An all-women’s college banned the use of this symbol for this absurd reason


The radical left has been reduced to a show of virtue signaling.

They try to out-do one another to be the most “progressive” and “inclusive.”

But what these students said about the female sign is headspinning.

At Mount Holyoke College, the school administration wanted to create a new logo including the “H” and the “C” positioned so it would create the female symbol – otherwise known as the Venus symbol.

But some students at the all-women’s school, who apparently “don’t identify as women,” have taken offense to the new logo. They whined that it isn’t inclusive enough.

The Daily Wire reports:

A Massachusetts all-women’s college found out the hard way that any attempt to include anything relating to gender or sex will be met with scorn in today’s society.

Mount Holyoke College (MHC) officials tried to commission a new logo for the school that included the initials MHC sideways, so that the “H” and the “C” formed the female gender symbol – known as the Venus symbol.

This angered students and alumni who don’t identify as women, and the school was forced to apologize and withdraw the logo design.

The Daily Hampshire Gazette reported that the Venus symbol is offensive to those who identify as transgender or nonbinary and quoted alumni Tessa Ann Schwarz, who took her dismay to Twitter.

“Speaking as one of those trans alums, you all will not be getting my money until this is changed, and I am not alone,” Schwarz tweeted.

MHC spokeswoman Keely Savoie told the Gazette that the school would scrap the proposed logo and try again with a new design in January.

MHC was originally a women-only college, but established a policy in 2014 that allowed the school to formally admit trans women (biological men who identify as women).

The school has thrown out the rulebook by allowing anyone to be a student based on how they “feel” on any given day.

This just goes to show how troubled the radical left is.

If biological sex is not the objective reality that defines gender, what is?

The LGBT activists don’t have an answer to this question.

And it inevitably leads to this constant back-and-forth of virtue signaling from the LGBT activists to see who can be the most “progressive.”

If we don’t have objective standards for defining gender, we get Target’s transgender bathrooms, men in an all women’s college, a transgender Miss Universe contestant, and biologically male athletes competing in women’s sports.

Do you think the female symbol is offensive? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  2. It’s really sad when a few cry babies can make a college turn tale and run. If we don’t stand up to these kind of people, we will never see an end to this cry baby crap.

  3. I think anyone who thinks this symbol is offensive is offensive. There are 2 sexes , male and female, period! All this gender disphoria is wrapped in mental confusion. This is tipping the scales way beyond normal and acceptable.

  4. Emil, I agree with you and I am +80 years old. Society has made many changes in my lifetime but this is the most nonsensical! Transgendering,re-writing historical events, attempting to transport humans to Mars, almost anything to divert focus to the real problems facing Mankind:
    respest for one another. This will become a greater challenge for young people. But these individuals do not own the schools, colleges, universities, their generous forefathers dreamed of enabling talented and intelligent young men and women to
    master ( and earn ‘Masters’ Degree) and additionally, Doctotate or Fellow. Our ancestors purchased and donated the land, designed the campus to be beautiful and peaceful for study and reflection by both students, staff and the community. Many forward thinking benefactors funded grants, scholarships, fellowships, laboratories, dormitories, magnificent libraries, and research facilities for students applying themselves. Unfortunately so many young ladies and gentlemen forget their manners and to say ‘Thank you’ to those invisible and generous benefactors who made college possible. They are not playgrounds for spoiled, self-centered, under-educated, unemployed. Do you agree?

  5. BRATS. ALL. And they don’t identify as ‘Female’ but enrolled at a college established FOR women? My goodness, didn’t they read their birth certificates? By what legal right do these pickled brained children assume we give a damn about their objecting to ANYTHING. That chose to enroll and that means to become part of an institution of greater influence than whether they are LGXYZ. The logo is classical apart and I doubt these whiningchildren even understand its symbolism. SPOILED BRATS. GO HOME TO YOUR MOMMIES!

  6. Don’t these brilliant students have better things to do, like homework, term papers, tests????I would hate to be the parents spending thousands a year on their education and this is what these dumbbells focus on? Bring them home and tell them to get a job.

  7. Denial of traits of identity leads to eventual denial of the rights of individuals to things properly within their individual ownership. Any thing purchased, or inherited, or awarded, or otherwise rightfully gained would no longer be possible to defend against false claimants. It could extend all of the way to the very food you eat, the clothing on your back, and any other possession which is rightfully yours ALONE !!!

  8. Sad, they are in a mess of their own making, when you take it in yourself to rewrite biology this kind of revolting situation occurs. I will be watching how these foolish creatures slither out of this mess! But I suspect that they will end up the same as this step is referred to in the Bible, confused!

  9. It doesn’t matter if these nuts don’t identify as women. But why then are they at a woman’s school. Just because they have mental issues doesn’t mean the rest of the world has to deal with their confusion. Sorry but DNA doesn’t lie ….you are what you were born. PERIOD… Grow up and learn to live in reality….. It’s a woman’s school they should be able to use women’s symbols…if you don’t like it go to another school!

  10. I don’t really give a sh%t! I hope the school will crash and burn as it is obviously just damaging its students with this BS.

  11. “The school has thrown out the rulebook by allowing anyone to be a student based on how they “feel” on any given day.” Holyoke administration and school in general is one sick puppy!

  12. This is the fist time I’ve tried to respond to online comments; therefore, there is no way I have posted this same message.

  13. The school decided to let in males parading as females so they got what they wanted. Crappy minded students not something for any college to be proud of graduating if these non people actually get to graduating. I wonder when the pregnant females will start showing up, I mean what other reason for females to want males parading as females into the college for sex of course.

  14. ALL so called transgenders lgbt and the rest of these perverts should be EXTERMINATED. AND THIS SO CALLED COLLAGE SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN BECAUSE OF THE MORONS THERE.

  15. Your point is well taken, Estelle! These little prima donnas seem to assume ownership of the colleges and universities, although the little darlings are merely enrolled in the ‘pursuit of higher education’. Did I miss something or did
    they build the universities they are so determined to reform to suit their warped introverted minds. If the administration is afraid to do its due diligence by expelling these troublesome gangs, I think we, the public, should assume leadership roles. These children shall not be permitted to destroy our bastions of advanced learning.
    To these ‘progressives’, I must respond:
    Grow up, you silly little girls and boys! After you build your own legally accredited colleges, we’ll talk. Respect the heritage
    which our founders built for you, never in their wildest dreams realizing you would be so ungrateful! Spoiled rotten, aren’t they?

  16. Many of the young people in America seem to be lost and found, and then lost again! I know and employ many of them and simply wonder if they have learned anything from their families, life experiences, and educations. The ones that do finally figure it out seem to rise quickly through their early twenties and get planted in careers, solid relationships, income generation, and new successes. It makes you wonder what kind of families and education did they actually experience in their development years!

  17. Say WHAT?? The hell! We are Americans and last I heard still have freedom of speech! Did I miss the revolution??

  18. I hope the movers and shakers are seeing that this progressive/liberal BS is going to see it cost them money.
    The majority of American citizens do not support the current trend of Blasphemy and Perversion and will demonstrate this by not frequenting businesses which do. History demonstrates that the progressive/liberal conduct, which is no more or less communism, does not support a good basis to any society, especially a capitalistic society, which in turn, births failure, sickness, poverty and general un-wellness to the people.
    I urge All Americans To Read The COMMUNIST MANIFESTO, And Learn What Is Confronting America


  19. It must be nice to have so little to do in one’s life that you have time to worry about this nothing burger.

  20. Agree! People especially you Americans do Not protest the real root cause of where it all started! Christians ,and conservatives do not unite to resist any oppositions! It all started with the 60’s hippie, dippie, anything goes attitudes of the liberal lowering of standards to pacify all that hurts all! Today it’s the minority of gay , transgener rights which are the perversion of the civil rights movements that have no resistance from the majority! Majority overrides the minorities, that’s issues not race for those that are the dumbed down blind mass called snowflakes!

  21. I’m sick & tired of all this politically correct nonsense. If you have male genitalia from birth you are male, women’s genitalia from birth you are female. No argument or BS.

  22. as long as we allow this insane nonsense , it will continue to erode our once great , sane society. boys are boys and girls are girls, so let them fantasize all they want to in their “safe rooms” but STAY THERE and quit polluting us with this tomfoolery

  23. If you got a P.between your legs your a girl, if you got a D. hanging your a boy, so what part do these dumb ass morons don’t understand, and all these brain fags to be put in a mental home.

  24. Joe M Let them know they are violating your Fist Amendment rights. They are a public network and are held to the First Amendment—NOT THEIR LOUSY BRAINLESS LIBERAL OPINIONS

  25. Well put E.Conboy. I personally think all the babies who object and are on the board should be fired. Let ” real ” women run the school and expel all students who are not women by birth. This is a girls ( or women’s ) school not a school for Target. Put the new logo up and if they don’t like it they can leave. This is almost as bad as Harvard turning against it founding as a Christian school. What a disgrace.

  26. It is a shining example of Spock’s logical thinking in an alien world of LGBT nonsense! I love how stupid it has all gotten.

  27. They want to stick their foot into the door to everything that is good. That way they can destroy the US. Like the camel getting his nose under the tent. Pretty soon the whole darn thing is in. Everybody listen, please. Don’t even let these people have an inch. Bar them from women’s sports, women’s colleges, scouting of the opposite sex, beauty pageants, dressing rooms and bathrooms, to name a few. Treat them as the sex they were born. If they have a fit, too bad. Straight people can be offended too. But what kind of special treatment do we get? NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH!!!!!!

  28. All they have to do when these Nitt Witt protests show up is simply hold a vote. In this case students only. We are still a democracy are we not? Actually we are a Republic for all of you who would blotch about that!!

  29. What is really offensive to me is the fact that all these people have lost their mind yet expect to be accomadated as if they are normal. All the Left is crazy!! Our great country is being destroyed by idiots.even those on our courts are going against what is right for America. They all think we are just a conglomeration of parts without any sense so they think we will buy this nonsense. God is watching and listening,He couldn’t be very pleased with all of this.

  30. Yes, very well said! It’s all very shameful … How we have continued in this manner is sad, and can be defeating.
    But, if we trust the Creator God, Holy Spirit, and Jesus, all one in the same, we know this … God is on His throne, but, that’s not going to change. God help us.

  31. If parents are foolish enough to support these schools so be it. No tax funds and no type of government programs like loans or student aide.

    They need to be self supporting. Parents stop paying not enough transgenders to pick up the tab. The school will close.

  32. To liberals, facts are of no importance; what matters is how someone feels about something. That’s an interesting standard. It’s not about whether border security is essential; it’s about how everyone should “feel” about it. See, the universal liberal standard can be applied to any question to get the right (PC) answer.

  33. But Satan has placed some of his angels in the school disguised as students. LGBTQ is a sinful group of people who will NOT enter into God’s Kingdom will the BS.

  34. Well … I will just say … this idiots, the Millennial’s, plus the Democrats, and Liberals … will have this country destroyed within the next ten to 15 years.
    No You Say???!! Well just remember this word around that time, being you, are still living, if you are surely will not be in the country like you are now.
    More likely will be in a slave plantation, a FEMA Camp, or such being controlled by the Democrat government.
    Believe me, it is coming … this country will be destroyed by the above people, nothing will save this country, unless you all wake up and start kicking ASS!!
    Just glad I will not be around by that time … but will sure be laughing my ASS Off, from above or below … which ever the case may be. God Bless

  35. If they don’t identify as women, what the heck are they attending an ALL women school? How hypocritical can you get!

  36. Why is it everyone has to change to do what the left say’s is right. Maybe they need to be the ones changing. It’s time to put this Political Correctness in it’s place “in the toilet”. If you don’t like what the school is doing go somewhere else, or better yet just keep your mouth shut, nobody cares what you cry babies want.

  37. These people(?) who don’t know what sex they are need to be separated from society until they can figure out exactly what they are. This is a con of the grandest order to promote confusion among young people. There are two sexes,(genders to those of you who don’t recognize the difference.) If you think you are the opposite of what God created then go have yourself altered and don’t attempt to save eggs or sperm as we don’t need any more of you who are so screwed up that you can’t tell the difference. And knock off the crap about saying you think you might be a cat or a tree. You are mentally ill and should not be on the streets where you represent a danger to yourself and others.

  38. And I should mention that this school and any other school that fosters this garbage be closed down. There are 2 genders (Sexes) not 32 like some of the weirder screwballs claim.

  39. Now, while it is still legal (but will probably be censored by an intellectually challenged social warrior), I retain and utilize my freedom of speech right
    to wish all of you a merry Christmas as we Christians celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. None of that ‘happy holidays’ tip toeing around the reason for this sacred holy day. What’s the matter with people? Why are we allowing ourselves be intimidated by ‘politically correct’ idiots?
    If I may quote words from a beautiful Christmas carol,
    O come all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant.
    Come ye, o come ye to Bethlehem.
    Come and adore Him, born the King of Angels!
    O come let us adore Him.O come let us adore Him.
    O come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord.
    May we all keep the spirit of Christmas in our hearts forever!
    What’s politically incorrect about this?

  40. colleges teach-biology, science, etc…huh? Parents-do NOT send your kinds to Colleges/universities that support these values…Money speaks louder!

  41. It’s the school that will be met with scorn. It’ll be a cold day in hell before I’d pay for my children to go to one like it.

  42. more rediculous noise making, political correctness. this is a womens college – if you don’t “identify” AS A WOMAN, YOU SHOULDN’T BE GOING THERE!

  43. Trump should reverse Obama’s gender self identification by having the legislatures vote on a rule that DNA and chromosomes determine your gender. Gays can still be gays just stuck with the gender they are born with unless a board of psychiatrists determine they are truly suffering from gender dysphoria. Then and only after they are full post op should they be able to change their gender.

  44. Here’s the solution, in the Midwest, in my misspent youth, where bird hunting with dogs is a dearly loved sport, a lot of restaurants and bars, being many decades ahead of their time, did not have Mens rooms & Womens rooms, they had the Pointers & the Setters. BUILD THE WALL, DEPORT THEM ALL, MAGA OR ELSE!!!

  45. It’s interesting to speculate just how insane and ridiculous things are going to get, up until Jesus Christ returns.

  46. Do you believe any male who applies to and is accepted for enrollment in a women’s college is sufficiently able to compare himself to women? Women are survivors of unimaginable difficulties every single month of their lives from youth til menopause, some giving birth one or more times. Some men would require a nurse and blood transfusion. If I endured all that, raised a male child or two who entertained thoughts of transgenderizing and applied for acceptance at a woman’s college, I would have no reservations in returning him to the sender; he certainly would not be a woman. There are many other colleges for males, unless he’s not man enough. Will some one please explain when, how, and why this un-natural reversal of gender was started? Is there some secret experiment being conducted on our civilization by UFOs or some foreign gov’t. I did NOT volunteer to participate!

  47. I can help any male who wants to transission to female and I will help them for a very small fee!
    I have a very clean and sterile facility and a very sharp machete!!

  48. The school president and faculty should stand their ground and not let a few sinful people upset the college. Only students in the women college that have a vagina can attend. Use God’s laws not the SCOTUS.

  49. What happened to being tolerant of others, different from you. Now that the LGBTQRXYZ crowd have been given “special rights” by the decrees of Obozo; this group is now feeling empowered to bully anyone around, they disagree with. Why is the crowd that has cried about bullying so much, think they are entitled to do so now?

  50. Seems to me that these people know they are freaks and can’t/won’t change, so they try to get everyone else to accept them and get change so they will feel normal. Too bad, because it will never work. They are NOT normal and never will be. Eventually they will die out, but will screw up an entire generation before they do.

  51. Indeed! So how much longer will we permit these half-wits to mis-use of our places of higher learning? They act as if these are ‘club houses’ where they can isolate themselves while they indulge in their immoral and illegal behavior at taxpayers expense! There seems to be no code of conduct or guidelines to which ‘students’must adhere without integrity or ethics.
    What does a diploma represents now, that Mommy and Daddy were suckered?
    That being true, which medical student would you trust to care for you or your family in the future?

    I applaud your comments, and understand our outrage at these stupid indulged brats.
    Let us ‘Stay the course!’
    As we negotiate these challenging times I remember words from Irving Berlin’s inspiring song:

    ‘God bless America, land that I love,
    Stand beside her and guide her
    Through the night
    with a light from above,
    from the mountains,
    to the prairies,
    to the oceans white with foam.
    God bless America,
    my home sweet home.
    God bless America,
    my home sweet home.’

  52. Enjoy hearing from reasonable people. This is a democracy in America. We now make changes for a few. What happened to majority rule?

  53. Better yet let all those applicants who claim to be female have intercourse. Those that become pregnamt and give birth are “FEMALES”. those that get them pregnant are male. If neither event occurs there is no admittance.

  54. What do the lettersLGBTQ stand for anyway? I’ve spent last 3 1/2 yrs. taking care of my invalid wife & am not up on letters instead of words

  55. those half-witted dumbbells will only understand when they will lose money–when it hits the pocketbooks then will they see truth-maybe?…thinking about going back to College? not there…. look elsewhere…put money in where it will be worthy
    I as a DEAF woman, I want to learn something worthy rather than listening to a bunch of whiners, snowflakes, etc.
    Grow up -get over it for the majority rules and the Taxpayers are getting tired of this Bullcrap-if you can’t grow up then go bury yourself

  56. Yes it is…now after what happened to the Boy Scouts…one female group running the show is very flat out wrong-You are not diverse–just head in the sand

  57. Who in the world has time for this nonsense. I am 76 years old and I have never given thought to those symbols. I don’t have time to waste on them! Know this—God is watching and He has a plan for the evil doers. It’s a shame they are getting away with all their foolishness. They may have their fun now, but when Almighty God gets hold of them…………………..!

    The only thing that bothers me is that to which my grandchildren may be subjected. I don’t want anyone’s screwy beliefs forced on them. That is one fight I will get in the middle of.

  58. If the ones who apparently “don’t identify as women, the college should refuse their continued enrollment as it is for FEMALE students only when this term is over. They can go to a male only college or better yet a college in another country.

  59. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party and RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception, Fake News (Russian Collusion and Jussie M hoax) the list is endless! And the clueless minions that follow them!

  60. Oh the insanity. When will it all end? Borden dairy products has a cow on it. Why not add a bull, a Gurnsey, Herford, Black Angus, Jersey, and all other bovines. They have to be inclusive. Don’t they?How stupid. It would be a real mess if everything had to be included in everything in life. In sports, with 2 teams playing, only one comes out the winner. If you lose, quit crying. That’s the way the game’s played. That’s life. I wish all the snowflakes would melt already. Tired of them whining and crying about unfairness. And it’s all the little things. Why not get behind the president and work to make this country greater again. We are still great, you know. In case you’ve forgotten.

  61. Must be TOTAL MOEONS ruining this School and Teaching there as well. Transgender is a LIE. Gender is UNCHANGEABLE. If these MENTALLY ILL persons actually had their gender changed they would not need the Hormones/ Testosterone or Counceling once their last surgery was done. But we all know once they stop those things their Normal NATURAL Gender comes back. So transgender is a LIE cooked up by QUACKS looking for a steady income. If those at this supposed place of learning has brains instead of WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER in the space between their ears.

  62. the hate for Trump is greater than their own understanding because they are just narrow minded but demand others to be open-minded…ugh double standard


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