Amazon is selling one item that will turn your stomach

Jeff Bezos

The coronavirus has dealt a crushing blow to small businesses across the country.

Meanwhile, business is booming for companies like Amazon.

But Amazon is selling one item that will turn your stomach.

Tech giants Apple, Google, and Amazon all colluded to destroy Twitter competitor Parler because the social media site was the preferred destination of many Republicans and conservatives.

Amazon pulled web hosting services from Parler with hardly any notice at all.

While Amazon is removing services from Parler, the giant e-tailer is allowing child sex dolls to be sold on their platform.

The doll is described as being equipped with “real baby’s lips, tender, soft” and a “private part.”

This is truly disturbing language that is likely meant to entice pedophiles.

Amazon should spend more policing this type of content than a free speech social media site like Parler.

And Amazon isn’t alone.

Other users reported many instances of child pornography being openly displayed on Twitter.

Parler was being attacked for not monitoring “hate speech,” but Twitter and Amazon seem to get a free pass for pedophilia on their platforms.

At the same time that Amazon is allowing this material on its platform, it blocked Wall Street Journal writer Abigail Shrier from advertising her book Irreversible Damage, which talks about the underreported pitfalls of transgender therapy and surgery.

If platforms like Amazon and Twitter are going to attack conservatives while allowing sickening content on their sites, conservatives and libertarians need to build up alternative infrastructures from the ground up.

The digital hitjob against Donald Trump was proof that people on the Right cannot count on these platforms to play fair, and it’s all the more unsettling when these platforms do such a poor job of censoring pedophilic content.