All Hell is Breaking Loose After CNN put on ‘Special Monitoring List’


CNN is the largest purveyor of Fake News in the country.

They hire radical leftist activists under the guise of “journalism” to spout their progressive talking points.

But CNN execs received bad news that no one saw coming and it could spell disaster for CNN.

Despite CNN promoting radical liberal thought and pretending it doesn’t, the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) called for a “Civil Rights Audit” of the fake news network, claiming CNN falls short when it comes to having a racial workplace balance amongst the company’s leaders.

The organization said in a statement that CNN has zero black employees reporting directly to CNN President Jeff Zucker.

It also showed that CNN has no black executive producers, black vice presidents or senior vice presidents on the news side.

Zucker isn’t backing down however, and said in a statement that CNN is open to meeting with members of the group, but refuses to be a part of any meetings with NABJ’s Vice President, Roland Martin.

The Hill reports:

“Mr. Martin displayed an unprecedented and egregious lack of journalistic ethics and integrity by leaking questions prior to the town hall. As a result, we have told NABJ that CNN will not participate in any meeting that includes him.”

The NABJ placed the cable channel on a “special media monitoring list,” and that a four-person team from the NABJ “will perform further research and analysis of CNN’s diversity, inclusion and equity practices.”

It is interesting to see the radical and progressive Left start to eat itself from within.

Democrats are starting to pile on one another in the 2020 Democrat Presidential Primary.

And on the congressional side, Nancy Pelosi is having a hard time reining in her caucus, as they fight from within and attempt to pass a resolution denouncing anti-Semitic rhetoric from a newly-elected Democrat Muslim congresswoman.

This type of party infighting is just what President Trump needs to solidify his base, and welcome newcomers who want nothing to do with the party of socialism, open borders, crime, anti-Semitism, and late-term abortions.

Do you think this type of infighting between outlets like CNN, progressive organizations, and Democratic members of Congress will hurt or help Trump in 2020?


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  2. CNN is the leader for being the scum of the earth as a so call news organization with the hatful racist radical garbage people they having preaching racism,hate 24/7 like the head racist hater Don Lemon and many others. You have to hate America and Our President to ever watch this fake news lying hateful racist station. I can’t wait till the brainwashed people who watch this station wake up and realize how they have been BS for so long with fake news and hate.

  3. So, tell me again why this is a problem? If they fall short of something important (and obviously you consider this to be important), they should be called on it. In a similar fashion, a wide majority of Americans believe so called President Trump is doing a lousy job and may in fact be a traitor, and so he is being called on it.

  4. Eric – If you think President Trump is doing a lousy job, then you are not paying attention. Tell me where to find proof of “a wide majority of Americans believe so called President Trump is doing a lousy job and may in fact be a traitor.” While he may not be perfect, what man is, he has doe more for America than the past 3-4 presidents put together. And would you elaborate on what makes him a traitor? Inquiring minds want to know.

  5. Eric – If you think President Trump is doing a lousy job, then you are not paying attention. Tell me where to find proof of “a wide majority of Americans believe so called President Trump is doing a lousy job and may in fact be a traitor.” While he may not be perfect, what man is, he has doe more for America than the past 3-4 presidents put together. And would you elaborate on what makes him a traitor? Inquiring minds want to know.

  6. In the old days, aggressive men used armies that fought in horrible civil wars where a large portion of the young men would die.
    Then, in the late 19th century, they came up with the military coup where only the generals were replaced.
    Then, with the rise of NAZI Germany, the media was seized and propaganda became a new science.
    Today, a president like Trump can be working miracles in the economy, cutting crime, creating a balance in in trade, ending wars and still be unpopular.
    Whereas Obama did nothing of substance and was still hailed as the Messiah, the dark forces, after failing in the Muller witch hunt are now investigating 81 of Trumps friends and associates.
    While young men don’t die in battle so much anymore, I don’t trust these men behind the curtain that I don’t know and did not elect.

  7. Eric is just one of many that have been brainwash by this hatful media and demorats. Many don’t know why they hate our President just what they hear from these radical American haters, and you are right on President Trump has done more for America then the last 3-4 presidents combined and that’s a fact. This hatred escalated with Obama.If these haters are not stopped there will be a civil uprising in America something we don’t want or need.

  8. IT’S bin like this since they started ! And now the black folks are crying about it ,why the WAIT and you won’t got the BALLS to do ANYTHING ? ? ? ? ? ™®????????

  9. If they’re gonna eat themselves, hope it tastes’ better than the gagging programs they put out.

  10. It wouldn’t help for CNN to hire more African Americans. Most black viewers are to smart to believe CNN’s BS.

  11. Eric…Please explain how Pres. Trump is doing a lousy job. You can’t. He has been doing a lot of good for this country. Open your willfully blind eyes and dare to see the truth!!! And how is he a traitor???? Please explain. He had done NOTHING wrong.

  12. CNN obviously a irresponsible, chuck full of on-ethical people, and in no way something that true Americans need. DUMP THE SOB’S – NOT NEED IN USA ON HONEST AND TRUTHFUL TV. The loss of CNN would be a great gain for many Americans fed up with their B.S.

  13. The infighting between outlets like CNN, progressive organizations, and Democratic members of Congress will definitely help Trump in 2020… They are all losers..

  14. CNN has been called out many times for erroneous reporting … is it true they have very few followers … I hope so .. Acosta is a low life, moronic attention getter who thinks he is cute … yuk ….. I feel bad for President Trump …. he has done so much for our Country, he works hard and has accomplished so much (Vets, getting out of Iranian sham obama created, undid awful regulations that caused companies to leave (again, obama’s work in trying to bring our Country down) plus much more AND most people don’t know because the mainstream media, press and social media’s refusal to report the truth ….. so sad

  15. This is why we need to contact their sponsors and and demand they stop advertising with this lying hateful misleading brainwashing fake news organization because they are dividing our country with this hate toward our President who loves and cares about America much more than they do.

  16. Good idea … I guess I will have to hold my nose and watch cnn to get a list of the sponsors …. thanks

  17. ONCE AGAIN, The best way to rid ourselves of these parasites like CNN, is to contact their sponsors and tell them we are boycotting their products as long as they continue to advertise on these stations. Then do it!!!

  18. Thank goodness they are being called out on their lying, corrupt ways. Come on people. Journalism should always be balanced. CNN is the Crackpot News Network. Hard to believe they are still in business with their ratings in the toilet.

  19. Go back to your basement you liberal putz. Mommy said your ten dollar rent is due this week.

  20. Here’s a problem. Places that don’t hire a certain race or gender is dogged forever until they do hire those mentioned…yet some jobs are not available to them because they are NOT QUALIFIED. I’m not defending CNN, far from it, but today it seems like all political agenda groups force unqualified people into jobs not suited to them OR the company. It wasn’t that way in the past and it’s a sad development in this country. I doubt any other country on thsis planet hires like this.

  21. You’re a typical brainwashed lefty. Not a patriot of any kind. How much have you given financially to help others? When have you worked fir no pay? How many jobs are you responsible for creating? How have you helped our veterans? Face it, You are a loser.

  22. Who cares if there is a typo, you small-brained loser? Try typing on your little I phone screen sometime.

  23. Should follow the practices of the NFL.
    They employ the BEST PERSON available to fill the job openings!

  24. No one with any sense at all pays any attention to CNN. They are a joke as far as news, but as a propaganda ministry, they make the Democrats proud.

  25. They are broadcasting what the sponsors want them to say. They couldn’t do it without money behind them.

  26. CNN has a very small viewership and their sponsor’s are paying proportional rates based on their very low audience numbers. Who do you think is making their overhead costs? Could it be George Soros who needs the Clinton News Network?

  27. They need to hire radical Muslims, illiterate illegals, drug dealers, and all of the rest of the victims they claim to support. hahahahaaha

  28. Based upon what I’ve seen and read, I believe that it’s only a matter of time before the Democrat Party self-destructs! CNN is already on a downward spiral that I doubt it will recover from. For years and years, CNN and other networks treated the American People like “Dummies”! Now, the vast majority of Americans are wise to their lies and false reporting. There’s one thing that I think the Networks overlooked, that’s the fact that we don’t need them, they need US!

  29. Media control, manipulation and propaganda was invented by the Rothschilds in the late 18th Century, which grew into a $550 trillion New World Order.

  30. Their alcohol & gay pot parties make them feel that their on top of the news world from New Years eve
    forward. Brute Acosta & what’s his name “Kooper”are the life of the year round party,
    accompanied by the headless komic-Griffin!

  31. False witness (#9 in the Ten Commandments) is something that civil people have recognized as being wrong for well over 30 Centuries! And whether it’s CNN or some other media, false witness deserves to be matter what gender or what race. Citizens have the right to inflict punishment by finding a more truthful source. They can vote with the dial on their TV, radio or other source of news, or on the advertisers that support such false witness.

  32. Wait for it….. wait for it…..

    Just remember who it was that LEAKED QUESTIONS DURING THE PRIMARIES…. CNN…..

  33. Swamp News, MSM=Fake News, Fox News.The Pravda Racists Divisive Commie news and their propaganda HATE machine at full throttle! They are destroying the country within! Prosecute these deep state traitors now, Pres Trump!

  34. If you have cable part of your money is going to cnn whether you want it to or not. That is whats funding the frauds

  35. How long before CNN admits this???? NEVER??? I guess they would have to watch FOX or OAN News!!! Or will they call the BLACK JOURNALISTS RACIST TOO!!!

  36. It is both refreshing and Karma that CNN is in the hot seat over something so easily corrected in their political “landscape”. Too funny for words. Now that I think on it do they have any lesbians?

  37. I just read an article yesterday that stated although CNN has a low viewership, it stays in business because most packages from cable providers makes you pay for it even if you don’t watch it!

  38. A “wide majority of Americans believe” that the president may be a traitor??? You live in a dream world sonny. The cure? Try to vary the kinds of things you read, and the human circles in which you participate. Otherwise you will remain a dummy for the rest of your life.

  39. And after their owner, Ted Turner, has been medically diagnosed to suffer from a type of dementia, which he himself has reported.

  40. Is is perhaps that the only way CNN is staying alive is because they have this unbelievable contract with every airport in the US and can spread their lies without opposition. I spend a lot of time in the UK ( my mother country, I am however a Naturalized American and proud of it)) anyway, the Brits and other countries in Europe are being spoon fed CNN tripe and unfortunately, it is believed verbatim.


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