Atheists just launched a plan to kick kids off school grounds for this simple act


While Christians just want to be left alone, atheists are pulling out all the stops to prevent that.

They want to suppress religious freedom everywhere they can.

And atheists just launched a plan to kick kids off school grounds for this simple act.

The biggest battleground for the Left in recent years has been in schools.

They want to force their agenda on America’s youth at the youngest age possible.

And in Georgia, a group that advocates for atheists just threatened a lawsuit on a school district for allowing football players to pray before games and host a prayer breakfast entirely run by a local church.

Nobody was forced to participate, and the school was not spending any money on the breakfast, but the simple fact that it is happening on school property is too much for many atheists.

The Christian Post reports:

The American Humanist Association, a non-profit group that advocates for humanists, atheists, and other nontheistic Americans, has accused the Griffin-Spalding School Systems in Georgia of hosting “unconstitutional school prayer activity” for student athletes, but the school district says the students have been leading their own prayer and they have a constitutional right to do so.

The group announced on Monday that their legal team sent a warning letter to Superintendent James Smith and Lindy Pruitt, principal of Spalding High School, stating a concerned parent informed them that the high school hosted a prayer breakfast and sermon for football players provided by Griffin First United Methodist Church.

“The Griffin First United Methodist Church hosted a breakfast and sermon for football players at Spalding High School, in clear violation of the Establishment Clause of the Constitution. The school softball coaches also lead the team in prayer before games,” the AHA said in a release this week.

Many atheists seem to have so little to do that people praying on their own is now defcon one.

If they don’t believe in God, those prayers should mean nothing to them anyways.

But it’s the fact that kids are being exposed to the Word of God that atheists are so outraged.

Do you think kids should be allowed to pray in school?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


  1. Why can’t atheists just leave other people alone? Why do atheists get offended by Christians?
    You believe what you want and I’ll believe what I want – that’s the way it should be.
    The answer lies in the fact that atheists are doing the will of their god
    Their god is Satan whether they realize it or not.

    • Steve Scoutaris: If no prayer is allowed on school grounds, then why are Muslim children allowed to? And we( at least in my area) are given a special room for them to pray in! Are the atheists so threatened by Christians that they have to keep persecuting us? They are doing Satan’s work.

      • Christians everywhere, in our USA and around the globe: Stand OUR Ground! The Lord God IS With Us! We are: “David Against The Goliath’s!! “

      • They will regret trying to keep Christians away from God. If they don’t believe in God, why are they so afraid of God? How can you be afraid of some thing you don’t believe is real ?

        • Dewey, They cannot keep Christians away from God. That is impossible. And they do believe in God. They just deny Him because they want nothing to do with Him. God will also deny them.

      • So very true.I courts and government is going to bar Christian Faith’s and practices, they should bar all including Islam. Satan is running rampant in America.

      • Linda M, the reason the Muslims are not targeted by atheists. Is because they also hate Christians. So why would you attack your self?

        • Rick B. True, true. But that still does not excuse school policy from barring Christians from praying on school grounds but allowing the Muslims to pray there. I suppose I’m so tired of these double standards, that’s all.

          • Linda M I don’t know where you are from but in California in the early 90’s my child was told that she was to stop closing her eyes and bowing her head in prayer while in the school lunch room. She was in the 4th grade. When I told them i would not instruct her to stop praying over her food they told me if I did not comply they would get social services involved and since in California ALL children are considered property of the state they could take my child for being non compliant with school rules and endangering my child ability to receive an education. My comment is why are Muslim children allowed a “prayer room” when my child was threatened with removal from her family? Yep total hypocrisy and I did not stand and fight as maybe I should have but I no longer live in California, we moved over the summer to a state that does still have pray and does say a pray over the loud speaker before school games and at graduations. I pray for our country and our children who are subjected to ridicule by have Christian beliefs.

          • Christine: I hope you get my response. I live in NJ. And prayer was removed from our schools quite awhile ago. I was outraged. But we had to comply. Unfortunately.
            Yes, it is a total hypocrisy what’s been happening. In our schools, colleges and our government. And not because of President Trump.
            All Christian rights have been stripped away and unless our governments (state and federal) back us up, it will only get worse!
            Do not feel badly about not standing and fighting. It would have cost you a small fortune. But praise GOD you got out of California. Too many radical Leftists dictating their double standards there .Especially giving “special” rights to the Muslims.
            Keep praying Christine for our country and our children. Let’s hope it’s not too late for both… I want our values restored for us. GOD bless and be well…..

      • I can, and often do, pray silently, whether my eyes are closed or open. No one else but God needs to even know that I am doing so. Those who “preach” AGAINST prayer being “allowed” are in fact trying to force their views onto those of us who believe in God. They have been getting away with that for a very long time – because too many of us who do believe have remained silent from objecting to their interference with our rights. The end will come, and the “sheep” will be separated from the “goats,” with proper consequences to immediately follow. A false “god” will not be adequate for help, at that point, and it will be most painfully obvious, whether they spelled the name of it as Satan, Allah, Buddha, or any one of the other FALSE gods !!!

        • I always pray before I eat at a restaurant or other public place. So far no one has bothered me. But it is getting ever more evil in this country.

    • If people with empty lives think they can fill their void by forcing the cause on others, they will discover that they are wrong. Fortunately, a person’s relationship with God is between the individual and God. No one has the power to interfere with that regardless of the futile attempts.

    • Because they are evil. You cannot negotiate with evil and you can bargain with evil. They only back down when there’s a power greater than them. People complain but do nothing so they continue to threaten believers, but if we voice our concern and sue them for discrimination they will shut up.
      Notice how negative the schools became after prayer was taken out. We are allowing the world to tell children that anything goes and there’s no worry of consequence.

    • I’m not an atheist, and am Catholic. How about you protestants leaving people who don’t believe alone and stop trying to impose your beliefs on the rest of society? I oppose school prayer because it would lead to abuse. When I mentioned that school prayer means my nephews could then recite the “Hail Mary” and other Catholic prayers, they went ballistic! The American WASP does NOT respect other beliefs, so we won’t respect yours!

      • No Christians are trying to force their beliefs onto anyone else here.
        If you don’t want engage in prayer then don’t.
        No one is forcing you to pray.

      • Praying to God leads to abuse? Yes, it does. Atheists cannot stand it that we pray and they will do all they can to keep God out of everything. But they cannot win. We have the right and duty to pray when and where we want. Our founding fathers never meant for prayer to be taken out of schools.

      • Wow that was really stupid and one sided. I am non of the above and this whole thing is ridiculous. Maybe good for venting is all.

      • Joe Shaw, why can’t your nephews say the Hail Mary if they want to? No one can really stop prayers in school. I prayed every time test papers were handed out. I went to school in the ’50s and ’60s.

    • Because Christians utterly refuse to stop waving their stink under everyone’s noses and then cry “victim” when others complain.
      Let the football players have a prayer off campus in somebody’s house, off the school grounds that everybody is taxed to pay for, and out of sight of those who don’t believe. Or, let the atheists conduct worship of the Flying Spaghetti Monster directly after the Christians say their prayers, and let the Christians be quiet and respectful and not offended. Heck, let’s be TOTALLY fair, and teach evolution in the churches! The laity won’t mind having to sit, listen and watch as the “ignorant” teachers speak, and on the christians’ turf, to boot, will they, because they don’t believe in it? So no harm done?

      • Your sick hatred comes from satan, whom you serve. Our founding fathers gave us the RIGHT and FREEDOM to worship God when and where we choose. PERIOD. You are extremely foolish. This is a conservative Christian site and you have no concept of either one.

        • Worship where and when you choose? I don’t think so. One over-the-top Christian woman in my Federal workplace started Bible-thumping about a gay employee and wouldn’t back off. As the Union shop steward, I put that “B” in her place and told her that if she did not cease and desist, she would be charged with a hate crime and human rights violations and fired. She finally ended her tirade. Devout Christian my a$$. She was a hateful beech! So, NO, you cannot preach anywhere or any time. Keep it in your church and out of the workplace. That gay employee had a bumper sticker that read “Jesus-Protect me from your followers”. How true!

          • Joe Shaw: EVERY story dealing with Christians , here you come spewing your hate. You keep pointing out you are a Catholic. Do you have to book a whole afternoon with your priest to hear your confessions? Because you are one hateful, mean, sick human. Stay off this site if we offend you so much…
            And P.S., Chick-fil-A is still thriving without your business….

          • joe, you are a really sad creature. Your hatred comes from satan. I guess you don’t read your Bible, if you even own one. God is very clear that homosexuality is a sin punishable by eternity in Hell. So his bumper sticker is meaningless. Jesus will protect him when he comes to Him and repents and accepts Him as his Savior. ALL sin must be forgiven to enter into Heaven.

        • joe, if you don’t like our first amendment rights, you have the right to MOVE somewhere more to you liking. Maybe you would like North Korea. There is no freedom there.


      • TFSM…It takes far more faith to believe that life just suddenly came from nothing than to believe in a Creator. Evolution CANNOT be proved. But there is proof of God everywhere. You have closed your eyes and your heart and deny Him. That is on you.

  2. In the School Systems that I grew up in (Houston ISD and Cypress Fairbanks ISD) we said the Pledge of Allegiance AND the Lord’s Prayer every morning and at every Game. Didn’t seem to damage us all that much…

    • My sixth grade teacher read the Bible to us every morning at the beginning of the school day and then said a prayer. I did not realize it at the time, but that was after prayer was banned. I have nothing but admiration for him.

  3. In 1995, a joint statement of current law regarding religion in public schools was published by a variety of religious and civil liberties organizations.

    This statement served as the basis for U.S. Department of Education guidelines intended to alleviate concerns about constitutional religious activities in schools.

    Here are general rules concerning what school personnel and students may do:

    Students have the right to pray or to discuss their religious views with their peers so long as they are not disruptive.

    The history of religion and comparative religion are permissible school subjects so long as the approach is objective and serves a legitimate educational purpose.

    Students may study the role of religion in the history of the United States.

    Schools may discuss various religious groups‚ beliefs about the origin of life on Earth in comparative religion or social studies classes.

    Students may express their religious beliefs in the forms of reports, homework and artwork so long as such expression meets the other criteria of the assignment.

    Religious or anti-religious remarks made in the ordinary course of classroom discussion or student presentations and that are germane are permissible, but students do not have the right to give sermons to a captive audience.

    Students have the right to distribute religious literature to their classmates, subject to reasonable time, place and manner restrictions.

    Students have the right to speak to, and attempt to persuade their peers about religious topics just as they do with regard to political topics.

    Student religious clubs in secondary schools must be permitted to meet and to have equal access to campus media to announce their meetings.

    Public schools may teach objectively about religious holidays and may celebrate the secular aspects of the holiday.

    Students may wear religious messages on clothing, just as they may wear religious attire, such as yarmulkes, crosses, crucifixes, and head scarves.

    Students may be released for religious instruction off school premises.

    Students may read the Bible or other religious literature during their free time at school.

    Faith groups that support the First Amendment and oppose government-sponsored prayer in public schools include:

    National Council of Churches; American Baptist Churches, USA; Christian Church (Disciples of Christ); The Episcopal Church; Evangelical Lutheran Church in America; Friends Committee on National Legislation; Mennonite Central Committee USA; Presbyterian Church (USA); General Conference of Seventh Day Adventists; United Church of Christ; United Methodist Church; Unitarian Universalist Association; American Jewish Congress; Anti-Defamation League; Central Conference of American Rabbis; National Council of Jewish Women; North American Council for Muslim Women; Soka Gakkai International USA.

    Most religious denominations, across the theological spectrum, have issued formal statements supporting the Supreme Court’s prayer and Bible-reading decisions. These people of faith value the hard-won freedom of conscience that belongs to all of us.

  4. We are not only in a fight with the democrats for our freedom, we are in a fight for the soul of our nation with godless people who want to take our religious liberty away from us!
    And we only have ourselves to blame. We stood by silently and said or did nothing to fight evil back. May God forgive us!
    Heaven help us.

  5. Activist atheists are a part of the cultural Marxist cabal whose objective is to eliminate all religious practices and religion influence and replace it with BIG GOVERNMENT. Big government leads to tyranny, and denial of all freedoms and liberty for the individual. Beware America, do not give into this sick hateful movement.

    • Atheists and people on the left are no different than muslims in that they feel they have the right to force their religion / ideology onto the masses at gunpoint.

  6. Funny how the Muslim Community Shouts via speakers prayers 5 times a day and at times block complete NYC Streets!
    But it is The Christians Atheists Attack! Ever wonder why Atheists NEVER attack Muslims? CK it out!

    • DIane, and it will only get worse as satan gains more ground. It will continue until Jesus comes for us. Then we will never have to deal with satan and his army again

    • Patience, Grasshopper! They WILL be going in time! They’re just piling up more crimes against God for which their personal, but not self-regulated, thermostat will keep ticking hotter and hotter!

  7. A very good article. No one can prevent a person from praying. I pray silently always. And, it’s true. If a person doesn’t believe prayers work, they shouldn’t be concerned if someone chooses to pray. But, in fact, they do recognize the power of prayer which reminds them there is a God. They feel convicted, and they don’t like the way that feels.

    • Vicki, exactly right. They can’t stand it that God is there to tell them right from wrong. What they don’t realize is that Jesus loves them so much that He paid the ultimate sacrifice for them. They are brainwashed by satan and his lies. And they cannot separate us from God. That is not possible. We can pray when and where we want.

      • That is right I am a fine example that there is a God and I personnaly don’t go to Church at all my Church is anyplace I want it to be in my car in my backyard where I work and no one will ever ban me from praying anytime and anyplace I want because like I said my Church is everywhere I go and that God has pulled me though pure hell over the past two years I was told that I should not even be here so you tell me what person can say there is no God when there is proof all around them if they would only take the time and smell the roses and besides who does these atheist saved one of there loved ones in the past but of course they would say that their belief saved them and of course that would be Satan in our eyes and you would be right coz that would be another follower for them

  8. I have often wondered about queen of American atheism Madeline O’Hare’s, final thoughts just before she was murdered. When she knew she was going to die, did she cry out to God whom she’d firmly denied all these years? To those atheists flying in an airplane that is about to crash, with total fear of imminent death, do they cry out for help to God? I don’t think they cry out to Satan, do you?

    • Kate, that makes no sense at all. Please tell us one plane that crashed because of a drunken pilot. You can deny God, but you are missing out on the great love and sacrifice of Jesus. He died and went to Hell for you so you have the chance to join Him in Heaven. But you have chosen satan, who has only hate and lies. He has you believing those lies.

    • Shirley…There must be an especially terrible place in Hell for Madeline O’Hare, Hitler, Muhammad, and all others who were extremely evil.

    • bj, her son even disavowed her. She, and others, tried for decades to remove the cross from Mt Soledad in San Diego/La Jolla. Because people fought for their religious freedom, it still stands there today. It has even expanded. There is now a wall around it with names engraved on it. I thank God for that. I’m 67 and grew up with that cross.

      • Hep Granny…It just goes to show that God wins. It is very foolish to fight God. I am so thankful they could not do away with the cross. It stands as a symbol that satan cannot win.

  9. God’s truth for me may not be what an atheist calls truth, but they will find out one day.
    In the mean time , I think they should mind their own business.. If they fear Christianity wait until judgement day, then you will know what fear is.

  10. Wipe their dumb asses off the face of the Earth. Let the aholes do their thing on Mars or simply let them ALL die. Worthless thrash. Non- human. That would mean “open season” on them all.
    Who in the f*ck do they think they are. Majority rules and they are not.
    Should have a law to hunt them all down.

    • That is the great thing about republics, when a Democracy protects the majority, a republic protects the minority FROM and majority (PS: I’m an atheist but NOT an anti-christs (see my post below)).

    • Edward, no need. Jesus will come and send satan and all of his followers to Hell for eternity and we will no longer have to deal with them. In the meantime, satan will rule for a time and it is all falling into place.

  11. This is pure horse crap and infuriates me to no end! These are NOT atheists! We don’t believe in a God, but we don’t care if you do, that’s fine with us.These are busybodies that HATE a God they claim doesn’t exist( does he exist? We have no more proof he doesn’t than others have that he does). these trogs hate God, hate Jesus, hate religion,hate period. And as they oppose God I think the best label for them would be anti-Christs.

    • Kate, you hit the nail on the head. I once knew an atheist and Christians did not bother him a bit. They were just people who believed differently from him. These people are fueled by pure hatred and can’t stand anyone who believes differently from them. But that is the whole dem party. They exist on hate and lies.
      And, YES, God does exist. ALL who come to Jesus and repent and accept Him as their Savior know He is there for them. You have no concept of Him because you have not done that. I pray that you will come to find the great love that He has for you. But it is your decision to make. Jesus will never force Himself on you.

  12. There are schools districts that are bending over backwards to accommodate Muslims, Prayer rooms, foot baths, and allowing girls to wear the Hijabs.

    • Yes, satan is gaining ever more of a foothold. He has the dem party, public schools, communists, atheists, muslims, and all others who deny God.

  13. I am a mayflower descendent my ancestors signed the Mayflower compact to establish a place were the Christian religion could be practiced without reservation. This is my heritage and the heritage of every descendant. All the states reference the supreme being in their Constitution. I hope the atheists’ do not live in cities named for saints: St. Louis; St. Charles; San. Francisco; Los Angelus; Santa Barbara; ad infinitum. Atheism is not a religion and therefor is not protected under our Constitution, being anti religion they are also in violation of or right to practice our faith without interference.

  14. There is no such thing as an establishment clause in the Constitution. The Founders wouldn’t know what these nihilistic bastards were talking about. Afterall, for 30 years or more after the Constitution was drafted and signed founding fathers served in high political office: presidents, vice presidents, secty of state, secty of treasury, judges, supreme court chief justice, senators, congressmen, etc. If the Founders had wanted it the way the stinking atheists do today, it would have been that way from the start, not 200 years down the road. Atheists are cruising for a huge bruising.

    • And atheists also think their religion isn’t bound by the establishment clause so its just fine for it to be taught in public schools, colleges, and permeate the government.

    • Viet Vet…You are right on. Most of our founding fathers were Christians and ALL believed in God. They attended church services in the Capitol Building, required Bibles in schools, and installed Chaplains in the military. They never meant for there to be separation of Church and State. That is a lie those who deny God would have us believe. The only thing that was forbidden was a state religion, which they fled from in England. The only place separation of Church and State is mentioned was in a private letter written by Thomas Jefferson.

  15. 1A: Freedom of religion, not freedom FROM religion. There are no exceptions to time or place that I’ve ever read. If they want freedom for their religion they have to respect others’ choices.

  16. I am almost 70. I was raised Atheist. But my best friend was Christian, and my parents let me attend VBS with him. Growing up my secular schools did not waste time with strictly religious invocations before sporting events. I got a great education, was taught to think for myself, and have no problem separating lies from facts.

    So, probably needless to say, after experimenting with various religions and other belief systems in my youth, I am now an Atheist. But I have no problem letting Theists do their thing, since the petty beliefs of others do not harm me in any way.

    • Except you call other people’s beliefs “petty” which shows you are a condescending arrogant person that thinks you’ve figured it all out from years of experience and everyone else is an idiot.

      • Steve S. I don’t believe this Eric person is almost 70. Have you ever read some of his infantile posts he leaves about Trump? Just another radical Leftists with no common sense or logic. But IF he is all most that old, then it was a wasted 70 years.

    • It is unfair for one team to have all the power of almighty God on their side. Hell, they would never lose a game. The only way to have a fair game is to keep God off of the field and out of the minds of the players. & no saying a prayer before the play or at any time during the game.

    • Eric, you can deny God, but that in no way changes the fact that He is there and you WILL stand before Jesus to be judged. It is satan who is harming you. He has you very brainwashed. You have the choice to join Jesus in Heaven or satan in Hell. Choose wisely

  17. It is unfair for one team to have all the power of almighty God on their side. Hell, they would never lose a game. The only way to have a fair game is to keep God off of the field and out of the minds of the players. & no saying a prayer before the play or at any time during the game.

  18. Personally I know beyond a doubt that an Almighty, Majestic GOD is alive and very active. It would truly blow the mind of some of those
    atheist if they knew some of the supernatural acts He has gifted me with in my life. And, it’s my heart’s desire that everyone experience GOD in the same way.

  19. Personally I know beyond a doubt that an Almighty, Majestic GOD is alive and very active. It would truly blow the mind of some of those
    atheist if they knew some of the supernatural acts He has gifted me with in my life. And, it’s my heart’s desire that everyone experience GOD in the same way. This is my very first time to post. CultureWatch is telling me I’ve posted this before. No, no true.

  20. Atheist attack Christians because they want to silence the God calling at their heart. His presence convicts. If Christians don’t stand against the resistance they will be like sheep lead to the slaughter. God out of schools, God out of the work place, God out of Government. God out of the churches itself. The Bible itself will be classified as a book of hate speech. One day all atheist like it or not will stand face to face and inform God himself he don’t exsist .

  21. I own a Bible study book from 1954 that Texas used in a class in their High Schools. There are thousands of us who have been fighting for years to get prayer back in schools. And we will.
    Isn’t it strange how one woman, an atheist, got prayer out of schools because she didn’t want her son exposed to prayer? Years later her son became a minister. NEVER GIVE UP or GIVE IN.

  22. The constitution states that congress shall not establish any religion etc. SO ho does an athletic coach suddenly become congress establishing a religion?That same First Amendment also assures the free exercise of that right and the freedom of speech. Those objecting to those exercising those God-given rights are simply trying to destroy the very basics of this nation. They should be ignored as traitors

    • Donald, that is exactly what is going on. They are trying to destroy this nation. They cannot stand it that our founding fathers were Christians. The dem party threw God out and embraces satan and his hate and lies. They are in satan’s army, as are atheists, communists, muslims, and all others who deny God. They cannot win. satan will rule for a time, but we know how it ends. satan and his followers will be sent to Hell for eternity and we will be free of them. They may succeed in destroying this nation, but it will gain them nothing at all.


  24. Maybe it is time for Christians to FORCE atheists to believe???????? Not funny……so sad….
    Really….. how awful, what happened to live and let live……

  25. As followers of Christ, we should love our brothers – regardless of their beliefs. Rather than wasting our breath demonizing the atheists and/or Muslims, we should pray for them! And as citizens – we must respect their rights as afforded under the Constitution. However, we must also vigorously defend our rights whenever others attempt to infringe upon them. Vasu Murti’s reply was helpful to understanding the guidelines our public schools follow with regard to exercising one’s faith. The important take away from those guidelines is they affirm student rights to exercise their individual freedoms without interference.

    • David, public schools are lib indoctrination centers. They do not want freedom. They want nothing at all to do with God. The dem party has thrown God out and is ruled by satan.

    • When the state forces children to study evolution that is a violation of the establishment clause.
      There is nothing scientific about evolution. It is a belief based on ‘faith’ and no different than any other man made religion.
      Public schools and colleges are indoctrination centers for Secular Humanism.
      Secular Humanism is the religion of the left (democrats) (progressives) (communists) (atheists)

  26. History repeats itself: great countries and other institutions experience a rise and fall (like a ball shaped curve-rising to greatness with a zenith at the top followed by a downfall slope to nothingness. If you have a moment I suggest you take a look at one of the 3 volumes edited by Edward Gibbon entitled “The Rise and fall of the Roman Empire”, Modern Library, NY.  He depicted almost exactly what is happening in the U.S. right NOW- the dishonesty, killings, corruption, riots, lack of religious belief.

  27. I was under the impression that schools were public property. How can atheists ‘kick’ students off of public property? Seems to me the students should be there .

    • They can’t legally. That would be no different than atheist telling Christians they can’t have a picnic in a forest preserve or a public park.
      These people are not true atheists. They are evil people that enjoy causing trouble for other people.
      They get off on it. They are like internet trolls.

  28. These ATHIESTS need to be SUED INTO POVERTY every time they show up! . . . Back in MY day we would just “settle it out in the parking lot”, and NOT take NO for an answer. HIT THEM where it counts – IN THE POCKET BOOK! They have NO RIGHT to trample on our 1st Amendment Rights (or ANY Amendment Rights WHATSOEVER). These people need to be dealt with DECISIVELY and need to be PUT IN THEIR place. We DON’T need to ‘pander” to them or PUT UP with them. Enough is ENOUGH! . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (KEEP America Great Again).

  29. This is a clear violation of freedom of religion. Christians should steadfastly ignore & disregard such actions, including bigoted opinions & mandates by Left-wing judges. Time to stand up for this civil rights issue.

  30. I would suggest that any student that is being denied their 1st Amendment rights because of their Christian faith to contact the American Center For Law and Justice. Their website is Jay Sekulow and his son Jordan are brilliant attorneys who will defend students rights concerning their Christian faith.

  31. Our founding fathers were Christians who left us a nation based on their Christian principles, one of which is our freedom. We have the freedom to worship God when and where we want, including prayer. If the atheists don’t like our Constitution, they are free to move somewhere more to their liking. Maybe they would be more at home in North Korea or some other dictatorship.

    • These so called atheists are Marxists. Look at any communist country around the world, and see how free the people are. This is what the left wants to bring to the United States.

  32. I guess it is time to once again try to educate these uneducated people. The constitution does not forbid any type of religious behavior in or around public schools or any government building. It just simply states that congress is not make a national religion. This is to stop what the King of England did over in Great Britain. That way the government can not tell us what or how we are to worship. But, it does seem that the atheists are trying to do just that. They are doing their best to force their religion on to the rest of the country. Their religion for all I know could be the worship of Baal. I blame the Supreme Court justices of the 1960’s for this degradation of our constitution. We are guaranteed the freedom to worship as we see fit. But because we had a gutless supreme court back then, the atheists got a foot in the door and they have been forcing their agenda on us ever since. Pretty much the way the liberals are doing now. We must stand up and take our country and government back for the PEOPLE.

  33. I am not a religious person but nobody has the right to take away a persons love for their religion and if they want to pray at school or at a football game they have every right to do so. You cant take it away from christiqns but give it to muslems. Muslem believe in garbage that was shoved down their throats since infancy. They were brainwashed to hate certain people and praying to allah or whatever trash it is. Sorry but pisslam is not a religion, its an excuse to murder people that dont agree with trash same as democraps do

    • Love babies…The goal of Islam is total world control. You are correct. It is not a religion. It is Muhammad’s revenged against Christians and Jews for not associating with him. He forced all he could into his “religion” and all who do not serve Allah must be killed.

  34. Judging from the level of depravity that seems to be growing in our country, I think that school kids should be ENCOURAGED to pray! Heaven knows America needs it!

  35. Atheists, believe in nothing, stand for nothing, good for nothing. There is one thing for certain, put one of these godless troublemakers in a life threatening position, and watch him or her get down on their knees and cry out, God help me.

    • BOB PASCARELLA: Yes, this is so true. I actually witnessed an atheists who was so smug and cocky about being one. Making fun at GOD and Jesus and my beliefs. That is, until he became ill. Then you heard him whining and crying saying oh my GOD this and oh my GOD that. It’s so strange how facing death changes someone’s perspective. Most times when it’s too late…

      • It is very easy to follow the anti- Christ No real rules do as you like, easy Pezzy. To some people it is very hard ( Satan has control ) to admit love for Jesus I for one would rather believe in a life after death in the warm loving hands of my loving Father than the pitch fork from hell

  36. Our God created this world and all people. He is in charge in protecting his BELIEVERS FROM THE RADICAL BELIEFS and all that believe in HIM WILL INHERITE EVER LASTING LIFE. KEEP BELIEVING IN OUR HEAVENLY FATHER AND LET HIM LEAD YOUR PATH. So, So sad for those that do not believe in GOD. May HE have Mercy on them and they act before it is to late. (meaning death). I personally benefit from His presence each day of my life. Amen, Amen
    La-Vonne Haven

  37. Yes the persecution of Christians has been going on for centuries and Christians still prevail. Thank you Lord. What bothers me is that the satan lovers who ever they are has successfully stopped prayer in schools, had the ten commandments taken down in public places, burned our churches and the list goes on and for some reason NO ONE is fighting back. I wear Christian T shirts every day with Christian sayings and scriptures on them. I am waiting for someone to tell me I can’t wear them. I am quite sure if I lived in a larger town, I might have to deal with that but I live in a small town with a lot of Christians who have commented positively on my t shirts. I can tell you this much for sure, IF I am ever told I can not wear my Christian t shirts, they will be taking me or someone else to jail or to the morgue. I will not sit back and allow Atheists to dictate what I am allowed to do. I am a US citizen with rights and I for one intend to exercise those rights. There is safety in numbers, as Christians we need to come together and fight these evil bullies and stand up and out number them. We need to make our voices heard louder that theirs are. Just as Vasu Murti pointed out in an earlier post (10/1/19 ) we DO have rights, by law, to worship as we please and our children have the right to pray in school and gather for religious discussions and more. Why are we not standing up against these sinful parasites? If nothing else, PRAY

  38. It is very easy to follow the anti- Christ No real rules do as you like, easy Pezzy. To some people it is very hard ( Satan has control ) to admit love for Jesus I for one would rather believe in a life after death in the warm loving hands of my loving Father than the pitch fork from hell


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