Alyssa Milano just ordered her followers to do something unspeakable


Alyssa Milano has become the leading voice for the Abortion Lobby.

Hollywood celebrities are following her lead protesting Alabama, Georgia, and Missouri’s new abortion laws.

But Milano crossed a red line when she gave marching orders to her followers to do something unspeakable.

The Left has become totally unhinged since Alabama and Georgia passed their pro-life legislation.

In response, they’ve has organized several protests and boycotts.

But they are turning ugly and sometimes even violent.

Now, Alyssa Milano just fanned the flames, fueling the violence against pro-lifers.

The actress ordered all of her followers on Twitter to harass a State Senator and all hell is breaking loose.

Breitbart reports:

Actress and far-left activist Alyssa Milano encouraged her Twitter followers to flood Alabama state Senator Larry Stutts’s Twitter with their opposition to his decision to vote in favor of the state’s new law outlawing most abortions in his state.

“We need to make this thread go viral. Do your thing twitter,” Alyssa Milano said to her three and a half million followers, linking to a Twitter post from actress Heather Whaley who accused Stutts of loving “it when girls who have been raped by a family member are further tortured by being forced to carry their rapists baby.”

Twitter users rushed in and hit Senator Stutts’s account with vile personal attacks.

Since Alyssa Milano’s tweet, thousands of users have started to harass State Senator Stutts online.

Many of the tweets berate the Senator’s Christian values and masculinity, and accuse him of misogyny.

Harassment and intimidation are becoming standard operating procedures for the Left.

If they don’t get their way in an election, all hell breaks loose.

Even leaders in the Democrat Party are engaging in this borderline criminal behavior.

Rep. Maxine Waters has told her supporters to find Trump officials in public spaces and to harass and intimidate them.

Maxine Waters and Alyssa Milano are only inspiring radical leftists to engage in violence.

Much to their dismay, these acts of aggression are backfiring.

The more everyday Americans are exposed to unhinged pro-abortion radicals, the more they will turn against them.


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  2. Where in Mexico is she from? What does she do? Is she supposed to be a movie star or something? The Bible says at the end of Revelation,”let the good be good, let the bad be bad, even so come Lord Jesus Christ.” So if they want to kill their children they will but we in the south don’t have to take part in it.

  3. I think the secret service need’s to reel in some of these so called activist and have a serious talk with them ,freedom of speech is one thing but this is going to far .
    Notice that the right doesn’t act like a bunch of fools, but the left does daily.

  4. Unfortunately there is a very very hot place awaiting for many of them unless they come to the truth and truthfully repent it would be better for them to tie a millstone around their neck and jump into the deep

  5. Inciting to riot is a crime. Find a prosecutor willing to indict the Hollywood babe (5th tier “star’) and then Auntie Maxine (thought I think she would beat the rap on grounds of mental incompetence.

  6. I’m afraid that Alyssa may have a guilt trip—-It’s forgiveable!! Know that! The LORD wants you to come to Him—–no one and I mean no one is free from sin, you are no more guilty than every human being on the planet. That is why He sent His Son to die a horrible death——it was the only way to cover the sins of the entire world—————HE loves you!! Your obviously in pain , in torture, in confusion. Alyssa your turmoil can end, just make an attempt to understand His Word.

    All the best-always

  7. ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous NAZI commie liberal Muslim demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  8. Dear Hollywood:

    Roses are red Violets are Blue. I have 5 fingers, The middle one is for you. P.S. No one gives a crap what you think or who you want us to vote for except a uneducated small minded few Demonrats”,

  9. She isn’t anything much except evil. Is she planning to go to jail for the person doing the harassing. Why would anyone listen to any so called actresses or actors. They are lacking half a brain.

    Mad Maxine is more evil and ugly as sin.

  10. I love that. Alyssa Milano, you do not speak for all Americans! Why do people in Hollywood think what they say matters more than the average American says? You are no better than we are. God is watching us, and you are failing.

  11. She like most of the supposed Actors think they know what is best for the rest of us. We don’t need your help. We, unlike you have our faith in God to sustain us daily. You cannot kill one of Gods children and get by with it forever. You will be sentenced when you die. I would hate to go where all of you abortion followers will be going. You have been given choices and the choices you make will determine where you go when you die. May God have pity on your souls.

  12. Milano, That DUMB BIT*C…..If she has any so called followers, they must be has beens like her….STUPID is as STUPID does….Another piece of hollywierd TRASH……..SHE IS NOTHING>

  13. Boycott Hollywood, don’t patronize this godless, corrupt business. Stay away from movie theaters and don’t watch their television shows. Instead, take a sabbatical; spend more time with your family, read a book, visit a museum, exercise.

  14. Alyssa Milano obviously is a tool of the Devil himself. She is a nothing. Why on earth would anybody ‘follow’ her? Have people forgotten how to think for themselves? Were they never taught, as children, how to think for themselves? Are our schools not teaching children how to think for themselves? What about parents? Something is very, very wrong here. We need a powerful Voice to bring back some sanity to all these poor lost souls.

  15. Poor, poor Alyssa. You’ll get a movie role soon. You want have to act, it is a part about an out of work actress that NOBODY would have sex with.

  16. I was hoping she’d pull a Jimmy Jones and have all her followers commit Hari Kari. No such luck apparently.

  17. More proof that the Demoncrats are a left wing hate group. They kill babies! Who will they kill next. Old people?

  18. So tired of “dried up” actors like her and the rest who think we need their input to live our lives. Hollywood is the biggest cesspool next to D.C. and should also be “drained”.
    Imagine conservatives saying and doing this during the Obama Era!All would be in jail!

  19. If she has followers I feel so sorry for the bunch. She doesn’t hold any credentials, just a big ego and a big mouth. She is definitely a radical left wing Hollyweird that thinks she is important. I really feel sorry for anyone that thinks she is who they should be listening to. Notice how she (ordered) her minions to harass state Senators and also Christians, but you don’t see her front and center, she would rather sit back and incite mayheim than get her hands dirty. Anytime someone wants you to break laws or cause harm, it is time for those losers to go it alone! She flaps her lips and thinks she is relevant but she is just looking for attention, really bad to continuely receive bad press, she is a loser and so are her minions!

  20. Buddy H I totally agree. God forbid us with a moral campus speak out against something we believe is wrong. Women who are raped by family or stranger is not being forced to carry or raise the child. If you are “hell” bent in having an abortion go to a state that allows them, if you carry a child and deliver that child that you know you cannot love and do not want our adoption services can handle that issue and give it to parents longing to love a child and care not of its violent beginnings. Alyssa Milano has a right to have as many abortions as she wants and I have the right not to pay for them. In the end we will all answer to the same God.

  21. Keep it up Milano, give voters another reason to hate all liberals and Dems. Keep helping Trump get relelected. One of the reasons he keeps winning and his polls get better and better is because of things like this, What Dems are doing and all the lies the left media keeps putting out. Please start impeachment, look what happened last time. It just gets better and better, soon liberals and Dems will be in hiding, afraid to come out public. More and more Americans are leaving the liberals behind, sick and tired of this kind of behavior.

  22. Doesn’t the bible say, “Hate corrodes the vessel that holds it’? Hm. Democrats are proving the point.

  23. Now that Milano is so Pro-abortion at any level, if someone took her daughter and asked Milano to kill her, could she do it?
    That’s what Post Abortion is
    Horrible thought but, it may work for her to stop this nonsense.
    Heard this about her a while back.

  24. I don’t go to movies because there’ s hardly any that are worth watching and paying good money for. There are too many radicals in Hollywood who think they are better than the rest of us. Wait until Judgement Day and they will find out who is in control, and it won’t be them!

  25. Dear allyssa, do you still look good naked? Can’t think of why this makes you an expert on all things political.

  26. Isn’t it interesting the the LBGTQ community reaps the benefits of women delivering a baby from an unwanted pregnancy and giving the baby up for adoption. Where to the “gays” think the baby’s they adopt come from??? The stork?? I guess when one of “these couples” wants a baby they should be told the baby that you COULD have adopted has been aborted. So sorry.

  27. Alyssa…………………want autonomy over your bodies? Then bear the responsibility for your actions for the life y
    ou carry . Murder is never right.

  28. Alyssa Milano is a mindless pig, of that I have no doubt. She is promoting the butchering of those that can’t defend themselves which also makes the pig a coward. At best she was a second rate so-called actress at which all she did was jiggle and giggle. Now she is trying to redeem her self-esteem by being a very questionable and incompetent activist.

  29. Milano is smarter and classier than any right winger on the planer, especially writing on the crazy racist sites.

  30. I couldn’t imagine living with that woman, she’s probably a total b—ch
    and a destructive being.
    Also she could be mad about the taxes she has to pay.

  31. My thoughts exactly! Inciting a riot or inciting violence. This crap has got to stop. The days of ignoring the stupid and moronic behavior have come to an end. Ignoring them no longer will make them go away.

  32. People in that profession suffer from inflated egos beyond belief and believe their position gives them the right to advise people not in that business what they should do. When someone comes out with that type of critical statement about others, consider the source and give it the value it deserves.

  33. I want to know why these people are allowed to get away with this. You have Maxine Waters and her cronies encouraging violence in those who don’t agree with them. Then there is Hollywood who think they run the country. None of them are worth listening to. Why are the secret service not dealing with these people. It’s the same with those who threaten our POTUS with bodily injury and death. Why are these things not being investigated. If this has been Obama it would have been dealt with within hours of being said. We know a lot of the DON is corrupt but something needs to be done with this violence that the left think is their prerogative.

  34. I do not think any Hollywood person is an “elitist”. They might like to think they are something special, but they put their shoes and clothes on just like the rest of us. It is time the American public quit supporting films and events featuring some of these elite morons. When they have to earn a living by working like the rest of us, they might see the fallacies of their behavior…but I doubt it.

  35. You are sooooo right. She was a cute “child actor” on a show with Tony Danza. As she got older she turned to skin flicks and worse, just like Miley Cyrus. If she could appear totally nude she would. What a tramp! But that is what Hollywierd is all about.

  36. She is the same person that was going ballistic when someone in California found a bag of dead kittens in a swimming pool. This degenerate needs some mental therapy like a lobotomy.

  37. White liberals and blacks, browns and tans can say and do whatever they want and never get treated like conservatives of any race. Truly sad but we are living in the age of the all of the victims created by the radical liberals.

  38. I have my very own “boycott”. Probably doesn’t hurt the Hollywierd despots one bit but I refuse to spend even a dime on the crap that comes out of Hollywierd.

  39. I have been on that “track” for years and years. Nothing that has come out of Hollywierd for the past twenty years is worth my time or $$$. Hollywierd is the perfect example of Hell on Earth.

  40. That’s a terrible thing to say about anyone! Having endured electronic rape (living unwillingly under electronic surveillance, my personal belongings ransacked and made public well before the Internet, persons around me wired for sound, my past probed to an extent no real life political or religious figure has had to endure), I stand with victims of sexual assault.

  41. I wouldn’t mind her being nude! I’d be happy to take Alyssa Milano’s panties off and boink her!

  42. Well said ! She wants autonomy over her own body than learn about birth control and contraceptives before you get knocked up . Not the after the deed is done method . Better yet , keep you Damned legs closed .

  43. TV star that hasn’t worked since Charmed went off the air and it’s my understanding she wasn’t well liked there. But she called an ACADEMY AWARD WINNING actor that’s working on Ray Donovan on cable at 80 years old!!1 So if Jon Voight is a HAS BEEN she is a NEVER WAS!!!!!! Maybe she just needs to break her own plan and get LAID!!!!! Just IRRELEVANT!!!!

  44. I heard she was a playboy bunny first. I use to like to watch her act but now I don’t want to see her act at all. If these leftist want to spread their legs to everything that wear a pair of pants why don’t they just put an IUD in instead of murdering poor little innocent babies. The leftist make me SICK !

  45. Maybe her children will abort her, as she is starting to look quite matronly and no longer useful……After all, they might not want to burden their bodies with caring for an aging parent!

  46. I remember Judith Light played her mother and was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and just had to tell everyone how she lost her virginity. Jay Leno seemed embarrassed and changed the subject. She was probably an influence.

  47. Most liberal groups don’t have enough members to do much so they all clique together to get what they want.

  48. Milano never could act. All she had going for her was her T & A and knowing how to jiggle them and/or show them off. Now that she is sagging she has little to do except make inane and dimwitted remarks. I assume those that follow her have the same mental acuity (zero) that she does.


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