Analysis shows this “comedian” is the biggest establishment shill in late night TV’s war on Joe Manchin


Late night comedy shows are nothing more than propaganda hours.

Their role is to enforce the “serious” cable news verticals within their media conglomerates.

And a new analysis shows this “comedian” is the biggest establishment shill in late night TV’s war on Joe Manchin.

Joe Manchin of West Virginia has become persona non grata on the Left for his refusal to get on board with Joe Biden’s ridiculous so-called “Build Back Better” proposal.

For Manchin’s “sin,” the moderate Democrat has become the target of endless harassment from the corporate press.

Late night establishment shill Seth Meyers has constantly gone after Manchin as part of a relentless pressure campaign.

And new analysis shows Meyers as possibly the biggest late night comedy establishment shill of late and definitely unfunny.

From NewsBusters:

MRC analysts monitored the last six weeks of the liberal political activist masquerading as a comedian and found a clear obsession. “Jokes” that his studio audience don’t find funny, “humor” so lame that he blames staff writers for the silence during the show. For instance, on November 25, Meyers offered this attempt at comedy: “West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin is reportedly in talks for a book deal. The book will be sold at Barnes and Ignoble.” Get it? After the joke bombed, he blamed his writer: “I mean, can you imagine sitting and writing a joke where the punch line is ‘ignoble?’ You don’t even hear it right. That [joke] was written by Matt.”

Manchin and fellow moderate Democrat Kyrsten Sinema have both been the targets of smear efforts as well as public shaming tactics.

Sinema was even harassed in a public restroom as well as on an airplane.

Late night comedians used to be about comedy, but now they exist to prop up the regime.

The real comedy is happening on places like YouTube or underground clubs that are flouting COVID restrictions.

Political correctness is death to comedy, and the late night shows are well past their expiration dates.

And it doesn’t appear late night comedy will make a comeback any time soon.

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