Arnold Schwarzenegger destroyed his legacy in this embarrassing interview that will make you furious with him


Arnold Schwarzenegger has made it a point to be a thorn in Donald Trump’s side since Trump announced his campaign in 2015.

At times, his jealousy of President Trump becomes quite pathetic and even sad.

And Schwarzenegger just terminated his legacy with this embarrassing interview that will make you rethink ever being a fan of his.

Because Arnold Schwarzenegger has become such a radical Leftist, it is difficult to remember he once served as the Governor of California as a Republican.

But his time spent in office was a total failure.

Since then, his political activism has consisted of promoting the climate change scam and bashing President Trump.

Now, in a recent interview, Schwarzenegger revealed he wishes he could run for President against Trump but cannot due to his place of birth.

Breitbart reports:

Austrian-born actor Arnold Schwarzenegger is still lamenting the fact that the U.S. Constitution bars him from running for president because he was born in a foreign country.

In an interview with British talk show host Graham Norton conducted just ahead of the release of the next iteration of the Terminator series, Schwarzenegger expressed his frustration that he is barred from making a run at the highest office in the land, the Daily Mail reported.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, who came to the U.S. in 1968 at the age of 21, became a U.S. citizen in 1983. But because he is not a natural-born citizen, the Constitution bars him from becoming president.

“Of course,” the Terminator star said when asked if he was disappointed that he could never become president. “It would have been great to jump in and run.”

Schwarzenegger clearly believes he could somehow topple President Trump if he could run for President, but offers zero evidence as to how he would do so.

This is just another pathetic jab at the President.

The failed governor could never actually take on President Trump.

Even when he took over Trump’s former TV show, “The Apprentice” ratings dipped and the show was forced off the air.

What do you think?

Are you tired of Arnold Schwarzenegger bashing the President?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  2. When Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected governor of California, Republicans were excitedly talking about changing the Constitution to allow foreign-born politicians like Arnold Schwarzenegger to run for president…

    …and in a few years’ time, they were questioning Barack Obama’s American citizenship!

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

  3. Am I tired of Arnold bashing President Trump? I am totally and completely fed up with the constant bashing and disrespect being shown not only to President Trump but to the office in general. Even if you don’t respect the office holder, respect the office!

  4. Also a bum cheating husband. Fathering his cleaning ladies child. Just another male pig who can’t keep his private not so private. He has about a chance to win anything but a losers race. I’ll bet he is a lonely single man with no love interest. ????

  5. All these suppose movie stars think they can say or try to destroy our President excellent work Arnold Schwarzeneger can’t and will not even reach President Trumps ankles. Arnold jealousy will get you and anyone anywhere forget trying to become president there’s no way you don’t have the brains for it, so don’t depend on your stupid films that you can treat the oval office like you do your movies you are a fake

  6. I’m sure glad I’M not a Democrat . . . or Arnold Swarzenegger! what a PATHETIC PACK of LOSERS – it’s even worse than being a “GIRLIE MAN!”. You’d think that grown men AND women would THOUGHTFULLY look at the issues in a “Heads up” manner looking for the TRUTH, instead of a POLITICAL manner. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  7. God bless President Trump! people that HATE President Trump should pack up their bags & get the hell out of town! I don’t like everything President does & says but I respect the office he holds! He’s definitely doing much better job than last “person” that lived in White House for 8 long years! all of these actors think too highly of themselves & give themselves too much importance in everything!

  8. Arnold has forgotten what it is to be an Austrian and totally forgotten what it is to be an American…who respects our long proud heritage. He is his own self “Terminator” and just look at his history…screwing his Nanny to his children and several actresses on the sets of his early films…the schmuck can’t even speak correctly much less act correctly. Frank J. Stangel, J.D.

  9. I say it’s time that we all quit going to the movies, and supporting these overpaid whiny little liberals. They have absolutely no place in politics. Time to start boycotting movies,And quit watching TV shows that support these overpaid actors, Time to show Hollywood they need to keep their mouth shut about politics or suffer the consequences.

  10. I guess he hates the Jews as well being from Austria and now a leftist liberal Trump hater. This is what all the Democrats now believe. They are all anti-semitic and don’t deny it. They hate Israel. They allow Muslim Jew haters in Congress and say nothing while these people spew such hatred with no consequences. He has now found his forever home which he has never been far from.

  11. It’s said that fools look wise or tend to be wise when they are quiet, but prove their folly when they finally speak. People who war against great leaders like President Trump, are nothing but ingrates, rebels, enemies of progress, fools, self condemned, failures and most unfortunate of assets beings. I buy of the philosophy; I’d rather take a mile’s walk in my neighbor’s shoes before taking a stand to criticise my neighbor. It’s most unfortunate to say; even people who had been in corridors of power join witches and wizards to criticized one of best presidents(Trump); the world has ever produced. It’s obvious to all countries of the world that President Trump has been pouring out his heart of love on the US economy, to make it the best he can, in his time. Despite all, what does he get in return? He get inherent hatred, passed abroad from aggrieved witches and wizards losers, passed down to their bewitched fools. I pray God to keep and bless President Trump.

  12. who ever vote for this loser?he should be departed. he should join the pew show with whoopie and megan he could not beat Trump if he had all the illegals voting for him,, he was the worse governor in history, next to the idiot that governor now.

  13. who ever vote for this loser?he should be departed. he should join the pew show with whoopie and megan he could not beat Trump if he had all the illegals voting for him,, he was the worse governor in history, next to the idiot that governor now.

  14. Just another HAS BEEN actor wanting another MOMENT OF FAME in the public eyes!!!! I guess those “IN THE PAST STARS” don’t realize that they are ruining their reputation that they acquired while acting by trying to be in the public eye with outlandish STATEMENTS and ACTIONS today…

  15. Eric: Please grow up and when you do, then come back and try to think to make a coherent statement. But then again, you being a brainwashed Leftist that is too much of a stretch, isn’t it???

  16. OMG! Trump supporters, how stupid can you be, this man is a liar, he’s ignorant, uneducated,mind of a 5 yr old, did you not know the American people did not choose him for President, the real winner had 3 Million more votes ! He is not qualified for the position he occupies !!

  17. VASU. NONE of your ideas have any merit whatsoever. There is NO science supporting climate hysteria (Global warming). NONE. Unless you count political science, or politics as science – as Marxists do.
    I’m happy to see you & a few other psycho-delusionals on the Left spending their time effectively convincing conservatives they are Right as well as helping bring more confused leftists to their senses to vote TRUMP 2020. Thank you so much.

  18. Well we have one in the WH now,
    We need to get rid of him.
    So we can get our government on track.
    He just gave the Kurds land to Turkey and Russia. Innocent people being killed because of our Nazi Pres

  19. ERIC trying to say he lies as all the time about everything, but he can’t say it because it would be the truth & break his deal with TheDevil. Keep trying Eric.

  20. Not just act as Terminator in the movie , married a popular politicians daughter for a wife or coaching on Republicans be one more national populations figure , after crumbled shady personals life as most stars always ! you just don’t have a truths understanding about real America’s culture , means based on history & Principles we all lived for it & you can’t compare undermines him likes DEMs to a Businessman with all the right reason to be a Republican President which no one’s or you will have , that’s big different on both of you ! just claimed all the nightmares in your latest life’s , that’s all Brother !!

  21. It looks like your the Nazi here. Go cry in your corner or grab a puppy. I
    Myself am tired of this country sending our soldiers to fight in other people’s problems. While the UN people sit by and do nothing. Just like when the president had to get on the UN to pony up their dues. The wars in those countries will never end. Whether we are there or not.

  22. I think it proves hollywood is going down the tubes. If they were prospering all those so called actors and actress would be on location somewhere making a living but since they are blasting our President the hollywood elite’s economy must be tanking and they are trying to revive their own career. Good luck because we the people that buy the hollywood elite’s work is tired of hollywood elite’s behavior and we the people are spending our money on something else that will makes we the people happier.

  23. Berna baby. You care about it so much because the Kurds are your kind – anarchists commies. Aka Marxist Totalitarians

  24. Berna, the child is trying to say her Clinton’s & Obama are who she is talking about. But her single momma feminist won:t allow it.

  25. Well, Berna is right. I care about them because thousands of them put themselves in harm’s way, losing more than 10,000 fighting our war against ISIS. And your leader turned his back and opened the door for genocide,… without a care I might add. I also care because this was a big, major win for Putin… a gift from trump.

  26. George, I want to apologize for my last remarks to you. I didn’t read your comment completely. I thought you were talking about Trump. Again, I apologize. This actor was one of my favorite. Now, just like the rest. He can kiss my back side.

  27. I respect the office, Gal. I just think we’d be way better off if the table lamp were making the decisions.

  28. James Howard, I just realized that and apologized to George. I thought he was talking about Trump. I was wrong. Thanks for your words.

  29. Lowest unemployment IN HISTORY, Lowest Black unemployment IN HISTORY, Lowest Hispanic unemployment IN HISTORY, Lowest female unemployment IN HISTORY, most Black, Hispanic and female startups IN HISTORY, strongest economy in 75 years, almost every campaign promise kept. Christianity and police officers respected again after 8 years of assaults from Obamuslim. ISIS destroyed in a single year after the 8 year failure Obamuslim said it couldn’t be done. Millions of job coming back to America after Obamuslim said a magic wand would be needed to make it happen.

    The only stupid, ignorant uneducated imbecile liars are you and your fanatical left wing douche bags that would spin any lie and spread any smut in order to overturn the fact that you ran a greedy, corrupt, heartless lying piece of trash traitor and after having spent THREE TIMES the money along with partisan purchased FAKE NEWS press peddling smut 24/7 YOU LOST.

    It is also well documented that Hitlery Kilstons had 3 million dead votes, some that died 150 years ago in fact, millions from ballet box stuffing caught on video (small hint- having 30% more votes in a district than people living there kinda gives it away) and 10 million illegal votes. Votes from Mexico don’t count in an American election. So she actually didn’t have the most votes, just the most crooked votes just like her.

    What is sad is that pathetic filth like you would rather see your country in anarchy with it’s people jobless and despondent as long as a lifelong, swamp rat criminal traitor that sold America’s Uranium to Russia and colluded with 7 foreign countries in order to overturn the results of an election could be forced into office against the will of the American people. You are truly vile.

  30. Willa Cain, If he’s uneducated? Then what does that make you? He gave up the money he would have received for the presidency. He own mega money properties and so forth. And you call him uneducated? You’re the one that’s uneducated. Cry baby.

  31. Willa Cain: Trump supporters stupid? I don’t think so. But you keep backing your Demon party that endorses killing innocent babies even up to giving birth now! That has thrown out GOD completely and wants to rewrite the Constitution. And you call us stupid? And all of the things you have called President Trump fits all your candidates to a tee!! President Trump is far from uneducated, you fool. But once again, you can not reason with a brainwashed Leftists. You keep crying your evil queen Hillary lost the election. Fair and square. All I can say is THANK GOD!!!!

  32. ….remember what happened in Afghanistan Arnold…? I know you are trying to forget it…but if you give our position one more time motherf_ c_ker….I’ll bleed ya! and leave you here….got that! Dillion….what happen to you Dillion? I thought you were someone I could trust…
    She your baggage…you fall behind
    You’re on yourown…

  33. No one ever said that having the talent to be a fine actor was a sign of intelligence. We have seen enough of the folks in LaLaLand spout the biggest nonsense you would ever hear. Somewhere many of these folks got the notion that because they have been successful actors and they have a following that anything they say or do is accepted by their fan base. Wrong!!! I can’t even begin to list all the actors that I used to regularly watch on TV and in the movies and have boycotted over the past three years because of their arrogant, infantile, political stances and behavior. I would suggest others do the same and believe me you aren’t missing a thing.

  34. I know him and he always said that ugly women always lay down because the are grateful! He was an amazingly bad Governor and ow he is just another Hollywood Schmuck Leftist!

  35. He got caught with his nanny. He does whatever Maria tells him to do now. That’s what you get when you vote for someone because they are a celebrity. Celebrities are nothing more then highly paid dancing monkeys.

  36. If it wasn’t for free stuff there would be no Democrats. All they say is give me, give me more and more. None of what they get is free. They are just too lazy to work for it.

  37. He recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, recognized Israel’s ownership of the Golan, and his daughter is married to a Jew. Uhhhhh…he’s a Nazi how, exactly?

  38. Just another has been actor who made his living pretending to be someone else. His biggest need right now seems to be having his eyes repaired. Note to actors. LEAVE YOUR EYES ALONE. THEY MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE THE CARTOONS YOU ARE.

  39. Arnold is a pure has-been. He tanked “The Apprentice.” He may have run as a Republican in California, but he governed as a Democrat. Arnold is done.

  40. Hey, being a foreign born, non-citizen of the USA didn’t stop Obama from becoming president and turning us into an obamanation!

  41. Arnold return to Austria. Thought you had brains as well as brawn. Apparently you built one and not the other.

  42. Whoops I thought he sasid “departed” (which I certainly wish was the case for Arnold), not “deported”.

  43. Boy O Boy that is a surefire losing ticket Animal Rights are not covered by the Constitution/ Defending the Affordable Act, \explain how you would defend the indefensible? ? Ending Marijuana, guess if you smoke enough of it, it does not matter ho gets elected / Giving greater Visibility to Pro Life Democrats, first you have to find them / Gun Control , Plant your feet firmly apart, both ands on the stock, exhale, aim and squeeze the trigger/ Net neutrality, keep the Government out of the Internet, The free market does fine / Raising the minimum age will end up replacing entry level workers/ computer operated robots / Global Warming, something created by Nature not Man made/ We already have a sustainable Energy Policy. The same Scientific Consensus told us in the 1960’s that the World would run out of oil by the mid 1980’s and Al Gore told us that the low lying areas of the world would be under water by 2000 . The only lying people covered in crap are the Democratic Party

  44. And yet they let Obama run. Also, Yang and Kampala Harris are BOTH not eligible for the same reason, yet they are in the mix.

  45. Weak and pathetic; need to understand what is really happening in other parts of the world! When our president acts, so far he has acted in our best interest. Try to know the details and facts before you attack!

  46. CCas: Anyone that wants to slam President Trump, are not capable of looking at the TOTAL picture” logically”. They just hate him and can not see beyond their unjust hate. President Trump does not make these kind of decisions without consulting with his military advisers first. They will advise him what is best for OUR interests. Then act. We can not continue to fight everyone’s battles for them and be condemned at the same time. We do stand with our allies. Which I wish I could say the same for all of ours, supposedly.

  47. Only advocates of big government object to every lawful organization’s property being protected in the exact same way that every lawful proprietor’s belongings are protected. Corporations have the right to freedom of association, just like individual natural persons do. Absent any coercion, violence, sedition or treason, they do have the right to buy, sell, receive, give and barter however they so see fit. They pay taxes, suffer regulations and accordingly expect to have a voice in civil affairs.

  48. Seriously Arnold, you did a crappy job as governor of Ca you sure in hell are not President material. You would never ever beat Trump. I don’ know what is wrong with people in Ca voting for such losers. Look at the condition of that state now, Sanctuary city full of illegals some criminal, home less by the thousands living in the street in filth. All you so call elites out there who think they crap don’t smell will get exactly what you deserve with the people you put in office. People and businesses are going to leave in groves with what is going on there. I don’t think they should get any Federal money at all seeing they are breaking the law with the illegals there.

  49. Educate yourself, Willa, those “supposed” million or so votes for hildabeast were fraudulent (illegal people trying to game the system)- they could not be counted as legal!!! So sorry!!!!!

  50. Sour Grapes from Ah-nold all because he is constitutionally ineligible to become president and Trump was . A mediocre Govenor and a lousy actor qualified only to play a mindless Android killing machine , Ah-nold needs to goaway !

  51. Arnold was a RINO. Maybe still is; I have not been following him very closely. I would not vote for him to be the dog catcher. He definitely helped California down the hole.

  52. Roger: No SHERON not Sharon was describing Arnold. And come to think of it her description also fits another of your idols, Clinton. You are a typical Leftists that just can’t wait to take another cheap shot at President Trump can you? How really childish and sad……

  53. Raising the minimum wage? Target did and now they’re employees are crying because they have less hours and approximately 200 dollars less in their pay checks.


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