All signs point toward Trump running in 2024 as he launches his own official website


Nearly every Trump supporter is wondering if the former President will run again in 2024.

The Left continues to attack him ruthlessly just to keep him away from Washington, D.C. forever.

But now all signs point toward Trump running in 2024 as he launches his own official website.

The 2020 elections left many doubting the future of our nation.

President Trump did so much to improve the standing of our nation.

But somehow he lost to a candidate who hid in his basement and has serious questions lingering about his cognitive abilities.

And ever since the election, Trump is still one of the main talking points in American politics.

The Left keeps trying to destroy his reputation among the American people.

Biden just last week blamed his own handling of the border crisis on former President Trump.

And Trump’s own supporters are left wondering if Trump will run again in 2024 or if he will support someone else to run for the Republican nomination.

But what Trump just did points towards the start of his 2024 campaign.

Usually, former Presidents go off after their term never to be heard from again.

But former President Trump just launched a state of the art website that shows that he is ready to stay in the fight for American prosperity.

Trump and his team launched ’45 Office’ website,, earlier this week.

The website states that the main reason for the website is to “allow individuals to submit correspondence, scheduling requests, and press inquiries for President and Mrs. Trump.”

On the website anyone can send former President Trump a note, schedule a meet and greet, or invite Trump to speak at an event.

The website also states that “President and Mrs. Trump are continually strengthened by the enduring spirit of the American people, and they look forward to staying in touch.”

With former President Trump staying relevant in American politics and engaged with his supporters, the possibility of Trump running in 2024 seems higher than ever before.