Alyssa Milano just had a mental breakdown with her most insane anti-Trump attack yet


Radical Leftists in Hollywood spend most of their time attacking President Trump at this point.

Every has-been is begging for relevancy by attacking the President.

And Alyssa Milano just had a mental breakdown with her most insane anti-Trump attack yet.

Actress Alyssa Milano hasn’t been in the public spotlight for decades.

That was until she rebranded herself as a far-Left activist in the anti-Trump resistance.

And in a recent Tweet she went on a near-mental breakdown whining about how “f***ing upsetting” it is that she can’t let her 8-year old son listen to Trump speak “because our President is inappropriate, misogynistic and unpresidential.”

Breitbart News reports:

So she isn’t willing to let her son listen to the President of the United States speak because of how out of touch she is.

Her son will grow up in a better world, without ISIS, and with better job prospects because of what the President is doing.

Maybe one day he’ll realize just how brainwashed his mother is.

Do you think President Donald Trump is doing a good job?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. Alyssa Milano has to chase her son ( the only one she didn’t abort, FYI) out of the room because of what President Trump has to say? Please read HER comment . She used the F word. I guess that kind of language is quite appropriate for her young son to hear, correct Ms. Milano? But our President speaking the truth isn’t!! What a sick, demented, has-been Milano is…. Just stop trying to be relevant. Your five minutes of fame passed along time ago….

  3. So Alyssa cannot allow her 8 yr old son, the one she spared from the curette, to hear President Trump to speak on television? However he is always free to hear her profanity laced talk, how special.

  4. Come an 8 year old would have no reason to want to listen to the President much less anything political. When I was around that age my parents and grandparents chased me out of the room. Basically because I didn’t understand and wanted to watch kids shows. Get realistic mutlanose you have no clue what he’s talking about. Without the f bomb or Tony danza to explain it.

  5. Milano is going to have a MAJOR BREAKDOWN when President Trump wins his second term in 2020! Hope the breakdown does her in for good.

  6. She is just a has been.Never made a movie worth looking at.But she’ll have to commit herself to mental hospital when Trump wins again!

  7. She’s worried about what TRUMP says what About her filthy mouth she is a perfect example of Hollywood What a bunch of trash

  8. ” Page had an extra marital affair with disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok, ”
    Give Me a Break…This Holly-No-Moral-Compass-Wood Person Has No Say in ANYTHING What So Ever, Esp When She Thinks Having a Affair With a Married Man is A OK…just sayin

  9. POTUS Trump is doing a SUPERB job . . . THAT”S why he’ll be REELECTED, and any democrat who votes for his IMPEACHMENT in this SHAM is voting to his political PERIL. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  10. Im still in shock she even has a kid since she is a regular at the closest abortion clinic. She even has a discount card and was able to go on vacation using points on her visa abortion card. Worst waste of skin around.

  11. This insane woman doesn’t want her baby boy to hear Trump while she throws the F bomb repeatedly, or are the Hollyweirdo’s children weened on that language? Fade back into mediocrity where you belong Alyssa:)

  12. Hey movie stars/celebrities, Trump has been in office for almost three years and you still get to keep a lot of your money. Let a liberal win and watch your money start dwindling.

  13. we the people fully support president trump/pence in 2020 and beyond and i wish the vice president pence
    will run in 2024 as a president so that he can continue what president trump started and president pence
    will finish the job that he was elected for to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. PEOPLE WE MUST SUPPORT
    PRESIDENT PENCE IN 2024 OKAY and god bless us all and america.

  14. I was thinking the same thing, while she is spitting vile language or potty language as an acquaintance calls it she is afraid for her son to hear common sense conversation from our president. What an upside down crazy world we live in. Carol C.

  15. Its different from where she comes from!!!! Morals and values are right out the window in Hollywood! I’m so sick of hearing them bash Trump…..

  16. Doug…….I’m laughing out loud because I had the same thought! All the above comments who support our President are spot on! We have a great President and with all who are prayer warriors, Donald Trump will be reelected in 2020!

    Blessings to You and ALL of the above people who support our President!

  17. Perhaps the Division of Youth and Family Services, should evaluate her child’s environment due to the obscene language being used in the child’s presence.
    It would appear the child should be removed from the household for his well being.

  18. I hope she is in the hospital and never gets out. That would be another Hollywood useless Communist gone for good and hope they never return.

  19. Hey Alyssa has anyone ever told you that YOUR MOTHER CHOSE LIFE. Do you want to watch democrats heads explode?? Trump should announce tomorrow that he identifies as a woman!! I am the FIRST female president! I am the FIRST lesbian president!! I am laughing while typing. Just what would the feminist and LGBT have to say?? Oh she is so brave LOL Would they stand on their principles or flush them down the toilet? Would they gather in front of the White House wearing pu ssy hats to support our president? It is probably a bad idea. There are not enough funeral homes when they explode! You have to admit though it would be one heck of a circus to watch!! Hilarious to watch

  20. Plump Trump would be a fairly good prez if he didn’t act like a commie like Kim Un, lying to the people and acting like a first grader calling anyone that does not agree with him stupid names. He should be a president not a dictator. This is the UNITED STATES not some communist country. He has alienated all of our allies and cozied up to Putin and Kim Un. No wonder he is a laughing stock of the rest of the world.

  21. Is that how she chased her 8 yr old out of the room? Hey Kid, “Get out of the F***king room”. She’s such a dumb ass………………..

  22. Hey Dwight Harpuss
    You have been brainwashed,
    And can’t see the forest for the trees ????????
    I bet you are making a lot of money now
    And believe Obama is the reason
    We’ll after 3 year’s I don’t think he had anything to do with it…
    So why don’t you go and smoke whatever it is that’s keeping your tears about Hillary’s Loss back and your dilusional mind thinking Democrats are moral..
    And stay out of messaging
    You make me laugh though
    I guess it’s okay to keep going NOWHERE!????

  23. This is the resulting problem, when a person turns against the truth given from God. (Romans, Chapter 1) Bad is called “good,” and good is called “bad.” This is the way the leftists are calling Donald Trump the biggest liar : their ideas are reversed from reality. So, when they say that President Trump has “told 17,000 lies,” etc., it only points out that Trump has correctly pointed out their hypocrisy and other evils. They do not have any legitimate defense about so many things, so they just call all charges against them “lies.” Remember, the first individual to rebut God was Satan, when he (the devil) told Eve that she and Adam would not die for disobeying God’s commandments to not eat the forbidden fruit. Their access to life without limit in the garden of Eden was then STOPPED !!! Satan was effectively calling God a liar. But, as we read later in the Scriptures, Jesus told that Satan “…is the father of all lies…” So, we see that sometimes the individual trying so hard to call someone else “a liar” is himself (or herself) the actual liar !!! Use of the “f” word is a fairly strong indicator of a corrupted mind. It is absolutely NOT a good example for a child to hear.

  24. Dwight Harper: Please tell the Democratic Party that this is the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. Because they ARE the ones that have constantly lied and are turning this country into the NWO, Not President Trump! Do not judge him because of his personality flaws. And no, he is not an eloquent speaker. Our great Muslim leader Obama was though. And look how he destroyed this nation of ours. Trump has done great things FOR this country and it’s people. Do I agree with everything he has said and done? No. But he is a great president that I’m not ashamed of. If anything has made our country a laughing stock in the world’s eyes, it’s how the Democrats have wasted millions upon millions of our hard earned tax dollars on their constant witch hunts! And now their impeachment BS. And WE THE PEOPLE voices have been ignored when we cried out ENOUGH!!!
    Just to prove we are not a commie nation YET, please feel free to pack your packs and move if you are so unhappy. No one will stop you or shoot you.
    Oh and FYI, he has not alienated our TRUE allies. Just the ones that just USE us for our money and not truly support us…..

  25. Exactly right Jeffery i agree typical liberal democ rat. along with 90 % of Hollywood. God bless President Trump Trump 2020.

  26. Ronald Pierce. Why should he have to change the station? It is very important that Americans see who the deranged people are who are promoting hate in the country.

  27. That was what threw me too. One word will plant itself in a young child’s head faster than a whole sentence. Milano, i liked you years ago, but I have lost your draw and no longer respect you.

  28. And she thinks Pres. Trump is deranged? She killed 2 of her unborn children so she could keep her girly figure and keep her career going. She doesn’t hesitate to use the F word. Now that is what a good parent should teach their children. Worship $$$ and kill your children. She like a lot of Hollywood personalities, just wants to remain relevant. Why was she watching Trump on TV in the first place? I understand it is really hard to figure out which buttons to push on the remote to change the channel. Probably couldn’t figure that out, so sent her son out of the room instead.

  29. Give me a break. Trump did nothing wrong. You are an idiot. I thought it was quite funny myself. Do you allow your 8 year old son watch the democrats? Do you let him watch the charade the dem’s are doing to the President? Do you let him see the dems. disrespect the President of the U.S.? Do you let your son hear your rotten words you have said about Trump? Do you swear around you son? Do you show your son the FACE OF HATE-YOU?

  30. You are so right. He is a liar, a woman chaser, has affairs, he is a bully, he is gross in his words, he degrades women, he can’t bring sentences together, and he’s a genius LOL. I wouldn’t let kids listen to him, ranting and raving in his rallies, and the ignorant people laugh with him and others laugh at him. he is not fit to be president of the U.S. Hope he loses the election. Another 4 years and he’ll destroy the country.

  31. DJLanthierRismondo-Wonderful! Finally, a man whom can tell the truth-about yourself> You are guilty of all the great things you describe. I can’t believe it. The truth from a man about a man which is you. Try to get out of this. Now you know how Trump feels. I think you really are a lowlife ass. You probably rape women and kids, too. Tell all of us YOU are not guilty of any of your lies about Trump! We will not believe you. Go jump in a septic tank, you scum!

  32. Linda M. Thank you for speaking the truth once again. Isn’t it funny, all of a sudden these people that never posted before, show up just to bash President Trump ? Probably the same few haters just using different names . Well, that’s how these Leftists are. Frauds all the way!

  33. DJ; You are most certainly entitled to your own opinions, as pathetic and foolish as they are. But please find a Leftists website to post your nonsense on though. We, that love our country are not interested. What was a REAL embarrassment to our country then and now are the corrupt and evil Clinton’s and Obama’s.
    Please look what YOUR party TRUY supports and wants to completely do to this country. It’s called the NWO. Look it up so you can fully grasp what that means. If you are capable, that is…..


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