Antifa just declared all-out war on Christmas by shutting down two parades with this threat


Radical Antifa terrorists continue wreaking havoc coast to coast.

They won’t stop until they take down every American to the right of Hillary Clinton.

And Antifa just declared all-out war on Christmas by shutting down two parades with this threat.

Christmas parades are a tradition enjoyed by millions of Americans.

But Antifa forced two North Carolina cities to cancel their parades following threats from Antifa-affiliated groups due to the Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy planning to attend.

Antifa previously carried out violent attacks in North Carolina while demanding the removal and destruction of Confederate monuments, and now they are even threatening Christmas parades over the issue.

Big League Politics reports:

This is just one example of Antifa’s terrorist-style tactics.

After the election of President Trump, Antifa ramped up their assaults on conservative Americans, oftentimes putting their political opponents in the hospital.

And in many cases, Left-wing politicians stood with the Left-wing extremists, giving them the green light to continue with their terrorist actions.

President Trump is pushing to label the group as domestic terrorists, calling for an end to domestic terrorism at a rally in August of this year, writing:

“Major consideration is being given to naming ANTIFA an ‘ORGANIZATION OF TERROR.’ Portland is being watched very closely.  Hopefully the Mayor will be able to properly do his job!”

Do you think Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. Stop all the Christmas parades you want. Burn all the churches you want. That won’t stop God from saving people. The Romans tried it and became a Christian nation. Sooner or later the world will have the real King! Jesus!

  3. Antifa needs to be declared a terrorist organization. Put White Spremacy in that group too!
    BUT… Antifa must be called out & acknowledged as a serious, violent force! It can’t be allowed to operate openly. Those in the organization must be prosecuted & imprisoned for their crimes!

  4. Antifa = communists.
    Antifa is the face of the new democrat party.
    There is no room for Christianity or opposing viewpoints with communism.
    The state is god under communism.

  5. Despicable corrupt democrat supporters, probbaly being paid by the likes of SOROS to cause mayhem and disruption throughout America and among the decent law abiding American people, PEOPLE WITH BRAINS AND COMMON SENSE.

  6. Robert Armistead: they MUST be declared as a true terrorist group and have them all arrested! But until someone in authority takes an affirmative action against these bullies, they will continue .

  7. Linda are you willing to declare folks like oh say Oath Keepers and Proud Boys as terrorist groups you know oath keepers threated the Oregon State police if the governor went looking for the Republithugs so they could round up a quorum. Proud Boys got into a brawl in NYC. If you are willing to do that then then yeah I will agree with you.

  8. Robert if you remember Director Wray is a Cult of tRUMP Personality appointment he just doesn’t suck DOTARD cock. So if tRUMP appointed him how can he be bad or is the reason you don’t like him is because he tries to tell the truth. Unlike DOTARD.

  9. You apparently aren’t aware of his last cringy report. He has
    ducked every hard decision. Doesn’t matter a damn bit who
    appointed him – wouldn’t be the first that didn’t carry out his
    duties as vigorously as Trump had hoped.
    And you can take your nasty, lying attitude about our President and
    stuff it!
    “…suck cock..” You must be thinking of Monica.

  10. Jack: I really resent you being so graphic in your descriptions. There is no need to use that type of language on this public site. Director Wray has been a big disappointment on how he is conducting business. And as Mr. Armistead pointed out to you, he hasn’t been the first or the last not to do his job properly.
    You know Jack, you act as though this is all some sort of childish game we are playing. Not what’s best and right for our country as a whole. But the Democrats winning over the Republicans , That’s the only thing that is important to you. You’d better look long and hard on how much damage your political has done to our great nation so far..

  11. I’m obviously not braindead – nor are most of the commentators
    on this site.
    I vote by observing the results of our leaders actions, and Trump’s
    have been all patriotic. You of course, don’t want to recognize any
    good works but simply stick to your ingrained prejudices in spite of
    evidence to the contrary.
    Don’t bother to answer – you aren’t worth the time to argue with.

  12. jackass…You have no clue what you are even talking about. It is the DEMS who are fascists. It is the DEM party who has thrown God out and follows satan

  13. jack, it is God (good) vs. satan (evil). NO, your side can NEVER win. dems have thrown God out and embrace satan. You prove with your sick hate-filled postings that satan is your master

  14. jack, it is YOU who is braindead. You blindly believe the lies of your sick dem leaders without question. It’s time you got a brain and think for yourself

  15. There is no way you can fight God and win. Not possible. These sick hate-filled people can stop all the parades they want, but it will never do them any good. They have no clue who Jesus is or what He has done for us. They are truly lost. sad

  16. If ANTIFA doesn’t fit the most basic definition of Domestic Terrorism then please tell me what does.

    That being the case, just why haven’t our Brave Defenders acted to defend us? Have they ALL gone over to the Communist/Muslim Left?

    It simply amazes me that certain Off kilter posters on this and other sites find twisted reasons to accuse Conservatives of being the violent ones. Really? Take a hard look at the long list of mass shooter, by FAR most are Left connected and registered Democrats. And, where is the Conservative group that marches through the streets beating people and threatening our orderly society. The really VIOLENT and destructive groups are ALL Democrat supported.

    All that aside, when will our Brave Defenders actually do their jobs? Has the Deep Communist State gotten total control of them all now?

  17. No he’s thinking of his little gay antifa phuc buddies, If they get declared a Terrorist group I hope Trump includes the Military to round them up and lock them all away and Orders Military Tribunals on them where Sedition of the US Government carries the Death Penalty.

  18. Ray; The problem being is that a lot of mayors and other elected officials ALLOW Antifa to commit these crimes. They will not step in and stop it or arrest anyone. Because of the radical Leftists, it’s Nazi Germany all over again!!

  19. If they show up arrest them for harassment and disorderly conduct, these morons have no rights to stop anything and it’s time to end their existence by declaring them a threat to America!

  20. ANTIFA!
    MASK AND VIOLENCE! You attack those who won’t fight back and get as violent! as you are!!!

    YOU HEAR!!!

  21. I for one am just Waiting for the day when these TERRORISTS attack people like ME , that have a C.C.P and CARRY. ANTIFA should be EXTERMINATED . PERIOD

  22. Why hasn’t this group of ignorant “A” HOLES been declared a “Domestic Terrorist group” yet?! They are the epitome of the Hitler youth “Brownshirts” At least the brownshirts hsd the guts to show their faces. These SISSIES can’t get the upper hand or Blood WILL spill at some point like when people get fed up with their BS.

  23. End it now call out the national guard and end it before it starts they are nothing but domestic terrorists, wipe them out

  24. When are you pathetic sheeple going to wake up? America IS in a cultural war DIRECTED against anything or anyone White ! A massive massive CIVIL WAR 2 IS quickly approaching–WATCH VIRGINIA ! ret us army

  25. That’s it! Keep giving in to these petulant children and just like petulant children who are catered to, they will become more and more outrageous in their demands.

  26. Regarding threats from these idiots, notify them that their antics will be met with appropriate force. Should they not take the warning seriously, hit them, and hit them hard enough so that they will not forget.

  27. Antifa IS A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION and should be deemed so!

    They are a treat to our Citizens, the Constitution and the Rights we have.

    Arrest them and throw these Terrorists in JAIL NOW!!!

  28. What didn’t this site get about my reply a few moments age? Was I to strident calling for these terrorists to be declared terrorists or the fact that I threatened to deal with them on their own terms if they chose to threaten and endanger myself and family or community? Plane talk unacceptable here?

  29. Gear you can no longer wear in public. Turned around hoodies and face masks. We already know what you represent. Personally like all the rest of us, we want you arrested where you stand, shoot you if you run. Get a job or leave. Your poor me stuff has fallen on deaf ears.

  30. I have all my weapons loaded. I am just waiting for the day, when we can start hunting down all of the Antifa’s and all the rest of radicals. I am fed up with all of these cowards who insist on forcing their ways on those of us who believe in God and want to live and let live. Bring on the fight, I am ready.

  31. I suggest every state pass laws forbidding masked protesters be immediately arrested. Any city receiving a threat gets police protection from state and county sherriffs to provide sufficient numbers for arresting. Trump also needs to carry through on having all Antifa designated as domestic terrorists. No more yielding to the left’s illegal coercion.

  32. That makes me hopping mad and these towns in N Carolina are giving in to these domestic terrorists! Americans seem to have gotten soft, where are our heroes who know how to stand up against these hoodlums!! They cover up their faces because they know they are nothing but cowards in mob clothing! Disgusting human beings know that we are ready to fight back!! Luckily they arrested some of these hoods at our “Festival of Light” parade last Saturday. We would not stand for their crap!!

  33. Time for the declaration that states this a domestic terrorist group. Then no tolerance , shoot to kill, eliminate them if they cannot be peaceful in demonstration.

  34. Antifa funded and slaves by Carr and Omar. Bring in the military to guard the parade. Bring the spoiled brain dead – I have no job cowards down, not the parade.

  35. Name antifa a domestic terrorist group and add to that a kill on sight order. Any citizen killing a actively involved antifa terrorist is free from any liability, criminal accusations or even questioning. It is definitional: they were antifa so they were killed. End of story.

  36. That us the problem. Any mb member of antifa need to get life in prison and all the their families assets taken; including extended family. Learn to police your own

  37. IT is time that the government wise up. DO NOT STOP PARADES. Instead and in secret call in the National Guard to act as plain clothes security. Give them rules of engagement that make sense. any use of any weapon or multiples of persons attacking an innocent should allow full discretion as to force of reaction.
    In other words…treat these criminals like they are the enemy of the people and danger to society.

    Frankly, the State should have invited all legally armed citizens to attend. That would be best and easiest.

  38. Definition: Antifa, a population of cowardly scum with one-digit-IQ’s, who hide their hideous faces behind masks, and gather in a mob-like forum to attack single individuals, because they haven’t got the cajones to go one-on-one. When antifa thugs are cornered they cry like babies and whine like the true punks they are.
    So, come on antifa-member-morons respond to my comment, I would enjoy eradicating your existence

  39. Yup anyone wearing a mask during any criminal a tivitu, any protest, any civil disobedience should automatically recieve a felony charge for wearing the mask. Any other crimes are added charges beyond that. Further the fact vf TV hey are wearing a mask makes they automatically threatening your life and the life of every other person and police office. So the fact they are wearing a mask means you can shot them in self defense. Time to end this bullying once and for all.

    Kill all the antifa members for being fascist pigs.

  40. Never gonna happen..they are to well entrenched in every dept in government ALL ACROSS AMERICA..we have ALL BEEN ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL FOR WE MUST PAY THE PRICE..AND THE TREE OF liberty MUST BE WATERED AGAIN..SOON..

  41. The more you give in the more of this stuff will happen. Put on extra security and ask the Federal Government to provide law enforcement to catch these thugs and put them in jail. No more threats after that.

  42. Again. The FBI-Cia AND most Police departments NATIONWIDE—have been taken over–years ago–we are all guilty of inactivity…and now the TREE OF LIBERTY WILL SOON BE WATERED AGAIN WITH…

  43. More capitulation to the morons on the left! That’s why you have Police and the National Guard. Use them to take care of the thugs!

  44. So now we have a bunch of ignorant children telling everyone else what they can do. I call on the Governor of North Carolina to call out the National Guard to protect the RIGHTS of every American.

    This organization is being funded by someone or a Country that wants to destroy our Constitutional Rights if we let them than what’s next? are they are going to challenge our religious rights, or our right to shop at a Store, or Eat at a restaurant? We need to stop them now before they can’t be stopped.

  45. That’s good if the come around here they’ll go home in a pine box , so come on down anticipatory the worms are hungry!

  46. Poor, poor Jerk, er Jack! Everyday we see the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers attacking lone journalists, rioting, burning flags and advocating the killing of police officers. You should be proud of your complete stupidity as is the party of 2020 panderers.

  47. WHY are these punks allowed to cause so much disturbance and harm ???They cover their faces so they are pretty easy to identify ..Meet them on their terms,,,National Guard with rubber bullets, tranquilizer guns or water cannons ….No kid glove handling when they are arrested ….crowded cells or general population !!!!

  48. Look it’s jackoff, still butt hurt that his drunken, cankled three time loser lost the election! Do try to man up, Limpie!

  49. Why are they not considered Terrorist or Hate Group? You won’t see any of the liberal, left progressives speaking our against them. You know, I am so disappointed that more people don’t take this information and write op-eds or letters to small town newspapers, and then also post on social media.

    People better start standing up, stepping up to the plate and speaking up. Every individual in this country can be out there registering voters and talking to them about the issues. Use every opportunity to do so.

  50. Why the standard Limpie preoccupation with “cock”, Limpie? Oh, the DNC IS the party of the gender confused.

    Got it.

  51. What needs to be done is have the police shove them into a place with only one entrance and exit. When they are all there, turn on the fire hoses and soak them. They do this in Italy on May Day. Only they use red paint.

  52. I am not a religious person but you should never give in to these terrorists. The dems hate christians just like hitler did and he is their idol. The dems would kill them all if they could. They are vile disgusting murderers and terrorists. Defend yourselves against them and antifa pigs however you can. Dont let them rule and destroy your way of life. Stand up to them with a weapon if you have to. You have the right to have a parade whenever you want. Dont let them stop you or you lose all your freedoms.

  53. Call out the military to stop this domestic terrorism. This needs to stop and the sooner the better. Start arresting these criminals and put them in jail and see how fast their mask comes off and their crying begins. This is just BS. Take veteran bikers and make them deputies and they will take care of these idiots.

  54. I think the REDNECKS in Florida would call Antifa “target practice”. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (KEEP America Great Again).

  55. Antics, who has given your group the right to decide anything? You can believe your days on earth are numbered, somebody is going to put you down, hope you are ready to make yourself a human sacrifice. You going down, you pukes, try to force Christmas parades or the believers of Christ now, ain’t gonna happen. The whole bunch is living on borrowed time. Better say your prayers and ask for forgiveness.

  56. Domestic terrorists demands should NEVER be given credence. If we keep giving in to their demands we are being held captive by a bunch of low life thugs. The only way to get rid of bully’s is to stand up to them and expose them. They cover their faces for a reason and it’s not JUST because they are ugly.

  57. Police coverage should swamp these demonstrators and any person trying to disrupt those parades must be jailed for “disrupting the Peace”.


  59. Everyone is scared of them even the Police the Sheriff’s our Politician’s our citizens. If it was me I call in the Troops round them up and throw away the key!!!!!!

  60. If Antifa punks push me or anyone in my family, I will push back, but they want like the way I push. I will attend any Christmas parade I want and they want stop me and they can go to HELL and any politician on the left that wants to attack me, then ok, but it want be pretty.

  61. The fact that governing entities quake before the antics of this ANTIFA mob raise, in my view, serious question as to the worth, the value of governing entities, putting it politely.The peaceful, for the most part, general public put out considerable funds to pay for the operation of “government”. Unfortunately, they the public, seem to be getting little in return.

  62. The ANTIFA Cowards should all be arrested on site ! Have one mass trial and put them in prison for no less than 5 years !

  63. ABSOLUTELY, they should be considered a terrorist group. The hide their cowardly faces, then commit violent acts against US citizens exercising their basic constitutional right to free speech. THEY claim to be exercising the same but, in reality, they are committing violent acts directly upon others to prevent them from exercising their constitutional rights. They act as if they consider their acts of violence to be a form of SPEECH?? Their names should be gathered, they should be legally registered as armed & dangerous and threat to all persons and they should each be arrested on the spot if they appear at ANY public demonstration. Time to put an end to their criminal behavior, just as it would be done to any person walking the streets that assaulted another. I say we begin by exercising our rights to make a CITIZENS ARREST, for starters.

  64. Screw Antifa…they are a bunch of cowards and misfits! These are the kind of jerks the authorities need to kick their asses when they pull crap like this and threaten law abiding people.

  65. The first thing to do is to make it illegal to wear masks in public. Then arrest the cowards who show up wearing masks & anyone making trouble. If they resist arrest, then shoot to kill. Kill a few of the terrorist cowards & I doubt they will be eager to cause much trouble in the future. If they do want to continue to cause trouble, then the federal government should hunt every last one of the cowards down & arrest them or kill them. There’s no place in the United States for home grown terrorists or any terrorists for that matter.

  66. Jack, I’ve been around for awhile & I’ve learned a lot about people. One thing that I have learned that has always been true, people who accuse other people of doing something, such as sucking dicks, are actually the ones who are guilty of doing what they are accusing others of doing. So Jack, it looks looks like you are guilty of sucking dicks. You should be careful in the future of giving away your secrets.

  67. Please don’t twist the meanings of terms. White supremacy is not strictly about White pride. It is more about establishing a political hierarchy whereby the rights of people of Caucasian descent are recognized but the rights of people all other descents are not.

  68. What if we don’t have enough law enforcement personnel? Is the Governor of North Carolina expected to call forth and direct the North Carolina National Guard to secure the parade areas? Is that government official expected to unsuspend and commission the North Carolina State Defense Militia for that purpose? What private civilians are willing to cover the financial burden of such operations? If somebody is injured, are those civilians going to pay for attorneys at law to mitigate the damages?

  69. Whether we like it or not, presently no national guard unit in the United States is a corps of Gestapo detectives that is, in an orderly manner, capable of identifying, surveilling, tracking and swiftly rounding up participants of very disorganized movements like the kind believed to be surreptitiously indirectly financed by the likes of George Soros. This is not Russia. Also, in the United States, nobody is to be deprived of life, liberty or property without having been afforded due process of law, and the determination of who is enemy of the United States and who is not belongs to the Congress of the United States.

  70. If that day never comes, then you will just wind up sitting by watching corruption befall your innocent fellow countrymen. How do you even know that you will not be blind, hard of hearing, in a wheelchair and suffering with arthritis of your index fingers, by the time they decide to do bodily harm to you? Why don’t you look at the bigger picture?

  71. Are you seriously suggesting that constitutionalists who are not Caucasian, not male, not Christian, not heterosexual, not cisgender or not masculine will be spared by the aggressors? Your silly identity politics is going to get you into trouble. You’re literally asking to be betrayed by somebody who is the same color as you.

  72. Nice try failed ! Neither of these groups are going around as masked thugs causing destruction and mayhem,,fact.. BTW, are you an American? PS: Civil War is coming..and you will be you want this destruction upon OUR America? ret us army

  73. ha ha are deluded..the non White invaders now flooding into our nation HAVE NOTHING in common with better read some history and get educated,,PS: Do you like the beheading jihadists to be near your home?

  74. There’s no difference between this mob of thugs and the Klan. They were commonly known as the enforcement arm The South of the democratic party. Now Antfi has taken on the mantle.
    The way to shut these IDIOTSdown is for President Trump to declare them as a domestic terror groups, federalize the national guard and when they show up, use The Guard in the same manner as dúring the civil rights protest of the nighteen sixty’s.
    Arrest every bloody one and those who resist, put them either the hospital or body bag.
    Then bring the whole bunch up on federal charges and put them in Leavenworth or supermax.
    Take every bit of property, bank accounts and financial assets they have. Bring the ring leaders up including their money backers, ie: George Soros and make public examples out of every damn one.

  75. Imagine in our own land ..the land of so called Freedoms..NOT permitted free speech and freedom of assembly…do you anti-fa TERRORISTS AND SUPPORTERS TRAITORS.. remember 1776? RET US ARMY

  76. Nobody expects you to go quietly into the night while you’re still in decent health. By all means, pass on what you’ve learned, please. But of course, that is up to you.

  77. O, but the Russians coming into the nation do have something in common with United States citizens? What would that be? Do you really think that nature overpowers nurture? By how much? Is that answerable? If there is a beheading miscreant anywhere in the United States, be that person of Caucasian descent or otherwise, please don’t miss the opportunity to point him or her out.

  78. Yes, Russians do have common culture. Millions of them are US citizens and have contributed to this great land–including MY ancestors–so DON’T GO THERE.. We will NOT AS A NATION BE BEHEADED by any TERRORIST THUGS..GUARANTEED !

  79. How would we know who is or isn’t Antifa just by looking at him or her? We would have to wait for those people to open their mouths and start spewing their accusatory rhetoric, right?

  80. The Antifa is a terrorist organization. Ruining a holiday like CHRISTmas especially by means of a parade enjoyed by millions is unfair. The antifa members need to be arrested and put in jail.

  81. What percentage of Russians are against censorship? Does Vladimir Putin endorse them? What percentage of Russians support the right of the people to keep and bear arms? Does Putin endorse them? What percentage of Russians support the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures? Does Putin endorse them? What percentage of Russians support the right of every accused to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defense? Does Putin endorse them? Let us suppose this is about Cossack “culture”. Does Putin respect Russians who defy his wishes?

  82. If we’re willing to put our money where our mouths are, there is no telling what we can accomplish. Where are the volunteers? Why aren’t enough wealthy people helping us out?

  83. Just to note, Christopher Steele is neither with the FBI nor the CIA, so far as the public knows at least. We don’t want to forget about the agencies with whom he was employed.

  84. George Soros, give them all a “Get out of jail card ‘ Have to cut off the head and the rest of the body cannot survive

  85. What about the Department of Justice? It could be that William Barr is either too busy with being Donald Trump’s personal attorney or too busy trying to get the Congress of the United States to enact “red flag” laws or “assault weapons” bans.

  86. The world has become violent and insane. Once we let our colleges and universities become over-run with leftist professors, a whole generation was lost to hatred of tradiitional values and morality.

  87. It is time our country and law people to break this group up. There is no sense that these people can be allowed to do as this and get away with it. If they don’t like our custom’s then as the creeps from the mid east just head for the dock’s are airports and leave.

  88. The world has always been violent and possibly insane as well.
    As for the leftist professors, from where did they come? They came from or otherwise studied in foreign countries, right? Joseph McCarthy, John Fitzgerald Kennedy and J. Edgar Hoover tried to stifle it or stop it, whereas Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his wife did not seem see things that way. Perhaps with the exception of JFK, none of them always obeyed in the United States “Bill of Rights” when trying to do their damned jobs.

  89. O, please. Maybe with the exception of that “Jack” fellow, nobody frequenting these blog forums would miss Antifa in the event of Antifa vanishing off the face of the earth. We’ve not heard from the long-winded infamous Va Mu because he probably doesn’t care one way or another about issues like the one reported in the article. We should count our blessings, because the Putin bots infesting these blogs far outnumber the Soros bots.

  90. Yes, and masses of innocent people will be maimed and slaughtered, just like what happened last “civil” war. Given the way the world is so interconnected now, and with all the civil wars going on already in nations, this is almost guaranteed to mutate into world war: urban versus rural, with the suburban caught in between; globalists versus nationalists.

  91. Noitice those antifa supporters here who change the subject to gobalists and other junk etc—-DON’T be fooled just ignore them and if you do answer their propaganda spewings..just tell them antifa is a terrorists ORGANIZATION…and please stay on topic…ps..they are using psych-operations also..very clever terrorists…RET US ARMY

  92. anti-fa members are on this site…trying to confuse the issue with the Putin scam hoax—IGNORE THEM..and tell them WE WILL NOT ALLOW ANTI FA TERRORISTS TO TAKE OVER OUR REPUBLIC !

  93. On the Internet, anybody can accuse anybody else of psychological operations. Nobody except officers actually employed in the service of a republic or a monarch, and belonging to the appropriate intelligence apparatus departments, is going to have the adequate chance of knowing for sure who is telling the truth about that kind of thing.

  94. Anther danger to America is islam, whose goal it is to replace our Constitution with sharia law. All muslims are our enemies and should be deported

  95. That’s right! Antifa terrorists will not conquer the United States of America, and that will probably be because there won’t be anymore United States of America to be conquered.

  96. Parduc…The moment we stop praying, satan wins. Is that what you want??? God answers prayer. Either you are with God or satan. satan has the dems, atheists, communists, muslims, and all others who deny God. They cannot win

  97. Michael, being ANY race is not a shameful thing. God created and loves all races. It is not race that makes us what we are, but what is in our hearts. That is what God will judge us by

  98. MIchael, the rapture is not fake. It WILL happen. All who belong to God will be taken and only satan’s people will be left and there will be hate, confusion, chaos and evil until Jesus returns to rule. There is a battle between God and his people and satan and his people. YOU get to choose which side you want to be on

  99. Your utterings are becoming ever so incoherent..Please take a walk in the park or go clean the catbox. Btw, the American Republic still has many years of mileage left. Hooah !

  100. I am on the winning side, but, i beg to differ as the rapture IS NOT scriptural. Let us NOT get sidelined here but continue on in friendship in exposing the evil that is attacking America ! Thank you..

  101. They were on the winning side as they exposed the Northern aggression AND the lesson that was borne to all freedom loving peoples everywhere to be ever vigilant as history repeats !

  102. Yes, Europe seems a lost cause. They allowed this to happen to them. It is insane. We must NEVER let them do that here, but there are too many foolish people who have no clue what islam is and think that muslims are peaceful. And I am female, sorry

  103. TDS is at epidemic levels all across the Republic…what is going to happen when OUR great President is re-elected in a massive 50 state landslide? Massive suicides? Massive riots and sanctuary cities burning?

  104. President Trump must label anti-fa as a terrorist organization (mob would be more appropriate). Then any person (political or not) who supports them should be investigated for aiding and abetting an enemy of the state. Charge them, arrest them, put them on public trial, then sentence them to the maximum.

  105. They should be declared a terrorist organization! They are paid protesters, paid by George Soros, and bussed around the country. They need to be arrested, and thrown in jail, instead of letting them get away with all the trashing of our towns, and businesses. All the ripping down of buildings, and setting them on fire, is just plain rotten. The cops should start shooting for real, that’s the only way some of these asses are going to learn.

  106. The Muslims have taken advantage of the current PC, “inclusiveness”,
    and liberal leanings in the U.S. – not to mention using our Constitution
    against us in court.
    Despite the very public statements by Muslims about their aims and
    methods and their actions in Congress, people, mostly leftists, do not
    as you point out, realize just how committed and dangerous Muslims
    are to “stealth conquer” us. AND I MEAN CONQUER – NOT ASSIMILATE!
    They already have been successful in getting America-haters elected
    to Congress and to City Councils in several venues. If the gullible
    citizens who tolerate these anti-America zealots don’t wise up soon
    we will have a very serious problem. Unfortunately, the Democrats
    in particular, pander to them to get their votes.
    First; vote out as many Democrats as possible – and then clamp down on the lying Muslims. (Japan has some excellent Muslim-control laws in place – we should adopt those laws here. We can’t
    as long as the Democrats control the House.)

  107. The “citizen’s arrest” comment is not well thought out, As much as I would like to see them all arrested, trying a citizen’s arrest on any one or group of antifas -who are all armed with clubs, etc., is simply asking for a beating. If the police notice and try to help you, it will be too late. You will be bloody and the antifas will have scattered! So far, in all the scuffles, very few antifas have been arrested as they take off in the face of strong opposition.
    Try to make a citizen’s arrest armed and you are the one likely to be arrested, not the antifa perp!
    Basically, antifa needs to be officially declared a terrorist organization but I’m sure the Democrats would oppose that as antifa usually attacks conservative gatherings and it’s more than likely they also vote Democrat. Disrupting a pro-Trump rally is just what the Democrats want.

  108. Billie E. Bob. What you have just described: attacks on journalists, rioting, burning flags and advocating killing policemen is what ANTIFA and BLACK LIVES MATTER thugs do. The Oathkeepers and the Proud boys have not done any of that. Count yourself 2 cans shy of a six pack. there’s no help for you.

  109. Because; the vigilantes will be the ones, in this wimpy, PC dominated climate, who will
    end up in jail while the antifa lawyer, probably paid for by some Soros bunch, will sue
    for damages to his poor, innocent client!
    There may be some places where a bit of vigilante justice might succeed; California and
    New York ain’t two of ’em!
    In the meantime, we need to put as much pressure on our Reps and Senators (and Trump)
    to designate antifa as the terrorist organization that it is.
    p.s.: I wonder how many pols (particularly Democrats) owe Soros for providing dirty money
    for their last campaign. They will not be inclined to crack down on a bunch of thugs Soros
    (or one of his “charities”) supports. Just wondering.

  110. Please antifa come down to south Florida and bring your masks so we can identify you we will supply a free room for you at any local hospital or the county morgue

  111. Is it that simple, though? Look at how the same general collection of flocks of people has moved from being “Occupy Wall Street”, onward to being “Black Lives Matter” or being “Anti-Fascism”, among a whole bunch of new left wing movements, like “March for Our Lives”, thus far not known for the kinds of riots disguised as protests, or sieges disguised as riots, for which Antifa is infamous.

  112. Trump needs to make them a terrorist group and the police should have been arresting them from day one. I live in N. C. And really mad these parades were canceled. I do understand what the towns were thinking because the streets would have been hurt and these animals don’t care who they hurt because they can get by with it. If we had been notified sooner I assume you police from other counties would have shown up in full force. With all the military bases in this state we could have all the support and protection needed. But instead we made a deal with the devil. If the veterans would have known they would have come out in full force. But being told at last minute the city council was caving into terrorist demands the people could have decided for themselves.

  113. Antifa has its roots in the Spartacus League in Germany following WW2. They are affiliated with the Communist party. The Nazi brown shirts were formed as a reaction to the violence of Antifa. Antifa lost that battle because the brown shirts were nationalists and the communists are not. Germany got a raw deal with the treaty of Versailles and the world paid a price. Antifa is the terrorist wing of the communist party USA. Treat it as such. Those who forget the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.

  114. if they show up and attack citizens the citizens should prepare for this type of action. Get your concealed carry license and protect yourself from these law breaking thugs.
    Don’t kill them just stop them from hurting you. Ok kill them if you have no choice but I would rather see them on the news hurting from a bullet to the leg. How tough would they be then?


  116. Put swat snipers on the rooftops with orders to shoot to kill any rioters. People will happily watch antifa get what they deserve!

  117. I agree with code blue if you let this go on in the USA you shouldn’t be in office. You have the Police the national guard, the arm forces or just shot them. Now what’s the problem.

  118. I agree, just break all of their knee caps and they won’t be able to attend any more demonstrations . . . unless they can find a “sit-in” like they had in the 60’s 🙂

  119. CR, if there is no more USA it will be because satan has taken over. The Bible says that satan will rule for a time and then Jesus will come. That does not mean that we just sit back and let him do it without a fight. We must do all we can to defeat our enemies, which includes the dem party, as they have thrown God out

  120. In the grand scheme of things, nations come and go, though, right? Every sovereign government that has ever existed has exhibited collective sin, regardless of how righteous, humane and empowering their fancy laws appear to be, and a vast majority of the time, the government will not apologize for it, let alone make it right.

  121. Arrest them all for terroristic threats. Either that or let REAL AMERICANS make their blood flow in the streets.


  123. It’s interesting how Antifa pawns actually seem willing to risk going to jail in the effort to block the expressions and peaceable assemblies, of entities flagged/flagable by the Southern Poverty Law Center. They do not even care for the well-being of uninvolved bystanders. They have some powerful indoctrination behind them or some extreme desperation within them.

  124. No, they have the power of the anti-American lib skum courts on their side, and have for years as we ALL have been asleep at the wheel. We are too far gone to expect a peaceful solution..Prepare now for Civil War…RET US ARMY

  125. The Original “white Supremacy” group was the KKK, FOUNDED, FUNDED AND PROTECTED by democrats from origination to current.
    Aryan Nation, FOUNDED, FUNDED AND PROTECTED by democrats… and THE MEDIA
    Neo-Nazis FOUNDED, FUNDED AND PROTECTED by democrats… and THE MEDIA
    Black Lives Matter FOUNDED, FUNDED AND PROTECTED by democrats.. and THE MEDIA
    Original Black Panthers FOUNDED, FUNDED AND PROTECTED by democrats… and THE MEDIA
    New Black Panthers FOUNDED, FUNDED AND PROTECTED by democrats… and THE MEDIA
    Antifa, FOUNDED, FUNDED AND PROTECTED by democrats… and THE MEDIA
    Assorted “alt-right’ groups ASSIGNED BY THE MEDIA as ‘conservatives, FOUNDED, FUNDED AND PROTECTED by democrats.
    IF you need help identifying the difference, here’s the OBVIOUS clues.
    Peaceful, Respectful and Courteous to others around them NOT founded, funded, or protected by democrats.
    The proof is, IF a peaceful group is ATTACKED by VIOLENT THUGS they are NOT “white supremacists”.

  126. The original Black Panther Party stood for “all power to all people” as well as that “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Neither the Democratic Party nor the Republican Party liked this. The Federal Bureau of Investigation also did not like it and so conspired to dishevel the party, using the pre-computing-era equivalents of “man in the middle” attacks, spoofing and counterfeiting. This only served to empower the evil people lurking within the party, including a child molester. That very same bureau caused the Ruby Ridge standoff, leading to the deaths of innocent Americans. It’s sister bureau caused the Waco siege, also leading to the deaths of innocent Americans. Timothy McVeigh, a United States Army veteran, rightly was infuriated over these incidents, but he chose to be a weasel about mitigating it. He took upon himself to severely punish the Federal Bureau of Investigation, causing what he understood to be “collateral damage” in the process. John Allen Muhammad, also a United States Army veteran but a Muslim jihadist, was of a similar mindset given the United States’ history, and he was en even bigger weasel, targeting innocent people employed in no way with any government, all in the name of instilling fear in the residents of and near the District of Columbia. There is no one single particular source to blame for all this insanity, terrorism and tyranny. Where are we now? Has the mentality of the American people improved at all in regards to this stuff? Well, we have to inquire as to whether or not citizens of the United States are the only people even involved. Are we immune to the incitements borne of foreign powers?

  127. Stop blaming the evil Russkys or the money crazed Chiners..The terrorists are of the home grown variety..who have now infested every every level of America down to the county level. There is only one solution the “R” word…PREPARE now !

  128. Right you are!
    These slugs are home grown and most likely paid by one of Soros’
    so-called “Charities”.
    That they actually have some defenders shows how warped the minds
    of so many of our ‘fellow Americans’ are.
    (Of course that’s only one of the ways Soros attacks us. Quote; “I hate
    America and all Americans.” That’s on vide tape from an interview he did
    quite a while ago.

  129. The jury wanted to acquit but the video evidence was clear – the store owner scared off the
    attempted robbery with his own gun. HOWEVER – as the robber fled the store, the owner shot him
    in the back twice!
    This absolutely breaks the law and the jury had to convict or the judge would have had to throw
    out the jury’s decision and re-try. The DA filed the charges against the owner and the jury would
    have had to nullify the charge and even though it may be acceptable in the Constitution, judges,
    in all cases I have heard about, hate jury nullification and won’t allow it. It would take the Supreme
    Court to weigh in on it but it hasn’t been taken there yet.

  130. Home-grown? Likely so, but a lot of them look like and sound like Canadians, to be honest, and you know damned-well that inhabitants of the great giant camping ground north of the United States do not always see eye to eye with United States citizens. Are you familiar with internet relay chat? Haven’t you noticed how many of the Canadians thereupon have detailed feedback on the affairs of the United States? We’re looking a multinational problem.

  131. “…the right way…” ?
    The right way to what? To govern? To live?
    What a pipe dream! Islam will never let any other religion remain if they can conquer it.
    We must always stay on the defensive if we want to survive as Americans. Always!!
    The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

  132. The States are adopting more policies from European nations than European nations are adopting from the States. What the hell is “intellectual property”, for example? In the United States system, the abilities of authors and inventors to secure exclusive rights of reproduction of their respective writings and discoveries is supposed to be limited by time, and the purpose of that overall scheme is supposed to be for promoting the progress of science and utilitarian crafts. Okay, it is still limited by time, but durations keep becoming longer, and the protections of these “rights” sometimes extend so far as to criminalize the innovations of “copying” devices. This is getting out of hand. The Democratic Party keeps pointing or at least trying to point to Sweden, “happiest nation on earth”, as a model nation, all while overlooking the fact that the United States armed forces have been made responsible for defending the entire Western bloc, almost entirely by themselves. Where do they get these ideas?

  133. I’m so sick of these little disrespectful young punks thinkin they csn control everything, it is time to declare them an American terriost group!! Apparently they have no LIFE!!! They have never stood for anything but HATE!!! Just as the Demonrats!!!!

  134. Pass a bill as Obama did without telling congress. If he can let terrorists go and give them a bonus so can we. Perfect timing for religious groups I would say. Include Antifa along with the deportation of all illegals. No matter who they are with no way back. Should have started that years ago. We should start jail time for people responsible for letting illegals out of jails. If state and local communities won`t help then they are the enemy within. They should abide by our Nation`s constitutional laws or suffer the consequences. It`s time to bring back the death penalty. It`s time to draw a line on people who would destroy our way of life. Turn that hoody around the way it`s supposed to be. Clean your hazz up and get a job. The world owes you nothing you have to earn it.

  135. The United States government has no authority to require that anybody other than its own agencies detain foreigners who are illegally present within the landmass of United States. No obligation exists upon the States and local communities to help the federal agencies, but persons and institutions can get into trouble for evading or obstructing the execution of warrants, or likewise willfully helping suspects evade or obstruct. The death “penalty” never went away. We’re not able to shield ourselves from everybody who destroys our way of life. We never have been. We’re only able to retaliate, sometimes in such a manner as mutually-assured destruction or at least Pyrrhic victory.

  136. Ensure our Marines are armed so they can protect themselves. Touch a Marine and you’ll be terminated. Spit at or on a Marine you first get the ass beating of your life and then terminated. I’m sick and tried of these morons assaulting people in the street and since they are protected nothing happens. The Marines will take understanding and so-call compassion for antifa to a different level.

  137. How about go ahead with the parade and have the guys who ride the motorcycles for Trump ride them in the parade. Lets see just how brave these masked cowards are. The police are not doing their when they allow this to happen. This is how BIG money talks. But the men and women who ride the bikes cannot be bought off.


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