Amazon just censored the top selling conservative book in America that tells the truth about Dr. Fauci’s lies


Big Tech has been on a crusade since the election to erase any opinion and facts that go against the Left’s agenda.

Lately, the Left has been doing everything they can to keep their control over our nation in place with government enforced lockdowns.

And now Amazon just censored the top selling conservative book in America that tells the truth about Dr. Fauci’s lies.

When it was clear that President Trump wouldn’t be declared the winner of the Presidential election, Big Tech started to silence him and his followers with precision.

First, President Trump was literally erased from all social media platforms and silenced like never before in his four years in office.

And once President Trump was out of their way, Big Tech began making phony claims of racism and hate speech to delete tens of thousands of conservatives from their platforms.

Ever since this crusade against conservative thought started, it has only gotten worse since then.

Now Big Tech is turning its crosshairs away from those who have legitimate concerns over the election to people who are questioning the government’s failed lockdowns.

It’s without any doubt that these lockdowns and mask mandates have not worked.

And in fact, they could be making things worse for the spread of coronavirus.

But some brave conservatives are taking the Left head on over their pro-lockdown policies only to be censored by Big Tech for questioning the Left’s new tyrannical ideal.

The latest example is of conservative podcaster Steve Deace and his new best-selling book “Faucian Bargain: The Most Powerful and Dangerous Bureaucrat in American History.”

The book takes a deep dive into the lies of Dr. Fauci and looks at data to prove that lockdowns just don’t work.

“Faucian Bargain” is obviously a book the Left doesn’t want you to read.

When the paperback book first hit Amazon early last week it quickly became overall the number one selling book in America.

But after a few days of success, Amazon started to limit access for people to purchase the book.

National Review first reported that if you typed in “Faucian Bargain” into the search bar of Amazon the book wouldn’t pop up anywhere in the results.

And if you got even more specific and typed in “Faucian Bargain by Steve Deace”, the results would literally pull up dining room furniture.

And, shockingly, after the “malfunction” with Amazon’s search engine occurred on the book exposing Dr. Fauci, “Faucian Bargain” took a quick drop from the number one best selling book in the nation to seventh.

Conservatives are clearly the number one target for leftists in Big Tech and they aren’t even trying to hide their attacks.

If conservatives can’t post their beliefs and now they can’t buy conservative products, what else is there left for Big Tech to censor?