Atheist heads exploded after Chick-fil-A got their biggest news ever


If there is one thing atheists hate, it’s Christians doing well for themselves.

That’s why they despise Chick-fil-A due to the CEO’s strong Christian faith.

And atheist heads exploded after Chick-fil-A got their biggest news ever.

Kanye West is one of the biggest rappers in the world.

He has a voice that has been heard around the world.

And now he is using that platform to promote his newly found Christian faith.

Over the weekend, he released his new record titled “Jesus is King.”

One of the top songs on the album, titled “Closed On Sundays,” which encourages his listeners to spend time with family, and to worship God on Sundays, makes mention of Chick-fil-A multiple times.

Of course, Chick-fil-A is closed on Sundays, which is their reason for being in the song.

The owners of Chick-fil-A stated they were “grateful” for the mention in his song.

UpRoxx reports:

Kanye West‘s record Jesus Is King was released on Friday after many delays and revisits. The record, teeming with Christian themes, was scrutinized in the days after by eager fans and critics alike. One song, in particular, drew a lot of attention. Kanye’s track “Closed On Sundays” features a verse mentioning the controversial fast-food chain Chick-Fil-A. The company has since commented on it, reportedly saying they were “grateful,” but fans didn’t have the same sentiment.

Kanye’s “Closed On Sundays” mentions Chick-Fil-A several times. “Closed on Sunday, you my Chick-fil-A / You’re my number one, with the lemonade.” According to The Blast, Chick-Fil-A was gracious to Kanye for the mentions. “We are always grateful to see excitement for the brand,” a representative for the fast-food chain said.

The verse was the most talked about on Kanye’s record and, of course, sparked countless memes both making fun of the rapper and supporting him.

Kanye West has made a miraculous transition as a person.

While his music was previously filled with profanity, he now creates family friendly music that promotes the Word of God.

What do you think of Kanye West’s transition to being a Christian artist?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. I’ve never been a fan of Kanya West or of any other rap artist. But I am intrigued and happy for his conversion to Christianity.
    It’s exactly people like him that God starts a work of grace and uses for His glory. Kanya is no different from any one else who came to the end of themselves and realized his need of a savior.
    My hope and prayers for him is that God will put more in him than the devil can put on him!

  3. When Mr. West came out with this new album, I was told by someone I know( because I do not watch the fake news channels any longer) that Fox 5 was immediately reporting that “his fans” were very upset and would not support his album or his new lifestyle. Well Mr. West all I can say is, Praise God you have found the right true path and nothing else matters! Your salvation is much more important than what others think of you. Or others just worshipping songs supporting hate and all acts of violence. You have chosen well and GOD will certainly bless you. And to show my support, I will make sure I purchase this album!!!!

  4. Thank You JESUS for giving Kanya West a new found love of You & for his sharing love he feels for You with his many fans! Thank You JESUS for giving us Chick-fil-A! we need more companies to open up & not be afraid of sharing their love of You Lord JESUS! Thank You JESUS for loving us & giving us the freedom in America to share with others Your precious love! Amen!

  5. I have been told for years that there will be a Christian revival like the world has never seen just before the return of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I have been a doubting Thomas on this issue. With Kanye West’s conversion to Christianity and him now using his awesome talent for the Glory of God, I am no longer a doubting Thomas. Praise the Lord. God Bless you Mr. West.

  6. So happy for him and pray the infilling continues,that he is mentored well and God keeps him safe and shows him greater ways to reach out to our young people so sorely in need. Thank you God for his salvation and the platform he has .Bless God !

  7. Every knee shall bow, every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. I hope that a true conversion has taken place but only time will tell. You have to know what Christianity is before you can truly be one. You believe in God, you do well. Even the demons believe a tremble. There must be something more than just believing in Jesus. We are born into this world with 3 spiritual handicaps; our own sin nature, the hassle of Satan and his demons and the influence of the society we live in. But, we can accomplish all things through Christ our Savior.

  8. Congrats Mr.West, you are one of God’s chosen ones! God has a plan for you. Keep on following Him!!!! Praying for you!

  9. One song, in particular, drew a lot of attention. Kanye’s track “Closed On Sundays” features a verse mentioning the controversial fast-food chain Chick-Fil-A.

    There is NOTHING “Controversial” about Chick-Fil-A orther than the fact that it makes BEDWETTERS, MORONS AND FOOLS whimper and whine.


    They do provide a very good insight into the QUALITY OF PUBLIC EDUCATION!

  10. THANK YOU for your stand for CHRIST Kayne West. One day every knee shall bow & proclaim that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!

  11. I know he supports the President, and I support Kanye 100%.
    At first I thought it was fake news, I am glad to hear it’s really true.
    I suppose the left will go nuts with this.
    God bless Kanye

  12. Our Chick fil-A feeds first responders and volunteers during and after floods and storms. Not only does it serve the best chicken sandwich with lemonade but has the best and brightest young people with smiles and great attitudes working there.

    They also support and fund camps for children and adoption services. They put their time and money into life, not death as do their objectors.

  13. One thing if theirs no God then why are atheist and all other none believers so darn worried about what we the believers believe satan. disciples of satan are working very hard to carry every one that they can to hell with them but it’s never to late to repent to God and be saved until they die once they die then and only then it’s over the more people try to prove their is no God the more they prove their is a God so want you go to the lord today and may God bless you today

  14. Your faith, yourself, your family, values, your country, your work ethic, financial wisdom and don’t worry about the hate of the Godless are the keys to true happiness!
    People are remembered by the great and bad things that they did. Are you an example or a warning to the world? Put God in your existence!

  15. My happiest childhood days were spent going to church! All wrapped up in love!
    (Reach out to the non-believers. It is my impression they feel left out.)

  16. Oh gosh I feel soooo bad for all the LGBY freaks. lol They lost another one. Does that prove to them that God knows best. Get over it you creepy people and try going to church on Sunday, then home to have a Sunday dinner with family like I did as a kid. Those were the best days I remember.

  17. OOps I spelled LBGT wrong in my last reply. My fingers got out of control over the anger at these crazy people.

  18. What atheists think or believe means nothing. They are denying Jesus and His great love and sacrifice and will join their master satan in hell. They cannot change the truth of who Jesus is or prevent those who belong to Him from joining Him in Heaven. They are pathetic creatures who try to destroy anything to do with God. They cannot win. They are on the losing side.

  19. Does it make believers feel better and more powerful to believe we hate them?? We don’t. We just want to be free to believe (or not believe) in what we want and are happy to let you believe in God, Santa, Tooth fairy, Easter bunny or whatever you want. In fact I SUPPORT organized religion as government alone is not enough to keep the population in line. And stop saying if we don’t love and worship your God then we side with Satan! Suppose I told you there was a war coming between the elves & orcs and you better pick a side because there is no sitting on the sidelines!

  20. The way our old world is heading today makes me thankful for people like those owners, managers and employees of Chick-Fil-A that observe a holly day of rest for it’s employees. In todays world it’s refreshing to know hat folks like these exist. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU.

  21. Good, I always hold judgement of what someone is or is not until after they have a history, but take them at face value for their immediate convictions. I’m put in mind of Saul of Tarsus, becoming Paul the Apostle, who singlehandedly (albeit Holy Ghost inspired) wrote large sections of the New Testament, but was cruelly persecuted for it and put to death. Kanye may face some carnal opposition or even lose a great deal of wealth over his convictions, THAT’s when this babe in Christ will need prayers and support. Becoming a Christian is not all sunshine and lollipops, the bible says in this world ye shall have tribulation and to pick up your cross daily and we pray he’s able to do just that.

  22. Kate: Of course everyone is free to believe,(or not believe in your case ), what they choose. But your snide and snarky remark putting GOD in the same category as the Santa, the Tooth fairy and the Easter bunny is just childish and uncalled for. Just because you do not believe in GOD, don’t try to make fun of us that do and KNOW HE exists..
    Also I don’t get your other remark about you support organized religion because government alone is not enough to keep the population in line. I am a Christian but I am not associated with one church’s teachings. So who is responsible of (as you put it) keeping me in line???
    There IS a war coming lady, but it certainly isn’t between fictional characters like elves and orcs. YOU better be prepared for the real one….

  23. I think it’s great. I am so sick of nothing but killing, hate dirty words and nothing but ugly thoughts. It’s time to get back to the real world and see and hear the good things in it.

  24. I’ve never been a Kanye fan either, and I doubt that I ever will be, but this news motivates me to drop my negative attitude toward him.
    Message to Kate: there IS a war coming and you do need to choose a side. the outcome of that war will not be a happy place for the losers. God bless you and I will pray for your soul.

  25. Kate, God is very real. You can deny the truth, but you will know the moment you die that He is there. You are very foolish. You have no concept at all of who God is or His great love and sacrifice for you. YOU get to choose whether you will follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to Hell. You can come to Jesus and accept Him as your Savior or you can deny Him and follow satan. It is your choice to make. The Bible is the TRUE word of God. I suggest you study it. You will find that Jesus loves you so much that He willingly came and died for your sins so that you have the chance to join Him in Heaven. There IS a war coming. There will be a great battle between God and HIs people and satan and his people. God wins. I am on the winning side. You can be, too. It costs nothing to come to Jesus and repent. He paid it all on the cross. He loves you and is waiting for you. All who belong to Him will spend eternity in a place of total peace, love, and freedom from all evil. ALL who come to Jesus know that He is there for them. You deny Him because you have no knowledge of Him. very sad.

  26. Bob, to be a Christian all you have to do is come to Jesus and repent and accept Him as the Lord of your life and follow Him. If he has sincerely done that, he is a Christian.

  27. I’ve never been a Kanye fan but I listened to a song off his new album, “God Is” and I liked it. I may actually buy the album just to support his decision to make this type of, now, controversial recording.

  28. This article says Kayne West’s albums were once filled with vulgar lyrics but now that he’s professed his faith in Jesus Christ the vulgarity is gone.
    When thinking about Kayne West, I’m reminded about Saul (Paul) in the Bible and his transformation from his behavior before the Lord called out to him, “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting Me?” followed by all the good he accomplished after his conversion!

  29. It could have been that all the fame, money, freedom and access to any desire became faded and empty. “Man does not live by bread alone.”

  30. God is going to use Kanye to reach people who otherwise might not have been reached!! Thank you Kanye for letting God work through you. Thank you for standing up & being counted. You will know peace & happiness like you’ve never known before. God bless you.

  31. Keeping you in my prayers Kenya!
    We need our young people to hear you’re new songs! and believe in the glory of the God who died for them and raised from the grave for the them.

  32. Another nail in the coffin of the radical left wing. Hopefully one day people in all entertainment professions will come to realize that their celebrity is temporal, and will pass away. Concentrate on the infinite, and your life will be more rewarding.

  33. Absolutely true. I was at a very bad place and by Gods grace and the support of my brothers and sisters in recovery, I have a new life, one with Christ in the center. I respect anyone who can change their lives for the better and would encourage others to turn to their Maker for guidance and change. Praise God and pray for others.

  34. I’m so grateful to the Lord Jesus for saving Kanye, and happy for Kanye that he has accepted the saving mercy, and grace, that Jesus has so freely offered to all mankind. To me, transforming a life is the most amazing thing that Jesus does. To take the “old man”, a sinful man, and make a “new creation”, a righteous man, out of him is truly a miracle of love and grace. I am 83 yrs old, and have been a follower of Jesus all my life. I would never, ever, trade my peaceful relationship with Him for anything, anything, the world has to offer. True Christianity is a relationship with the Son of the Living God, not a religion. The relationship begins with KNOWING just WHO Jesus, the Christ, IS. Transformation is His reason for coming to earth, becoming a man, giving His life that we may become righteous before the living God, His Father. It is truly a privilege to be a born again creation, and live for Jesus as His follower. I am sooo happy for Kanye.

  35. Eric: With every one of your postings you only prove to us what ignorant, hating , bigots and racists you evil Leftists are. Come Judgment day little man you will truly know what Hell is and you will be praying for it to end. But it will not end. Your choice…. Grow up and wake up!!!

  36. God will prevail. All these losers will spend eternity in torment. God will Bless those that honor him. Put your faith in Jesus Christ and find what a wonderful world He created. Enjoy peace that passes all understanding. Christians don’t belong to the group that hate others.

  37. I am so anxious for the CD!! Praise God you ae doing God’s work Kanye! It will be amazing how many will find Jesus because of your testimony!!
    God richly BLESS you!

  38. Christians celebrate as do angels in Heaven when ones name is entered into God’s Book of Life. We pray for Kayne to stand resolved in his blessed hope found only through Jesus Christ.

  39. It’s true that neither Chick-fil-A nor Kanye West has done anything to anger or aggravate atheists. The maintainers of this blog are simply fabricating flashy dramatic headlines as usual, to receive more visitors. Boring!

  40. Elmer Fudd: I am just curios about something. Aren’t you the same Elmer Fudd that posted on the other two Conservative sites making snide remarks at us and laughing at our religion and us supporting Trump?? Have you had a change of heart? I hope you have.
    You are quite correct. Judgment day is indeed coming, for everyone…

  41. Thank God for all of you on here. In these days and times, we need to be supportive of all our Christian families with our prayers and all the spiritual influence we can muster. To God be the glory in the precious and glorious name of Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

  42. Boycott the boycotters! Eat at Chick-fil-A regularly- I committed myself to eating there weekly (or more often). Their delicious food, friendly service, and acceptance of all customers is an exemplary model for business success. They don’t require me to “think as they think” like so many of the brainless robot detractors and boycotters. Be and let be. It is still a free country. Kanye can sing what he chooses, no complaint from me.


  43. Eric I am not going to say anything bad about you, But I do feel sorry for you because you dont know what you are missing not knowing GOD, And I will pray that you will search and find him befor it is to late, you know if I am wrong in believing in GOD that is ok But if I am right I will have a life ever after, And if you dont believe ang you end up in hell I would rather trust God and the choise is up to you.


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