Anti-woke comedian got hit with one shockingly racist attack


Political correctness is destroying comedy.

All of the late night hosts parrot the same progressive, anti-conservative pap.

But one anti-woke comedian got hit with a shockingly racist attack.

Bill Burr is not only one of the best comedians working today, he’s also not afraid to stand up to the insane “woke” mob.

He guest-starred in an episode of The Mandalorian, and defended Gina Carano after the cancel mob got her fired from Disney.

Now the mob is coming for Bill Burr because of a slip-up at the Grammys.

During the awards show, which tanked badly in the ratings after a nauseating display of debasement and wokeness, Burr accidentally mispronounced the name of a winner in the Latino category, and poked fun at social justice warriors.

His “crime” triggered leftists to label him as racist.

One Twitter user pointed out the absurdity of calling Burr a racist because his wife is black, and one unhinged progressive suggested his wife could be a “sex servant.”

The blue checkmark-verified user was savaged online for his disgusting comment, and Burr’s wife Nia Renée Hill delivered the death blow by responding to him, “B*tch, shut the f*ck up.”

The racist leftist commenter then tried to blame the attacks against him on the “alt-right,” which did not go over well, either.

Perhaps the most disturbing part of the exchange was that there are many leftists who think like this.

During the confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett, far-left author Ibram X. Kendi suggested Barrett’s adoption of black children from Haiti is a form of neo-colonialism.

Racism coming from the Left has been branded as wokeism, and it’s despicable.

Luckily, people like Burr are around to call out the nonsense.