An MLB Pitcher was triggered after the opposing fans launched into this chant


Leftists won’t be happy until they have politicized every aspect of American life.

Sadly, sports has become much more political in recent years.

And now one Major League pitcher was surprisingly offended by one thing his opponents did.

The MLB playoffs are in full swing.

And St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Ryan Helsley, a member of Cherokee Nation, took offense to Atlanta Braves fans performing their customary tomahawk chop chant.

Braves fans have been doing the tomahawk chop chant since the 1990s.

But Helsley told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch he thinks the chant is insulting.

Newsbusters reports:

The Washington Post on Saturday continued its seemingly never-ending campaign against Indian imagery with a story on a St. Louis Cardinals pitcher who called the Atlanta fans’ tomahawk chop “disrespectful.” The Post frequently advocates against the Washington Redskins nickname, and with the Cards and Braves hooked up in a National League playoff series, writer Jake Russell lets St. Louis reliever Ryan Helsley pick up the anti-Native nickname drumbeat.

Helsley is a Cherokee Indian from Oklahoma who pitched briefly in Game 1 of the National League Division series in Atlanta.

“I think it’s a misrepresentation of the Cherokee people or Native Americans in general. Just depicts them in this kind of caveman-type people way who aren’t intellectual. They are a lot more than that,” said Helsley.

Helsley’s comments are unfortunate because no disrespect is intended from the Atlanta Braves, Kansas City Chiefs, Florida State Seminoles, or other teams who use the tomahawk chop as a chant to get the home crowd energized.

Besides, mascots and nicknames aren’t about being “intellectual.”

For example, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish have a leprechaun logo with his dukes up and a scowl on his face.

And The Washington Post, who badly want to ban “offensive” team mascots, recently conducted a survey that showed 90% of Native Americans did not find the Washington Redskins’ and other Native American-themed nicknames offensive.

But Leftists have persisted in their crusade against mascots.

The Department of Justice under Barack Obama tried to remove the Redskins’ trademark, but the move was blocked.

The Cleveland Indians caved to Leftists’ pressure by retiring their classic Chief Wahoo logo.

Many high school and college programs have also retired their Native American mascots.

But it doesn’t just stop there.

Liberals are trying to ban cowboys, gold prospectors, colonials, and other benign mascots.

They will take offense to anything.

Do you think the backlash against Native American-themed mascots is overblown?

Let us know in the comment section.


  1. I didn’t know Ryan Helsley is a “leftist,” but he is “a member of Cherokee Nation.” In 1983, the restaurant chain Sambos changed their name to Seasons. They don’t show Amos & Andy on television any more, either. It’s not about being “politically correct,” but about being sensitive to racial and religious stereotypes.

    • Vasu, can you please post like this in the future? Your post was great.
      It was only 4 sentences.
      If you do more posts like this then people will respond to you and not call you a troll.
      People will actually bother to read your posts. Keep it up. Good job!

      • You spoke the truth. Hope Vasu continues with one short paragraph. Liberals are always looking for something to ban that they disagree with. Mascots are fun things and people who take offense are simply grumps.

        • Don; Your post is spot on. I am part Native American and I never found the name The Braves or their chant offensive. This political correctness has gotten way out of hand..
          What I do find offensive is the Leftists trying to remove everything that is our history, and rewriting it their way…

    • And the restaurant died… We used to look hem for breakfast on the road… Now…. has anyone ever seen a “seasons” (other than the 4 Seasons)?

    • People need to stop being offended by everything that is said or done. This has been happening for DECADES and nobody gave a rip because IT ISN’T OFFENSIVE!

      Additionally, NOBODY has the RIGHT to NOT be offended!

      This is all just a bunch of BS!!

    • It’s about the destruction of the American traditions and way of life that leftists desire and demand. I couldn’t care less if someone is “offended”. What grants one the “right” to NOT be “offended”? It’s ridiculous!

    • “Amos ‘n Andy” was one of the funniest, best-acted shows on TV, EVER! I bought the entire set of some eight years of shows, and roll around on the ground. “So, Andy boy, you is havin’ problems with understandin’ the fairer sex, and THAT’S why you is regusted. Well, you done come to the right place for ad-vice, son. Just you stretch out on this here over-puffed sofa, unlax, and tell the old Kingfish ALL about it.”

  2. What is a Native American? Our mascot was a bulldog, The attitude of a bulldog dog is if you can’t eat it, or have sex with it, then piss on it.

    • Thank You I haven’t laughed so hard in a week.. If your a whack job that needs a safe space fine. Go there and whine and leave the rest of us the hell alone!!!!!

  3. I totally disagree. To be chosen as a symbol or mascot means the team has a courageous fighting spirit!! The tomahawk was often used in hunting or fighting. Let’s stop with this nonsense. Team names honor significant historical people or symbols of bravery. We could do with a lot more of that!

    • So true, Donna. The teams that honored the courageous, looked-upto groups in the world, did so
      because they WERE “standouts.” They weren’t laid-back no-nothings politicians. Like the Sioux
      nation during the Lewis and Clark expeditions – they were fierce – the kind of fighting spirit of
      survival. This pc climate of today is absolutely DISGUSTING!

  4. If you dig deep enough, you can find someone who will be offended by any and everything any and everyone says. It is impossible to speak without offending someone. Does that mean we should stop communicating? Don’t you think that would widen the gap to the point no human being could dream of ever crossing it?

    • Grin and Barrett,
      I completely agree, every-time I open my mouth and say something to my kids, who are adult millennials, I offend them. Now I say very little, and really believe it’s all been a control tactic to take my voice and opinion away, prob the same for the leftists… far too many offended people out there!

  5. What a load of bull crap… If it was o.k. then, than why not now???
    People in this country have lost their minds, {as if there was much left to lose}
    Next thing you know, they will be protesting names of animals, or mountains, or whatever!
    Live and let live, if you don’t like it, leave it
    I’ll help pack your stinkin’ bags…

    • I love it Jumpinjack. You are so right. Everything has changed because the blacks, Indians, Hispanics have all gotten their way. If they don’t like it, some person with no balls will cave and give them their way. This nonsense has got to stop. I like Donnas reply. The names denote strength and courage. What’s so wrong with those great things. GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON.


  7. If political correctness led by liberals and Democrats don’t stop we will soon be put in jail for any and every thing you or say that they don’t agree with. The devil is in the pudding and if the least bit a human you could be charged. I am proud to be native American, and they can name me what ever. Grow up

    • Just to prove you are correct William. In New York you are not allowed to call an Illegal alien what they are. Have you ever heard of something so stupid? Felons are no longer called illegal? AOC wants to talk about getting rid of prisons. Our country is going to hell fast and we better start to do something about it

  8. Just yesterday I was thinking that MLB was the only sport left without offended, Jell-O gender, kneeling lecturing, little dweebs! I was wrong!

  9. Ryan Helsley is not wrong. Hopefully he is not outraged and would be willing to politely identify a reasonable path to take. It may be tricky since there were so many different tribes of people “indigenous” to North America, who had various cultures and ways, at various times. Just to note, some tribes took the side of the United States or “Patriots”, during the revolutionary war (an indirect consequence of the much larger Seven Years War), whereas others took the side of the United Kingdom or “Loyalists” at that time, which has been problematic for the “indians” ever since. The aspects of their lives concerning weapons and blunt tools ought not be the only things by which we remember them. Ideally, we would not even clump all the tribes together in so abysmal of an indiscriminate manner.

  10. Indian names and mascots are chosen to honor native Americans. They are chosen because native Americans were/are fierce warriors, standing up against the odds. Even though they were out numbered and out gunned, they fought bravely and stood up for their beliefs and way of life. No one is goind to name their team the “Scaredy Cats” or “Weaklings”. It’s a compliment, take it as such.

    • Rose: You are correct. This political correctness has gotten way out of hand. The Leftists want to rewrite history which includes not acknowledging Native Americans. The Leftists ” think” they are speaking for everyone’s . Which they are not.

  11. I am more offended by the woosie’s comment! I am Cherokee and Soo.and not offended by the chant. Sounds like he needs to grow up and grow some! Idiot liberals.

  12. This is all liberal drivel and poppycock. As long as I’m on this Earth, I will always be politically incorrect and I love it! As long as I live in this Animal Farm of George Orwell, I will defy it. I will never let society or anyone define who I am and how I will live my life.

  13. If you think the tomahawk chop/chant is offensive, you should considering reading some book on mental toughness. The chop ISN’T offensive.

  14. Nobody is forcing all those “offended” people to remain in the United States. They are free to leave
    and find their ideal country where no one will hurt their feelings.

  15. Personally speaking, I have never found the use of native American logos in connection to sports teams at any level, offensive. What I did find them to be is extremely annoying. Annoying to the point of distraction. For many years now, when teams like Florida State (Seminoles) have gone into their tomahawk chant, I have muted the sound and continued to enjoy the game. The additional benefit being that I also didn’t have to listen to the empty headed commentators tell and worse explain to me what I just saw but then inject their own bias into the one way conversation. I also found that by muting the TV, I can put on some great music and actually enjoy the game more. If I am watching with someone(s), I just put on the head phones and watch and listen without disturbing anyone else. Works great for me.

    • Why do people get offended? Is it because they are insecure?
      Do people have a constitutional right not to be offended?
      Are people really offended or just pretending to be offended?

  16. Maybe there should be a leftist mascot created. It could be a steaming green cow patty with green flies on it. Their rally slogan could be: “All We Do Is Eat This And Bother People”. Seems fitting since they’re full of it and they really do bother the people that don’t agree with them.


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