Alyssa Milano is recruiting a GOP challenger to Trump and you’ll never guess who she picked


Celebrities are beginning to express doubt that any of the Democrat candidates running for office have a chance to defeat Trump.

Which is why they are holding their breath for a GOP challenger.

Now, Alyssa Milano is recruiting one of Trump’s old worst enemies to run against him.

The first round of debates for the Democrat presidential primaries left everyone disappointed.

Voters, members of the media, and even Hollywood celebrities realized just how flawed their candidates are.

But Alyssa Milano just announced her latest scheme to attempt to defeat President Trump and it will make you gag.

She is attempting to convince Jeb Bush to run against Donald Trump as GOP primary challenger.

Breitbart reports:

Left-wing actress turned activist Alyssa Milano thinks former Florida governor and failed Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush should “seriously” consider launching a presidential bid against President Trump.

“If [I] were @JebBush, I’d seriously be considering a run,” Milano said to her 3.6 million Twitter followers.

The tweet could signal hesitancy among Democrats. While over 20 candidates are vying to challenge Trump in 2020, some Democrats – such as Milano – are actively hoping for a Republican to successfully primary the president as well.

Noted Never Trumper and former Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) teased the possibility of challenging President Trump last year into early 2019.

Jeb Bush was easily one of Donald Trump’s greatest opponents early in the 2016 primary.

No other candidate attacked Trump with nearly as much advertising dollars or airtime as Bush did.

During the debates, the two sparred frequently, with Trump always coming out on top.

Alyssa Milano must not recall how Trump humiliated Jeb Bush time-after-time on the debate stage.

In the end, despite his position as the early front-runner, Jeb Bush’s candidacy was a total flop.

The reality is that Alyssa Milano and the rest of Hollywood have zero confidence in any of the Democrat candidates.

They know that they must find a creative way to undermine the President if they stand any chance to beat him.

So far, all they can come up with is low-energy Jeb Bush.

Former Ohio Governor John Kasich occasionally teases members of the media that he may run for president against Trump.

What do you think?

Do Jeb Bush or John Kasich have any chance of defeating Donald Trump in 2020?

Sound off in the comments below!


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  2. Jeb who!?!?! Hahahahahahahahahaha! This is proof that there ain’t a dime worth of difference between the politicians today. Hello…that’s why we elected President Trump! You might as well get Whoopi to run.

  3. Jen Bush is such a weak candidate that if he was able, he would have defeated Trump in the primaries. Then Hillary surely would have won the office. And now, without mommie here to bolster him, he hasn’t got a chance in hell of even being I race.

  4. I despise Trump and I love Alyssa Milano, but she does not speak for all vegetarians! You’d think the unborn-right-to-lifers would immediately understand the animal-right-to-lifers! The case for animal rights should be readily understandable to the millions of Americans opposed to abortion on demand.

    “Although I may disagree with some of its underlying principles,” writes pro-life Democrat Karen Swallow Prior, “there is much for me, an anti-abortion activist, to respect in the animal rights movement. Animal rights activists, like me, have risked personal safety and reputation for the sake of other living beings. Animal rights activists, like me, are viewed by many in the mainstream as fanatical wackos, ironically exhorted by irritated passerby to ‘Get a Life!’ Animal rights activists, like me, place a higher value on life than on personal comfort and convenience, and in balancing the sometimes competing interests of rights and responsibilities, choose to err on the side of compassion and nonviolence.”

    Although dominated by secular progressives valuing personal autonomy, privacy and civil liberties, the animal rights movement, representing a cross-section of mainstream secular American society, is NOT “officially pro-choice,” but IS divided on abortion. In a 1992 interview on Dennis Prager’s conservative talk show, when specifically asked about the animal rights position on abortion, Ingrid Newkirk, co-founder of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), admitted, “We’re divided.”

    Former television game show host Bob Barker is a conservative Republican and an animal activist. Tony LaRussa of the Animal Rescue Foundation is a political conservative. Vegan labor leader Cesar Chavez was pro-life. Vegan civil rights leader Dick Gregory was pro-life. Former Washington Post columnist Colman McCarthy, a devout pacifist, has expressed opposition to abortion, and in the 1980s was critical of Reverend Jesse Jackson for having changed sides on the issue.

    Dixie Mahy, past president of the San Francisco Vegetarian Society, has been vegetarian for sixty years, vegan for forty of those sixty years, and identifies herself as pro-life-and-pro-animal Matthew Scully, a conservative Catholic and former speechwriter for George W. Bush identifies himself as “Pro-Animal, Pro-Life.” Catholic Concern for Animals is pro-life-and-pro-animal. Reverend Frank & Mary Hoffman’s Christian vegan website is pro-life-and-pro-animal Compassion for animals is a fundamental tenet of the Baha’i faith, which endorses vegetarianism, says abortion is more a matter of individual conscience, but concludes, without taking a position on abortion, life should not be destroyed.

    John Stuart Mill wrote: “The reasons for legal intervention in favor of children apply not less strongly to the case of those unfortunate slaves — the animals.”

    Animals are like children. Henry Bergh, founder of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), successfully prosecuted a woman for child abuse in 1873, at a time when children had no legal protection, under the then currently existing animal protection statutes. This case started the child-saving crusade around the world.

    In Christianity and the Rights of Animals, the Reverend Dr. Andrew Linzey writes: “In some ways, Christian thinking is already oriented in this direction. What is it that so appalls us about cruelty to children or oppression of the vulnerable, but that these things are betrayals of relationships of special care and special trust? Likewise, and even more so, in the case of animals who are mostly defenseless before us.”

    When told the animal rights movement is divided on abortion, Serrin Foster, Executive Director of Feminists For Life, said understandingly, “The Children’s Defense Fund is also divided on abortion.” Feminists For Life has many vegetarians and vegans. Serrin identifies herself as a vegetarian.

    From 1992 through 2003, James Dawson, raised Catholic and now a Buddhist, published Live and Let Live, a pro-life / animal rights / libertarian ‘zine. The ancient eastern reincarnationist religions Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism all predate Christianity, all oppose abortion, all teach ahimsa, or nonviolence towards humans and animals alike to the point of vegetarianism, all are vegan-friendly, and all teach that abortion and war are the karma for killing animals, and that therefore, we cannot end abortion nor bring about world peace until first we abolish the killing of animals.

    This knowledge, however, does not rest with everyone. Not all pro-life-and-pro-animal people advocate the reincarnationist strategy for ending abortion and bringing about world peace. Shay Van Vlieman, founder of Vegans For Life in the late ’90s, said she doesn’t expect to see a vegan president in her lifetime: she would just be glad to elect a president who will work to overturn Roe v. Wade. And she insists she is not a Republican, but a libertarian!

    During the late 1990s, Rachel MacNair, a Quaker pacifist, feminist, vegan, past president of Feminists For Life, moderated an email list for pro-life vegetarians and pro-life vegans. Rachel is now a psychology professor, and has written several books on nonviolence. In 1998, the Animals Agenda ran a cover story on the debate within the animal rights movement over abortion. Vegan congressman Dennis Kucinich (D – Ohio), one of the most liberal members of Congress, was pro-life throughout most of his political career.

    Pro-life vegetarians and pro-life vegans are found within the “consistent-ethic” movement: pro-lifers opposed to capital punishment. A significant number of “consistent-ethic” Christians are / were vegetarian or vegan: Rose Evans, Ruth Enero, Rachel MacNair, Albert Fecko, Carol Crossed, Bill Samuel, Mary Krane Derr, Mary Rider, Father John Dear, etc.

    Mary Rider, a practicing Catholic, wrote in Harmony: Voices for a Just Future, a “consistent-ethic” periodical in 2002:

    “So we teach our children to walk softly on the earth and to embrace nonviolence as the only legitimate means of conflict resolution, on both a personal and a global level. We are aware of the excessive, privileged life we lead as educated, first world U.S. citizens and of the responsibilities to which our privilege calls us. We try to live simply. We eat low on the food chain. We try to buy nothing new… We try to respect all life and carry that message forward in all we do… Because we value people and relationships over things… First world consumption kills people around the world… Pollution, environmental devastation, corrupt governments, war, sweatshops… all are a are a result of our desire to buy more at a lower price… We believe each person has a right to live a valued and respected life free from hunger and discrimination…”

    The threat of overpopulation is frequently used to justify abortion as birth control. On a vegan diet, however, the world could easily support a human population several times its present size. The world’s cattle alone consume enough to feed over 8.7 billion humans. Even if abortion advocates argue shifting to a plant-based diet, a vegan diet, isn’t enough to stave off overpopulation, in light of the data showing the depletion of energy, food, fresh water, land space, raw materials and resources as well as the heavy contribution to air and water pollution, deforestization, and global warming caused by a meat-centered diet, how do abortion advocates — warning about overpopulation consuming the world’s resources — justify consuming meat?

    If vegetarianism were merely about “fit” or following a peculiar set of “dietary laws” why are pro-lifers offended by pro-choice vegetarians and pro-choice vegans? Clearly, they’re offended because they know vegetarianism involves the animals’ right to life, and thus these pro-choicers appear to value animal life over human life under some circumstances. And issues like animal experimentation, circuses, and fur have nothing to do with diet, eating, nor food, but do involve the animals’ right to life. Leonardo Da Vinci, Count Leo Tolstoy, Mohandas Gandhi, George Bernard Shaw, Susan B. Anthony, Percy Shelley, Rosa Parks, etc. were all vegetarian, and none of them were Jewish nor Muslim.

    For Love of Animals: Christian Ethics, Consistent Action offers an introduction to animal rights ethics within Christianity alongside directly related sanctity-of-life issues, like the possible rights of unborn children. The book’s foreword is written by Mary Eberstadt, senior fellow with the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, DC, a Catholic who identifies herself as “Pro-Animal, Pro-Life.”

    Author Charles Camosy responds to criticisms from academicians Peter Singer and Lynn White, Jr., that the misinterpretation of “human dominion” (versus compassionate stewardship) is responsible for the current ecological crisis. Camosy indicates that Christianity cannot be blamed if humans with their imperfections distort their own religious teachings, that Christianity did not give rise to the industrial revolution, and that real Christianity — as it was meant to be practiced — is at odds with market-driven ethics and mass consumerism (a point made decades ago by liberal Protestant theologian Dr. Harvey Cox). Camosy concludes: “I became convinced that, if I wanted to be authentically and consistently pro-life, I should give up eating meat.” Dozens of books have been written on Christianity and animal rights. Camosy merely provides an overview of animal ethics within Christianity.

    Steve Kaufman, head of the Christian Vegetarian Association, was raised Jewish, and is now serving in the United Church of Christ, America’s largest pro-choice Protestant denomination. Steve expressed interest in Democrats For Life, his only reservation was whether Democrats For Life favors criminalizing abortion. Some animal advocates and activists (like Catholic vegan columnist Colman McCarthy) oppose abortion, but don’t think criminalization is the answer.

  5. If the radical liberal left poster child Hillary Clinton could not beat Trump then the current candidates do not have a Snowballs chance in hell !

  6. bj: you can bet whoever she supports, it will be indeed be another one that supports killing babies!She’s a little second rate actress and yet she supposedly has over 3 million twitter followers ? I suppose it’s all her “pro-choice” idols …

  7. Alyssa Milano is an Entertainer only . She is not and should not be considered a role model to anyone . Like most Entertainers , she is way overpaid for what she does for a living , and as a result they all somehow think that their opinions are important . An opinion is a good one if it is Just and Moral . Picking a Candidate for President who shares her view of killing the unborn as a form of Birth Control is not a just and Moral opinion .

  8. Tell me Vasu, have you ever had a opinion that is yours?? You deliberately come on these blogs spewing this one’s and that one’s thoughts and opinions just to be annoying and preach your Democratic baloney. You hate Trump but love this advocate( Milano) that supports killing babies??? Well, that tells me who you really are. SHAME ON YOU…..


  10. Vasu, do you think we are going to take time to read your long drawn out comments?! When you begin with putting down our President, that is as far as I will read!

  11. Milano is absolutely pathetic. She is so desperate for attention that she’s willing to sell her soul out, sell our country out and sell the American people out. In one of her latest moves she was absolutely celebrating Nazis. She clearly didn’t Care and didn’t even take into consideration how Jewish people, especially those who lived through the holocaust, felt about that—Obviously not. One would almost feel sorry for her because she is such a pathetic washed up no talent loser but when she does nothing but attack the United States, the American people, all Trump supporters she better buckle up because what goes around comes around. Her venom, bitterness, hatred has clearly consumed her. No one cares what she thinks and says. She’s just one of the most worthless human beings walking on the face of this earth. One wonders why is she still living in the United States since she obviously detests it as much as she does. When she moves to another country she should be happy and God knows so will the rest of us. Good riddance!

  12. A “washed up actress” supporting a “washed up politician”? Sounds like another sitcom only not starring Tony Danza!

  13. The more I know people the more I love dogs!!!! I am an old man and I remember Alyssa Milano when she was a cute little girl she has just gotten older. Since she believes in infantcide I suppose she would approve if it were done to her!!!

  14. Bush would get killed in the primary. It would be such an epic fail that I don’t think that’s what Jeb wants to be remembered for. Isn’t it funny how the libs can’t win on policy or facts so they resort to false reporting and name calling and censorship and antifa-like tactics? They have such bad candidates that they hope for another Republican? If the progressives had such great ideas and policies, they wouldn’t have to censor the other side! Trump 2020 in a landslide!

  15. Huh? The left DE criminalized abortions. They kill babies and then the ones that survive, they molest as teens. Seems they are consistent….they dehumanize the people they like to use.

  16. Kasich is not ever to be trusted. He was the one who said after SCOTUS invented homosexual marriage, to “move on, it’s a done deal.” Then turns around and proclaims he is a Christian, while he roomed in college with the founder of the Log Cabin Republican, who are only about homosexuality. He is one more cog in the downhill roll of parading sexual deviancy. What he has done in education in Ohio, stinks. And I teach. He and Bill Gates added gasoline to the fire of “earning” and “merit.”

  17. The Democrats are so poisoned that anybody they run against President Trump would be seen as a left-wing pawn. While I am sure that they would love to groom Kasich would be a Democrat dream come true he would not even appear on President Trump’s radar screen. Jeb Bush is seen by many on the Republican side as just another Bush pretending to be a Republican but under his suit is Democrat skin. Both Senior bush’s have tarnished Jeb’s ability to be seen as a viable alternative to President Trump. The Democrats are ignoring the mood of the Country hanging on to their positions that no American will accept. They’re best hope is to stop pandering to the far left and start fresh in 2024 with a Moderate Candidate. By then they may find the one remaining in the Democratic Party. They need a JFK but you cannot just order one from Amazon. The road ahead for the Democratic Party is rough as I believe in 2024 they will run smack dab into a Haley/Sanders ticket. If they choose not to move to the centre then as a viable political party the Democrats may well be finished.

  18. David Joe: Perfectly stated.. Alyssa Milano is an Entertainer only . She is not and should not be considered a role model to anyone!
    Milano should keep her opinions to herself and not try to dictate what others should do.

  19. As one great poet once said: “Forget about it”. President Trump, an outsider to politics, has accomplished much during his tenure in office. He continues to consider “all” of the people in his decisions. If he had the support of the Demoncrats greater accomplishments would have been possible, or can be possible. The opposition have gathered a bunch of clowns, do nothings and a hindrance to making America Great and the population, proud to be an American, one nation under God!

  20. True my friend but she took the dark road, like many actresses or actors play role, then become experts, I did notice she still is on her sex strike, because her eyes are turned inward.

  21. First of all Alyssa, you are NOT Jeb Bush. While Jeb Bush is neither the sharpest tool in the shed, nor the most accomplished politician, his common sense and situational awareness would obviously make you appear even MORE moronic by comparison, than you have so ably demonstrated on your own. Second, for all his deficiencies, Jeb Bush is a proud American, a concept which you cannot possibly grasp. Your freedom as an American enables you to continue to embarass yourself, and even your vocation as you see fit. Ain’t America grand?

  22. Lucky for her she was a cute little girl who made money early on in life now she is nothing more than a liberal crybaby who is unwilling to do as she preaches because if she did she would donate her last dime to prove she was part of the revolution instead she wants everybody else to live for the collective while the elite few enjoy their status to that I say GO F— YOURSELF

  23. t times they believe that What is it with these leftists? They really do not understand “we the people” of this nation. Trump swept the people off their feet with his candidacy and platform. It was what the nation has been wanting and waiting for someone to say those words. Trump spoke and he immediately grabbed the peoples attention. Rush Limbaugh stated it precisely on air when he said that Trumps words were going to resonate with the public. He was so correct. Trump still resonates with the public. very time he comes up with an idea, he is successful. It does not matter what the left throws at him. At times the left believes that they have in between a rock and a hard place. They really do not and never will. Trump is smart. He knows what the people want. He is giving it to them. The left is just spending their billions of dollars for naught. Aperson like Trump only comes around once in a lifetime. Reagan was the last one. Who will come next after the leftists win and bugger up the system?

  24. The ONLY chance dems have is to DIVIDE the GOP vote. Sorry, Jeb but you cannot pull those kinds of numbers. He couldn’t do it when Trump was an untested candidate and it is even less likely now with his many accomplishments.

    Jeb would need money from GLOBALISTS in order to finance a run. That point alone would sink anything he hoped to gain. If dems want a candidate that will beat Trump, they need someone PATRIOTIC, an INDIVIDUAL THINKER not a group thinker like globalists, someone that can walk tall and knows that peace is NOT achieved by kissing ass. Someone that can show the dictators of the world that the USA can either be a friend, or foe, and why being our friend is in their best interest. Any candidate that might go against Trump from EITHER side of the aisle MUST BE TRANSPARENT and ACCESSIBLE to the people. Someone with a history in politics is NOT a shoein … voting records, public statements and government records will catch them in a lie. If the propaganda media like such an opposing candidate the citizens will KNOW something is fishy. If the person pushes for climate change … We will know that that person is in fact out to DESTROY OUR ECONOMY.

  25. This is obviously an attempt to split the republican vote. Why else would democrats solicit GOP candidates. Looks like their saking in their boots about the coming election.

  26. So true. When most were still wondering how Trump even was in the race, they lost. Now that we know what Trump is capable of, they would embarrass themselves to even imagine they could run against him.

  27. Stupid is as stupid does! Milano, what’s your major malfunction? A revelation for you Milano, JEB doesn’t want to be defeated again!

  28. Mimi, not write. Just copy, cut and paste becomes canned opinion. ????????????????????????????????????????

  29. Vasu…This is a CONSERVSTIVE board. You have no clue what a conservative even is. NONE of us hate Pres. Trump!!! He loves this country and has done a lot for us. Yet you despise him. YOU do not belong here!!!! You have no concept of the truth. You just blindly believe the sick lies of your lib leaders like a good little robot. NOTHING you post is of any interest to those of us who know the truth that you deny. Go away!!!

  30. @Ernst, Alyssa wants Jeb to take another beating in the election by Trump. Why? She tries to win by proxy fight. If she lost, she can get away scottfee, and let Jeb Bush takes the humiliation. A sleazy Democrap strategy using scapegoat to be the fallguy when everything else fail. In fact, the illegal aliens are the fallguys for many Democrap’s political agenda – using uneducated for vote pandering, vote rigging, keep wages low, provide cheap labor, provide low quality jobs, exploit long work hrs and harsh work conditions, etc.

  31. That’s her idea? Try to find a person to distract Trump? Or worse yet, try to find someone the right may like more and then try to beat that person. That’s weak, little girl.

  32. The Bush family is finished in Washington. They’ve still not recovered from the sound beating they got from Donald J. Trump in 2016. It really doesn’t matter WHO the Left puts up or who may challenge him from the Right. The only person that can win the 2020 election is someone who can deliver prosperity and safety to America and that person is already in the White House. Anyone who’s ideas and capabilities match those of President Trump is already aboard the Trump Train or in his Administration.

  33. Milano is like all the rest of the people in hollywierd. They live in a make believe world and convince themselves that their opinions mean something. I remember when play acting was done by children playing. It hasn’t changed. These actors and actresses have the mentality of a 10 year old. Oh wait I shouldn’t down grade 10 year olds like that.

  34. Pls pls get Hillary to run again. We want to see and hear more about Hillary’s dirts and dirty laundry in the election arena again. All the exciting sleazy details which drive the Democraps bananas and wild with sexual ecstasy. And intoxicated with violent convulsions all over the streets. Then let the corrupt MSM ratings go into the toilet when Trump beat Hillary again. We need round two for repeat performance. Pls pls Milano, use your star power to convince Hillary to run again. It will be fun. Milano, you have nothing to lose. In fact, you get more public exposure. ????????????????????????


  36. Alyssa must have been possessed by one of her demons from her Charmed days! I wonder what else could possibly lead her to believe she is politically savvy?

  37. Bush or Kasich will never get my vote. LOL Any bets on how long they would last in a primaries again.

  38. Like every one else we all have opinions, but my opinion is Milano should keep her opinions to herself and if she does get bush to run against Trump(which I doubt she can do) Trump will again put him down in the same way he did in 2016, bush will not want to be humiliated again

  39. Milano your as big an idiot as Jeb Bush. I wouldn’t vote for him. I wish you’d disappear Milano. I liked you when you were on t.v.. Now I can’t stand you.

  40. Nope. She’s a moron as exhibited in the first sentence. She “loves” Alyssa Milano, or AM. AM is an idiot like AOCretin.

  41. why doesn’t this “crazy” team up with Little ole Bush & run for president & vice president? that would definitely bring out voters that hadn’t placed a vote in many years! some people definitely believe their opinions really matter to people! but we have to be careful of people like this cause they are EVIL & it’s their mission to destroy America!

  42. Hey vasu,
    Lrt’s go talk about your view points over dinner.

    I know a great steak house that also serves chicken and lamb.

  43. OH REALLY???!!! YOU CAN’T BE AN OHIO RESIDENT! He was the WORST governor Ohio ever had and won only Ohio out of all the states he campaigned pretending to be so wonderfully compassionate and understanding… BS in spades!!! Yep! He’s bound to give Trump a run for his money. LMAO!!! I think he must have cheated to win Ohio! TRULY!

  44. They’ll both fall asleep before the elections are over if the voters don’t first at that “snooze fest” . . . both are BIG TIME losers. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  45. Even for a dumb-as-dirt actress, Alyssa Milano has way too much stupid. I just hope she decides to fund Jeb’s campaign with her own money.

  46. is she serious he will not even carry Fl. we don,t like him I know I am a Fl. republican and would not vote for him as a dog catcher

  47. Not only Ohioans. The man is a sellout say anything just like a Democrat
    Kasich, Jeb, Romney all the same ducks in a pond .

  48. Did that person even come up for air . What a blowhard hypocrite. Read the Bible god gave man plant and animal to nourish on.

  49. Please please talk Jeb Bush into running against President Trump. Trump would definitely win. Trump 2020

  50. President Trump needs to sign an executive order legalizing the MOONING of Alyssa Milano! Once the order is signed, it will be forbidden to arrest, detain, restrain, constrain or cite anyone for MOONING Milano! Milano will be required to go on MOON tours to various metropolises so those who want to MOON her will be able to do so! Milano will also be forced to keep her eyes open so she won’t be able to avoid getting MOONED! This order will expire on Jan. 20, 2021 at noon with either President Trump (in the event he’s reelected) or his successor (if he loses) will able to renew this order for four more years if he or she chooses to do so!

  51. Hey vasu: “Animal rights”?? How about “vegetation rights”? Vegetation grows, reproduces and dies just like you do. What right do YOU have to kill and eat all those vegetables?

  52. Alysa Milano is recruiting GOP men for Pres., campaign manager of Hollywood for strip tease circus of flaud mentalities such as Jeb.

  53. Milano needs to ride her broom off into the sunset!! She is a third rate actress at best, and a horrible person that has no sense of right or wrong and couldn’t pick a good candidate for dog catcher (nothing against dog catchers). Why do these idiots from Hollywood think anyone cares what they think?? They are mostly out of touch with reality and have been their entire lives!!!

  54. 1. In this picture, is Alyssa Milano AUDITIONING for a part playing AOC, since she adopted
    her “look”?
    2. Or, Is she applying for a job with the “ODD SQUAD”?
    3. And dear OMAR, WE “lived up to our values” long before you arrived on the scene bashing my country and AMERICA’S PRESIDENT. GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM. And stop your prejudice against “people of white”!

  55. “No other candidate attacked Trump with nearly as much advertising dollars or airtime as Bush did.”
    Sure, and look what it got him. What a joke! That whole Bush clan is a bunch of wusses. I don’t think they want to risk such embarrassment again.

  56. Vasu, do you really think that pandering psycho babble dissertation convinced anyone of anything? It appears one too many Psilocybin mushrooms made it into your goat weed salad. You have only impressed yourself with that unintentional stand up comedy routine. Do yourself a favor and go back to meat.

  57. Just what this country needs…another member (a rhino at that) of the Bush Crime Syndicate. What a disappointment and disaster for this nation Jeb Bush would be. He could immediately appoint “the squad” to cabinet positions to help destroy this great nation. God help us all….

  58. Holy cow. The last time I heard comments on Milano she was a B grade actress.Now she is a C grade and this was only two days ago.Do you think she is smart enough to put on a parachute. With this kind of free fall she better have a good plastic surgeon on retainer. Here’s to the big D .2020 here we come.

  59. Alyssa Milano must have more brains than your average, everyday pigeon, but she does not show it. Jeb Bush may have set a record for going through primary money with least results. He has about as much chance as Bill Weld, ex-Governor of MA, which is zero. Milano is like a bad joke that keeps going around, everyone knowing it is bad but finding it trendy.

  60. Shrub lll will never be! After POTUS Reagan and before POTUS Trump, Conservatives has to swallow hard when voting for their RINOS candidates. Traditional Dems have had the same problem. Pickings have been slim, from BJ to AlBore, Lurch, the Halfrican and then that Hunchback of Chappaqua. I certainly hope that Americans take the opportunity over the next 5 years to prepare in case one of these wacko Dems gets back in power. Build a $$$$$ nest egg and take good care of your physical well-being along with your loved ones.

  61. Jeb Bush? Good choice if your from another PLANET of long ago. Mr. Wimp he wouldn’t my vote for Dog Catcher.

  62. So, verbose one, have you ever been to a good Texas barbecue? Nothing else like it, you should try it sometime.
    All the fat and reddish juices dripping while you sink your teeth into that tender animal flesh, mmmm, good stuff.

  63. I think if Milano is so concerned, she should run against Trump herself. We could all use a good laugh.



  65. Thank you for the Alyssa Milano news re Jeb Bush. We all needed this good laugh.. Jeb has already proved he’s not a viable candidate and Alyssa is busy proving she’s not even a good candidate picker. She is surely one of the dumbest pieces of fruitcake in her family’s pantry and should try to find a job suitable to her mentality. Oh wait – there may not be one that low on the job scale.

  66. And VAsu, after all your words, what is your point? You still said you love Milano so you must be mentally off as she wants to destroy babies, and most Conservatives. Conservatives believe for the most part that people should be allowed their own beliefs but the left does not want to allow that. It is a simple thing. Every turn, they left tries to stop people that don’t agree with their hate and their side, whatever it be at that time, which constantly changes with the tide. Why you hate our President is so contrary to what you tried to state in your dissertation it is laughable. You are the most wishy washy person I have come across other then Milano. Take a stand, fine but use your brain! At least try to.

  67. SeaMist,

    Milano has’nt been an entertainer for a long time. Guess that’s why she is making a fool of herself – desperate.

  68. The inmates have taken over the asylum. The Democratic Party is literally circling the toilet basin. AOC and her Squad are doing everything in their collective power to literally divide our country into two halves: Them and Us. Doesn’t it dawn on anyone that “The Squad” is doing nothing at all to help our country? They are a Cancer to our country. They HATE EVERYONE. They hate America, they hate Donald Trump, they hate the Jews, they hate the State of Israel, they want Open Borders, they want Health Care for illegals. They come out on a daily basis to spew their vile words of hatred, racism and anti-Semitism. But when we have two mass murders in one weekend, do we condemn The Squad for their words and their thoughts – NO. We automatically blame Donald Trump. The guy didn’t do a thing to hurt anyone. He told the truth to the American People. He told the truth and the people who should be locked up – well, they’re running the jails. Now we have a new candidate on the horizon: Bette Midler!!! Her qualifications? A large Twitter following. Midler for President. AOC for Vice-President. What next?

  69. They may be working towards a type of technocratic populism, where elections could be decided by who has the biggest online following. I have read a few dystopian sci-fi stories involving that over the years, crazy how much that was once sci-fi has actually come to pass lately.

  70. ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬!

  71. So I guess this is her way of telling the current democratic presidential candidates that they don’t gave a chance to beat Trump in 2020. Did you hear that candidates. Coming from a loud mouth demoasses.

  72. The Scumbag Democrats Elites The Scumbag Hollywood Elites Are All Communist That A Line With The Islamic State Which Makes Them Traitors.

  73. Neither Bush nor Kasich nor any of the other GOP candidates of 2016 can hold a candle to President Trump. They are all old news; the old, discarded, dead GOP that has been replaced by the populist/conservative GOP of today.

    This just shows how out-of-touch these people are.

  74. We as American Citizens need to stop, and do some soul-searching! The hatred, and division, it’s got to stop! This is not America, this is a cancer growing and it’s a travesty!
    We can say, what we want to say, be what we want to be, we are free, and we are blessed! We must stop hating, go back to loving, peace, prosperity!
    If you are a man, physically and you want to be a woman, do it! What you do is your business, your decision is between you and God, not you and me! I don’t hate you, because God tells us not to Judge others, to love our enemies, and Jesus did just that, He prayed for the men who crucified Him, He forgave the thief on the cross! We don’t get to decide who gets punished after we are dead, God is that Judge, and He is the One to fear! Satan knows this, When God summons Satan, Satan comes running to Him! Satan knows who God is, and He knows God kicked him out of Heaven! God gives us a choice, like America gives us choices, because our Forefathers were God fearing men! We must heal, Slavery was a terrible thing, we as a Country, ended slavery! We should have healed long ago, people won’t let the past go! African Americans must heal, none of us can change the past, and we can’t live in the past! We must not allow outsiders to come in and destroy us as a nation!
    Obama was a Foreign Born Communist Raised to Hate, America and White People! His mother and father were Communists! Bill Ayers manufactured a person who could trick some people into believing he was someone he isn’t! He’s done, he is over, he’s nothing! We have to change! Before Obama, this Country was way, better! Not perfect by any means! We can be who we want to be, but we must be loyal to America as Citizens! We have a few haters and seditious individuals who are out to destroy us, we can’t allow it! Let’s get back to loving one another, and heal.
    President Trump is hated, why? He isn’t hurting America, and he is not a racist! He has helped more African Americans than Obama ever did! Those people will hate any POTUS loyal to America and they do not have your best interests at heart! All they want is power, and they want a helpless, vulnerable, society so the are in complete control, we can’t let this happen! The Vegas shooting was a mass murder perpetrated by billionaires to sway people to give up our guns, they know that if we are unarmed, they’ll be the only ones armed! Power! Please get back to loving, and stop hating,Stand strong, as Americans, with integrity, and patriotism! I’m just as guilty as anyone, and I’m sorry!

  75. A young mother was an eyewitness in Vegas at the concert, she did the right thing, she told authorities that she saw 4 or 5 different shooters, she lived through that horror, then murdered, to shut her up!
    A long-time valet told authorities he never saw the man blamed for the shootings have a weapon, yet he supposedly had several weapons, how did he get them in? This valet was murdered! We don’t let these things go in America, we must shine a spotlight on this tragedy, and shame on the main stream media, we have very few news networks with integrity!

  76. Do not fear death, we all must die sometime, people can kill you, with or without a gun, but there is only One Living God, and He is the only One to fear, because after you die, He will see you and I face to face, and He is the only One that can send you to the fiery furnace, the bottomless, pit for eternity! Do not be fooled into believing satans lie, that God would not do that to someone, because he knows that’s his final destination, and he wants to take as many souls with him as possible! We do not own our bodies, our bodies are vessels that belong to God, who created us, a vessel for good, to help others, and I personally have done all I can do to defile this vessel, and I’ve been wrong! God sent Jesus to the earth not to condemn the world, but to save everyone, because God knows we are incapable of living a sinless life, and Jesus died to save us all, and all we have to do, is believe in Jesus,His birth, His Life, His Death, and His Resurrection, then He takes care of the rest! We must confess our sins verbally, then ask for forgiveness verbally, we must humble ourselves to Him, then try to live Christlike, which we are incapable of doing! He does the rest, so the choice is yours! Happiness, and Love, feels 100% better than hatred! God bless you all, and please forgive my shortcomings!

  77. Cain, murdered his brother, Abel, without a gun, the first murder! My great-uncle, killed his brother, with a 2×4 working in a field, he wasn’t such a great uncle! My grandmother told me of her brothers, hatred, and jealousy, are not of God! People do bad things, it’s part of life and it’s always been capable! We must chose good, or evil, I never met either of my grandmothers brothers, but that story has stuck in my mind, and I chose to love my brother!

  78. I have a lot of respect, and admiration, for Eric Clapton! He had an awful childhood, and he grew up with a lot of anger, he certainly didn’t ask for it, but after decades of heartache, and self-destruction, he found true joy, and until you have a child, you can’t understand true joy!
    Life threw him a tragic turn, his son died, he fell from a window in a high rise apartment! After all he had been through, then experiencing true joy, it was taken from him, in an instant, and he found only one path to recover, and it was salvation through Christ! He has never been happier, and he said he hits his knees every morning, says it keeps him humble! Happiness over hatred, and self-destruction, and yes, Eric will see his son, in Heaven!
    There is no sadness in Heaven, and everyone can belong there, through Jesus! Eric Clapton has done so much for so many, He is an inspiration, God is amazing, He works through people, mysteriously, yes!

  79. Hollywood wants us to give up our guns! They won’t give up their guns! Total hypocrisy! Actors are people, they pretend to be someone they aren’t, and they don’t mind showing us, the people who make them rich, their hatred of us, they spew hatred! There is a horror movie on tv every day! They use chainsaws, poison, anything, and everything, to kill someone in their movies! They come unhinged at people who do good things, and they hate America! Can you believe these people whom without America, and Americans, wouldn’t have anything, and they curse us! It is almost identical to politicians! They hate taxpaying Americans, call us deplorable, among other things, and they certainly have no room to talk! They despise President Trump, an American born individual and say terrible things about his family, when theirs aren’t Ward, and June’s! They talk about cutting their heads off, and go out of their way to have productions degrading the POTUS! They worship Obama, he wasn’t born here, he did everything he could to destroy America, and they adore Obama! It is almost unearthly how their minds work! I will never enter a move theatre again! A gun is a tool, like a chainsaw, a tire tool, a chain, a ball bat! A gun can not load itself, it can’t purchase ammo, it can’t pick itself up, nor aim itself at a human being! People kill peopling, as Hollywood shows us daily!

  80. Rob, I don’t disagree, but unfortunately, it appears that as long as people keep voting for our current dual named klepto/plutocracy, their mouthpieces will keep pitting the people against one another, fomenting hate and division as a distraction.

  81. The DNC treats American Citizens like trash! They know good and well that the people on the right, do the paying and the working that makes their abortion moving on, as well as their lifestyles, and their power! They do nothing but attack us, and our President! Obama and HRC took the wind out of their sails and they have to recoup! Escobar gave Pelosi a ton to keep the border open! It’s time for the RNC to turn it loose and become men with a pair! WE THE PEOPLE are getting FROGGY! Time to do a little ignoring ourselves! WE have Everything to lose, and nothing to gain, and WE had better start showing this!

  82. Time to show ANTIFA, the ATF, CIA and FBI that WE THE PEOPLE love our country, instead of just telling them! WE HAVE THE POWER on any given day, to make these people piss their pants! WE THE PEOPLE need to exercise our position! Can’t stay PASSIVE because that’s what they are betting on! WE THE PEOPLE must show our STRENGTH! If you are scared, I’ll put you in my shirt pocket until the smoke clears! ARE WE THE PEOPLE PUSSIES? Well then show it, don’t tell it!

  83. Their are only a few leaders in the CIA, FBI, ATF, and NSA, that are Traitors! The majority of these stellar, law enforcement agencies, are true Patriots! WE THE PEOPLE are counting on you TRUE PATRIOTIC AGENTS, to buck the CORRUPT LEADERS, what has taken you so long? WE are counting on you! WE NEED YOU!

  84. wHOOPI…i THOUGHT SHE SAID BACK 2016..SHE WOULD LEAVE THIS COUNTRY IF PRESIDENT TRUMP WOULD WIN, and so many others….people just can’t keep their words just flapping their big fat lips !!



  87. Who is this “Bimbo” Alyssa Milano? Is she another brain death Hollywood type? Every time people such as her speak it just confirms that instead of having some sort of living cells between their ears instead she have an empty void, not even air, it’s a wonder this thing can speak anything.

  88. I find it amazing that the press promotes Alyssa Milano as a spokesperson for Democrats and Leftists. Is this bimbo really the best person they can put forward? Pitiful! As to Jeb Bush, that is just a parody as was proven four years ago.


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