All hell broke loose when Ron DeSantis signed a law that bolsters parents’ fight to stop this disgusting program


Parents in the Sunshine State found out educators were going behind their backs in a way you won’t believe.

They’re taking the fight to stop a secret program targeting their children to court.

And one Ron DeSantis-signed law has those behind this disgusting program sweating bullets.

You won’t believe the proof parents in Florida found showing educators were going behind their backs.

They’re fighting back to assert their rights to protect their daughter.

And they’re getting help from a parental rights law signed by Governor Ron DeSantis.

Staff at their daughter’s Florida school agreed to “support” a 13-year-old girl’s gender change while keeping it a secret from her parents.

A copy of the student’s paperwork, apparently obtained by the Epoch Times, lists all the school district staff, school staff, and students who would be made aware of the student’s plan to change genders.

Those “in” on it included the principal.

However, the line under the Parent/Guardian section of the form was checked to indicate that her parents were not “supportive and aware” of her gender transition.

An additional handwritten note says, “privacy when speaking to parents.”

You have to imagine her parents would have lost it when they read a line further down the form that asks, “What are the expectations regarding rooming for any overnight trips?”

The handwritten response reads, “N/A comfortable rooming with either sex.”

Since learning about the secret gender guidance program, her parents have fought to be included in all decisions made for their child and to have the secret “guidance” plan stopped.

Based on the school’s half-hearted response, they’ve had to elevate it into a full-fledged fight and filed a lawsuit saying their parental rights were violated.

The family’s attorney is quoted at Harbingers Daily as saying, “Those are profoundly impactful decisions and they’re taking a position of saying they cannot share it with parents,” Broyles asserted “and that is a distortion of the concept of privacy of a child to keep such information from the child’s parents.”

Their suit will be bolstered by stronger parental rights laws implemented in Florida earlier this year.

This is an issue you’ll likely hear a lot more about soon since it’s becoming increasingly common for parents across the nation—even in solidly red states—to be kept in the dark as transgender activists—inside and out of public schools—push young people through changing gender.

Unfortunately, as some with gender change regrets have attested to, it’s often presented as an answer to all their teenage angst.

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