An elected Democrat filed one piece of paper that left jaws on the ground


The Democrats are in the midst of an identity crisis.

They can’t seem to make up their mind on anything.

And one elected Democrat filed a piece of paper that left jaws on the ground.

A rift within the Democrat party is growing.

The moderates are under heavy assault from the quasi-socialist progressives and the unabashed Marxists that have taken on the role of thought leaders within the party.

While the media and many in the elite class are siding with the far Left, the actual Democrat voters aren’t completely on board with this radical shift.

And neither are a lot of local politicians.

The Epoch Times reports:

Solis’s move shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Over the past two years, Democrats have pushed hard to make abortion a litmus for inclusion in the party.

DNC chair Tom Perez says there’s place for pro-life candidates in the party, and MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow echoed those sentiments while moderating a debate when posing abortion question to candidates.

Ronald Reagan famously said, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party left me.”

Solis is experiencing that phenomenon, as are many other former liberals.

Movements like the #WalkAway campaign are opening people’s eyes to the radicalism of the Left and just how toxic it is.

If this trend continues, the Democrats will be in serious trouble come 2020.

Do you think the Democrats might have more high-profile defections because of their radicalism?

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