An all-women’s college banned the use of this symbol for this absurd reason


The radical left has been reduced to a show of virtue signaling.

They try to out-do one another to be the most “progressive” and “inclusive.”

But what these students said about the female sign is headspinning.

At Mount Holyoke College, the school administration wanted to create a new logo including the “H” and the “C” positioned so it would create the female symbol – otherwise known as the Venus symbol.

But some students at the all-women’s school, who apparently “don’t identify as women,” have taken offense to the new logo. They whined that it isn’t inclusive enough.

The Daily Wire reports:

A Massachusetts all-women’s college found out the hard way that any attempt to include anything relating to gender or sex will be met with scorn in today’s society.

Mount Holyoke College (MHC) officials tried to commission a new logo for the school that included the initials MHC sideways, so that the “H” and the “C” formed the female gender symbol – known as the Venus symbol.

This angered students and alumni who don’t identify as women, and the school was forced to apologize and withdraw the logo design.

The Daily Hampshire Gazette reported that the Venus symbol is offensive to those who identify as transgender or nonbinary and quoted alumni Tessa Ann Schwarz, who took her dismay to Twitter.

“Speaking as one of those trans alums, you all will not be getting my money until this is changed, and I am not alone,” Schwarz tweeted.

MHC spokeswoman Keely Savoie told the Gazette that the school would scrap the proposed logo and try again with a new design in January.

MHC was originally a women-only college, but established a policy in 2014 that allowed the school to formally admit trans women (biological men who identify as women).

The school has thrown out the rulebook by allowing anyone to be a student based on how they “feel” on any given day.

This just goes to show how troubled the radical left is.

If biological sex is not the objective reality that defines gender, what is?

The LGBT activists don’t have an answer to this question.

And it inevitably leads to this constant back-and-forth of virtue signaling from the LGBT activists to see who can be the most “progressive.”

If we don’t have objective standards for defining gender, we get Target’s transgender bathrooms, men in an all women’s college, a transgender Miss Universe contestant, and biologically male athletes competing in women’s sports.

Do you think the female symbol is offensive? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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