An elementary school teacher is in hot water for an anti-Jesus attack on a student


Religious freedom is one of the most important American values.

But the left is constantly trying to attack anybody who dares practice any form of Christianity.

It’s even happening in elementary schools, with a teacher finding herself in hot water after launching a despicable anti-Jesus attack on a student.

A Utah elementary school teacher was forced to apologize after she demanded a Catholic 4th grader wash the Ash Wednesday cross off his forehead.

The fourth grader, William McLeod, had just made his way into class following Mass with his family when the teacher handed him a washcloth, requiring him to remove the cross, which signals the start of the Lenten season for Catholics.

Despite the student requesting to keep it on, the teacher wouldn’t listen to him.

On top of being forced to apologize, the teacher may face further disciplinary action.

As reported by Fox News:

“A Utah elementary school teacher apologized to one of her Catholic students Wednesday — and may still face disciplinary action — after she forced him to wash off the Ash Wednesday cross on his forehead, the boy’s family said.

William McLeod, a fourth grader at Valley View Elementary School, received the ash marking — made in the shape of a cross and applied by a priest — for the Catholic religious day that signals the start of the Lenten season and then went to school in Bountiful, Fox 13 reported. He told Fox 13 he was the only student who had ashes.

“A lot of students asked me what it is. I said, ‘I’m Catholic. It’s the first day of Lent. It’s Ash Wednesday,’” William said.

William’s teacher, who was not identified, later approached him and forced him to wash off the symbol, he said. William reportedly attempted to explain why he wanted to keep the ash cross on his forehead, but he said his teacher wouldn’t listen.”

The left hates the idea of Christians practicing their faith.

Christianity, which preaches family values, stands in direct opposition to the very platform of the Democrat Party.

With the left looking to indoctrinate children in schools, any practice of religion is discouraged.

They don’t even want children to be able to pray in their schools.

Do you support allowing prayer in schools?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


  1. I am a former school teacher. This teacher should have known what that symbol meant on his forehead. Lenton season is on most all media and being a teacher she had to see it on one of the media programs. This is disgusting !

    • She should be fired. Is this another NAIVE CREATURE like Omar??????? If so she does not belong in the classroom.

      • Whoever wrote this pos article needs to be deported. The teacher was from Utah- highly unlikely she would be a liberal as stated by the dunce writing the article- more likely morman and an ignorant one.

          • Yes, there are non-Mormons in Utah. However, I’d like to know WHAT is your definition of a “good number” of people in Utah who are not Mormon. Last I checked, about 80% of the state is Mormon.

    • I, too, am an elementary school teacher (retired) of 35 years. This article is despicable. The teacher made an honest mistake. I am not Catholic, but a practicing Biblical Christian. In my early years I would not have recognized the symbol either as we do not practice Lent. She apologized. Is that not enough????? How sanctimonious are we these days????? Shame on the shamers. Our LORD Jesus the Christ would not have rebuked her. He would have gently corrected her, that is . . . if He were to agree with the practice of Ash Wednesday which, FYI, is not in the Holy Scriptures anywhere.
      The hypocrites in religion are alive and well . . . unfortunately.

      • Sorry but this teacher who seems to have been teaching for 15-20 yrs or more must have seen this making before. And the fact that the young child explained it to her makes the act of demanding it be removed even more disgusting. She should be removed from teaching.

      • Jennifer, it this teacher ‘made a mistake’, she would have shut up after the child explained what it was. But, she didn’t. She harassed him and made him wash it off. I think she shouldn’t be allowed to teach young children.

      • Wow, so here thing we are missing…if that was any other religion…there would a raging outcry…and a million $cheque written…no teacher, nobody, has a right to touch another child, take him to the sink, in front of his classmates and rub it off…NOBODY!…I agree the teacher made a mistake, and yes, I agree that she should be forgiven…but, if you think that there is an atmosphere of tolerance, amongst, teachers, not all teachers, but a LOT of teachers think that the way they think is the way, everyone should think…SOGI is a huge example here! I can’t say a dang thing about it, else I’m a ”phobic” but you can match a child up to the sink and rub off his mark…yah, do to the Hindu red dot and see the war of then…Don’t get me wrong, the red dot is absolutely OK!…lovely, beautiful and all that..why would I go up and force someone to rub off the mark of something I know nothing about…PERIOD!

        • Listen, I agree with you 100% that the teacher made a mistake, but the teacher never touched the child, only to hand him a washcloth to wipe the ash from his forehead. I am appalled by her actions and hopes she never works again with children.

      • . . . if He were to agree with the practice of Ash Wednesday which, FYI, is not in the Holy Scriptures anywhere.
        The hypocrites in religion are alive and well . . . unfortunately.
        as far as “hypocrites” is concerned, do not let that worry you. there is always room for one more hypocrites .

        Job 42:6
        Verse Concepts
        Therefore I retract, And I repent in dust and ashes.”

        Lamentations 2:10
        Verse Concepts
        The elders of the daughter of Zion Sit on the ground, they are silent They have thrown dust on their heads; They have girded themselves with sackcloth The virgins of Jerusalem Have bowed their heads to the ground.

        Jonah 3:5-9
        Then the people of Nineveh believed in God; and they called a fast and put on sackcloth from the greatest to the least of them. When the word reached the king of Nineveh, he arose from his throne, laid aside his robe from him, covered himself with sackcloth and sat on the ashes. He issued a proclamation and it said, “In Nineveh by the decree of the king and his nobles: Do not let man, beast, herd, or flock taste a thing. Do not let them eat or drink water. “But both man and beast must be covered with sackcloth; and let men call on God earnestly that each may turn from his wicked way and from the violence which is in his hands. “Who knows, God may turn and relent and withdraw His burning anger so that we will not perish.”

  2. As an Atheist, I find what the teacher did beyond terrible. No one has the right to tell another person who or how to believe. How dare she do that to another human being. I am so disgusted over this and I hope that she is fired and never be allowed near children again. I read this first on a left-wing platform and not one person on the left thought what she did was correct. They were all upset as well. This isn’t a left or right thing, not an Atheist or Christian thing, this is a human being thing. No one has the right to humiliate another person like that. My heart goes out to the child and I hope that he knows that almost all non-believers are not like that. But there are bad apples in everything, sorry to say.

      • If this “teacher” is an example of what those holding a degree in “education” then it is apparent that in all the so called “education” the system there was a failure to expound on the Bill of Rights. I had an acquaintance (not from Utah) who was a retired teacher and she was completely ignorant of the fourth amendment. It appears that the time has come to re-educate the “educators”.

        • The problem is that CIVICS and Government were taken out of school. This is an indoctrination of our youth from the early 60″s until present. Also this is why the Government in some States are trying to outlaw home schooling. They can’t indoctrinate those who are homeschooled.

      • If the libtards have their way we will all be muslim under shariah law and their will no more schools anyway.

        Hudud punishments range from public lashing to publicly stoning to death, amputation of hands and crucifixion.

    • Very well said and I am glad to see such a strong sense of justice and first amendment rights in a person who is not persuaded by the evidence around us in the Creation. Still you expressed a beautiful understanding of liberty.

      • I hate this had happened to anyone, especially a child. To be humiliated like that is just unimaginable. But I thank you for kind words.

        If we all remember that we are in this all together and no one gets out alive, I believe this world would be a better place. Just my humble opinion.

        • you’re welcome. how true. nobody should be treated like that, reg whether they believe or don’t in a divine being. amen. you’re humble opinion is right on. if people treated each other w/ respect, there would be no strife, no war, no hate, etc.

  3. The so-called teacher should be fired on the spot. There is no excuse for what she did to embarrass the kid because of his religion.

    • “”We do not have the right to go against Christian beliefs! This person is despicable and needs to be fired!””
      Now I disagree with your statement. What you should say is that no one has the right to tell another person how to believe or not to believe. But I do agree that this person is despicable and needs to be fired and never work with children again.

      • As a retired educator of 30 years, I tend to agree with most of the replies given here. This lady does not deserve another chance and needs to be working somewhere besides in a school with children. Unfortunately, there are bad apples in every barrel, and she is an example of one. I was an administrator for 24 of those 30 years and I had teachers who did not even like children, let alone love them. AND, IF YOU DON’T LOVE KIDS, STAY OUT OF THE CLASSROOM!!!

  4. Teachers are overreaching their authority. The need to stay out of the religion of their students and go back reading, writing and arithmetic.

  5. She should unequivocally be FIRED. Enough is enough with these half-a*sed morons. They think they can get away with anything simply because everyone LETS them get away with everything. This is a clear violation of the Freedom of Religion amendment in the Constitution…and is clearly a Federal crime thereof. Not only fired, she should be arrested and tried before in a Federal court.

  6. This teacher should be fired and not allowed to teach anywhere in America. This is just totally disrespectful and disgusting to treat a child like this. Just remember KARMA IS A B………!!!!

  7. well Folks

    get ready for it America is no longer based on Christian values . The illegals coming into our country are destroying it esp the Muslims
    they believe to infiltrate a country take it over from withing as is happening right now in America
    check out where thew Muslims has settled in force in our country , they want their own laws and their own culture
    I dont believe any one of them should be allowed a government job esp an elected one
    to me they are nothing but the enemy

    • When some chooses to move to another country they MUST assimilate!!! They must abide by that country’s rules and laws. They are free to worship whomever [or whatever] they choose,but they must NOT infringe on the long standing taditions of this country.
      If they are not satisfied with their treatment here, they DO have another choice – to move back to their home coutry or to another coutry.
      If I was to choose to move to a Muslim [or any other ethnicity] country, for instance: one in which a woman must be covered from head to toe, or even if only a head covering, I would not be free to disregard that law/request/tradition. So, why do so mny think they can come here, to the U.S. & disparage ours? Stop trying to impose your ways on others, rather than assimilating!

      • But muslims will not assimilate. That is the problem. Their goal is to replace our Constitution with sharia law. They are very dangerous to our freedom, but libs hate this country and are very ignorantly on the side of islam.

      • Geri,
        Just an fyi: “Muslim” is not an ethicity. It’s just a religion, the members of which are mainly not even Arab.

    • I was just denied having my coments posted, supposedly because “duplicate comment. You have already said this. BUT I HAVE NOT = THIS IS CENSORSHIP OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!
      When some chooses to move to another country they MUST assimilate!!! They must abide by that country’s rules and laws. They are free to worship whomever [or whatever] they choose,but they must NOT infringe on the long standing taditions of this country.
      If they are not satisfied with their treatment here, they DO have another choice – to move back to their home coutry or to another coutry.
      If I was to choose to move to a Muslim [or any other ethnicity] country, for instance: one in which a woman must be covered from head to toe, or even if only a head covering, I would not be free to disregard that law/request/tradition. So, why do so mny think they can come here, to the U.S. & disparage ours? Stop trying to impose your ways on others, rather than assimilating!

    • I was just denied having my coments posted, supposedly because “duplicate comment detected. You seem to have already said this.” BUT I HAVE NOT = THIS IS CENSORSHIP OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!
      When some chooses to move to another country they MUST assimilate!!! They must abide by that country’s rules and laws. They are free to worship whomever [or whatever] they choose,but they must NOT infringe on the long standing taditions of this country.
      If they are not satisfied with their treatment here, they DO have another choice – to move back to their home coutry or to another country. Stop trying to impose your ways on others, rather than assimilating!

    • Edmunds- you’re a dope. What makes you think the teacher was an immigrant and why would you claim this country has Christian values- they persecuted every group of immigrants who came here- now we’re acting like it’s something new. The Irish were bashed, the Italians were bashed, the blacks have suffered the longest, Puerto Ricans and now Mexicans and other Central American immigrants. Americans are evil dummies. We have no right to be #1 in anything except hate and racism.

      • Jim, you comment ends with virtue signaling, and sign that perhaps you’ve not lived elsewhere in the world. What you’ve described, what we could nearly call the “hazing” of new arrivals always began as a pushback from formerly “sh*t upon” immigrants worried for their jobs. Before Irish came, there were the Welsh, and they did an excellent job at sh*tting on the Irish. Also, the Irish had a bone to pick because many were forced/ conscripted into the Civil War just as they were getting off the boats from Ireland. Then came the anti-Catholicism.

        On a whole Americans are good people. You’re outgoing, rather friendly, and despite some bad apples, you are generous people who’d give your last shirt, as it were.

        This is exactly what we (Brits) notice when we come here. Some of us love those qualities, and other of us are just overwhelmed.

        Trust me regarding this: there’s no need for Americans flagellation themselves over what are basic human behaviours: tribalism, xenophobia, etc. Some peoples, by dint of their cultures, hide their prejudices more adeptly. It is in this regard that there is no American exceptionalism. Cut you own countrymen some slack.

      • jim…As usual, you are clueless. You have no idea what a Christian even is or who Jesus is. Christians follow Jesus, who teaches us love, compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, and helping others. THOSE are Christian values. Christians are not perfect. They sin like everyone else. But they are saved. YOU have the same chance to come to Jesus and be forgiven and join Him in Heaven as everyone else does. It costs nothing. He paid it all on the cross. He loves you and is waiting for you. The ball is in your court.

    • Hey, wait. A lot of the illegals coming in to the country are Latin Americans, almost all Christian. THEY don´t have a problem about a kid getting an ash on Ash Wednesday.

  8. I think she should fired. She has not right to do it even if Utah Schools can. Your just suppose to treat people the way you want to be treated.


  10. I’m am an Elementary school teacher and a Catholic. I work in the public school system, and neither I nor my colleagues would ever do something so disrespectful. The School Board should hang her out to dry.

  11. This is quite an over generalization. One teacher obviously did not know about Ash Wednesday and its symbols. That does not mean that all liberals are against religion in general and Christianity in particular.

  12. I have a serious question, why are they still calling and referring to her as “teacher”.
    she need to be out the door and the teachers certificate need to be revoked.

  13. this is and was a violation of the students rights freedom of religion. which is guaranteed in the constitution no one has the right to infringe upon those rights not even a teacher. She should be fired immediately and the school district sued by the parents for violating the students constitutional rights. Freedom of expression was also violated by being forced to remove the cross off his forehead. This is a sad day in this when you can’t exercise your very own 2 special constitutional rights. just like me I will choose soon to no longer be on this planet and when I do it will be my choice and there is nothing the VA can do to stop it? It’s mainly their fault for not identifying the problem and not caring enough to approve it. Instead they sweep it away and deny it. But its my right to choose not theirs!!!! When I’m ready I will. But right now I no plans to do so.

  14. The teacher should be fired for what she did. Putting her hands on that child to wash his ashes off!!!!!! Wonder if the definition of assault would apply in this case. What is wrong with people? What ever happened to tolerance for the views of others. Many people in our Country have become disgusting and it needs to be dealt with.

  15. We need to stand strong for our Christian Beliefs in the Country, we have allowed to many Third World Persons infiltrate our nation, they do not want to simulate and become Americans, they are here to take advantage of a Christian Country and take what ever they can from us, food stamps, medical coverage, housing, any form of welfare and then they want to continue to live by in the same manner as the Country the fled. It is crazy, we need to filter them all out. They should not be here if they do not intend to abide by the rules of the USA and become a person of value to this Nation. None of the Muslims should be allowed to run for political office and how insane are we to allow them to swear them selves in on the (Koran) (Atheist Bible), or what ever they want. This is wrong and we the American People need to push back.

    • You might want to read the Constitution.

      The No Religious Test Clause of the United States Constitution is a clause within Article VI, Clause 3. By its plain terms, no federal officeholder or employee can be required to adhere to or accept any particular religion or doctrine as a prerequisite to holding a federal office or a federal government job. It immediately follows a clause requiring all federal and state officers to take an oath or affirmation to support the Constitution. This clause contains the only explicit reference to religion in the original seven articles of the U.S. Constitution.

      The ban on religious tests contained in this clause protects only federal officeholders and employees. It does not apply to the states, many of which imposed religious tests at the time of the nation’s founding. State tests limited public offices to Christians or, in some states, only to Protestants. The national government, on the other hand, could not impose any religious test whatsoever. National offices would be open to everyone. No federal official has ever been subjected to a formal religious test for holding office.

      This clause is cited by advocates of separation of church and state as an example of the “original intent” of the Framers of the Constitution to avoid any entanglement between church and state, or involving the government in any way as a determiner of religious beliefs or practices. This is significant because this clause represents the words of the original Framers, even prior to the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

    • Lee Ann Eliakis- Your post seems to have been written by a retard- did you write it? Maybe you’re one of those 3rd world persons you’re bitching about. Like trump you’re at the 5th grade level or lower.

  16. That teacher KNEW what it was all about. She just confronted the child on anti-Christian grounds. Unless she lives in a cave she had to know what Lent is. And as a teacher in this day of POLITICALLY CORRECT “LAWS” there is no excuse for her feigned ignorance. I’ll bet she would not confront a Muslim child in that manner. She is a coward and and a vile person.

    • Americans are dumber than dirt Clayton Bell. So no she didn’t have to know what lent is. Assuming that she is a Muslim (in Utah?) is dumb. Americans are terrible people. hateful, racist losers.

  17. Since this happened in Bountiful, Utah, it is highly probable that the teacher was Mormon, and although Christian, was not familiar with the Catholic practice of Ash Wednesday, and simply acted out of ignorance. It is also possible that the teacher punished the student for being non-Mormon. In either case the teacher should be disciplined, and made to apologize to the student.

  18. That evil Teacher should be fired as well. This Anti-Catholic and Anti-Christian crap that is going on in The United States is the Result of some Evil Catholic Priests that have sexually assaulted Children which I really can’t blame people for thinking that the church is evil but it’s not the falt of the Catholic Religion but the falt should lie with the Vatican and the Pope that just protected these evil Perverted Priests that should have went to prison. So please do not hold Hatred at our Religion and our saviour Jesus Christ. The Catholic Religion is the first Religion of The United States of America and is not bad but good and Holy.

    • TheMadMan- yes you are a mad man. You are also a dumb mad man. You post like trump tweets- just throw in capitals for no freaking reason- then there is this “should have went”. You should have went to school longer or paid more attention while you were there. People like you end up voting for trump and are too dumb to see how dumb you really are. The Catholic religion was the first religion formed after the death of Jesus. It may or may not have been the first religion in North America. The Puritans came here in the 1600’s. Catholic priests were in Mexico and what would eventually be California as they established churches as they moved north from Mexico.

      • jim…You are truly clueless. sad. Get help with your hate. You said that “people like him” vote for Pres. Trump, as if only dumb people vote for him. I know HUNDREDS of people who support Pres. Trump and ALL are very intelligent, much more intelligent than you, it seems. So you support extremely vile corrupt Hillary who lies every time she opens her mouth. That is who you would rather have for our president???

  19. As a retired university administrator/
    professor, I am appalled that the teacher training programs in our colleges and
    universities are turning out such
    mentally-impaired idiots. She should
    never again be allowed near a class
    room. This is what happens to education
    when critical thinking and rational
    analysis skills are replaced with
    political correctness encased in
    political drivel and expressed by
    retarded jackasses.

  20. I always thought that religious freedom is part of the Constitution. If we allow Muslims to build their Mosques and to wear their religious garb then Christians should be allowed to follow their faith. This is all down to people like Ocasio-Cortez, Omar and Tlaib when they keep shouting about Political correctness. They all hate America and what it stands for. Maybe I should purchase several packs of bacon then go out and wrap the handles of Omar’s and Tlaib’s mosques with rashers of bacon. Would love to see their ugly faces on that one.

    • Jim, back in Britain — London to be exact –, where I’ve had much more experience with Muslims: security cameras would catch you, and you’d get taken to the proverbial woodshed by an inspector. As for the Muslims themselves, their reaction would be a denouement. They’d scrub the door handles and crack on. It’s not like the days of the Rebellion of 1857.

    • Who is stopping Christians from building their churches and wearing their Christian jewelry? This is just one stupid person. Christians are not being persecuted in America.

  21. First of all, it’s not just Catholics that rub ash on the forehead. A lot of Prodestant religions do the same. My kids are grown up and have their own lives, but if that teacher would’ve done that to one of our kids, my wife would meet the teacher behind the gym and beat the hell out of her. No one touches our kids without our permission.

  22. Dennis Gage- never heard of or saw any Protestants with ashes on their heads. I think you’re full of it. So is your wife if her way of settling differences of opinion is trying to beat the other person up. Get out of my country moron.

    • Jim, I am a Methodist and we have a Palm Sunday Service followed by an Ash Wednesday Service and wear the ashes on our foreheads all day. I believe Episcopalians also do but I am not sure about that.


  24. I am sorry that the teacher behaved as she did to the child. I am a Christian and a former teacher. Her behavior was unacceptable whether she is a person of faith or not. She humiliated that child and would not respect his belief. I would hope that she finds another field of work.

  25. I live in Utah and this story is or was all over the news, and she is claiming that she didn’t know she was doing something wrong; she claims she thought it was dirt on his forehead……Yeah, sure……even though he told her it was due to Ash Wednesday.
    She’s covering her ass because she’s been reprimanded, and because its gotten a lot of coverage. The parents say that she is not being truthful; frankly I believe that she is also lying since the boy kept telling her about being Catholic and it was Ash Wednesday. She had her supporters with her (I wonder why an innocent person would need to bring supporters with her if she claims she did nothing wrong) and she ‘thought’ it was dirt…. Her claims are not believeable.

  26. i would fire her just for lying saying she didn’t know what it was,the boy said it was lent so she lied you want someone like her teaching your kids come on.their is enough hate out there now.

  27. Fire her. There is separation between church and state. She has no right to deny someone their religion unless it causes a safety, identity, or criminal problem. Like wearing a hoodie or burka so you can’t be identified.

  28. UTAH … Isn’t UTAH another CANADIAN BORDER TOWN? The point of this is that the Islamic Muslim people have all but taken over the Continent of CANADA. They are pouring over AMERICA’S NORTHERN BORDERS like “Army Ants.” They migrate into AMERICA in SWARMS into “ONE TOWN” OR “CITY” at a time. WHENEVER, you see [Problems arise over CHRISTIANITY?} You can bet your last dollar a Muslim/Islamic movement is behind it. EVERY TIME! This is no exception. AMERICA THIS IS A DIRECT ATTACK! AMERICA THIS IS A SNEAKY OVER “10” YEAR INVASION! Complements of Barock Obama. BUT, It is AMERICA’S JOB TO VOTE THIS RUCKUS OUTTA HERE! Examples” Michigan, Minnesota Wisconsin, Utah, Maine NEW YORK they are pouring in like Niagara Falls! ( This is why NY is going down so fast.)

  29. This is just sheer ignorance…from a teacher no less. Not being Catholic myself, every year am still rather caught by surprise when I see the ash smudge on a coworker’s face, but – thankfully – now catch myself before being “kind” and telling them, “Hey, you know you have a smudge on your face?!?” The teacher should have known this, so now he/she should be required to have some training in religious expression in the classroom. All teachers should have such training. After all, if a female kid came in wearing a scarf over her head, or a boy a kippah, what would they say?! Stupid is as stupid does…and that’s a quote!

  30. Depends. If it can be shown that prayer works, then it should be allowed. But if it does work and if it is allowed, then Congress must pass a law allowing people to pray for good things, but disallowing people to pray for bad things. Bad things like praying for somebody to break their leg or something. Maybe we would need to set up a department of prayer or something like that and people would have to get their prayers approved before they would be allowed to pray them.

  31. I’m surprised any comments are allowed. Been denied by duplicate comments and “bot”. Freedom of speech on this site is far news

  32. Fire the b*tch. What kills me about the attitudes nowadays – when they get caught pulling crap like this, then their “apologies” ares supposed to make everything right. A true apology is by not committing these heinous crimes in the first place. The left figures they can do whatever they please as long as they follow it up by saying I’m “sorry”. They can shove their apologies up their a*s….all of them.


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