Americans are outraged after leftists used the coronavirus to fund abortion in this disgusting way


The coronavirus has turned into a pretext for bad Big Government policy.

Democrats are using the pandemic to ram through their socialist agenda.

And Americans are outraged after leftists used the coronavirus to fund abortion in this disgusting way.

The United States is now up to 1.6 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus with around 96,000 deaths.

The virus triggered an unprecedented shutdown of the U.S. economy, which has left 39 million Americans unemployed.

In response to the shutdown, Congress passed a massive spending bill that doled out money to corporations, small businesses, and individual taxpayers.

But the abortion mill Planned Parenthood exploited the coronavirus to illegally receive a small business loan.

A total of 37 Planned Parenthood facilities received $80 million in funding that they weren’t supposed to receive.

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse (R) is calling for an investigation into how the huge blunder was made.

Sasse said, “Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion business, tried to defraud taxpayers during the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression…The Paycheck Protection Program is supposed to be a lifeline for small businesses, not a slush fund for Big Abortion. The administration needs to reclaim that money and fire the bureaucrats who signed off on this scam.”

Planned Parenthood well exceeds the threshold for small business status and has over half a billion dollars in assets.

Leftists worship abortion, so they would never let Planned Parenthood go belly up.

But the idea of Planned Parenthood applying for a small business loan is ridiculous.

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley also had strong words for Planned Parenthood, writing, “The money needs to be recovered and if anybody knowingly falsified applications, they need to be prosecuted.”

The Small Business Admission is currently looking into the matter and determining if any Planned Parenthood affiliates lied on their loan application.

Planned Parenthood already turned down $60 million in federal funding when they refused to stop performing abortions.

Abby Johnson, a former top employee at Planned Parenthood who became a pro-life advocate, said that her job at the clinic was to upsell girls and women into getting abortions, and that service was never free or discounted.

In an ironic way, Planned Parenthood’s small business loan application exposes them as an abortion business and not the women’s healthcare clinic they purport to be.

Will Planned Parenthood be forced to give back the money?

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  2. Thats Pelosi…lie cheat .hurt human life and pretent she cares..its all about Pelosi and her corupt investors .money ..root of all evil and devil’s got a good hold on her.she says she prays for trump but not to who.

  3. When you decide that maybe killing our elderly is not a good idea to save the economy; and when you let children out of the cages.. THEN we can talk about your “pro-life” ideas.

  4. That’s true that Pelosi and her dogs would do such a thing. I’m with the one who said prosecute the idiots both on the government AND the stupid abortion side!!!!!

  5. It’s a modern version of Ba’al worship. Threw babies and young children into the arms of a superheated statue of the demon god to appease him!

  6. Congress approved it and we have no say in it. more pork from the Swamp,

    And the same thing will happen with the next stimulus loaded with pork and the Congress and President Trump will prove it just like last time

  7. Damn it! It now seems as if the rotten Dems an do anything that they choose to do with NO repercutions (sp). Will the Repubs ever wake up??

  8. Abortion is murder of unborn or just born infants. This organization has money to support the democrat party so they did not need the funds. As a non-profit they should not be using tax payer monies to support any parties candidates.

  9. We lament the loss o f so many people due to Covid19; what about the loss of life from abortions? I am a Democrat and Pro-Life.

  10. Seriously?! Planned Parenthood will never give the money back that they literally stole from small businesses that desperately needed it! I know of several small businesses that have had to close because of the pandemic and they never received any monetary help from the government! The money went to Pelosi and Schumer’s big business friends! Time to drain the swamp!!


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