Amazon has declared war on Conservatives after what they just did to Clarence Thomas

Clarence Thomas

Left-wing elites are trying to make 2021 the year they erased conservatives off the face of the earth.

Since the year began, more and more conservatives have been eradicated from social media and society.

And now Amazon has declared war on Conservatives after what they just did to Clarence Thomas.

Many thought that it couldn’t get any worse than 2020 for conservative-minded Americans.

Well those folks were wrong.

The year so far has brought us a new radical lefist administration and a war on conservatives that Americans have never witnessed before.

First, they erased former President Trump on every social media platform for sharing his political viewpoints.

And, since then, more conservatives have been targeted by the Left and Silicon Valley elites as they feel empowered to do so since Trump is out of the White House.

But the Left just took it to a new level.

For the past decade, Amazon has usually left conservative products alone while other platforms refused to sell or push their products.

But that all might be changing now.

Over this past week, people started to notice that PBS’ documentary on Justice Clarence Thomas, Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words, was missing from Amazon streaming services after being previously available.

Justice Clarence Thomas is by far one of the leading voices for the conservative movement as one of the only consistent conservative voices on the Supreme Court.

This fascinating documentary about his life and rise to the Supreme Court can still be found on Amazon for purchase on DVD but nowhere else.

All while other documentaries on leftist Justices like the late Justice Ruth Ginsburg are available for streaming on Amazon.

And the fact that the documentary about Justice Thomas – a black conservative – went missing from Amazon streaming services during Black History Month speaks volumes.

While Amazon has a streaming page dedicated to celebrating Black History Month they won’t leave up a documentary of one of the most powerful black men in our nation.

We all can read between the lines.

Amazon is starting its war on conservatives and it could be costly to conservative directors, authors, and writers as Amazon is one of the biggest movie and book distributors in the world.

They already booted Parler off their web hosting service.

It’s likely only a matter of time before they go on a full out assault and try to completely erase conservatives from their platforms.