An 11-year-old student wanted to pick Donald Trump as her hero. What her teacher did will make you fume


President Donald J. Trump is one of the most popular Presidents amongst Republican voters.

And one sixth-grade student wanted to pick Donald Trump as her hero for a class project.

But after she told her teacher she wanted to choose Trump, what her teacher did will have you fuming.

Bella Moscato says she has admired Trump since she was 8-years old.

She even dressed up as him for a third-grade class project.

So when her sixth-grade teacher gave her class an assignment to write about their heroes, Bella knew without hesitation she wanted to write about the 45th President of the United States.

But her teacher had other plans.

Bella was told by her teacher that Donald Trump is not an appropriate choice and demanded she write about someone else.

Worse, she embarrassed the student when she nixed her idea in front of another teacher and her entire class.

The student claimed the teacher said Trump “spreads negativity and says bad stuff about women.”

And now Bella’s parents aren’t happy.

“My daughter’s hero is the president of our country. I can’t believe anybody at the school would tell my daughter that that guy can’t be her hero,” Arthur Moscato, father of Bella, told the school board.

“I’m incensed by this,” he added.

Her mother didn’t mince words either.

“My daughter has every right to do and pick a hero of her choice. It’s a First Amendment right, freedom of speech, freedom of expression,” Valerie said. “So, it was really upsetting to me that [the teacher] was trying to shut her down.”

But school officials are trying to downplay what happened.

“It is not accurate that this student was told that they were not allowed to conduct research or report on any individual for a school assignment, including President Trump. To the best of our knowledge, by choice the student is still conducting their project of President Trump,” he said.

The school’s reaction only angered the student’s parents even more, saying their response not only paints their daughter as a liar, but is a deflection aimed at making their daughter look like the bad guy.

We will keep you updated as this story progresses.

What do you think? Should the teacher be fired for violating this child’s First Amendment rights?

Let us know in the comments.


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  2. Absolutely, the teacher should be fired. As a matter of fact, anytime a student’s 1st Amendment right by a teacher/professor, they should also be fired. We will never get a hand on these liberal government employees until a heavy hand is taken.

  3. Fire the so-called “teacher”! She is trying to keep the students from learning in her classroom.

  4. Also, the members of the school board should be removed after their
    lame attitude and response to a serious issue!

  5. Teachers are historically 88% libs. This teacher is one of thousands that need to be put out to pasture, ie, fired
    just to send a message. The college instructors are much worse. Any conservative is beaten down and shunned. No wonder that the millenials coming out of college are flaming idiots with no clue what this country stands for.

  6. This teacher crossed The Line and should be banned from All class rooms This girl will not be comfortable staying at that school because of the conflict

  7. This is disgusting. The leftist mentality of group identity is so deep seated in our entire education system.

  8. This teacher has no right to do this to this child (any child). She should be fired plus the people who backed up this teacher should be fired. I am sure they can go above the board as they have a person in charge of the school system. God Bless these parents for sticking up for their child.

  9. People under 18 years of age are not fully covered by the bill of rights, however the teacher and parents are. The teacher should be forced to do a project about president Trump and apologize in front of the class and perhaps the entire school for her oppressive and anti government bullying behavior.

  10. YES, fire the teacher now. There is no excuse for any teacher to limit the right of Freedom of speech and expression.

  11. This is what the public receives when our educational system gets hijacked by a political party. A reliable study shows that 80% in our K through college consists of liberals as teachers and an even higher percentage of liberals that control the administration. What is needed are sensible people as school board members who are not “bullied” by the administrators they hire. In other words, school board members need to educate themselves in order to reverse poor policies that are enacted by liberal administrators. Many school board members are only members in order to “impress” others that they are school board members. They know nothing about the educational process and they get in the way of true educational reform. We need people that ARE educated or are willing to go the extra mile to educate themselves to become an effective school board member. Don’t let the system become the “tail wagging the dog” but the “dog wagging the tail.”

  12. That “teacher” is a classic example of Politics of Contempt. That “teacher” is a damned stupid, Marxist MORON!

  13. Time to push back on the liberal fools who run and teach our kids. I would definitely get legal representation & file a suit to have the teacher & any administrator who backed the teacher removed from their positions. If we don’t take back our schools, we’ll loose the country to these idiots.

  14. Terminate the teacher ASAP and fine the school $100,000 50% of which should go to building the privately funded wall and 50% to the girls education fund1

  15. If this teacher is not penalized for her behavior, it will not stop. This is only one example making the news. How many more of these indoctrination actions take place every day?
    It may sound harsh making the teacher get back into line and behave as a molder of young minds. But what about this child who’s innocent curiosity and beliefs are thrown into the controversy? Nope, if it takes firing this dim bulb to send a message to the other leftists, then I’m afraid it will have to be that way in my world.

  16. Just another example of a Liberal brain washed teacher from a brain washed college. Our public schools and higher institutions are ate up with this LEFT WING LIBERAL CANCER. Parents save your children and our nation from being intimidated and brain washed by these idiots

  17. From the soft, gentle refrains of Kenny Rogers…..
    “Once had a brain inside their heads,
    Public schooling killed them dead,
    Yet somehow on and on they go,
    only knowing what they’re told…..”


    YOUR CHILD will have a minimum of 10 IQ points on the teacher and NOBODY can teach ABOVE their own ability to comprehend the subject matter!

  18. This student holds our country and our president in high regard. I she stood up for the incompetent Obama she would have been praised. President trump has set the bar perhaps to high for teachers and it scares them. They must teach and get results. How did we let liberals get control of our educational system? This is the worst performance of anyone in any profession.

  19. Another example how our entire education system is trying to instill their political agenda upon our children.
    What is happening in our country is against everything it was created upon. We are at a point where we MUST stop these fools from brainwashing our kids or USA is heading for complete destruction. I pray for our children as I worry for the world they will have to survive in if this happens.

  20. The teacher should be dismissed but should have to apologize to the student body and faculty at an assembly before leaving. No child should be humiliated in front of her classmates and teachers. Good for the child and her parents for standing up against the bullying of their child. Sounds like the school board needs a shake up too, which a nice hefty lawsuit could do for violating first amendment rights.

  21. Just reassign the teacher to the Muslim Paradise in Minnesota so she can cater to the Allahuakbarians students there who worship Allah!

  22. This Teacher was way out of line and should be dismissed from teaching the school board is total wrong for trying to down play the whole thing, teachers are not to act like this they are to teach the kids not belittle them.

  23. Teacher should be fired. They are there to teach not to tell them what political view the teacher has. Fire her or someone will sue the school. You ought to be glade it was my kid I would had given the teacher a mouth full.

  24. Were the students required to say who they were doing their report on? Why not write the report and surprise the teacher and classmates! The article also said she portrayed him earlier this year. Did the teacher need to know beforehand who the students were portraying, or were they surprised by each students’ choices?

  25. I just read that there will be more Millenials voting in 2020 than Conservatives (baby boomers) because the boomers are dying off and the schools are churning out these Liberals. I think our country is in grave danger of becoming a Liberal country and will soon just be like all the others. I think these parents need a good attorney for them and their child. The people on these school boards these days are in Charlie Brown’s words, BLOCKHEADS.!!!!! Or in my words, AIRHEADS. There is nothing between their ears but indoctrinated nonsense. This is for Pete. I live in MN and believe me, most of us did NOT vote for that muslim POS. Obama dumped thousands of Somalians on Minneapolis and THEY are the ones who (illegally) voted that woman into office. I can’t find ANYONE who will admit to voting for her. We are embarrassed, but it’s not the normal citizens fault. Unless you count the lazy azzwipes who stayed home and didn’t vote at all.

  26. The Teacher should at least be suspended and required to attend a program reaquainting her with her professional responsibilities as an educator. If she refuses, or does not recognize her inappropriate actions, then she should be fired and her Teaching License to be suspended. This would be the sane if she communicated similar negative opinions about anybody, or group. Doesn’t matter whether Trump, Obama, etc..
    The School Board’s reaction is similar to “insitutionalized “ responses rampany in the 60’s regarding race. She is just not a Professional Educator, and shouldn’t be allowed to practice.

  27. I know five teachers that support President Trump. They are the best
    teachers. The left wing commie teachers are the worst! Disgusting!

  28. I don’t know where all these comments came from but since I live in Vermont I would hope they are from here. Education AND teachers have been a grave problem here in Vermont but I believe it has also been in other states throughout our nation. I believe many teachers go by what the labor board tells them to do for fear of losing their jobs but I also believe the minds of our teachers are not what they use to be either. I am 86 and I had some wonderful teachers but through the years I have seen a tremendous change in the system but most of all this needs to be corrected by the thinking of our leadership and even the teaching of people being trained to be teachers. Parents should be standing up for their children but they seem to be too busy working and taking things for granted. Not any more when we have college professors from other countries moving into our country to change the minds of the American people AND its government. Example: Back around the 1930’s Russia realized they could take over the US without firing a shot and that was through our education system. Read about John Dewey going to Russia in 1829.

  29. If they don’t get rid of this teacher then action should be taken against the school authorities. They are sending a bad message!

  30. I say FIRE her and lock her up for doing that kid that way by violating her constitutional right, this kind of crap has to stop!!!

  31. Alan
    Just another example of how dumb people get when “learning” from Educators” who dictate their
    thoughts on the minds of young people.
    Just look at AOS’s lack of ANY intelligence. Boston college educated bimbo

  32. My comment is simple,
    apply the same solution IF a student chose Obama as a hero and the teacher told her that he was an inappropriate choice!
    I suspect that the teacher would have been severely disciplined!
    Do you agree?

  33. Fired not only for not allowing the child to pick her own hero, but also for shaming her in front of another teacher and the entire class!!! What the hell is wrong with teachers these days????? Is George Washington inappropriate also? The parents should sue the school for this, especially in trying to make their daughter out a liar!!!!! SHAME ON THEM AL!!!!!!

  34. Folks -At 1 time school teachers were fairly bright Americans however- in the last few years school teachers have become the least bright of The US population!

  35. Let the teacher teach a a liberal school that teaches to hate the flag, and whatever th3 liberals agendas are.

  36. Untill you get rid of the progressives and liberals from making the decisions for the school system, this is the problem we are going to keep having!

  37. Laura if you have ever attended a meeting by the school board you would find out they are all the same and if you try and say anything against their beliefs you would be shut down.

  38. USMC0352-
    Exactly! Well put – thank you.
    Pull federal funds from this school district and see how fast
    the teacher and superintendent are gone!
    These people obviously need to study the constitution and bill of rights!
    I hope this little girl gets an invite to the WH too!????????????????
    God bless this child and America!
    Trump 2020. Our only hope!????????????????????????????????????????

  39. MRPH, I totally agree with your comment. So hard to believe that these politics even go on with the very young in school. I am totally disgusted to think that they could get away with this CRAP. They are there to teach our children, NOT to indoctrinate. My suggestion would to HOME SCHOOL if possible. I know most parents have to work nowdays. Politics have gotten WAY GOTTEN WAY OUT OF HAND. I have never seen anything like it and it is UNACCEPTABLE, especially in the school system.

  40. The “educators” of our children are close minded liberals who don’t believe in free speech unless it matches their prejudices. She missed an opportunity to discover what values this child has discovered in following Trump. It could lead to an interesting and possibly enlightening class discussion. The teacher and the school administrators are not educators; they are closed minded dictators and a major problem in our country today. They should all be replaced and this closed minded ideology should be stopped!

  41. I doubt this is even a real story. If so while I agree with the teacher that Trump is not an appropriate hero, I do believe the student is entitled to express their opinion. Maybe if the student is allowed to research the topic properly, the student would come to the correct conclusion, that DJT should be no ones hero.

  42. Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. Based on this statement, we are doomed, folks. The dumb indoctrinated, indoctrinating the next generation.

  43. Wake up, Rita. There is a lot of this going on nation wide. Obama has you brainwashed for eight years.

  44. I consider what was done as child abuse and the school board is guilty of aiding and abetting for trying to downplay the incident.

  45. Fire the teacher and then have mandatory education for all the the teachers in the school system about Constitutional rights of free speech. Sue the school system. If the grade on the paper is poor, ask for an unbiased opinion and if not getting one….sue again. The only thing the Dems understand now and are forced to react to is litigation

  46. YES! The teacher should be fired for so many reasons:
    1. Telling the young girl she couldn’t chose our President as her hero.
    2. Voicing HER opinion of President Trump as though it were everyone’s opinion (which it certainly isn’t!).
    3. Using her “Bully Pulpit” to spread HER FALSE NARRATIVE that President Trump “spreads negativity & says bad things about women”. President Trump has not demeaned women like Hillary & “Slick Willy” have done. The liberal celebrities, Democrats, false Republicans & liberal media have gone BEYOND SPREADING NEGATIVITY using their Public Platform (TV, Newspapers, etc.) to spread these lies!
    4. Not INSTILLING Free Speech & Free Thinking in EVERYONE…whether she agrees with them or not!

  47. This teacher is a great example as to why so many of our young people are self-absorbed, intolerant, uneducated cry babies!!! Many of these teachers are ruining the children they are supposed to be helping by filling their heads with the one and only opinion they think is valid——————Theirs!!! I am so glad I do not have children in the public school system in this Country!!! The teachers are just helping to add to the liberal voting rolls. Funny thing is though, most of the young people talk a good game, but don’t vote!! Very sad situation!!!

  48. Those type of teachers and school administrators must be remove from our education system quick other wise the next generations would became bunch of outlaw

  49. Students do not shed their constitutional rights at the school yard gate. The student should be allowed to write her paper on the hero of her choice. The teacher is way off base here. The school district’s legal counsel should step up to the plate and not only remind the teacher, but the principal, the superintendent, and the school board that the girl and her parents are well within their constitutional rights.

  50. If she wanted to write her school project on O’Bummer she would have been applauded for it. Double standard, it’s only to appease what the libturds agenda and narrative is.
    Hopefully Fox News catches wind of this and interview this brave little girl. How is it that she gets it but the snowflakes don’t?!?!?
    I have the answer, these new voters and loud mouths are the generation that “Everyone is a WINNER” and EVERYONE gets a trophy and we don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Nobody should feel bad or feel like an outsider! WAHHHHH!!!!! And now we have to live with their agenda and it’s getting worse EVERY day!

  51. I don’t like to hear children are told who they can or can’t write or talk about but I’ll wait to hear the rest of the story and what actually will be done about the situation.

  52. Oh, like Betsy DeVos you must mean. She has no experience as a teacher or any other kind of educator, yet she became the Secretary of Education for this country. Now you can see how she is also screwing up the education system for us all.

  53. John – what education system are you the product of?? What a nice term you have used for a female teacher!!

  54. The teacher should be fired and a million dollar suit filed. I am so sick of these teachers pushing their beliefs on these kids. This should be a learning lesson to all teachers. As a retired teacher, this would have been immediate suspension should we have pushed our beliefs on our students. This has got to stop!

  55. Not only is the teacher a jerk, whoever wrote the school’s response is, to say the least, grammatically challenged. “Student” is a singular noun and cannot be coupled with the plural pronoun “they.” I would put my child in a better school in a heartbeat.

  56. Rita – I love your thinking and comment. You are absolutely right. Please continue your open-mindedness and comment appropriately!!

  57. Nancy why do you come on these sights to post your idiotic Democratic views. Your comment has nothing to do with the story. This teacher is a disgrace yet once again you try to blame the Trump administration.

  58. What has the President said about women that is bad? Lock her up and some will let you grab some p…y? Nothing that is not true about that. These are the women we despise the most and they don’t deserve our respect. This teacher is a Liberal with TDS and she has no business teaching young valuable minds!! Fire her!!

  59. Our education system has been screwed (and is getting progressively worse) since the late ’60s…

  60. BOTH teachers. The Principle, Assistant Principle, and anybody else that went along with this should be canned and then SUED by the girls parents and anybody else offended by this far left Nazism!
    Isn’t any other way to stop this globalism fascist crap except STAND UP AND FIGHT!

  61. The assignment was to pick someone the children admired…. the child picked President Trump…. so be it.
    The teacher had no right to discriminate against the child….it should be the child’s choice and she should continue with her assignment of Trump…. teachers should be unbiased and teach subject matter. If the teachers teach the subject matter to where every child understands the subject matter then they have succeeded in teaching.

  62. Most teachers do not teach, they indoctrinate. Been that way for a long time. Simply look at the kids coming out of our education system today. Snowflakes, a prime example is AOC. Need I say more?

  63. Parents of this child should keep at the school for it’s dishonesty. Teachers are paid their salaries through taxes. Were it my child, I would be fighting mad and ready to sue the school principal, the teacher, the district and hold the state responsible for this. This is what has become of our schools in too many instances. It’s time for parents and their representatives to stand up to this globalist mission of Anti-Trump, Anti Americanism. And that is what it amounts to in the end. The Department of Education needs to be taken to task for this too.

  64. Anna I agree with Jim wholeheartedly ! The school board needs to hold a parents’ association meeting to have the teacher apologize to the student at the meeting and then the school board and teacher must be fired. What kind of education are children receiving today? It’s disgusting.

  65. No – I think the teacher should be commended for her honesty and bringing a little corrective truth into the World of an 8 year old. The Student should get some psychiatric counseling as should her parents and – quite frankly – anyone who supports Chump and thinks of him as anything more than a draft-dodging , tax-dodging psycho Sociopath who screams , rants and raves at his own Staff, fires anyone who doesn’t cater to his demands (often illegal or unconstitutional) and runs the most incompetent Adminstration since Warren Harding. I can say this because – unlike most of the Chump Party – I believe in free speech. For everyone , not just the wackadoodle far right of the RNC.

  66. Were have our rights and tolerance of all Ideals gone and why are teachers abusing our children. You do not embarrass our children this way. I though tolerance was what was being taught in our collages today. Did I miss some thing here? Is this what our collages are teaching our kids today? No wonder they are so confused just out of collage, they have no ideal what is right or wrong.

  67. d. trump is both an INSANE IDIOT & A WALKING, TALKING PILE OF BRAIN DEAD CRAP. Three Cheers for that teacher on telling her students the truth about mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM!

  68. Nancy, I think John came from a liberal democrat run school as that is the type of behavior they teach, You know hate every thing and call everyone not like them names.
    John I apologize but I just had to do it.
    John have a good day and Nancy go back to your moms basement and watch cartoons.

  69. The teacher is definitely a Democrat! We all know the old saying: If it walks like a duck/Dem and quacks like a duck/Dem, it’s a DUMMYCRAT!

  70. Chuck, you are so right. This is why all teachers/professors who who refuse to educate our kids should be fired. End tenure for all and fire all who refuse to do the job they were hired to do and fire them.

  71. What that teacher was take another ME TOO Stand stand against a president who is nothing but a Piss Ass Pig!

  72. Sounds like not only should the teacher be fired but all the administration personnel that is not sticking up for this young girl. If she chose Al Sharpton I bet the teacher would have giving her an A+ just for suggesting it.

  73. Rita , you make a good point for the parents in the case. You state that Trump is not a hero henceforth telling the student it is wrong to begin with. So the student goes ahead and writes the paper and then gets a failing grade from the teacher that already said I don’t like your hero.
    But the student did learn one life long thing, don’t trust anyone that does not think like you. Thats right , the student was just indoctrinated into liberalism.

  74. Had that child wanted to use Barry the Chicago Bath House Fairy for a Hero that Damned wanna-be teacher would have not said a damn thing ! FIRE THAT PERSON ASAP !

  75. Carl T, I must assume you came from a liberal indoctrination school. Your post is a hate filled rant of unproven allegations and you can’t get the one fact stated correct. She is 11 not 8.
    May I suggest you retire to your safe space to recuperate before you explode. Sleep well Carl.

  76. That piece of slime is not a teacher … I would classify more toward an indoctrinator of children !

  77. I am appalled that any response would condone this behavior by the teacher. It can only be explained by hatred or an emotional breakdown. The Facts speak for themselves. Look at the opposing comments posted…No one’s political opinion should ever be forced on a child at school. Teach-math, reading, science, computers etc.. That IS the job! I hope these statements were posted to provoke the same type of response. Sorry, Most Americans were taught tolerance.

  78. Satisfying to rant and rage online but the only way Americans can effectively counter the steamrolling of liberal politic over our tax payer supported public schools is for conservative patriots to get together and run for local school boards. There are conservative organizations out there that will provide help and assistance in running an effective campaign to energize like-minded voters. That said, it will be an uphill battle because liberal organizations funded by the likes of George Soros are now targeting local elections to support liberal candidates. Parents can not leave a political vacuum because it will be filled by liberals with an agenda just as the various state’s Civil Rights Divisions are now filled with gay rights proponents. Plus, getting involved at the lowest levels of local government can generate a “farm team” of conservatives with an affinity for politics willing to put their experience toward running for higher office.

  79. Pete, right on, couldn’t have said it any better. And just think, these snowflakes like OAC is who will eventually running our Country. Scary.

  80. Fire that teacher and school board. They amking judgement on their own personal likes and that is interfering with students choice and rights.

  81. this teacher should teach not do whatever she thinks is right her political views are her political views not to be spread in the class. The student should get her work done and write or our President. the teacher should be fired for not respecting our second amendment.

  82. This is EXACTLY why the President is trying to force freedom of speech of college campuses!!!
    Many if not most teachers are COMMUNISTS, AND YES THIS ONE needs TO BE fired.

  83. I agree with you Marty, enough is enough!!!
    Lets get back to respect for OUR President NOW!!!
    He has and is doing a great job!!!

  84. Public schools are funded by the number of students on the roll….private schools are too expensive for most families. You want to stop this nonsense? Pull your kids out of public schools and start neighborhood home schools. Public schools won’t get the funding and parents will have control over what their children are being taught instead of the lies. Worth checking into. Then these liberal/left numbskulls will laid off due to lack of funding and no union can stop it.

  85. Jorji, very well said. My wife and I home school’d our daughter. She never stepped one foot in a gov’t school. Comparing her to other kids who went to public school was really stark. She was much more mature and acted years older the the other kids her age. People who met her for the first time thought she was years older than she was. If the parents can make the time, home schooling is the best way to go.

  86. I agree that teachers are very biased in schools, but that has no place in a education facility. All sides should be brought out and teach the students to EXPLORE BOTH SIDES BEFORE MAKING A CHOICE OF WHAT TO BELIEVE. I also think that these teachers should be fired for telling the child that she cannot write about the President that she admires. The school should also loose their government funds. This would stop the FAR LEFT TEACHERS BEING THE ONLY TEACHERS HIRED IN SCHOOLS AND UNIVERSITIES. The idea of children going to school should be to teach them to learn all sides of any subject so they can learn how to make good decisions in life.

  87. The ‘teacher’ should be removed from the class room, reassigned to the janitorial staff, and reassigned to cleaning toilets; with her tongue.

  88. Yes, but we’ll have to wait and see if the libs file suit and find a lib judge to over turn the EO. If not, Trump should add elementary, jr high and high schools to the EO.

  89. It was screwed up when prayers were taken out of our schools and the Democrats Indoctrination system replacing true American History.

  90. Katheleen, this child was only 11 years old. This places her in elementary school. I don’t believe they should ever teach any kind of politics in these grades. They should only be teaching the learning basics, reading, writing, math and social studies. Maybe by 5th or 6th grade they can get into our presidents, both past and current. But it has got to be real history and current affairs, just like it was taught back in the 60’s. Real educating, not like the current indoctrination.

  91. Nibiru, the 10th planet that circles the our sun about every 5,250 years came last year closest to us in Nov. and is circling the sun now, and will be coming close to us around July 4, and causing asteroid impacts, it is bigger that Jupiter, as stated in Revelations, a lot of destruction here, keep an eye out for it, and prepare to survive.

  92. Since this teacher supports the Leftists Muslim Congresscomrades, she should be forceably subjected to female genital mutilation without anaesthesia and using a rusty a a piece of metal.

    This is her choice of a reward from Bernie Sanders.

  93. In response to the question the article asked, “Should the teacher be fired,” my response is “NO.”

    This appears to be a chance to teach the teacher that her project for the sixth graders did not disallow anyone to be chosen as their hero.

    A week suspension without pay might be in order. During the suspension a theme of no less the ten thousand words regarding the value of the 1st Amendment be written concluding with an apology to the student and her parents given to the School Board. After review by the Board it would be put on the internet and a note sent home with all the students where it was posted on the internet.

    If the teacher refused to do that she would be given the option to resign.

    My father taught me that making a mistake should give a person the opportunity to learn something about how to avoid repeating it in the future.

  94. If the School Board was doing their job – the teacher should have been fired on the spot…. If they didn’t – they should also be fired……..

  95. The best thing to be done is push for vouchers. If parents can afford to take their kids out of public schools and put them in a school of their choice, the public schools would have to change or fire a lot of folk.

  96. As The President said many times on his TV show, “You’re fired”, I would say the same to that teacher.


  98. Not only the teacher, but any school employee that agrees with the teacher and tries to make the student change the subject of her report!

  99. I am a teacher and do not agree with this teacher letting her political views influence what she allows as subjects for her student’s assignments (unless those subjects are morally and ethically inappropriate), which this one was “not”. Again, there is a burden of proof involved but the students comments about what the teacher actually said to her rings true of what some liberals think about our president. The matter needs to be investigated since it is “wrong” and since there was another teacher present (who apparently did not have the courage to speak up when this was said in front of him or her). Educators know what is right and wrong to do in a classroom, if this occurred (as the student said, it is “wrong” with a capital “W” and needs to be stopped. Official reprimands are a good corrective measure and should be used before considering termination.

  100. The teacher should be sued for violating her civil rights asking no less than $1 Trillion plus any and all court costs and legal fees. Those who say the child lied should be sued for the same for defamation of Character as well as for for civil rights violations. And when I say each I mean a separate law suit for each right violated. This means they would be asking for no less than $3 Trillion from the teacher and the same for every Administrator who called the child a liar plus each would have the defamation suit as well. See suing the school would only hurt those who are innocent. One last thing demand should be made as well for all those involved should be removed from the Educational system and banned from having anything to do with children including their own for life. See how that sits with them.

  101. Even if they only see a few dollars the last part about them is a MUST. That those who did this must be banned from anything with all children for life is a MUST no matter what happens money wise.

  102. If it was those who in their insanity disregard the principles of which our Constitutional Republic are built upon promote the Globalist agenda who believe their rights to violate the laws that is the laws protecting the the rights of the Common Good in the most fair fashion possible they would have an entire staff of lawyers suing on their behalf and I believe that is exactly what Bella’s parents need to sue the school administration and faculty defend her rights and the rights of all children whose minds are so impressionable as for people in the psychiatric field when dealing with anyone under 21 the laws need to be changed to strip big Pharma and physicians of their privilege to bleed resources from the Common Good to lavish themselves with luxuries by forcing insurance whether private or public to pay for Homeopathic treatment or treatment that does not involve a bunch of artificial chemicals mixed together to treat the symptoms of an illness.

    No more use of Ritalin or any drug to treat ADHD or ADD

  103. If you believe that teacher’s psychotic behavior is unique among the administration and faculty of that school you are completely naive, I am certain that 99% of the administration and faculty of that school are totally insane.

    From Preschool on up to receiving a college degree the young have Psychotropic and Psychedelic drugs forced upon them, even if the latter is not forced upon them to make themselves feel better from the euphoric state they are in they voluntarily introduce Psychedelic drugs into their bodies, then they are indoctrinated by teachers who were and still are going through the same process and being bombarded by complete nonsense on a frequency carrier wave that further warps the thinking process.

  104. I once had a problem with a teacher and the school, I was in the Navy at the time, a former Recon Marine. With a rack of ribbons from 19 months in Vietnam I scheduled an appointment to get them together before I attacked. The teacher was the ENGLISH teacher who would not say our ENGLISH last name correctly after being corrected numerous times. I told my daughter not to answer him if he pronounced our name wrong. This is where I attacked, wearing my uniform as a Navy Chief and showing my anger with them I bent over to get in their face as close as I could asking the English teacher why he had trouble with English and then asking the Principle why his English teacher could not remember an English name. They were both stuttering and said it would not happen again. My daughter never had trouble again with any of the teachers. I might add that I am 6’2″ and at the time weighed 200 pounds, not a small person.

  105. Carl T…….I’m guessing you don’t consider O’BUMMER & SLICK WILLY draft dodgers?????? NEITHER of them served our Country!! They BOTH have been on the “Political Welfare Wagon” for years before they became President. Neither was a great businessman who employed thousands of people (& before you accuse PRESIDENT TRUMP of riding on his father’s coattails, let me enlighten you on the name KENNEDY!!)
    Clinton denigrated & disparaged our White House by having sex with an innocent young girl there (& then LYING about it), brought “oral sex” into the main-stream media reporting every night so that I couldn’t even let my children watch the evening news & continues to “live off the public payroll” by going on speaking engagements WHEN HE SHOULD HIDE HIS HEAD IN SHAME!!!
    You embarrass yourself by throwing stones at a President who is doing more for blacks than Obama ever did & doing more for women than either of the Clinton’s did. The only female they worked hard to lift up is their worthless daughter who continues to makes statements when she knows nothing of what she says!

  106. Well you are certainly wrong about that. My girls were in school from 1967 to 1979 and in college from 1979 to 1984 and were national Merit scholars, able to attend a great college. I don’t know where you get your information from, sir!!

  107. I come on these sites (your “sights” is the wrong spelling of the word), to see what the “conservative christian” viewpoint currently is. Mostly it is anything but christian, and usually absurdly idiotic!! And my comment is exactly what needs to be said at this time. Are you ashamed of the tRumpy administration, and wishing to distance yourself from it??

  108. Love it – someone who actually speaks the truth about the current resident of the white house. I wish more folks could see what tRumpy really is and stop defending him. Please continue to write your astute commentary, Carl T.

  109. Oh Betty, where have you been? Love your astute commentary too. Please continue to post!!

  110. Oh hon, I’m much too old to reside in anybody’s basement much less my mom’s, who’s been dead for 11 years now. But how kind of you to notice me. Also I hope you have also noticed that I don’t call names much, unlike your “hero” tRumpy, who makes up new “nicknames” every time he opens his mouth. I wonder if he also attended those “liberal” schools of which you speak??

  111. Nancy, you’re such a snowflake. Please move to a really hot state where you’ll melt away and join your fellow snowflakes in Hell.

  112. Yup, just like AOC graduating from Boston College with honors. A snowflake making daughter snowflakes. You must be proud.

  113. Wrong again – you can not stop any student from praying. What was removed was the establishment of a rote prayer and then requiring everyone to recite said prayer.

  114. Ladies – by 11 years old the child already IS in the 5th or 6th grade. Please rethink your suggestions.

  115. And you still have trouble with the head of the school, known as the PRINCIPAL, not “principle”. Sorry about that bud.





  120. Laura, What you have going on here at this school as well as others across
    this country is the indoctrination of all students to the far left thinking of turning
    this country into a one party country, very scary.

  121. Fred, that is exactly what’s going on. And as soon as the general public realizes this, the sooner we can through them out of our school systems. Although, I still believe Home school is the answer.

  122. Sorry Nancy, just ask any sports player if prayer has been removed from the school system. Football coaches have been fired for allowing their players to pray prior to a game, No, prayer has been removed from out schools, without a doubt. Yes, a student may pray silently, but God Forbid that student pray out load.

  123. As a former public school teacher, I can tell you that most of the teachers do not know what they stand for. They listen and agree without thinking twice about it. Many have been so indoctrinated that they don’t know that they support ideas that are actually contrary to what they think they believe. There are so many “Christian” teachers in public schools who actually teach against their personal values without knowing it. The textbooks are filled with subtle leanings to the left. By the time a child is in second grade, he or she has had enough exposure to these ideas that the child begins to put two and two together to come up with very liberal ideas. For example, I had a second grader tell me “White is not good. I am a bad person.” This was before the left began vocalizing the belief in the public square. I had to take another look at what was going and concluded that I needed to examine every aspect of the curriculum to weed out as many of those leadings as possible. With much prayer to open my eyes and mind, I have been able to do better.

  124. Eliminate all Government funding of all Liberal schools.
    The offending teacher is obviously a Left Wing Liberal that has her head in a dark place.

  125. Although I appreciate your comments, I disagree with your idea of discipline. From the liberals I know, nothing short of termination and never to be involved with the education of children would suffice. Liberals think they are above all else. A simple not in file would allow them to think they won. Not acceptable.

  126. No, the teacher should not be fired. Instead she should be educated….by giving her a one way trip to Iran. Then don’t let her return.

  127. So you ARE afraid to respond to my question and comments!!! I knew it even before you started. Sorry for your fear and confusion. I hope you have a better life than you currently appear to.

  128. Maria, yes, close the school, sell it and use the funds to pay the parents of the students so they can enroll their kids in private schools or home school them. Government should absolutely not be involved in education our kids.

  129. Yes she should be fired. Let’s say the 11 year old stated her hero was Mickey Mouse. If she had a good argument for “her” hero then no problem
    as for picking a sitting President. If this had been Obama as her hero, the school would have given her an A just for picking Obama.
    Bias on steroids

  130. The solution is school choice. No parent or child should be subjected to these leftist indoctrination institutions known as public schools. If you don’t follow their leftists beliefs, they will shoot you down. Thank goodness this child told her parents and had them confront the school. This teacher should be fired. No teacher should ever tell a child who they can view as a hero. Don’t ask the question if you don’t want to hear the answer. What a dumb “teacher”. How can any child learn from the leftist fools being hired by these schools. This is why parents and children deserve to have a choice.

  131. WHY is there NO Information on WHERE this occurred? NO city, state, or school district. It’s HARD to make the Progressive shills out there “sweat”, when YOU do NOT give US the POWER to make OUR displeasure known!

  132. Sorry buddy, but that’s just the way it’s spelled. You should not let your anger get in the way of your spelling. Possibly reread before you post!!

  133. Wow!! You are sure full of hate and suggesting a violent response to this teacher. Where does all this come from?? I still see it as coming from tRumpy and his support of beating protesters at his rallies. I thought you all agreed that one can have a different opinion and still be heard. Now you are into “slitting her throat”. If that isn’t supporting violence then I don’t know what is. What is the matter with you, Jane??

  134. My wife is a retired Teacher and this one needs to be on the streets or get a job at some liberal college where this type of B…S… is accepted. The school and teacher needs to be sued big time!!

  135. Maybe to protect the school, district and board from getting letters and emails of complaints from across the nation.

  136. Unbelievable. Teacher wrong. Should not be a teacher for sure. Ignorant and bigoted and certainly not a good influence on young minds.

  137. There is no info on this story as it’s all made up, like a lot of the other “fake” stuff that tRumpy spews!! Someone thinks it is funny to stir all you folks up and keep you all posting – and me too, obviously. Plus it provides a distraction to keep our focus on anything besidse what tRumpy is doing.

  138. I think it is still in your bible that one is to “go to one’s closet and pray silently”, and not out loud in the public square. So prayer is still allowed.

  139. Well this is at least less gruesome than some of the stuff other posters are writing – like “slitting her throat and then burning her,” or “shooting her in the head”. I can’t believe how evil some of you are!! Where do you get this stuff anyway?? Oh I know – it’s from your “dear leader”, tRumpy, who promotes violence at all levels and at all times!! Shame on you all. Even your christ would condemn your suggested actions!!

  140. I am more proud of my daughters than you will ever be of anything you could possibly be or write. You are a real embarrassment to your family – if you even have one. Both daughters went on to obtain Master’s degrees also. I suspect you are the one living in mom’s basement and writing this drivel.

  141. You have no clue, you certainly know nothing of my bible. Your TDS seems to run your entire life. I’m sure you had to find a safe closet and puppy when Mueller announced his the results of his investigation. Have you even come out of the safe closet yet?

  142. Like I said, you have no clue. Yup, I have a wonderful wife and daughter. As it happens, I’m a retired police detective, serving on a large So CA police agency for 31 years. A service I’m very proud of. I now serve as a volunteer fire fighter, and have for 13 years. Please tell me what you do for the betterment of your community besides flap your gums?

  143. Their job is to teach reading writing and arithmetic it is not to preach for politics more than who is been past president and possibly what each of those presidents have achieved and I am also opposed to sex education in grade school

  144. I treat all people as equals. I hate no one – not even you. I am a decent person and an octogenarian. There are some folks I disagree with but not many. I enjoy this site as I want to see what the GOP/conservatives/christians are up to and what they are writing about. And I am happy to see that are a few others on here who also wish to “upset the apple cart” and speak/write for and about those individuals that some folks here want to discriminate against. I thoroughly dislike those people here who continue to espouse violence against those they disagree with. That is a real shame in this country today, but I believe it comes from the top down. How about you??

  145. I didn’t realize I had a “side”. But if you insist it is so, then you are right in line with your idol, tRumpy. He lies so much it is difficult to find the truth in anything he says or “spews”.

  146. Nancy, you are such a liar. You obviously hate Trump. Don’t know why, except you spend way too much time watching lame stream news. But I agree with you, shock, shock, espousing violence is wrong. Violence is not the answer unless it is in self defense. When self defense is necessary, violence is the only answer.

  147. Ok, you got me there. I forgot to mention that I really do hate tRumpy. He is such a liar and racist person. He uses people to get what he wants for himself. He has 5 children from 3 different women, all the while cheating on the last wife while courting the next. Yet people idolize and worship him. I don’t understand how these so-called christians can support him with all he has done. I get that no one is perfect but tRumpy is the absolute worst of the worst. His policies are very bad for America yet his own party rarely calls him out on it. Also I come on here to defend the LGBTQ community and try to set the record straight. (I am a retired RN so I do have a medical background.) People need to know that LGBTQ are born the way they are, and are not “made”. If you were born “straight” then you should know that others were born “gay”. Otherwise when did you “decide” to be “straight”. There are good medical reasons why someone is gay, it is in their genes and hormones.

  148. Agree with Marty. The teacher shoud not be allowed to stop the student from picking trump. Biased politics does not belong in the classroom.

  149. I have a niece who became gay in her teens. Then in her 30″s she figured out she was really straight and has remained so into her 40’s. This proves to me it’s really a choice and nothing else.

  150. Yes this is a valid report of the incident. For those wishing to write, the Sachem School District in Long Island and the Superintendent is Dr Kenneth Grahm.

  151. I agree with all of the statements and in my opinion this should go virle so the whole world would see how our young American youth are being treated in our school systems.

  152. Possibly this teacher didn’t have political motivations at all and was only looking for someone “admirable” to be chosen….perhaps a charitable-minded person or a person who had displayed bravery. If so, she should’ve made her instructions specifically not to include persons from the political world. There are plenty of admirable persons besides politicians. Would be interesting to know if any other politicians were allowed to be used.

  153. Well that is only one person. So you are basing your whole judgement of whether one can be gay or not, on one person?? do you make other decisions in your life this way too? One is born gay or straight – it is absolutely not a choice. I don’t know about your niece, but I also have a niece who got married and had 2 children. After her children where in their teens, she realized that marriage was not for her and stood up for her true self. She is now married to another woman, and they have a very happy life together. Her children have accepted her for who she is now, and harbor no ill will. I know many other gay men and women who are living their lives as their true selves and are happy and well adjusted.

  154. I wonder why she is still a teacher. She needs to be looking for a job tomorrow. The principal as well if he condones such.

  155. I agree with you but this was the child’s request not yours and as you are probably a snow fake you don’t see no harm, shame on you and your mother for ever having you.

  156. Absolutely ..!! President Trump will go into the History books as the greatest President ever —- even surpassing President Reagan …..God Bless him and his family !

  157. Two complaints:

    First, the proper phrasing is not ” the student is conducting their project “. It should be the student is conducting HER project. Don’t mix the singular and plural when referring to the same person, school official.

    Second, the school official is not named or his title given. The official is only referred to as ” he “.

  158. She won’t be fired. This is happening all over the country. It’s the norm due to the Leftist politcal views being espoused in classrooms everywhere. They have to start warping their minds early so that they are on board when they hit University.

  159. Fact is that the teacher should be fired and sued for his/her actions. Fact is that the parents and student should sue the administration and school district for violating the Constitution and rights of the student and students. Then use the money and send the student to a school that knows their place. Or if you get $250,000,000 out of the lawsuit then open a charter school and bring the other students who wish to come along with your child/student… That would save some from the friends of Satan teachers…

  160. It’s sad that teachers feel the need or think they have the right to impose their personal views on a child. We as teachers are supposed to be supportive, teach fair play and be the example. This student just learned it’s okay to have a hero as long as I approve of the person. You’re too young to fully grasp that he’s not a good choice YET this same young person can decide they were born the wrong gender????????‍♀️. It makes no sense. I don’t like Obama or his wife but never ever did I allow my personal feelings over flow into my teaching- I taught them that respect for the person who is running our country and respect for our flag was what was important, Patriotism above all and yet the media says what it wants, is disrespectful and then wonders why kids are disrespectful to people in authority, because we showed them it’s ok, if you don’t like them , then to hell with them. A teacher should also teach tolerance as well as respect!! It’s our job to be the Adult , the Example and the students mentor. This teacher should be called to explain her position for not only disrespecting the president but this child, who made a clear choice of whom she admired. She should be reprimanded for not only belittling the child(student) but for doing so in front of her classmates- that teacher is a bully in my opinion. It’s sad when we forget why we became educators and use a classroom to promote our opinion or agenda instead of promoting learning, tolerance and above all respect for all people whether we agree with them or not! I’m personally am not fond of the gender generation issues going on but I do not disrespect them nor allow my students to disrespect them. I don’t always agree with president Trump but like Obama, I don’t disrespect him in front of my students. The teacher needs to be accountable for her actions and she needs to apologize to her student in front of her peers.

  161. I think the state should step in and rectify the situation. The school board should take immediate action against the teacher and any other teacher that tries this. The civil liberties union should step, but I guess it’s no a big enough case.

  162. Maria, you are a rarity among teachers, grade school through college, today. I commend you and the few others who teach the same. Maybe, (but I doubt it) had you been in the schools in my district, I’d have sent my daughter to public school. Keep up the great work. America desperately needs a whole lot more teachers like you for our children.

  163. pres tRumpy will go into the history books as the biggest fool ever elected to the office. Shame on us!!

  164. And raise conservative children who want to be educators. Take back the institutions that are now indoctrinating our children, rather than educating them. I am 81 years old, and our daughter went to a good school and to a Christian College.

  165. They were National Merit Scholars so had scholarships. They also got other privileges as separate residences for better students. I don’t remember exactly what it cost, but it was nothing near what college costs today. Our older daughter was able to finish in 3 years, as she took what used to be CLEP tests and got a year’s credit for what she already knew. Thanks for asking.

  166. I am 80 years old and both our daughters went to great grade schools and high schools and an even greater college. It doesn’t have tp be a christian college either to get a great education. A christian college only indoctrinates you with their one-sided beliefs. A great university allows you to see all sides of an issue and then decide for yourself.

  167. Thank you. Agreed ????. I hear all to often from conservatives that it won’t make a difference if I run the liberals will win because they cheat and lie. But I live in a conservative town, with a conservative mayor, half conservative city council, half conservative school board. So it can be done, you just have to try.

  168. Brent, I don’t know about you, But I have a very high regard for this president. He is doing more for this country than any president since Reagan. He wasn’t my first choice, but he definitely has won me over. Hopefully Barr will charge and convict those POS deep state actors, then Trump can really go to town and do even better than his first two years.

  169. i totally agree that trump has did a wonderful job since in office. he is trying to make a difference. i just wish he would get a little help from congress.

  170. Absolutely correct!!! Whoever wrote this article failed us al miserably by excluding the teacher’s name, school’s name and address. When these narrow minded buffoons realize that they are being watched, and censored when applicable, they may start to keep their despicable viewpoints away from their students.

  171. The so-called “teacher” should be fired! She sounds like a highly prejudiced idiot. She had no business teaching children – or adults for that matter.

  172. Hope you are giving away all of your tainted interest $$$ gained in your invested funds, seeing Trump is fully responsible for the historic market gains. His “magic wand” has helped all Americans who want to work, pursue the Americans dream.
    He knows how to run the country for all. No one owns him unlike the clueless Obama and Clintons. They did figure out how to leave the White House much richer than their presidential salary. How does that work?? Trump donates his salary!!!

  173. It is sad that any one and especially a teacher “bullies” like this towards a young student. They are in a position to support, guide and encourage that child and keep their political ideas out of the conversation. Fire her seems a bit more but definitely monitor her teaching and classroom behavior because she could move to another school or district w/o this ever being mentioned infecting other students in her ideology

  174. No she should not be fired! To do this would give substance to her actions and it would be endless. She should be given a stern punishment as allowed by protocol. Or are we going to become like them? What the teacher did was awful, so make this a lesson for the child, it will teach her the proper way to act as an American who understands and believes in the writings of our Constitution.

  175. Jim, you are brain dead. The only thing that firing her would do, is letting the indoctrinator’s know, their careers are over if they continue with this BS.

  176. Ok. Don’t fire her. Suspend her without pay for life. Then tell the little girl that a bully should not have to act as an adult and get to keep their job and not have to say they been fired. That way she can go do the same at some other school as a teacher. Really… The lesson for the little girl is if you break rules you face the consequences.
    Fire the teacher and revoke her teaching certificate for at least a full school year!
    That’s the price for her crime.
    And may the teacher, principal, school board, superintendent and School District be sued. That is when Justice will be fully served.

  177. I have no “investment funds”. I am way too poor to have any. And the big market gains started while Obama was still in office. The market was beginning to recover before tRumpy ever hit the While House. I certainly have nothing to thank tRumpy for and never will. He is a loser and has multiple bankruptcies to show for it.

  178. Three Cheers for the teacher’s stand against a student or anybody who makes a hero out of a Lying, Two Faced, Two Timing Piss Ass Pig like d trump.

  179. Actually, yes, absolutely the teacher and the administration must be dismissed. Their behavior erodes the freedoms that were so hard won by our forebears. But of course, that will never happen! Contrast this to Dr. Karen Siegemund, late of Lycee Francais de Los Angeles. Dr. Siegemund is president of American Freedom Alliance, a Los Angeles-based organization devoted to preserving religious and other freedoms so dear to us. Dr. Siegemund is a conservative, Jewish woman with years of experience, ten of which were at Lycee. She was fired. She was fired because she is politically conservative. She did not bring her views into the school. It was enough that she is the leader of a nationally renowned conservative organization. She had been the ONLY conservative teacher at the school. My daughter attended Lycee for 11 years. This was piror to Dr. Siegemund’s employment at Lycee. She was NOT imbued with the leftist nonsense. This would not have occurred when the school founder, Dr Raymond and Ester Kabbaz, French Jews from Morocco, were alive. It is still surprising since their daughter is the current school president. Do you readers see the association between Dr. Siegemund’s case and Bella’s teacher? One is snatching freedom of speech from an impressionable 11-year old child, and being protected by a spineless school board, while the other embraces freedom with every fiber of her being — and is fired by an equally spineless school administraion.

  180. I’ll say it again, NO public school! Private, religious or home school. If we could get the majority of conservatives to refuse public school from elementary thru college, we could make a huge difference. The liberals ‘subjects’ would dry up, their money would dry up and the liberal schools (95%) would be forced to educate rather than indoctrinate, or close down. I believe there are more right of center, than left of center in this country. It’s just the libs are louder than the conservatives. The conservatives are out working for a living, the snowflakes are out protesting for a living.

  181. Wow Betty!! Another person who hasn’t been brainwashed by the GOP. Welcome to this chatty group. But be forewarned – many of the folks on here are so hateful and will call you evil names, so much so that they will drive you away. You have to believe exactly the way they say and do, or you will be picked on and made to feel terrible. But they will pray for you to give up your evil ways and join their “side”!!

  182. Wrong again Marty!! I am a liberal Democrat, I am 80 years old and I still WORK!! Stick that up your whatever!!

  183. And there you have it Betty!!. Right on time – old Marty has shone himself exactly as I just described to you!!

  184. everyone is entitled to their opinion -yours included.just because someone doesnt agree with you doesnt mean that you have anymore right then then them to voice your opinion. this IS america.

  185. I am a proud liberal who does not think this teacher did the right thing. Firing is too extreme a solution though. Corrective action is more appropriate. Also the age of the students in the class should be considered. Everyone is indeed entitled to their opinion. Freedom includes all not just some. Those who are different from us must also have the freedom to express themselves. The equal treatment under the law provision in the US Constitution should be closely followed too. No one is above the law. As for a hero who swears and lies constantly, that does seem an unusual choice, but we are free to be vulgar, vain, greedy and downright irreverent and disgustingly hateful to those with whom we disagree. I think this behavior is childish and in extremely poor taste and totally unfit for a President of our nation.

  186. Schools have “Zero Tolerance” for some things, like guns, etc. There needs to be the same policy for teachers and school officials.

    ZERO TOLERANCE for 1st. Amendment violations.


  187. Publish the teachers name nationwide and put them on display. They did it to your daughter so I think that’s fair. Then file a lawsuit against the school district and the teacher as a person. Let them find out how much it can cost them. Don’t settle out of court the publicity will hurt them more than you. But most of all make them pay hard.

  188. the american education system has been destroyed by the radicle leftist democrats. we are educating a new group of in-tolerant basket-weaving fools that will follow any communist idiot that floats to the surface of the sewer pond. EITHER HOME-SCHOOL OUR KIDS OR USE PRIVATE/CHURCH SCHOOLS. the public school is done.NO LONGER USEFUL AS EDUCATION..

  189. I agree 100% the UNION TEACHER CAN NOT BE FIRED. to get rid of them one has to either arrest them on a morals charge or kill them . since it is illegal to kill them the choice ois very limited.EDUCATION HAS NO VOICE IN THE TEACHER’S ABILITY. the sheep-skin mills that we have for college now is totally useless . a leftist-female teacher will be picked over any other qualified person no matter what education level they have. AND THE UNION WILL KEEP THEM EMPLOYED IRREGUARDLESS OF HOW STUPID THEY ARE.

  190. Govt Schools are propaganda mills for the Left, so nothing is going to change, either pick a private school, of Catholic School.

  191. Yes, the teacher should definitely be fired, and so should the “school official” who lied and also referred to the female student as “they” instead of “she” and “their” instead of “her!” Yes, pronouns matter! Females are “she” and “her,” males are “he” and “his,” and neuters (people who see themselves as neither female nor male) are “it” and “its.” No one, except for some rare intersex/hermaphroditic individuals, can be plural (“they” and “their”). Sorry, that’s biology, and it is irrefutable.

  192. Her parents should sue the teacher, the principal, the stupid-intendent, and the entire school board.
    If they set up a GoFundMe for their legal costs, I’m in!!

  193. Oh??? Then what about the illegally elected Kenyan Bathhouse Barry Obozo ??
    He & Killary sold 20% of our strategic uranium to the Russians ->THERE’S the collusion. And Obozo never showed his birth, medical, college, or tax return records. He actually spent over $1M in legal fees just to keep his college records sealed.
    And his partner Manhands Michael/Michelle; they need to do a gender check on her.


  195. Screw the teachers of the UFT, tel the money making robbery system, I will leave, Trump is our man, Randi, is a thief, robber and screwer.


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