Nothing less!

  5. The commies are coming
    Hooray, hooray!
    The commies are coming
    Today, today
    To take all our children
    Away, away
    The commies are coming
    Hooray, hooray.

  6. Democrats want more women in the work force to help pay for the social -ism they wish to implement.
    Social -ism is VERY expensive so we need everybody working to pay for it.
    Democrats want the state to raise all the children so they can be properly educated to think the way the left wants them to.

  7. It is time to fight these BASTIONS of hate propagated by the Left Democrats, and STOP it COLD. This nation was founded on Godly Principles from our God Fearing Founding Fathers who established the God Given Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, which these leftist politician had SWORN to uphold. It is time to REMOVE these leftist politicians from office ASAP, by RECALLING them. And, if applicable, charge them with TREASON and send them to PRISON, NEVER to hold office again. Let’s preserve this precious gift that God has given us, called FREEDOM. They are doing EVERYTHING in their power to enslave us again. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  8. All representatives are up for reelection this year. Those that have chosen to not represent the people who voted them in should be voted out …

  9. The government requiring a “diverse board” or “affirmative action” or “quotas” in general in business or government hiring is not constitutional and does nothing to improve any business or government entity. Obtaining the most qualified person for the position should be the hiring goal. Restricting hiring to only those who fit some pigeon hole based on sex, race, age, religion, actually is illegal. Somehow diversity or someone’s opinion that diversity is of the ultimate importance. Now they are trying to prostitute the bill of rights into the government REQUIRING a certain number of hand picked pigeon holes, because someone thinks these are of supreme importance. Requiring DIVERSITY simply for the sake of diversity accomplishes nothing! Check out men’s domination of women’s sports. Just plain wrong!!

  10. I have several marksmanship badges and trophies but have never owned a gun. If the Democrats manage to take both houses of Congress and the Presidency in November I will buy several guns and as much ammunition as I can before they can be sworn into office.

  11. The dems/atheists/communists cannot win. There is a great battle raging between God and His people and satan and his people. God wins for eternity. We all have the choice to follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to Hell. These fools have chosen satan

  12. So Jack, defend your position. What makes it propaganda? Is it your contention that the bills and laws presented do not exist? That they do not say what the authors said they say? What proof do you have of propaganda?

    Or is it just that you don’t like the facts being presented and thought throwing out a baseless allegation was the way to go because you see other leftists do this all the time?

  13. Males and females are wired by God differently to make them different and complimentary. Women are wired to be the heart of the family and society and men are wired to be at the head of same. Most women don’t aspire to high corporate positions as they place greater value on the family and relationships. They do not desire to climb the corporate ladder at the expense of children and family. Forcing women into these rolls will lead to disaster. The women who desire corporate roles are going against their very nature….or there is something wrong in their nature itself.

  14. So Jack, what false statements were made to make you believe that this article is propaganda? Quotas are just another form of discrimination.
    Question, if you needed surgery for your heart, would you want the most qualified or the most diverse surgeon.

  15. Leftshot lets go look for these so called anti-family bills first one the article states is New Jersey then it talks about people leaving New York but it does not state if it is just normal movement or due to some anti-family bill. Next it talks about bills in WA state need to go in and research what laws they are trying to pass.

    Next lets talk about diversity in the work force and yes I believe in diversity in the work place I have had the white male privilege all my life I work in what as always been a man’s industry however many women have set records in the industry. From the comments I read here it seems like all you men want from a women is for them to being adorable and submissive door mats.
    Did any of you think some women have no desire for children family’s are smaller children do not die in childhood we are not a agriculture society who needs ten children for farm work. As a women gains an education the stats show they have fewer children. So what does that mean as women gain more positions well it means they are not dependent on a man for their financial needs.

    Personally I think you older white men are pushing back because it frightens you that a woman could take your job. Plus you have been told all your life a woman’s place is in the home and worriers you that you might be replaced by a women. Along with loosing your white male privilege.

  16. john, you are right on. The dem party has thrown God out and embraces satan and his hate and lies. It is all they have. They are very dangerous to our freedom, as they detest our Constitution and everything else our founding fathers left us. Their goal is total control of our government and every aspect of our lives

  17. BJ how is Iowa it is dangerous for you to dehumanize all Democrats as being under the control of Satan. That is an outright lie we just fundamentally have different views on issues related to how the government should be run.

  18. jackass, it is a FACT that the dem party threw God out. It is also a FACT that when God is rejected satan moves in. What I said is the TRUTH!!!! Either you serve God or satan. Read the Bible if you know how. You have the choice to follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to Hell. satan has you very brainwashed

  19. Coronavirus weaponized by China and their treasonous democratic Commie party and cohorts to crash the greatest US economy! And to take down the greatest president ever, President Trump!! Keep up the great work! 2020 and beyond! Patriots of a Commie free America!


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