Another “woke” professor is in trouble for an embarrassing race hoax


Radicalism on college campuses has spiraled out of control.

Cries of so-called racism and bigotry have been heard from both faculty and the student body.

But another “woke” professor is in trouble for an embarrassing race hoax.

Radical leftists argue that America remains systemically racist in 2020, but another woke professor was exposed as a fraud by impersonating a person of color.

Kelly Kean Sharp, an assistant professor at Furman University, was busted for pretending to be a “Chicana” even though she’s actually white.

Sharp abruptly resigned her teaching position and deleted her Twitter account after her deception was uncovered.

Sharp is at least the third teacher at the college level to be exposed as a fraud recently, and that doesn’t include the preeminent fraudsters Rachel Dolezal and Shaun King.

According to an anonymous poster on the site Medium, Sharp frequently spoke of her “abuela” (Spanish for “grandmother”) who came from Mexico, but both of her grandparents are white.

She also tweeted hashtags like #ChicanoPride and claimed that she grew up in the “major-minority” city of Encinitas, California.

However, Encinitas is over 80% white.

Leftists parrot that talking point that America is irredeemably racist, yet white people are going out of their way to pretend to be nonwhite.

Various diversity programs, particularly in academia, are always enthusiastically seeking minority candidates for teaching jobs and tenure-track positions.

Perhaps the most infamous example is Elizabeth Warren.

For decades, she claimed to be Native American.

When she got a teaching position at Harvard, the university boasted about her being part of their diversity initiative.

The reality is that there aren’t enough instances of racism and bigotry to keep the grievance industry going.

That’s how contemporary society ends up with so many hoax hate crimes and “woke” white women pretending to be black or latina or Cherokee in order to secure coveted positions.

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