Americans are outraged after watching what one NFL cheerleader just did


Colin Kaepernick’s antics have poisoned the NFL with leftist politics.

His disrespectful anthem protests set a horrible precedent that severely damaged the NFL’s ratings all around.

And Americans are outraged after what one NFL cheerleader just did.

Before the Thursday Night Football game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Raiders, a 49ers cheerleader was seen kneeling during the national anthem.

RealClear Life reports:

A cheerleader for the 49ers took a knee during the national anthem prior to San Francisco’s 34-3 win over the Oakland Raiders on Thursday Night Football.

The cheerleader, who has not been identified at this time, was following in the kneeprints of former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, the first NFL player to kneel during the playing of the anthem.

The woman who knelt is the first NFL cheerleader to kneel during the anthem. However, several women have taken a knee during the anthem at the college level including cheerleaders from Kennesaw State University and a dancer at Georgia Tech.

The unnamed cheerleader is the first NFL cheerleader to pull this stunt during the national anthem.

Colin Kaepernick, who used to play for the 49ers, was the player who started all this nonsense when he began protesting during the national anthem in 2016.

And of course, the leftist media lavished him with praise. Even though he would give interviews wearing socks that depicted police as pigs, or a shirt in support of communist dictator Fidel Castro.

The national anthem is a time to stand in unity with your fellow Americans with respect for, and in honor of the flag and the country it represents.

And most Americans know and agree with that.

That’s why Colin Kaepernick’s disrespectful protests made NFL viewership and ratings plummet to 10-year lows.


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  2. I, like many, many others have already given up on Pro Ball. I’ll not be back. My HOPE is they keep this up and find themselves out of business.

  3. She should find herself in the same situation as Krapperdick, UNEMPLOYED! As for Nike, I can easily do without them as I do for the NFL.

  4. I bet she gets an offer from the low life news to expose herself and make a lot of money! Just remember this bit– that FLAG you dishonor has given the life you enjoy. Praise God, for the President, the men and women who serve our country and those who have given their life so idiots
    like this person can show how stupid they can be!

  5. BEST response I’ve seen, hands down! You need to turn this into a Bumper Sticker! I’D buy several!!!

  6. They should be removed from the team!! Players cheerleaders anyone who disrespects this country!! Without that flag they wouldn’t have a game to play, maybe they need to be without it in another 3rd. World country!

  7. The solution, in my opinion, is simple. You disrespect our flag and Anthem, we disrespect you. And that means immediate termination, prevention of acquiring a similar position, and a recall of all benefits provided by the company that hired you. You are paid to cheer, not to protest. If you want to protest do it on your own time. Nowhere in your job description is ‘protest’ outlined.

  8. I served my country for many years in the Navy aboard our fantastic Destroyers. Cuban Missile Crisis in Oct, 1962 until two years after the fall of Saigon. A significant part of my reason for serving was to protect and preserve our freedom and our rights. So, although these disrespectful fools have a right to pander their stupidity and national insults to our flag, our anthem and our law enforcement officers, I will continue to exercise my right to keep my money in my pocket and boycott all things NFL/Nike and criticize every disrespectful move the players and cheerleaders make. NFL owners are clearly spineless troglodites!

  9. I don’t care 22 months now, I have boycotted the NFL and everything connected with them. I will continue to do everything I can to bankrupt them

  10. Since most of you don’t watch the NFL by your own admission, what do you care? Some people just don’t seem to have much tolerance when others express their freedom of speech rights. But it seems this whole website is perfectly suited to stir up the ol’ vitriol of older people who like to be gripey and whiny. The republicans like to manipulate through fear, loathing, griping and playing victims – – even if they have to make up conspiracies to play them. Like this caravan BS. Military intel says it is only about 4,000 now, and it estimates that only 20% will make it in about two months to the USA border. Why are we sending down 15,000 regular duty troops to protect America from 900 immigrants when our Border Patrol, who is trained for this, don’t want the troops there?!?


  12. Mr. Tanner and Popeye: I totally agree, and thank you both for your service, gentlemen! 13C (Bn and DivArty Fire Control NCO), SFC, US Army, Retired

  13. truth…You have no clue what a Republican is or what this country is all about. It is libs who do the manipulating and it is all about hate to them. And that caravan is INVADING this country if they come in. Our military is there to stop invasions. It’s one of their jobs. But it is just fine with you when people come in here illegally. You apparently have no morals and don’t care about our laws.

  14. Always remember that Colin Kaepernick started his “protest” while he was injured to try and prevent himself from being released from his contract due to performance and injury reasons from the credible research I have read. It got him another year but he was still let go. His protest is nothing but a lie that ignores that the problems he is “protesting” are related to the behavioral choices made by the so-called victims. And note, that the problems being “protested” tend to be isolated to urban areas where bad behavior is rampant.

  15. This ignorant “female” should be tossed out on her ass, as she’s acting like one. All these clowns who want to “take a knee” should be brought to Afghanastan and see how they make out after fighting for one day!These morons don’t appreciate the liberties they have because they probably wouldn’t DREAM of sacrificing ANYTHING for anybody. Wish they would move to Russia or China; they’de straifgten out their scrawny asses fast!

  16. As someone who works with the Border Patrol, that is a lie as they are asking for the assistance! To not give respect is such a left leaning antic and of no surprise to many of us. To get respect, you must give respect, something the left looney tunes have forgotten or never learned! We must protect our borders and the people that work there……the rich 1% left leaning deranged are the ones paying for and driving the caravan north……hope it back fires spectacularly as most of us do not want tons of illegals in our towns, especially the legal immigrants do not want them getting in as it is unfair to those that took the time and stayed in line. So “truth is important”, you had better pull your head out cause your reality is NOT the truth! To get the real picture you have to look at both sides of the coin, those that truly need asylum need to apply and instead of paying thousands to the crooked coyotes, live off that money until the asylum is granted! Those in the caravan are being manipulated and lied to, so very sad and bet there are many that are abused, raped and even murdered on the trip up here to the U.S. Sad that the actions of the left are to politicize these poor people instead of truly helping them! Setting up sanctuary cities and keeping them in an illegal status is not right or fair to anyone, especially them as many take advantage including the left wing 1% elite in Hollywood and elsewhere that hire these illegals and pay them way less than what they are worth if they come here legally. And as for Kapernick, what an ass
    wipe. Adopted and grew up well off compared to most and that may be why he needs to be the center of attention……well I hope he gets that attention just not the kind he thinks he deserves cause his poor adopted parents sure did not teach him respect for others! Probably spoiled him rotten cause that is how he acts!!! Get clue as your ignorance and bias is showing! And the cheerleader should be fired!

  17. If it were up to me, they would all be on two knees. I’m sure kneeling comes naturally to that cheerleader who is not a leader and brings no cheer.

  18. Pro NFL football is dead to me,it’s none existent. It’s not watched in my house at all the participant players and cheerleaders disgust me as hate filled leftist anti Americans who want to continue the political BS crap that eventually they’ll loose their jobs as more and more people stop watching. The MSM stopped reporting the decline because they’re trying to stop the bleeding of fans who won’t watch anymore.

  19. Pro NFL football is dead to me,it’s none existent. It’s not watched in my house at all the participant players and cheerleaders disgust me as hate filled leftist anti Americans who want to continue the political BS crap that eventually they’ll loose their jobs as more and more people stop watching. The MSM stopped reporting the decline because they’re trying to stop the bleeding of fans who won’t watch anymore.

  20. The reason the “caravan” (foreign mob) is down to 4,000 is because of the firm stand President Trump has taken.
    You seem to think disrespecting the flag is fine. Millions of us do not.

  21. She’s just practicing for her new employment after being a hasbeen cheerleader. Those streetwalkers need to know all the positions.

  22. She is only dis-respecting herself by disrespecting OUR country. Hope she enjoys cleaning up the homeless poop in San Fran!

  23. Why is ANYONE who is a good American still watching the NFL anyway? We stopped when the players began to act like fools!

  24. Why does the staff put up with that kind of behavior are they scared to walk out there and say “you are FIRED”. It is just that simple and if I had done that kind of stuff at my place of employment I know I would have been a goner.

  25. I become a Packer fan in 1956when Bart Starr came up from Alabama.
    I began to boycott the NFL 22 months ago, I don’t care what this biatch does, I will boycott the NFL as long as there is anyone in the NFL that has ever taken a knee or raised a fist, during the anthem

  26. To all of the veteran`s out there a very heart felt thanks for serving and to the ones in harms way get them …. To all our men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice you are with us all each and every second of a lifetime THANK YOU…..And to all the idots who think they are accomplishing anything by kneeling they don’t realize that is the first start of them to crawl on their way to beg for forgiveness on their stupid actions that they are committing . Show them the door tell them no stopping quick on the way out because their head is In jeopardy of being detached from their shoulders from the door being slammed behind them.

  27. This nation needs to boycott the NFL and see this nation homer the people that died for this nation that is not American citizens they are the same ones that are always causing the protest please everyone stand up for this nation and show the NFL and the ones that do this the nation is tired of this these people are nonbelievers please help this country and show them we have the power PLEASE

  28. Isn’t it amazing how the truly stupid people think they are so much smarter than everyone else? This is nothing more nor nothing less, than being an ATTENTION GETTER! It is like the person who wants to be the only high school graduate to come to the graduation ceremony naked under their gown. All they are doing is “SHOWING THEIR ASS”

  29. Thank you all for your service. I served in an artillery unit in Viet Nam. Semper Fi to my Marine brothers and sisters, also. Hotel Battery, 3rd Battalion 11th Marines salutes you.

  30. Here’s the problem. You have a justice system that doesn’t treat everyone equally. You have white people found guilty of rape, even being caught in the very act, getting anywhere from 6 months to no jail time. On the other hand, you have black people, with no DNA evidence that matches the defendants, being given years in prison for what eventually came out as rapes they didn’t commit. Whites are just as likely as blacks to do illegal drugs. Yet blacks get far longer prison sentences. Police are far more likely to shot black suspects, than white suspects. Change those things from happening, then you will be far less likely to see protests. If you’re white and rich, you can get away with most anything.

  31. While the problems you are describing are real the root issues are grounded in group identity. And the problems are also rooted in choices made in the 1970s. Look at the history since the 1970s and much of the “why” become clear.

  32. This has become a third world country. Look around you, watch cable news where they tell the truth. There are only liberal teachers and professors. Most of these kids are being brain washed. No respect for all they received from the USA, just sheep following brainwashed sheep. God bless all our Vets, police and our president. If you don,t like Trump at least respect the office of the President of the USA. God help us all, we need that more now than ever before.

  33. I quit when the first idiot and his team mates started kneeling. Protests and politics have no place in sports period.

  34. Govern education needs to be discontinued and replaced by private education across the board. The wasted money spent on public indoctrination of children is disgraceful.

  35. Your remark about “Praise God, for the President, the men and women who serve our country etc should not be in the same sentence. the “President” was a draft dodger who did NOT “serve” our Country and God knows he still does not “serve” our Country, only himself and people “like him”. Unfortunately he has been able to fool so many people like yourself.

  36. Your stupid racist remark does not belong here or anywhere else. You are a DISGRACE to our country and anyone that is not a sick racist would never have even posted a remark so stupid.

  37. Maybe before posting such an “intelligent” remark, you might look in the dictionary and see how to spell. If correct spelling in needed in your job, possibly you might “lose” YOUR job.

  38. The only thing she is good for when she is on her knees is using her head to hold a beer and giving a B J and put her in the back of the bus.

  39. Obummer didn’t serve. He was a Druggie in College, How about him?, Clinton didn’t serve, He was ready to give up his US citizenship and go to Canada, How about him?. Bone Spurs are real and most are painful. Low unemployment ( 3,5% ), High GDP, Small business thriving, More jobs available then people to work. 1.3 Million, More money in the Americans pockets. Lowest unemployment for Blacks, Hispanics and women in the last 50 years. What cave do you live in Bonnie?

  40. Thank you William Palmer – I could not have said it so well – these DemWitted left-wing radicals who still think Trump conspired with Russia will never be convinced of the efficacy of this President (for the demwitts that means “the power to produce an effect”). Even after 2 years and millions of dollars spent to prove he had nothing to do with the phony charges “Trumped-up” by the deep state (FBI and Justice department subversives) and the DNC to try to get Hillary elected – they are still trying to find something they can blame him for. He is by far one of the best Presidents this country has had and he is clearly the man of the people. I am waiting with baited breath to see how badly he beats the living s**t out of whichever the demwitts come up with to run against him in this next election.

  41. Those on the “Left” or “Progressives” will always lie, twist facts, and be selective with facts, so they can advance their agenda of “Supremacy of the State and Supremacy of those in control of the State”. When one looks at what the “Left” has been doing for more than a century how they distort things are easy to see.

  42. Careful there you are showing your own prejudice against white people. I am not rich or famous but will do anything for the country I love and served time in Viet man for. I am old but still know how to respect my flag , my country and all those who died for us. Further more all you kneelers. can kiss my old wrinkled ass

  43. It is not because they are running away, it is because as a group they are engaging in more crimes. And note that the places were Blacks suffer the most from crimes is in their own communities. And instead of dealing with the bad behavior and causes they make excuses for the bad behavior and ignore the causes. The problems are rooted in choices made in the 1970s.

    ULTIMATE PRICE…. If my 2cents provides my contributions to our US athletics, then I expect these so-called representatives of US ATHLETICS as a true American to the world.. and leave their personnel politics behind!!

  45. What most of us are overlooking is that going back into the 1950’s coaches didn’t require the team to do anything but stand there, some knew to place their right hand over their heart and face the Flag, those that didn’t have a respectful upbringing would twist back and forth talk among themselves and simply disrespect the Anthem and Flag but NO one ever said anything until the black’s used this disrespect supposedly call attention to some undefined social problem. It seems that one of their problems is that there are more Black people in jail than White, they never review WHY they are there or do something constructive . Another problem is that the police shoot and kill black men. Did anyone ever tell them that the police shoot and kill more white men? NO you never hear that. How many times do we see black mothers crying over lost child “He was a good boy.” The NEWS never carries the White Mother that lost her son. \\
    I live in Florida, there is a problem all over the Country with people not showing up for jury duty. A collage student was chosen for a jury and didn’t shoe up. the Judge gave him 10 days in Jail and one year of community service Contempt of Court. After the 10 days the young man appeared in court and appeared respectful and contrite. The judge feeling that he had learned his lesson eliminated the one year of community service and expunged his record. Now we have Black Lawyers calling for the Judge to be anchored. There was another Black Lawyer on another case calling for an immediate Jury trial where a a police officer was charged with murder. Under the Constitution there has to be Grand Jury hearing before the State (the Government) hold a Murder trial. Does anyone tell the activists that this is to protect them too?
    No I’m not a lawyer just Educated and respect my Country, my Constitution, My President and Congress.

  46. You have the right to free speech outside of your workplace. But not when you are working. Have you tried it your workplace? You’ll be fired.

  47. I watched the NFL for over 50 years never missed a game I no longer follow the NFL and I will not buy anything Nike makes but I still like my college football

  48. Well Well said & i agree 100% Cookie knows exactly what is taking place in this country & in our schools !! Nothing more then having a pied piper pulling them the wrong direction !!!

  49. You know she is from the left just like most of the news shows now days & lets not forget that show the VIEW !! POS show should have been taken off the air long ago !!


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