Apple just waged a war on Christianity with the persecution of this ministry


Apple is notorious in Silicon Valley for silencing anyone they disagree with.

They outright ban people from their platform if Apple finds their views “dangerous.”

But they crossed the line when they persecuted this Christian ministry.

Apple recently pulled an app from its app store by Living Hope Ministries.

The app was supposed to be a form of ministry for Christians who used to be gay.

Apple’s move came after radical LGBT activists petitioned for the app to be removed, claiming the app is bigoted and hateful and said the app “falsely portrays being gay as an addiction” and a “sickness.”

Even though the app’s developers have denied any claims of bigotry, Apple has chosen to continue the ban.

The Christian Post writes:

Apple pulled a Christian ministry’s app after LGBT advocates said it portrayed being gay as a “sickness,” a charge the ministry says is false.

NBC News reported that the tech giant removed the app that was developed by Living Hope Ministries, a Texas-based organization, following a petition from gay rights group Truth Wins Out. The petition called the “ex-gay” app “dangerous,” “bigoted” and “hateful.”

“The app falsely portrays being gay as an ‘addiction’, ‘sickness’, and ‘sin,'” the petition argued.

Living Hope Ministries is expressing disappointment over the move but says their work will continue.

“We are saddened by Apple’s and Microsoft’s removal of our app because of a single person’s false accusations. Regardless of their decision we will continue to make the app and our services available to those who seek them,” Ricky Chalette, executive director of the group, said in an email to The Christian Post Thursday.

He added, “In a day when diversity and tolerance is celebrated I would hope it would be extended to issues of faith and practice.”

Apple is unashamed about the way they censor anyone who disagrees with their leftist beliefs.

In fact, at an event where Tim Cook received the “Courage Against Hate” award, he defended Apple’s consistent censorship behavior saying it would be a “sin not to” ban certain people from the platform.

This is a serious problem in Silicon Valley.

The people who control the algorithms that dictate what we see on the internet are the very same ones who are open about their disdain for Christian conservatives.

And this is why conservatives are hard pressed to find anything positive about Donald Trump and his administration.

The Silicon Valley leftists want to completely control what we do and what we see on their platforms and devices.

To them, that is more powerful than any one political figure.

Do you think Silicon Valley’s censorship is a problem? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  2. Easy………….don’t buy Apple!
    (The products are over-priced anyway. They sell on past glories – they, and
    many others of their ilk, are the epitome of greed personified. The only way
    any of these makers (and social media giants) listen is through their bank
    statements! Hurt them there and some good may be accomplished!

  3. That’s what I said Robert, just don’t buy Apple. I don’t like their products anyway. It’s kinda like going across town to buy a gallon of milk at Tom Thumb when you have a Walmart across the street. Too much work to get it to do what you want.

  4. It is amusing to me how [8%] of the population controls the minds of a company doing business with the other 92%.. Similar to now financially troubled DICK”S.

  5. If people don’t like something the they should just not use it. Gays are NOT Christians in the sense that they do NOT follow Christ. In order to be a true Christian you must obey God.

  6. This is just control of the majority of people. The LGBT group are violent anti Christian. They are playing on past intolerance , and now think they can control the masses. Apple has made a huge error, and yes, their company will collapse, unless they change!!

  7. Many years ago, when some Psychiatrists had some balls they said that homosexuals were mentally ill. And the Bible says that it is a sin. I have read of Homosexuals that wanted to be normal, belief in Jesus changed them and they became normal.

  8. To beat these threats, people need to start a petition of their own to counter the lgbt. In other words fight them.

  9. This Apple company and all of the other big Silicon Vally communication type companies that support Homosexual and transvestites and attack Christian Churches because they want their business and money is evil.

  10. by remaining silent, are we obeying His word. I love everyone, but we must learn to speak up for our beliefs.
    Matthew 10:33-39 King James Version (KJV)
    33 But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.
    34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.
    35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.
    36 And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.
    37 He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.
    38 And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me.
    39 He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.
    King James Version (KJV)
    Public Domain

  11. This is censorship at its best. The Lbgt community should be glad that there is way to return to being straight and there are those encourage them to continue on this path. Too many times we here the Lbgt say God loves us and I say He loved us all so much that He sent th Lord Jesus to die for all of sinners, to receive forgiveness of our sins and to know longer live in them. Has our minds been so warped that we believe men are women and vice versa? When as a people do we wake up and quit buying into the voices that will drive our brothers and sisters, even our children to a life of eternal damnation. When will you all tolerate the TRUTH and begin to live? Jesus Christ is the Way, the only Way.

  12. While I tend to agree that Conservative political and religious groups are targeted while so-called activist like Farrakhan promulgates hate enabling violence. I do, on the other hand, believe that the alleged “Conversion Therapy” for a homosexual as a cure-all promoted by some staunch Orthodox-Biblical-Evangelical Fundamentalists blatantly troubled. Its methodology appears archaic and there are commentaries suggesting overtones dating back to Inquisition methodology and mind set. More and more I believe that Bisexuals do convert more readily but the genetically, alleged-gene-labeled homosexuals, when converted by such therapy, live a lie in their closet and can find themselves eventually cheating on the women they seemingly love and marry because they are not fully satisfied sexually. I find that the skewed works of Dr. Paul Cameron upheld by the Family Research Council deal with fabrications and often distorts the reality of the total complex issue, factually and/or otherwise. Conservative Gays have more in common with political-fiscal conservative but divide when challenged by the issue claiming that sexuality is solely driven by practice not by the very complex issue of genetics. With time in-depth research a declarative scientific conclusion with prove and/or discredit my assumptions and/or that of others.

  13. Some people cannot accept the truth when it hurts. They love hearing and seeing the accolades but not the truth. Never buy apple products!!!!

  14. I think that the devil has taken control, of what used to be good people and organizations. It is to bad for them, because their after life is going to be miserable and painful. We have choices here on earth, those choices will ultimately control life after death. No matter how good you profess to be, until you accept Christ as the savior and leader of your life, your afterlife is in doubt. I have learned this from a religious household, that I grew up in. We had devotion everyday, time to reflect on what we did and how we could become better, in the christian environment. I got away from it for a long time, while raising my family without the same regiment. I am sorry for that, it happened because of my beliefs, were not the same as my wife’s. I allowed her to raise our children in the Catholic religion, which my family as a child, didn’t adhere to. I now have returned to what I grew up believing, in a group called the Gathering. It is making me whole again, in the christian community, like I experienced as a child. I am happy to know that these deceitful people running these organizations for the devils be hath will pay the ultimate price in death. It makes me feel sorry for them, they are being very arrogant and destructive, with their lives. It isn’t hard to become a christian and follow gods way, all they have to do is ask for forgiveness from god, through Jesus the son of god’s name and it will happen. Why they wouldn’t do this is baffling at best.

  15. Fine to stand with Jesus…even admirable.
    It would be nice if most of the so-called “christian conservatives” here did too.
    How many times did Jesus say ANYTHING about homosexuals?
    I’ll wait.
    That’s right. He didn’t say ANYTHING. He said we should love everyone.
    The hatred, intolerance, and bigotry on display here against the LGBT population would be appalling in the eyes of Jesus. He specifically taught us not to judge, yet there’s a ton of bigoted judgement on display here.
    The same folks who hide behind the Bible to defend their bigotry are also probably in violation of some of the “laws” put forth in Leviticus as well, but oh, we should be tolerant of their skewed interpretation of God’s laws.
    Once again, this page is choosing to marginalize a select group of people in order to arouse division and hatred . Let’s keep fighting each other, so that Satan can continue to dominate us and choose the discourse.
    Wake up folks. The end maybe closer than it appears.

  16. Well Apple, you won’t be in my house or hands. the way it works if people don’t want the app, they don’t have to get it. Why do you idiots always have to cave to the small percentage of screaming scumbags and take away from the others.
    Let people decide what they want and don’t want. If you don’t want to say the Pledge, that is your choice but DON’T tell me I can’t. If you don’t want to believe in God, that is your choice, but DON’T tell me I can’t.
    Businesses like yours don’t deserve to flourish as you are NOT catering to all people only a select few and that is discrimination. Hopefully they will file suit against you

  17. It is a shame that all of you who choose to go against the word of God, do you not know that this Jesus you speak of is the God of the Old Testament and His word does not change, look at Sodom and Gomorrah. They did all that society is allowing you the minority to perpetuate this old false doctrine on the rest of us. I know you don’t know Jesus, cause if you did you would receive Him and no longer practice sin. Read Romans 1. All have sinned an fallen shot of God’s glory, so let us all repent and follow Jesus Christ.

  18. That does not describe our President. He is fighting hard for America and it’s citizens. If you haven’t watched his videos or his talks you can on you tube. Then you will hear the truth.

  19. We can no longer coexist with the liberal dem booducking parasirtical life forms. There is only one answer, talk isn’t it.

  20. Apple has a vested interest in gay anything. Top management is swishers and unfortunately now they are letting it overrule their judgement. I can ignore their preference but I expect them to be fair and this indicates it is not happening. It truly is time for the government to step in and break up these monopolies since they can’t seem to manage their business acumen and separate that from their politics and personal preferences. Fair to all or lose the ability to decide.

  21. wow! no wonder!God bless anyway!Everyone gets “pay back”when it due time!
    Apple is pretty darn high,and not All that!!!



  24. It’s not just the internet, you can’t turn on your TV without
    being bombarded with all of this gay & Lesbian stuff! I’m sick of it being forced on me!!!!

  25. This is true, but we all, including Christians sin. The difference is real Christians want to follow Jesus and the word of God. Real Christians do not reject scriptural teaching.

  26. never expect the LBGT commuity to respect anyone else. To them if you are not one of them you are not fix for anything and should have to pay. I once support their rightss but no longer as they do not respect the RIGHTS of others

  27. Those who control social media are powerful liberal secularists; religion and God have little, if any, significance to these pagans. They must be called out for their bigotry.

    Note, in the explanation of the issue by Culture Watch something seems out of place. The statement that
    reads “And this is why conservatives are hard pressed to find anything positive about Donald Trump and his administration”. Aren’t most of the president’s supporters conservative?

  28. there is a group called fundamentalists anonymous ,n it teaches that fundamentalist Christianity is a sickness people feel that it cures them. I expect no one here agrees w/them. People who have been ” of fundamentalism testify speak of how happy they are to be freed of that cursed affliction. The fact of the matter is the Bible is not infallible scientific research tells us that homosexuality is not something that is “cured “or needs to be is a genetic predispossion, n something we are born is as “curable’ as a black man having his original skin pigmentation so he can be normalized. altered to be white H.g.wellls wrote a story about a mt climber who discovers a group of people who have been isolated in the mts n have evolved sightlessness. They have no eyes. The explorer tries to tell them about sight n they feel that eyes ate an abnormality so they seek to blind him. The Christians seeking to blind the explorer would tell you that they are only trying to help him w/his affliction. The Christians may be so overly concerned about homosexuals that they are, like the blind men in well’s story. That they have no idea that they are being harmful ,but believe me, the person to ask is the exploreri’m surprised n disappointed that apple would be so ignorant as to put it on in the first place.

    believe that such a program should be removed.

  29. Read your Bible. Jesus definitely said homosexuality is an abomination. Also, read Genesis, Leviticus and Romans. You can’t ignore truth.

  30. The fact it this applies to THEIR equipment, and they have every right to ban racist and homophobic rhetoric. More power to them.

  31. APPLE like all the other queer based Corporations are afraid the TRUTH will Set People Free from the Bondage of being a reprobate

  32. So how do you get rid of Apple,they will never accept any of my passwords. I make a new one and they accept it and then when I try to use the password again they will NOt accept it.


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