An elementary school is facing a lawsuit for targeting Christian students in this despicable way


Christian students in America’s public schools are being targeted by the “progressive” left.

School administrators are using their positions of power to censor Christian conservatives or intimidate them into shutting up.

But what this school just did to Christian elementary school students is sickening.

At John R. Peterson Elementary School in Huntington Beach, California, students were banned from handing out flyers for “Bring Your Bible to School Day.”

The school district’s superintendent Gregg Haulk told Fox News that they “try to discourage flyers as much as possible” because they think “they’re not an effective tool of communication.”

However, now the school is facing a lawsuit on behalf of the students’ parents from a religious freedom group by the name of Freedom X.

Christian Headlines writes:

An elementary school violated the U.S. Constitution when it prevented students from passing out “Bring Your Bible to School Day” flyers during lunch and recess, according to a new lawsuit.

The students, who are brothers in the fifth and second grade, wanted to hand out the flyers to their friends at John R. Peterson Elementary School in Huntington Beach, Calif., but were told that both hours are considered “instructional blocks.”

Bring Your Bible to School Day is an annual event each October and sponsored by Focus on the Family.

“Plaintiffs believe that they have a constitutional right to distribute their Bring Your Bible to School Day promotional flyers at John R. Peterson Elementary School during recess, lunch and other non-instructional times,” says the federal lawsuit filed by the religious legal group Freedom X.

The suit was filed on behalf of their parents, Jason and Holly Bausch. It claims the school’s policy violates the students’ constitutionally protected freedoms of speech and religion.

“Students, regardless of grade level, have a First Amendment right to express a religious viewpoint to another student, including the right to distribute religious flyers, without fear,” said Freedom X president and chief counsel Bill Becker.

As the President of Freedom X correctly pointed out, the students have every right to hand out flyers during non-class time if they so please.

And whether or not the school administrators like it is neither here nor there.

But the fact that they would belittle their students by labeling what they’re doing as “ineffective” is just plain mean.

The reality is that if the students were handing out flyers for anything other than “Bring Your Bible to School Day,” the school wouldn’t bat an eye.

And surely the school wouldn’t have stopped a Muslim student from handing out flyers for “Bring Your Qu’ran to School Day.”

They would have praised that act as “brave” and “courageous.”

Sadly, the war on the Bible in schools is nothing new, however.

As we reported, students at a high school in Pennsylvania were even banned from handing out Bibles during non-class time.

These “progressive” school administrators don’t even try to hide its war on Christianity.

They take every chance they get to silence Christian conservatives from being able to speak out.

Do you think the Bible should be allowed in schools? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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