Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spread this lie about Jerry Falwell Jr. and it could land her in serious hot water


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has made quite a name for herself as the leading radical socialist in Congress behind Bernie Sanders.

The newly-elected congresswoman is even driving major parts of the Democratic agenda.

But she made a big mistake when she decided to take on one of the most admired Christians in America.

In what Ocasio-Cortez clearly thought was going to be a “gotcha” moment, she shared a quote from Liberty University President, Jerry Falwell Jr. with him stating, “I always thought that if more good people had concealed carry permits, then we could end these Muslims before they [unintelligible.]

Watch the video here:

Ocasio-Cortez retweeted the video of Falwell Jr. stating that he said the remarks at CPAC, “the conference attended by the President and members, to 1000s.”

The problem? Jerry Falwell said this three years ago, a day after the San Bernardino shooting where 14 innocent Americans were slaughtered in cold blood by radical Islamic terrorists.

But Ocasio-Cortez has proven to be one who plays loose with the facts.

Everyone knows Falwell Jr. was specifically talking about an armed populace being the best deterrent to thwart mass shootings.

His reference to Muslims referred to the extremists who carried out the savage attack.

Ocasio-Cortez didn’t care about any of it.

She was locked, loaded, and ready to lie about Jerry Falwell Jr. in this vicious smear because she desperately wants to vilify Christians as “Islamophobic.”

But Falwell Jr. — being the outspoken Christian he is, refused to kowtow to liberals or apologize for his Christian-conservative beliefs — hit back twice as hard, tweeting:

Ocasio-Cortez has made it abundantly clear she doesn’t care about the truth.

She just cares about ridiculing a white man of Christian faith to make her point, no matter the cost.

If Ocasio-Cortez continues using her position in government to spread lies, should she be removed from office?

Let us know in the comments!


    • Who the hell put them there…… that’s what I’d like to know. Who even let them in our country? They are muslimes. Shouldn’t they be kept out?

      • obama put all those poeple in minisota
        to start this revolution
        minisota wake upthis is only the begining for your poeple it will not stop there

    • This thing that you new yorkers let into the government has backfired on you. Whatever you were thinking of, whatever you had in mind when you let this looney in
      It has not workrd. Members of her own party dont care much for her and cannot figure her out. YES, IM TALKING ABOUT AOC. She hasent got the brains or know how to be in governmemt. She does the exact opposite of what dhe preaches amd that has landed her in trouble ! She isnt above the law. Then she takes a pot shot at a well known evangelist and mskes a fool of herself. She leaves off words in his comments to make it sound different than what hr had said. Only one thing about that….. that comment was made 3 yrs ago !!! If she cant keep words and dates right, what the hell is she doing in government ? Get her out now before she becomes dangerous !!!

      • The problem is she listed her address as in a district she doesn’t live in . She used her father’s address as her residence, she lives in a different district than she listed. Therefore she should be removed for fraud, but be from the left we know they won’t do anything about it.

        The reason for her teeth being like they are is from years of oral behavior during her formulative years

  1. A lot of huffing and puffing about AOC w/o results or actions. The people who should be removed from office are the ones too timid to remove AOC from office.

    • You are on to something there. Why are the truly responsible people in Washington afraid to do what is right and get those misfits out of Congress? Are…. God forbid….are there no truly responsible people in Washington anymore? It is beginning to look that way. Where is Patrick Henry when you need him?–

  2. Someone in the leadership of the Democrat Party needs to shut this woman down before she blows the party to h#ll (which would not be a bad thing; just saying). It may have looked “cute” in the beginning but now she is endangering the party and the country with her untrue and viscous remarks. Someone must have some kind of guts to rein her in. If now, we are in big doodoo.

  3. Are you just now seeing she is a hater of jesus an America an blacks an whites. She hates all things that’s not muslim as is half of congress. Now lets get rid of all of them now.

  4. She should have never gotten into office. I will bet there are many who would love to delete their votes for her and start over. She is a true embarrassment to the political system——too bad she would never believe that of herself!!!

  5. I seriously surprised, this BIMBO, ever got elected!!! Kind of proves H.R.C. right, when she said Democrats are “stupid”! But A.O.C. “TAKES THE CAKE”!!!🤣

  6. If this female hates every thing about AMERICA , then why is she still here? She needs to go back to some place out of OUR COUNTRY and tell them how to rule there. She is not a person to be trusted one second as she will stab you in the back as soon as she can get close to you. She thinks all she has to do is open her big stupid mouth and the press just loves it and takes all kinds of photos and print every thing she says. I am a shamed to even look at her photo with that smirk that shows she thinks she is so smart and can not be shut up.If this is what our government wants to run our country then it is time WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO LEARN WHO IS RUNNING FOR OUR GOVERNMENT !! I DO NOT EVER THINK TO VOTE FOR HER OR ANY OF THE OTHER OUT SIDERS THAT ARE TRYING AND SUCCEEDING TO GET ELECTED TO RUN OUR COUNTRY. My father and all 6 of his brothers fought in WWII to keep people like her out of our country. A Sr. Cit. voter.

  7. Well, the way I see it is that the Democratic party has gone to pot – if they choose to ignore these idiots, then there is no way they will ever win anything. We the people, need to make sure that these two stupid people are gone from Congress – they never learn and are getting a real kick out of humiliating people. .

  8. Yes, she should be removed from office by knowingly spreading her vicious lies, but I am certain even more importantly she needs to be removed from office because she is so stupid she makes a rock look more like Einstein then she looks like a horseface she is in combination with being such a horses-ass! No worries, she and her Campaign Chairman are caught red handed trying to abscond with $850,000 dollars, they’ll both end up in a Federal Prison for that I’m pretty sure. With the values AOC places on our “White Privileged” laws, she could care less about obeying those same laws we’ve all had to obey to the letter of the law all our lives, she believes she is above those laws and so is all left wind insanely crazy liberal Democ-Rats. AOC is pathetic, rarely have I ever caught anyone being so utterly stupid as to take on, heads up, someone as important in the Christen religion as Jerry Falwell Jr., that friends is pure lunacy. In the Art of War, it is written, “Don’t fight in a war you can’t possibly win”, but alas, AOC isn’t even smart enough to realize she doesn’t make a pimple on the ass of an elephant in comparison to Jerry Falwell Jr., because with her ego she thinks she doesn’t have to respect anyone on this earth or any place else! Her ego is smothering and will in the end eat her lunch and put the horses-ass down for good!

  9. apparently it is OK to vilify Christians who speak out against Islamic terrorists, but any Islamic supporter who calls for the rape or beheading of a Christian are
    protected by AOC and her friends

    • The WAR between Christians and the forces of evil (Muslims, communists, etc.) was actually foretold in the book of Revelations.

  10. All three of the Muslims should have never been elected to the house because of their out spoken hate for Christians and Jews


  11. Nancy & Chuck have lost control & the Muslims & AOC are running the show. Omar knew EXACTLY what she was saying. She needs to be removed .

  12. AOC, Tlaib and Omar need to be expelled. All three are in-American and won’t uphold our Constitution. I’d give anything to see them debate Mark Levin on the Constitution. All three would be standing there with egg on their faces and proving their ignorance.

      • Yes people, look back on your post Before hitting send! Although,to be honest, I don’t think some of the people know how to spell or use punctuation in the first place. I do agree with them on a.o.c. and the moslums, that should NOT be allowed to be leaders in our government.

  13. Remove her, she can’t even tell the truth, we don’t need one more liar in Congress. It saddens me to hear this was about catching a white Christian man in a lie, the Democrats don’t want any of us that believes in GOD to even talk about it. I always thought we had freedom OF religion and not freedom FROM religion, somebody needs to point that out to all the Democrats.

  14. She’s going to keep shooting her mouth off and someone is going to shoot her head off, with 200 million guns in this Nation and some stupid bitch like that clown stirring up a hornets nest then shes bound to get stung.

  15. Just think ,if we got ride of ALL the wacko in Congress the Senate and house of representatives we have maybe 1/16 politician left ! ! ! ! ™®🚬🔫

  16. Locking her up in a mental hospital would not help, to get help you have to have a brain, and she doesn’t little commie democratic bitch. Wonder if it is George Soros or Clinton’s behind her sudden rise to notoriety, but she is a joke.

  17. AOC wants to do away with airplanes and cow farts. Well, I’ve been around cattle for 82 years and I’ve never heard a cow fart—they belch but these morons have told this falsehood so many times that I suspect most
    people think cows do fart. Repeating—cows belch and horses fart. AOC shows the world her stupidity every
    time she opens her mouth. She needs to go back to bartending or working in a brothel.

  18. OAC needs to go home and grow up. She doesn’t care about people Just herself and how much she can fleece the American people for. She has no clue what life is like and I condemn the ones that let her get away with it. They are just as bad as she is. God has a special place for people like her. I just love the Deer in the Headlights look she has. Like Duh! What’s going on.

  19. The moron fron NYC is a Demonazi. She is all about lies. She can’t exist without lies. That is why she fits right in with the rest of the Demonazis.

  20. Remember the song about a woman taking in a nearly frozen poisonous snake and once it got warmed up, it bit her? The woman was shocked that snake bit her in spite of her kindness. The snake replied, you knew I was a snake when you took me in. Well, AOC and the two Muslim congresswomen are like that snake. They appeared to be anything the voters wanted until they got elected. Now they shed their skin and these vicious vipers are attacking and biting anyone and everyone. In no way am I implying that snakes are anywhere as low as these women. Nancy has lost control, AOC is pulling her strings. The only lie that hasn’t come out of AOC’s mouth is that she is in charge. The people that voted her in must feel very stupid and used by now. She has already caused more problems in her short time in Congress than anyone I have seen. She must go and the two Muslims with diarrhea of the mouth. Would somebody please grow the gonads to get rid of them?! Where is our AG? We haven’t seen him do anything since he took the position. How about investigations and charges being filed? They have all three done things that rendered them shady in the least. Maybe we should just call in animal control.


  22. AOC’s mother moved to FL to escape NY’s outlandish taxes. She said her daughter is embracing the same kind of government they left behind in Puerto Rico. She said her daughter wasn’t raised this way. Mom must be so proud! Well, clearly she saw how profitable it is for a dictator to take and take from their people. That’s what she wants, to be a dictator and destroy America. She is pure evil. What a shame AOC’s mom didn’t believe in killing babies like her daughter does. I really wish they had stayed in Puerto Rico.

  23. New Yorkers!!! Are you proud of your representation? Is this a reflection of who you have become? I truly think THE WORLD wants to know. Do you think so little of yourselves or care so little about America, that THIS is your BEST AND BRIGHTEST?

  24. Hey Pelosi you better get your act together and control these left wing radicals before you lose the whole democratic party. STRAIGHTEN OUT THESE NEW RADICALS NOW! JUST DO YOUR JOB! If you don’t you will be replaced.

  25. They would not be in office if 8 members of congress had not Quietly repealed the McCarran Warner act of 52 forbidding Muslims from holding office. They did this behind our backs. They were. Cheney, McCain, Biden, Gore, Kerry, McConnell, Schumer, Pelosi. So thank you traitors of the people.

  26. Muslims have no business holding positions in our government. They live here but are not Americans period. Send them packing. They are divisive and will have us fighting each other in a civil war which is one of their objectives and Democrats don’t care because it’s win and hold power at all costs.

  27. I would say yes she should be removed. However if you just remover for lying then you would have to remove all of congress.

  28. yes, she says outlandish things, and she will cause this country to topple, there are many areas she need to study more, like economics ,history, etc she has a distorted view of things

  29. Look at he democrat party’s symbol, the donkey and then look at her. Do you notice a resemblance or is it just me. Especially when she smiles with the big horse teeth!

  30. AOC may be a liar and play very loose with facts but what is much worse, especially for someone that has a say in the direction of our country, is that she is totally stupid. For someone who supposedly has a college degree she has not presented one indicator that is true, especially one with a major in economics. Her $94 trillion GND is complete fantasy by someone never in touch with reality and too dumb to realize it.

  31. Anyone who believes this bimbo is too stupid to be voting in our country. Export the bimbo and her supporters to one of her Muslim countries. She can enjoy the company of her Muslim brothers. Remember: The Muslim sisters and daughters do not count in her country.

  32. Ocasio-Cortez she is so Stupid She Needs To Go Back To 1st Grade & Learn Something But She Would Be Still Be Stupid I Think My Dog Knows More Then She Does

  33. I think they should have an IQ of at least 75 before allowing them to run for offfice and a pulse and a voter ID card for US citizens. These three factors should weed out most of the problems.

  34. AOC is no better than most other politicians. She uses lies and innuendos like some people breath. To so many politicians if they can lie rather than be honest and truthful, they will. There are so few honest and truthful politicians in the world that if one did show up, I doubt that we would recognize them. I feel that if a person has to lie about anything most of the time they should be removed from office. If they start to violate their oath of office, then they should be removed from office even if it is by force. You are elected to office by the voters because of the promises you made to the public. If you then choose to do what you darn well please instead of what you promised, then you do not deserve to be in office at all.

  35. I can’t believe that people voted these 3 women into office at all. AOC can’t even put together a sentence without several ahs, hems, and haws and then rambling a nonsensical message. The other two spew hate messages and one even used the F— word when speaking about our president. These women were brought up with hate in their hearts and that you cannot disguise. The dems better address these issues or they are no better than these three women. I am not going to call them names but I will say they have black hearts!

  36. Kruschev, past leader of Russia said that the US will destroy itself within. The biggest threat to Christianity is not the cults. Christianity knows what the cults believe. It is the cult within the church that will destroy the church. Its called the cult of liberalism. In both cases it is the useful idiots within the organisms that will destroy them. Some of us will not be around long enough to see it metastasize but our children and our children’s children will. What are we going to do about it?

  37. The Republic was never intended to be run by ignorant wackos. I’m no lawyer but doesn’t this particular wacko forget her oath of office almost every time she runs her yap?


  39. these 3 need to have their “citizenship” stripped from them & then put in Gitmo with other terrorists! they’re here to destroy AMERICA! they don’t want to be AMERICANS!
    “JESUS please reveal their true intentions for whole world to see! God bless America! Amen”

  40. AOC embodies the typical Demorat, say anything with no regard for truth or facts. She’s just so real with her silly-ass hand jive and horse face. She’s drunk with all the adulation while the supposed leader of her party Nancy pelousy is usually drunk on top shelf booze the taxpayers pay for. When Nancy speaks she acts like she has a mouth full of crap she’s trying to swallow and expects us to believe her spew. She should at least be sober when she’s on the clock! There hasn’t been one coherent statement come from either of these two idiots since they assumed office.

  41. How do you measure intelligence? A degree from Harvard or Yale? An ability to speak well and articulate your opinion or position? AOC is an attractive woman, she speaks passionately and is charismatic. In truth, she is an imbecile. I just saw Congressman Al Green from Texas. While appearing on the Neil Cavuto show he once again made his case for filing papers of impeachment against President Trump. Although he speaks, while quoting from the law and historical documents but memorizing passages is not an indication he understands his own words. Although he can actually pronounce the word impeachment, he has no idea of what is means. This man is a moron and should be removed from Congress for sheer stupidity, Impeached if you will.

    • It’s a prerequisite to be a member of the Democratic Party you must be dumber than a box of rocks and speak with a forked tongue

  42. Any of them that hate the USA are free to go anytime. If they need help packing I’m sure others will help them. But no just like those in Hollywood they won’t leave because they know the USA is the best. We have brave men and woman who fight for our freedom and liberties everyday. God Bless the men and woman and the USA and Pres. Trump and his family.

  43. Should she be removed? Well yyyyeeees, but not likely to happen. Perhaps it’s better to allow her to continue to make a fool of herself and all who support her.

  44. I, also, am sick of hearing
    every quote from the mouth
    of AOC ! If the media would
    stop glorifying her every
    word; she would, hopefully,
    go away! It is appalling to
    watch the seasoned Democrats
    support, not only her, but
    others who spew their hatred
    for our country and our
    President! They should thank
    God for the blessings they
    receive each day by having
    the privilege of living in this
    wonderful country.
    God Bless All Who Believe,

  45. you all need to watch the u-tube video that explains that she is not the real congress women. She is just the actress that interviewed for the “Justice Democrats” and won the job. They tell her what to say on everything.
    When she gets in trouble is when she goes “off script”.

  46. AOC is a loose cannon, and she is not only divisive but dangerous! She has no place in Congress! But, the “left” will never see that she is a liability! So sad!

  47. ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous NAZI commie liberal demoncrats post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  48. This is a dumb puertorican that should be kicked out of congress and at the same time sent back to Puerto Rico to tend bar, on ther hand I don’t think they would take her back. The people that voted for her are cringing ever since she was sent to Washington.

  49. We, the Loyal Americans, can make sure we do not get anymore liberal/left/Muslims in our governing bodies. I wrote Muslim for a reason…their sole reason for existing is to do as the Quran instructs them in the scripture “kill the infidel where you find him”. We who do not believe in Allah are and will be attacked, that is their purpose.

  50. I actually feel sorry for AOC what kind of parents raise a hateful creature like HER. I pray for her because she is a very disturbed person………why does someone like her believe this crazy nonsense I just don’t get it………..PRESIDENT TRUMP KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND YOU WILL WALK WITH GOD’S HELP RIGHT IN TO ANOTHER 4 YEARS AS OUR WONDERFUL PRESIDENT. PLEASE HEAR ME GOD……………..

  51. There is not one thing cute about her. The press keeps saying how cute she is, I see evil in her eyes. Horses are beautiful creatures, so please don’t insult them by comparing that stupid hate monger to them. The only remote likeness is their hind end and what comes out of it. Plus horses are way smarter than AOC. Make this country a better place, remove the 3 stooges from Congress ASAP!

  52. This is another perfect example of why we need to control immigration. When you have let in enough people that don’t share our American values who can elect crazy radicals to congress and others who want to change our national language we have let to many in. Immigrants are a very important part of our country. They enrich our culture but if they want to change us to be like the country they came from they should leave us alone and go back to the country of their heritage.

  53. I keep seeing the by-lines that say, “This should end (insert name: Tlaib, Omar, AOC),s career.” Yet NOTHING ever comes of it. And in the next 5 minutes there’s another stupid act that one of them has perpetrated and on, and on… so when do they go? Tired of hearing this pablum for the masses that comes to nothing -so do something already!

  54. We need to adopt a new title, as no woman would ever act in the manner that “ Congressgirl Cortez “ does. She’s a brat, and shows it over and over.

  55. Ocasio-Cortez is a mindless goofball! How does somebody this stupid even get dressed, or get her laptop computer turned on? Someone needs to quietly remove her from the Public sector … she is hopelessly uninformed. You might say that she does not know, that she does not know! Perhaps there is a friend or relative that can square her away before she does any more damage to everything around her!

    Hopefully, someone will show up and distance her from anything public … like TV, Radio, and personal appearances, until she has enough,

  56. Why isn’t AOC being investigated for campaign finance crimes with her boyfried. Why wait to kick her out. Again we have another Communist able to commit a crime and get away with it. Pray the Rosary. That’s the only way this is going to get solved. Divine intervention is needed along with We the People’s intervention.

  57. I have always been very thankful that I was born in America; My family were Georgia settlers. Good manners is part of my DNA. I won’t even say “bless their hearts” to these young ladies. and I use that last term loosely. One of our fore fathers , Thomas Payne said, “To argue with someone who has lost all reason, is like giving medication to the dead.” Ignorance can be over come with education, but stupid! In my long life time, I have seen birds come home. People have risk their lives to come to this country, and to take this blessing for granted, and abuse it, is SIN. Elizabeth

  58. All of these “ phobia” labels are only hammered out to make people think that most “fear” all these things that we disagree with…those things we “don’t understand” or are simply “deplorable racist bigots”. Those like AOC, who has been groomed to be utter idiots should realize that a free people know that freedom has a price and so does peace. She and others like her will make history on how they were leaders of a revolution that was defeated by people who will stay the course for freedom.

  59. AOC dies not have the intelligence to come up with the comments that she makes. She is only the “Mouthpiece” For an Anti American group. Those that support her or believe her have even less intelligence than her. She is dangerous and hopefully will say or do something bad enough to be removed from anything to do with the government.

    • Agreeded…..that’s my point too. The “phobias” she references are but a word tool that she and others are using that are only stirring up more people to hate. She is supplying the fuel for the division. She should not be a Representation of American governance.

  60. Brain Dead …. Oh, SHE doesn’t have a Brain!! If she ever looked in a mirror and started talking; she would realize how stupid she is/looks!

  61. She just needs to be removed! She is ignorant, runs her mputh with no substance!
    She is not capable nor knowledgeable to be serving for office in America!

  62. It’s time for Christians to stop turning their cheek with these type of people and fight back, we should start playing by their rules and give them back what they have been dishing out. Lets start flooding and picketting their offices and demand their removal, start shutting down interstates and major thoroughfares and making them miss work and appointments. I for one am sick and tired of turning my Christian cheek for these assholes to continue to abuse us. We need to demand or Government to start putting these freaks (aoc & omar) out of office, we need to implement a law that requires all elective offices be filled with AMERICAN born people only.

  63. AO Cortez is a Bartender/Politician/Ho! You know now that I think about it, her entire past fits together like a glove on a hand. They say, AOC had 125 dollars in her checking account when she got elected, which she earned the hard way by flat-backing after she’d get off work, she’d turn a couple of tricks. Some wanted to change her name to Tricksey the Flat-back Ho. Hey, I’m just repeating what I’ve heard about this stupid nincompoop who suffers from mental illness and retardation. Not much else to report to my friends.

  64. It’s just a matter of time friends before she steps on her dick and they bounce her out of the Congress. Idiots like this have no place in Congress or for that matter in the United States – period. I doubt she’s even a U.S. Citizen really, most say she isn’t, and they all say she ain’t nothing but a drunken flat-back ho who’s real name is Tricksey da Ho, will do you for 5 bucks a throw. There you are friends, but I would do her with your junk!

  65. According to the Koran, it is permissible to lie to proselytize. Do you notice how forthright they are with their mouths loudly presenting themselves as victims? They have no shame. To them, the end justifies the means. Why do we allow people with different values and no intention to adopt our American heart enter our country and bring their hate with them, wanting to force their ideas on us and change us? She is a liar on purpose. Why do so many go along with the lefty narrative on Israel? The truth is there never was a Palestinian state. The land belonged to the Ottoman Empire for 400 years. During that whole time there was no movement, no effort to create a Palestinian state. Only when the Jewish state of Israel was established did they try to make a country of their own in competition for the land of Israel. Even while Jordan controlled Jerusalem for twenty years, during which time they destroyed synagogues and cemeteries, did Muslims not even try to make a state of their own. What Muslims can’t stand is to have a People other than Muslims in charge of the country. Sometime, they’ll tolerate Christians and Jews living in their countries who are willing to accept themselves as second class citizens. At present, the safest place in the Middle East for Christians is in ISRAEL where they are honored and enjoy the very same rights and protections as the Jews. The UN voted and declared that the Jews have no connection, historical or otherwise, to the Land of Israel. Can you imagine that Christian countries voted that way, instantly denying their Christian history and heritage? Because if Jesus, the Jew, didn’t walk in the Land of Israel, is our Bible telling us a lie?

  66. I think that we all need to realize that persons like A O C are a product of the liberal left colleges and the many wacko professors and teachers that are brainwashing the youth of this nation and this maybe be even more dangerous then TERRORISM itself. If you have kids in college or even public schools best be aware of the TRASH that they me subjected to !!!

  67. They need to investigate where the million dollars went.
    Its ironic she wants to ban farting cows, yet in college Horseface used to light her farts and laugh hysterically.
    She needs to be kicked out of Congress and sent back to Puerto Rico. She doesn’t have the best interests of the US in mind.

  68. If more people in San Bernardino had Carry permits or conceal and carry permits maybe these muslim Terrorist would not have been able to kill what Fourteen innocent people. A. O. C. has shown she can not see truth and would rathe believe lies it is better to know just how rotten an evil she is. But the whole DemoCommunist Party is that rotten and that Evil.


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