An elementary school stooped to a new low with its war on Christmas


The attack on Christmas is reaching unprecedented levels.

Radical leftists are trying to completely erase Christmas.

But this elementary school just crossed the line with this attack on Christmas.

Manchester Elementary School in Omaha, Nebraska has all but banned Christmas entirely from the school grounds.

The faculty were sent a letter reminding them what would not be acceptable on school grounds including singing Christmas Carols, playing Christmas music, and passing out candy canes.

They even went as far as to ban “Christmas colors” – red and green.

And now the school could be facing legal issues as a religious liberty group, Liberty Counsel, has urged the school to overturn the ban noting that it violates the First Amendment.

Christian Headlines writes:

A legal organization that specializes in religious liberty issues is urging a Nebraska school principal to overturn her directive that banned anything related to Christmas – including Christmas music, Christmas carols, Christmas trees, candy canes and the colors red and green.

The banned items involve not only religious symbols but secular ones, too, including Santa.

Liberty Counsel, a legal group that specializes in First Amendment issues, wrote the superintendent of Elkhorn Public Schools, urging him to overturn the policy.

“The ban violates the U.S. Constitution by showing hostility toward Christianity,” the letter read. “The ban also violates Elkhorn Public Schools board policy; the academic freedom rights of teachers; and it violates the First Amendment right of students to receive information.”

The banned items include:

• Santas or Christmas items (clipart) on worksheets.
• Christmas trees in classrooms.
• Elf on the Shelf.
• Christmas carols.
• Christmas music.
• Scholastic books that are Christmas related.
• Making a Christmas ornament as a gift.
• Candy canes.
• Red/green items.
• Reindeer.
• Christmas videos/movies and/or characters from Christmas movies.

Most of the banned items actually have absolutely nothing to do with Christianity.

The idea that candy canes are representative of Jesus’ sacrifice is a myth, there is no connection between reindeer and Christianity, and the colors red and green can be used for anything.

The school even twists the First Amendment to support their outrageous Christmas ban.

But what the principal and the school administration doesn’t understand is that the First Amendment extends religious freedom to all Americans.

It doesn’t extend freedom from religion.

This just goes to show that so-called “progressives” don’t want Christians to be able to celebrate Christmas at all.

They don’t even want Christians to be able to help others during Christmas.

As we reported, Operation Christmas Child, the international event to give shoe boxes of gifts to poor children all over the world, is under attack because the people donating are Christian.

The Left will not stop until they see their fantasy of a Christmas-less holiday season.

Do you think the school should reverse its ban on Christmas? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


  1. It makes me feel ashamed, that teachers in our schools and country would stoup this low. Our country was brought up on Christianity. As a christian, we don’t despise other religions. Nor should they despise ours. I don’t know why they feel so bad against Christianity. It promotes, kindness, love, caring, helping others, doing unto others as you would have done for you.

    • Emil, now a days Christianity is hated as much as America is hated. I guess when you’re on top of the mountain everyone wants to knock you off???

        • If these children are offended or confused by our culture, our traditions, our faith, they came here they are welcome to leave!

          I fail to see where if one or two kids in a class may be confused or upset that they should not dominate what the rest of us have been doing since the beginning of time here in America.

          No one said they had to attend our public schools they are just as welcome to home school there child.

          And just about every religion in this country, follows and believes in Our Lord, it’s not just Christians!

          I’m frankly tired of having to bend over backwards to make those happy who came here by choice, and can leave the same way.

          If you come to America for a better life then by GOD except who we are.

          And what we believe in, and stop trying to turn my Country into the one you chose to LEAVE!

    • You must realize these are NOT teachers!!

      They ARE are there to ONLY INDOCTRINATE students to their AGENDA!!!!

      Again, HOME SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I’d “Fix their wagon”, just see that all Dems do NOT get Christmas or Easter off as holidays. I’ve never been off on a holiday for a Jewish holiday, have you? Ford employees get 16 paid holidays, and up to 4 weeks paid vacation! I liked Canada’s work schedule, 7 hours a day, 5 days a week! Yet the idiots where I worked wanted four 10 hour days, no lunch! Just two 15 minute breaks! Why? So they had a 3 day weekend. And all they did then was shop and drink, that’s what they told me they did.

      • So true not one of them have any problem wuth getting paid for that day even though they dint have to work because almost everything is closed!

        If like to see just one of these hypocrites tell there boss they don’t want the pay for that day, or for those who do work and get paid double time, and sometimes triple time, where is all of there outrage, there indignation then?


    • You first need to find out if the principle is gay. That would be your answer but note they are too cowardly to sprak out against Muslums.

      • They’re Fooking MOSLEMS! They have Always been Moslems, Mohammedans. Islamics, Jihaddis. [Black] “Muslims” is a P/C Bull-Sheite . ‘Calypso Lewis’ Farra-Khan Name, for his Made Up Prison Convicts Religion!

      • Gays the perversion of the civil rights movement that gave liberals to force decadence and it and force the lowering of standards to pacify that only hurts all! Enough their are more majority to resist and stop the majority of gays perversion of the civil rights movement!

    • I understand that people are upset over the attempts to erase CHRISTMAS from the schools. But, I fear what you fail to see is that possibly NOT every student in that school is Christian. And, when every teacher, every activity, every program, every song, every everrything is related to the holiday…whether dirctly (Jesus) or socially (gifts and Candy canes) ONE child, or perhaps just a few – will feel confused, excluded and, as an outsider in their own classroom. Certainly some lyrics in some songs are particularly outside the purview of inclusion, and while others are innocuous…try singing them in August!! Their meaning is directly related to the holiday and that is not lost on those who are made uncomfortable.

      To appreciate ALL the holidays by those in your class might be helpful. But that opens a hornet’s nest with kids who have been raised as atheitss or agnostic. One could then argue.,..though it has been done for years…perhaps it really isn’t acceptable.

      From a personal experience….I am NOT Christian……and oftentimes in public I was forced to sing a song with lyrics that made me uncomfortable, or an activity that was not of my background.

      I was truly negatively impacted by being isolated “out” – as the one who ISN’T, as the different one, and the one who others then believed had to “talk” to me. This in PUBLIC SCHOOL???

      What you fail to realize…I bet…is that NOT every teacher is open and willing to be accepting of different beliefs…some are of hardened beliefs…no room for others., Some are hope for the innocent kid, the pressure from well-meaning teachers…can be an issue. Since there is no way to ENSURE that ALL teachers, when left to their own curriculums, parties, plays, etc…will find a way to include all children,…therefore, there must be some parameters. Which parameters,..that is a whole other note. While it is undoubtedly true some people have an agenda to get rid of Christmas entirely (and religion) that is an entirely DIFFERENT issue. The outcomes may look alike..but, the reasons are different.

      • We can tell you are not Christian. Let children who want to be excluded from Christian activity’s do so. Everyone happy but I bet most will be happy to join in.

    • I am just as outraged as all of you, and I don’t even have school aged children. Please the article closely as some of you are putting the blame on the teachers, and that isn’t the case it is the one women in charge of the district, it’s the school superintendent.

      And yes for shame in her, she is taking the very thing thus Country was founded in Christianity and violating each of these children, and staffs right of freedom of expression away from them.

      All at the same time our children are being forched to except the cultures and religious values onto iyr children.

      They are being told they have to except others cultures, and at the same time not allowed to express there own.

      Sorry but this is plan wring and needs to be stopped.

      Where’s the big money man if this state at during all of this, with all if his wealth he must have done away on everything that happens in this state?


      Makes me sick in my heart that our children are going through all of this, as well as everything else in the school system today, and it’s all being pushed, and approved by the Democrats!

      They have and are working as hard as they can to give everything to all of the illegals, and even those here legally more rights then our own children and we have.

      If anyinevstarts a petition in regards to any if these subjects please make sure it gets to me as I’ll be the first to sign them all.

    • The fault is you Americans Not resisting the liberal lowering of standards to pacify that hurts all! Coward to words! You Americans allowing the minority to override the majority of [opinion for those to dumbed down like snowflakes to know what I mean} The majority always wins because if not it will bring all down!

  2. This woman, and I use the term lightly, should be fired and permanently banned from ever teaching or having anything to do with children. If she has any children of her own they should be taken into protective custody and placed in foster care.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Please Help us,

    • It is not a crime to be an Atheist and it certainly is not illegal to raise your children as such but it should be illegal to be prevent people from celebrating their religion especially if they allow spiritual ideology of one type over those of others.

      My entire family was indoctrinated into the Catholic faith yet I am Agnostic, my baby brother, and the older of the 2 sons another brother has are Atheists, my baby brother has 2 boys of his own and he loves them dearly and no 1 would dare attempt to have him removed as their legal guardian just because he has no faith at all.

      • I like you am an Agnostic brought up in a Catholic family. I still support Christmas in schools. The school is just plain wrong. The First Amendment of the Constitution states, “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” These Progressives do not understand the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. People are being dumbed down. One only has to watch the commercials on television to see how dumb we have become. If we don’t turn it around it will be the end of the Great American Experiment known as the United States. The First Amendment doesn’t ban religion, it promotes all religions.

    • IF people would read the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO, which is online,
      they might become enlightened as to what is happening in America
      and other Christian countries.

  3. When I was ayoung jewish student in Public School, I did not know what Christmas was, When a Santa Clause person came into class wearing the Red sANTA SUIT, I THOUGHT IT WAS FOR FUN, HAPPINESS AND SAID, HO-HO-HO TO US ALL.

    • Same here, but it was Hanukkah that I was clueless to, I do realize the whole thing is based on a minor Judaic holiday.

  4. Why paint with such an overly broad brush? I don’t know what this is, but I am quite sure it is not a sign of the Second Coming. More likely it is simply a person who has gotten some bad advice and is acting on it without consideration of others. Kind of like Christians often do actually.

    In any event, Nebraska is a strongly Republican State, so I seriously doubt whatever actual educational opportunities that are occurring at Manchester Elementary School in Omaha will take hold.

  5. Get rid of their PAID CHRISTMAS BREAK and make them go to school EVERY week day.

    If they want to do away with Christmas, get rid of the Christmas break! That means to NOT rename it “WINTER” break!!

    • Please!, did you have to remind me that the mindless young of WI elected a Communist as our next Governor, wants to increase taxes on everything, free tuition for illegals, Christian scum is what they are, Scott Walker who had eliminated the state’s debt, yes some of that by capping teachers salaries and doing away with Collective Bargaining which was basically the teachers not filling out their contract before asking to negotiate the terms of a new one.

      The on public servants who should be allowed to be union are people employed in Emergency Services and not the spoiled crybaby teachers.

  6. they should be shut down if they can take xmass away from kids God only knows what they teaching them in school i’m sure it’s evil and hate

  7. Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI), said Tuesday that Democrats were struggling to connect with the voters because, well, they were just too darned smart. And when you’re as smart and as knowledgeable as the average elected Democrat, well gosh, it’s really tough to lower yourself to speak on the same level of the common man. They just don’t get it! Why…why, they’re stupid, y’all!
    This Elkhorn “progressive/democrat” principal is dumber than a rock and his action proves Sen. Hirono is too. Remember, all you got to do is find one exception to the theory/rule and it destroys the theory e.g. a scientist can become famous by discovering an exception to a rule. Einstein became famous for his theory of relativity, which found an exception to Isaac Newton’s laws of motion. Newton’s theory became irrelevant. And so is Sen. Hirono.

  8. its the parents fault, its the government all satanic and run by muslims…
    you allowed them to remove the 10 commandments, you allowed them to kick God out of school
    you allowed them to rule your kids and not you, YOUR ALL COWARDS, YOU GOT WHAT YOU ASKED FOR

    so if you dont pull your heads out and start removing these satanic muslims out of this country you got what you need then

    • There is no Satan and no Yahweh just good and bad, or very good and wicked, you completely disregard that the Moonie Muslimes completely detest Agnostics and Atheists as well, you are blaming the wrong people, it is the government that allowed the muslims to infect our society, for 1 none of them should ever have been granted citizenship, as for the schools, start with the 100 of the wealthiest of the family of Saud and other oil rich Moonie Muslimes, all donations that should have never been legal to accept in the 1st place.

  9. The other evening on regular broadcast television I saw the words Happy Hanukkah displayed on the screen, pretty soon it will be blessed Ramallah, it seems the only spiritual ideology no longer able to express their faith is are the Christians.

  10. For all the School board officials, teachers, parents or children that agree with the boards ruling about taking Christmas celebration of any type out of Christmas, then they should be required to work or attend school during the holiday break. If no one agrees with Christmas celebrations the holiday break should be suspended all together in which no one takes any time off for any reason. Otherwise they are just being hypocrites who’s real intention is to destroy the celebration because it is based on a Story of a Religious event. We are allowing these people to turn us into a Godless Nation and that is not satisfactory. If there are persons that do not want to celebrate, so be it, but DO NOT think your dislike should overrule what the majority of Americans believe in, which is the Celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

  11. where are the parents? we do have a say in what the schools do and teach. the teachers do not get to tell my children they cannot have anything to do with God, even at school. where is the PTA and the parents in all of this.

    • “where is the PTA and the parents in all of this”

      One is infiltrated with communists and the other
      is to lazy, or ignorant, to get involved.

  12. This amuses me this, so called, war on Christmas. You do realize that Hanukkah and Kwanzaa are also celebrated this month, as well?? Why aren’t you up in arms that they aren’t getting full media attention? They are both religious celebrations, as well. And let’s be honest here, the country, as a whole, has a much bigger focus on the retail aspect of Christmas; as opposed to the religious aspect of Christmas. Why aren’t you decrying the materialism focus of Christmas that has taken hold over the religious aspect of Christmas?

    • I have several friends that are Jewish, they celebrate BOTH Hanukkah AND Christmas, it amuses me that you don’t. Your choice, mine is to celebrate Christmas with gift giving AND the calibration of the Birth of Christ. I see nothing that should amuse you, but to each his/her own….Merry Christmas

    • We can not celebrate every religion and recognise all of those holidays, as there is no way to do so.

      As for Hanukkah, the Jesus faith does believe in Our Lord and Savior.

      I know this for a fact as I have had Jewish friends, one of the senior pastors at my Church is Jewish, and it is a Bible based Christian Church.

      As yo this holiday being commercialized, I agree for some people that is true, but please do mot offend those of bus who celebrate this time of year fornthebtruebmeaning if it.

      I’m a single all American white broad, and my Christmas shopping is done, and gas been for weeks, my credit cards are not maxed out, my bank account is not in the negative, I still gave money in the bank, if you see me at the mall, Target, Wal-Mart or any other type if store, in either there tonjyst people watch, and see how crazybthey are, they seem to always forget that Christmas will be back in 364 more days.

      It I’m getting a jump on next Christmas, using all of the good deals they have out now to take advantage of them, example. . . Just this last Thursday, I was at the mall with a friend of mine enjoying the beautiful decorations, when I came upon a amazing sale, I looked around for a few minutes when I saw this beautiful scarf, that has been marked way down, I have a good friend who wears scarf year round, I took it over to a scanner to see how much it was, I couldn’t believe what it said, so wentnti a register, stood in line, it was my turn I handed the sales girl the scarf and when she rung it up it was $1.99.

      That’s how I shop for every holiday, birthday, anniversary.

      I don’t go broke and i only but for those i am close to, not for every shirt tail relative, friend in passing, or do worker i never really talk to any other time.

      So unless you can make this same statement, and it be the truth, sit down, shut up, and let the rest of us enjoy this holiday season for we know why we do!!!

      God Bless, Merry Christmas

  13. Emil. It’s because JESUS is the reason for Christmas. Remember the tree is for the cross. The decorations is for his birth. We are celebrating his birthday. It is Jesus, the Christ child and they don’t believe in Jesus and the religions that don’t believe in Jesus are the ones who are in control and the State or city won’t interfere with the school so it has become a government in the city government. The tax payers should be able to dictate to the school board and not the other way around, likewise the principal . The surperintendent should have been notified before the letter was sent. I used to go to the PTA meetings and it was such a sham I stopped because the parents have no voice.

  14. These so-called educators should learn and get their facts straight before they take actions against the First Amendment! Fools teaching foolishness to young impressionable children!

  15. It is time to relocate the communists to Russia or China where there is no celebration of anything. No freedom of expression, no thinking outside the communist box. These things are NOT teachers, but preachers of anything against our country and our values. We have a Constitution, and a Bill of Rights. Perhaps teachers should be hired with something other tan a degree in “protesting”. Parents, go to that school dressed in red and green and ride that puke of a principal out on a rail, after painting it RED and Green.
    D0 not allow the leftists to ruin young minds.

  16. this state Nebraska is totally out of control, they are anti religious and should be investigated by the government ,taken to court.The state of Nebraska should be sued by the parents of the children.

    • Terry,
      . . . . It wasn’t the State of Nebraska that did this. It was the Principal of a school who was responsible. The school board reversed the decision. Please read the post before commenting.
      America: Love it or Leave it!
      GOD Bless and GOD Please Help us,

  17. Two can play the game…..the leftist folks have made it clear what they plan for our future to if and when at any time, any where, they get any amount of power…..and so….why don’t we just ban them????

  18. As was shared with me in a conversation with a communist back in 1960 when I declared that their way of thinking would never fly in our country….the response was ” …oh yes, first we will get into you schools”…,,,,mmmmmm and so we will slowly, but surely perhaps realize the darlings were very, very serious!!

  19. The school forgot that Christmas is a legal National Holiday. Banning Christmas celebrations is the first step toward banning Christian thought and killing Christians for their beliefs.

  20. Christmas is part of our religion. Covered in the First Amendment. Take the state and federal funding away. Violation of the First,

  21. Hey.. Christmas is getting to be TOO commercial.. They want us to buy, buy, buy. Christmas should be all about Jesus Christ. Love each other. Help other people people who suffering. Feed the hungry and clothe the poor. If we bring back Jesus Christ into Christmas, schools and every where, we will not have hate, shooting and bullies. Why are we giving in to atheists? Most of us are Christians. We must fight back to bring back true CHRIST back into our lives.

  22. The parents need to ban together and sign a partition , and get a lawyer and sue the school for there first amendment rights.. What about all the people who celebrate Christmas that are not Christians, there rights are just as important. Christmas is a wonderful time for our children. What gives the leftist the right to get rid of it, just because they don’t like it. It makes me wonder what the teachers are telling our children about Christmas. That there is no Santa clauses? The schools think they can get away with this because they don’t think anyone will stand up and confront them. Parents stand up and protect Christmas and our children from the leftist propaganda. Don’t let them win.

  23. The left ruin everything they touch. They have no heart, they are hateful people who want to tell Americans what they can and can’t do. They all need to go to China to live and keep China’s way of life out of America. America is a free country. Something the liberal Democrats don’t want, a FREE country. Christmas is our national holiday. Liberals are evil people. I don’t understand how the left even have followers.

  24. In a way these preposterous attacks on Christmas, have a positive side. They allow the American people to witness the Left’s anti-Christianity in all its most outrageous and loathsome ways.

  25. It is getting to the point that all so called educators, especially superintendents, supervisors etc. are going to have to be screened and held accountable for any violations of constitutional rights. Who are these people and who gives them the authority to dictate these type of “illegal rules”? They must be fired and/or sued for this behavior. People that are being put in positions of power and authority need to be reminded that they work for the parents and the students and they have no right to oppose what the majority of people want from their school system. If these were infringements against Muslims, Jews, or any minority, they wouldn’t even attempt this bullcrap. Christians need to remind the nation that we are still the majority in this country and Christians need to start making the same noise that everyone else has been doing. Lets see the pictures and information of the people that have initiated this nonsense. The media is quick to release personal info about owners or managers of places like Chick-fil a and any other Christian based business that expresses its views but they stay almost mum when it comes to the liberal left. No normal society caters to what the minority of the people want at the expense of the majority of the people. There is no common sense or logic here. This blatant attack against Christians must be dealt with and the time of turning the other cheek has now passed.

  26. Eliminate the illegal federal dept of indoctrination (used to be education) and return the responsibility for education to the states or better yet the local communities. If the atheist teachers in the schools cannot be fired, then home schooling is the only option to educate children.

  27. It’s a PUBLIC school, for crying out loud! They shouldn’t be promoting ANY religion. Why are you all so insistent on having your Christmas hoopla in a school anyway? Shouldn’t this be the role of your churches? Not everyone who objects to religious holidays being observed in public schools is a Muslim. Some just prefer to celebrate as is customary with their own beliefs, or non-beliefs. Not to mention the “season” was celebrated long before Jesus came along (who, according to the Bible, was born sometime in the spring).

    It seems most of you are primarily interested in feeling persecuted. And no one is persecuting you, just not allowing you the special privilege you’ve enjoyed for far too long. BTW, Christmas was not an official holiday until 1870. The Puritans didn’t celebrate Christmas at all and it only began to be “celebrated”, beyond a Christmas service at church, during the Civil War. Get your panties in a bunch over something worthwhile for a change.

    • This is a Christian Nation based on Christian principals. If you don’t like it then you are welcome to pack up your bags and get out. The muslims are here against Federal Law. They are a Clear and Present danger to all of us. If you convert to islam you are required to denounce your Citizenship and leave the country. We Patriots have had our fill of you communist traitors trying to destroy our country and our way of life.
      America: Love it or Leave it!
      GOD Bless and GOD Please Help us,

      • What Federal law bans Muslims from being citizens of the United States? Does this law also apply to other non-Christian religions or just Muslims? I’m especially interested in the law that requires anyone to leave the country if they convert to another religion – please provide the statute and year passed.

        We’re all more in danger from the actions of white nationalists than a Muslim,
        I’m certainly not a communist nor a traitor but I do see the country I love being threatened by people who know little of our true history and so have created one, in their own minds, that never really existed and would appall our founders. No thinking person would truly abide by “My country right or wrong” or even less so “America, love it or leave it”. Statements like that just make you look fearful, small-minded and far from patriotic.

        • Leanne,
          . . . . The law was enacted by congress and sign by President Jackson during the Barbary Coast era. islam is not a religion and President Jackson realized this. I don’t know the statute. islam is a Clear and Present danger to all of us. There are a billion of them that have one goal and that is to conquer the world. The white nationalists are a very small number and besides some occasional racism are not very dangerous. The threat from them has been severely overblown by the communist propaganda machine aka msm, while the threat from the muslims has been severely understated by the same traitors.
          . . . . Either you Love America or you should Leave it!
          America: Love it or Leave it!
          GOD Bless and GOD Please Help us,

          • I think you’re confusing Jackson with Jefferson and even Jefferson did sign anything banning Muslims from entering the USA. Of course Islam is a religion, what a bizarre and unfounded thing to say. If it encompasses some sort of worldview that extends beyond a basic belief system then so does Judaism and Christianity and most other world religions. White Nationalists may be relatively small in number but they certainly exceed their size in violence (did you read the article I referenced?). If you think Christianity did not commit outrageous atrocities in attempting to wipe-out or marginalize to powerless numbers a group of non-christians you might check with our Native American citizens. The fact that our takeover of Native American lands was primarily an economic motive we certainly fell back on the desire to “convert” that population as our more agreeable (?) public persona. The Barbary Pirates were first and foremost pirates pursuing riches, the fact that they were Muslim was secondary and mostly gave them a two-fer, much like us with the Native Americans. Christianity has every bit as violent a past as Islam – some of just chose to ignore it. America was begun as a secular nation and should remain that way for the benefit of us all. Theocracies never end well.

  28. I can’t believe this school’s principal has not been relieved of duties. That means the district must go along with the principal. Even though I’m not a Christian I find the entire situation disgusting and contrary to the foundation of this country. We are becoming a very sick, totally secular country contrary to those that formed it.


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