Arnold Schwarzenegger just teamed up with the radical Left in a horrifying socialist scheme


To make it anywhere in Hollywood, actors must support the radical Left.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is no exception.

And he just teamed up with the radical Left in a horrifying socialist scheme.

In leftist politics, there is no issue that is gaining steam as fast as fighting so-called “climate change.“

They see it as a vehicle to push radical policies and expand the government ever closer to socialism.

Their main ally is Greta Thunberg, a 16-year old girl from Sweden.

She is in the middle of a U.S. tour, as she continues to skip school.

And she just visited actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who calls her one of his heroes.

Breitbart News reports:

Actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has previously gushed of being “starstruck” by Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, has now shared pictures of the two going for a bike ride around Santa Monica.

The former California governor posted images of their meeting to his Twitter account, showing them on a bike ride and meeting his daughter Christina.

He wrote: ‘It was fantastic to see my friend and one of my heroes @gretathunberg last week and go on a bike ride around Santa Monica together and I was so pumped to introduce her to my daughter Christina. Keep inspiring, Greta!’

Their day out comes after the 16-year-old also met with Leonardo DiCaprio.

The pair have clearly built a solid friendship since last month’s revelation Schwarzenegger loaned his electric vehicle to the teen so she could travel to Canada for a protest without relying on fossil fuel-powered transportation.

As Breitbart News reported, Thunberg traveled in the vehicle with her father to Montreal.

That road trip was not the first time Thunberg has relied on the kindness of strangers to take her message of climate salvation to the world.

Teen climate activists like Thunberg have many convinced that the world will end in 10 years if we do not pass radical climate proposals like the Green New Deal.

They claim that the U.S. is the biggest problem, when in reality, countries like China and India pollute more than anybody else.

Do you think climate change is an overblown problem?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. The only way to stop climate change is to put all democrats in charge everywhere.
    The democrats know how to fix global warming. They’ve told us so.

  3. Democrats create situations like Global warming, Political Correctness, etc., only to backstab the taxpayers and enrich themselves; IF the global warming is so real why the Lena river on Eastern Russia started to freeze by late summer??, are the libs so stupid not to know the difference between hot and cold?

  4. Jim Miller: Thank you. Very well stated. I completely agree!! Oh, and to answer your question; No the libs aren’t that stupid. But they think we are….

  5. Climates are always changing – it doesn’t mean that the world is coming to an end like this poor delusional child claims while distorting her face beyond recognition. So called Climate Change is a hoax.

  6. Greta is indeed delusional and Arnold is trying to stay relevant. Dangerous combo. Real scientists have been intentionally left out of this “debate” as they would blow massive holes in the left’s twisted theories starting with debunking that CO2 is a pollutant.

  7. Debbie do you honestly think that democrats can fix climate change? Maybe if they shut their mouths. The earth has it’s cycles depending on our orbital relation to the sun and other celestial bodies. Sometimes we’re in closer other times further away. Volcanic eruptions and earth quakes have a slight impact. Unless they can stabilize our orbit and prevent volcanic eruptions and earth quakes, there is nothing that can be done. Wait. Sue mother nature and God.

  8. My city in Calif has much less smog now than in the 70s. The newer cars are much cleaner and easily pass smog. We are doing fine. Climate change is a political
    Hoax. My hope is in Jesus but I hope the Democrats never have leadership in this country again.

  9. Greta is a 16 yr old who really doesn’t know anything about climate change or its realities. The climate
    has been changing from the beginning of time, the world turns and so does climate. For each idiot you
    produce saying its our fault, two will say its normal change. Anything a 16 yr old says has to be taken with
    a grain of salt, she is only repeating what the left has told her is true.

  10. All of the Libs talk about global warming and how we are harming the earth with our carbon emissions; However, not even “ONE” of them talk about the millions and millions of tons of hydrocarbons that the planes are spewing out while they dump toxic chemicals on all of us that we all breath every day all around the globe…..Just simply frigin’ amazing…….

  11. My first thought after reading your comment was ‘Jim Jones’ how many followed that nut job?, non-stop ‘New’s’ and internet has given us a bird’s eye view of how many are crazy AF!!! I believe I’ve seen this country’s nuts repeating dangerous history.

  12. Arnold must have had a serious dream and forgotten what happened to Venezuela, total collapse! It’s strange how lefties are so blind!
    God help us!

  13. Arnold “ Don’t come Back”. Seriously this from a person who flies to all his sets, explosions in all his movies, catering done for his actors, Carpenters using wood for sets , etc. these people create the most carbon footprints. Terminate the terminator.

  14. Global warming is a scam largely perpetrated by individuals and organizations with a profit motive. Business can make enormous sums by facilitating Cap and Trade transactions. Academia profits by the numerous grants and contributions provided by gullible believers. It is a fact that CO2 levels have risen since the dawn of the industrial age, however, the actual rise is relatively low. The longest measured period (by Antarctic ice cores) is only the last 800,000 years out of an earth life of approximately 5,000,000,000 years. Geological Time of 500,000,000 years. There has been little measurable global temperature rise in over the last 15 years yet the atmospheric CO2 rise (+/- 1 ppm yr.) continued.

  15. Why is this child in America in the first place? Because the Left in this Country fawns over her and calls her their hero while promoting the Climate Hoax as far as they can push it with feeble minded Celebs!

  16. I think hockey sticks are the problem. We need to reduce the number of them. If I remember Correctly Gore mentioned that being an issue.

  17. Arnold is a LIAR. Period. Frankly I think those steroids fried his brain.

    He used and lied to then married a Conservative to weasel his way into American politics. He then LIED to the people of California claiming to be a Republican to get elected Governor. He then waited till the dark of night, turned coat, stuck it to his supporters, and governed California as a Liberal democrat. He also cheated on, used up then dumped his Conservative wife and took up with his housekeeper. Nice guy, eh?

    Is there anyone he hasn’t LIED to then stabbed in the back?

    You cannot trust him.

  18. Algore predicted so many calamities in his academy award winning fantasy movie concerning his Convenient Lies. None of his predictions were accurate. All failed. Obama who says he is great adherent of the entire man-made global climate change hoax including massive beach front flooding under many feet of water and yet he just purchased a 10 million dollar estate on the water at Martha’s Vineyard.

  19. It’s pretty obvious that the climate change is a hoax. The Democrats change the name of this hoax every 4years and you never hear about it at all during the time of no election. The next name will be worse to make it sound terrible “GLOBAL WARMING CLIMATE CHANGE DEVASTATION “! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  20. Isnt arny the 1st to buy a Gas guzzling hummer back in the day. Now he has a collection of gas hogs. What a hypocrite. Get this pos and little twit our of our country.

  21. The warning that the world will end in 10 years sounds more like a threat. IF we don’t adopt the Green New Deal THEN “they” will ramp up the destruction of the Earth surface from just the occasional massive fires and earthquake action as they are causing now. Let us (the reasoning humans) make intentionally damaging the atmosphere with HAARP/DEW technology illegal,. punishable with the death penalty.

  22. I wish that Greta was old enough to run for the presidency.

    Even though not, officially, an American, I can just see this young woman “blowing Herr Trump away”, in both the debates, and the election!

    As for WHO her friends, and advocates are, I say “Who CARES?” Greta is LEARNING about life.

    What better schooling than standing up for what she believes in?

  23. Ron, you won’t get any invitations to watch the live debate of both 97% climate scientists, because there isn’t enough room anywhere for the “slightly under-reported” 3%. The climate scientists are now working feverishly to develop a non-photo-synthetic tree, using the best remnants from last Christmas [while Greta and Arnold shed a tear, but neither goes all-in and discards their sweaters].

  24. Sure, Norman, until she starts convincing all those gullible children following her to start killing off their parents and all the adults. She is a female version of Isaac from the Children of the Corn movies.

  25. I’m not even sure this Greta idiot even believes in all this crap, but great way to meet celebs, see the world and play hooky from school, all on someone else’s dime. Hey, maybe she isn’t such an idiot but a very good con artist!

  26. When in the Earths history has the climate not changed! It’s a liberal money grab and people control! Stop flying your private jets caprio, pelosi etc. quit telling us how to live follywood!

  27. Hinderlighter you are an idiot, go back to wherever you’re from, you got no skin in this game! Greta is a fools pawn!

  28. Norman Hinderliter (Greta run for President): I’m sure you know Birth Certificates can be created, with only a “small death” to prevent exposure of forgery. Adolph, Mao, Idi, Fidel, and Ferdinand ALL just stood up for what they believed in, what better schooling indeed?

  29. Did dinosaurs fart? Maybe the herbivores killed them all T-Rex included. Lol Seriously though she’s right. Mother Nature changes in cycles. Just gotta accept what she throws at us.

  30. DeRanger. Arnold is a disgrace on many levels! But Maria Shriver is and always was a liberal democrat, as is the entire Kennedy family!
    But Pres Kennedy was a conservative by today’s standard of what democrats have turned into! I am sure it was difficult for Arnold to accept Chris Pine, a conservative, into the family when he married his daughter!
    I will contune to boycott Arnold, DeCaprio, and all of the disgusting liberals in Hollywood! They are all traitors to American values and live in glass houses!
    Just my humble opine!
    God bless America!????????????????????????????????

  31. Greta’s parents should be arrested for child abuse ASAP! She suffers from a mental disability that no one wants to mention! I wonder if the parents are on the nazi criminal Soros’ payroll.??
    To use this child to promote this BS is criminal!! God bless this poor child!!

  32. Back in Noah’s day he was the laughing stock of the town for building a huge boat. And then came the rain. Look who had the last laugh. It will be the same for all these climate deniers in our times. I’m doing my part to protect the environment. It’s the right thing to do.

  33. Greta Thunberg is afflicted with and suffering from such an intense form of psychosis that there is no known cure for it and whose mind is scattered through multiple dimensions as all Progressives are, she is worse than David Hogg in his crusade to appeal the 2nd amendment because she is not even an United States citizen and hence no one should take her opinions seriously go back to Sweden you stupid twat attend the first outside social event you can find and get gang raped by all those Moonie Muslime men your vile stupid politicians and judges kowtow to.

  34. You are immensely delusional and in a state of denial as all Creationists are, and you like Greta are afflicted with and suffering from such an intense form of psychosis that there is no known cure for it and your mind is scattered throughout multiple dimensions.

  35. Jay: Yes indeed. Greta does have a mental disability and she is being used a pawn by the radical Leftists and her parents. She is being feed all their propaganda and is actually convinced our world is coming to an end very soon and she’s scared to death! This is truly a sin….

  36. You like David are afflicted with and suffering from such an intense form of psychosis that there is no known cure for it and your mind is scattered throughout multiple dimensions.

  37. Greta was disgnosed with Asperger’s syndrome , OCD, and selective mutism! This child is being exploited beyond belief!
    Her parents should be held accountable . This is disgraceful on too many levels to comprehend!
    God bless the child!!

  38. I remember reading an article once about how dinosaur farts created the hole in the ozone, though it seems that was in a tabloid, so, not that much more credible than CNN.

  39. Can’t she just be matched up with David Hogg & maybe they’ll both discover sex, with someone other than themself, & leave us alone.


  40. Definition of a politician.
    One Strong and determined mind poisoning the minds of the Weak and idealistic minded.

    Just saying…

  41. If people would use their brains they would realize if the earth was warming so would space around it be doing the same thing. Earth has it`s patterns and it`s airstreams. As for Sniglets, it`s time for him to stay home and play with Maria.

  42. Norman, you are a fool. You have no concept of reality. It is time for you to get out of fantasyland and face the truth.

  43. exactly. The climate has been changing ever since this earth was formed and we cannot do anything about it. The dems want total control of us and they will do anything to get it. They are very dangerous

  44. satan will rule for a time and everything is falling into place. The good thing is that Jesus will come and throw satan and all of his followers into Hell for eternity. We will be free of them

  45. David, climate deniers???? The climate has been changing ever since God created this earth. He is in charge of it and we cannot do anything about it.

  46. jay…Her parents obviously don’t believe in God, or they would not exploit her like they are. And all who deny God are terrified of climate change. All who belong to Him do not fear it because we know that God will take care of us.

  47. the libs claim that the cold is a part of global warming. Only they can understand that one. The climate has been changing ever since God created this earth and He is in charge of it. But they deny God and will find any way they can to control us

  48. Arnold please don’t be deceived, this climate change is a money maker for this girl Greta, and she’s getting rich on everyone’s sympathy, she’s traveling the world, meeting the rich and elite, while publicly demeaning people in Gov’t jobs doing work for many years ,only to be insulted by a disillusioned girl poisoned by the Dems. Oh by the way, I don’t think the cows are going to listen when they’re told not to fart. haha!

  49. The Leftists don’t believe in God. Mother Nature is sexist as we have to make room for Mother Nature being transgendered per the Dem-wit Party! The Climate Change Movement is about the West radically reducing its population and non liberals being made to live in caves so China and India can keep polluting as the international businesses with production facilities there who have loyalty to no country and are in with the George Soros-ian globalist banking clique are protected to keep polluting with free trade so the native countries of the folks with lighter skin tones lose all influence in the world and become systematically darker especially with those of the Islamic Faith who at least believe in a globalist Caliphate which is what the globalists support too! Basically the globalists seek to make slaves of folks like me and you!
    By the way, southern Greenland was originally warmer when the Vikings first arrived but became much colder, eco-freaks so a lot of the first colonists were reduced in number at one point! Now it is getting warmer again because of gravity rotation and the USA would like to buy it again but Denmark isn’t interested! Pollution mostly from China, India and Brazil is aggravating depletion of the ozone layer that along with gravity rotation changes is aggravating weather changes but climate change isn’t what it is hyped up by the Left to be which used to use the phrase “Global Warming” until it was found some areas are becoming colder too! Is what it is not what the Left wants it to be-propaganda to enslave folks like you and me!

  50. She also suffers from Asperger’s syndrome. So the left really shows it’s true colors by exploiting someone like that for their spokesman.

  51. I met Arnold when he first came to this country in 1968 and she sure has turned into someone we should have kept out.

  52. Even the head of the UN climate committee says that the Climate “crisis” is simply a means of divesting the US and wealthy western nations of their wealth. The EPA has commended the Trump administration. The US is #1 in the world for development of clean energy. “We (UN-IPCC) redistribute de-facto the world’s wealth by climate policy…”One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do with environmental policy anymore”…Dr Ottmar Endenhofer, IPCC
    EPA Administrator, Andrew Wheeler told reporters during a press call that “all six criteria air pollutants have decreased under president Trump’s administration. In fact, we’ve had double digit decreases in both lead and sulphur dioxide over the last 2 years and the US has continued to decrease CO2 and methane emissions. The Paris Climate Accord is unfair to the US consumer, US manufacturers and the US economy”.

  53. We have dipped our toes into the Great Tribulation. It will get much much worse but we know how it will end, don’t we?

  54. Well said Debbie, I agree! Of course, Republicans only know how to make fun of everybody and everything! But you’re not one of ‘them’, Thank God! PS If I am wrong then I GUARANTEE that the Tigers will win the National Championship 2020 Tonight!

  55. Well said bj, don’t forget your suntan lotion – you and your brethren are gonna need it when God is done with you! Putin/Trump 2020 PS Remember: Trump is GOD!

  56. Sound familiar Craig? Kind of like the Great One , Donald J. Trump? Will you’all still be praising him when he sells us all out to his Supreme Commander, Vladimir Putin? Putin/Trump 2020!

  57. Yes, Larry, that does sound familiar, in fact you fools have been parroting that same old line ad nauseum since before Trump even took office, and the more the claim has been debunked and disproven, the more desperately you morons have squawked it.
    It only shows that the more severe and widespread a mass delusion becomes, the more difficult it is to shake off.

  58. Greta should be in school, and church reading the Bible. Only God knows when the World will end. If Greta believes in the Lord (and I Pray that she does), she would stop worrying about the World and just have Faith. Another thing to remember – climate change has been happening since the earth’s beginning.

  59. We don’t know when the world’s going to come to an end. Jesus said that nobody knows the day nor the hour of His return. Only God the Father knows that. So don’t even pay attention to these people when they tell you when the world’s going to end!


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