Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez brought one person to Nancy Pelosi’s office that ended their careers


The radical elements of the LGBT movement are digging their claws into the halls of Congress.

They’re using their political power to force so-called “tolerance.”

And your jaw will drop when you see who Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are taking orders from now.

“Queer Eye” is a TV show that has been rebooted on Netflix.

The show enlists a group of homosexuals to give a makeover to a “straight guy.”

Recently, Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hosted the cast of “Queer Eye” to discuss “pantsuits and equality.”

The Speaker of the House is now taking advice from a pro-gay Hollywood TV show.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez was even pictured with one man from the cast who was sporting a full beard with a pink shirt and dress.

Breitbart reports:

Cast members from the Netflix fashion series Queer Eye visited Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and House speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in Washington, D.C. Thursday.

“@QueerEye: feel free to let us know when you want @RepAOC & me to fill in next. #Fab5,” Nancy Pelosi said in a social media post, attaching a photo of her and Ocasio-Cortez with the cast members.

“We have the most diverse American congress ever, I’m lifted up in seeing that a United States that values Equality & protection for all is currently fighting for that,” Van Ness said.

“We’re making it rain pantsuits & equality in 2020.”…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has galvanized the media and the Democratic Party establishment with hot takes like the claim that the world is going to end in 12 years and that all of America is “native land” for Latinos.

Inviting the cast of “Queer Eye” to discuss serious policy proposals is making a mockery of Congress.

Hollywood celebrities are some of the far Left’s strongest supporters and campaign donors.

Left-wing politicians love any opportunity to take pictures with them on social media and fawn over them.

Allegedly, they discussed topics ranging from “equality” to gun control with the cast.

However, not all of the details of what they discussed are known.

Pelosi and Ocasio-Cortez are entertaining Hollywood celebrities and attempting to implement a radical LGBT agenda.

These are the “policy experts” that Pelosi consults as Speaker of the House.

Do you think Nancy Pelosi is out of touch with everyday Americans? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


    • With this Congress we as Americans are circling the drain and we are not coming back if after the 2020 election Trump is not re-elected. Then like in 2016 the left will lose it and throw hissy fits which might result in civil war all over again because the right will not tolerate these mindless individuals acting up and ruining other people’s lives and livelihoods. I know and I’m sick of it. They want Free college and learn nothing.

      • I think we are domed if Trump doesn’t win! How do you fire these people after election? They are wasting our money hand over fist!?😡

      • Yes if Trump loses America will be destroyed, we would never have a Republican President again. This country would eventually be turned into a third world POS. And why Americans would want to do that… is impossible to understand. The communists would be happy, until constantly having their hand out it came back empty because our country’s completely broke, but democraps only voting democrap because their family always has would be devastated when they realized their stupid brain dead mistake- TOO LATE. They would be crying saying what happened?! And we proud sensible DEVASTATED Americans could say, are ya happy now? YOU CAUSED THIS, now shut the **** up and be proud of yourself.

        • “Yes if Trump loses America will be destroyed, we would never have a Republican President again.”

          From your keyboard…
          Well, you know the rest.

    • Yep now we know, pelosi and cotex have come out of the closet, they’re girlfriends! How absolutely frigging nauseating. I bet cotex is the male dominance since pelosi is too brain dead to know what she is at all.

    • If one can just envision two, or more, gay dudes going after it, well, that ought to do it for most straight males and females. Part of what destroyed the Roman Empire was their lust for the unusual sexual routines.

  1. Out of touch implies she once was. Pelosi, nor any of the left leaning democrats have their fingers on the pulse of American society. Mainstream America is not anti-homosexual, we are however anti shove it down and throats and expect us to be happy about it, complacent and amenable. The left is not the only group who does not realize mainstream America is more conservative. There are many who purport to be “conservative” who show exactly where their sentiments lie and it is not with us.

  2. What happened? Did Pelosi bang her head too hard in the shower? Why the heck is she meeting with these TV show people? They don’t know anything about how to govern the greatest nation that the earth has ever seen.

  3. Yes there you go people, you have dementia Pelosi and no-brain Aco talking policy with the cast of Queer-Eye.
    How much more do you need to tell you that the demoRATS have lost their minds and have no clue? Need to drain the swamp immediately.

    • It’s all entertainment and misdirection, like ancient Rome’s “bread and circuses”. No other motivations can account for such tomfoolery.

  4. Apparently Nancy Pelosi is senile and bends whichever way the ‘wind’ is blowing hardest. She has completely lost her ‘balance’…. isn’t there some way to get the House back on an even keel? Why are those elected people in the Congress ‘giving in’ to such outlandish characters who wouldn’t know a serious and stable thought if it hit them in the head? The American Way is NOT “Never-never Land”, nor is it “La-La Land”. And unless the Lord wants it to happen, the world is NOT coming to an end in 12 years. Is there not one serious minded Newspaper left on the continent? Satan is working mightily …. he MUST be stopped.

    • I agree the Bible even says that Satan is walking about like a lion seeking whom he may devour (1 Peter 5:8). We are living in the endtimes and if you read your Bible, you will see it is being fulfilled every day. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t care 1 iota about We The People, she only cares about herself and she’s proved it every single day.

  5. Well , pelosi , being born & bred organized crime , has the no- credibility , no conscience , scum of the earth mentality of “anything goes” – so will do anything she feels like pulling out of her ass ! — If it hurts America – she has proved repeatedly & continually ; she doesn’t care.

  6. The Democrat Fight Song: “Kill those babies, Kill those babies, Kill those babies, Kill those babies, Kill those babies, Kill those babies, Kill those babies——————————————————-

  7. Considering where Pelosi comes from (No, not Baltimore) The so called “Gay”way of life is completely instilled in her left and right hemispheres . Try to get through the Airport in San Fran without being put upon by “Gays” handing out literature supporting their positions, or worse yet, giving advise on where to go to participate in “Gay “activities.

  8. Pelosi is crazy and everyone knows and they still listen to her. Now, you know for sure by who she is associating with. There is no secret she is going all out in every direction to defeat Trump in 2020. This low class citizen is beyond help and with her mental health she is dangerous! Her now running buddy “O” is as bad as Pelosi, two turds in a stool.

  9. All it is that the old witch Pelosi is very scare that lunatic crazy Cortez is going to take over her position of power in congress and now she is obligate to a puppet for Cortez to play with or else,,, that old hypocrite witch will do anything to keep the hammer in her hands even if she has to take those home to entertain her own husband 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. It’s called :lobbying”.
    You righties have no problem when the lobbyists are the Koch suckers or Big Pharma.
    Why now?

  11. Hope you are all ready to meet Jesus…He is coming in the twinkling of an eye and no man will know the day.

    Let me say this IS the season of the end times and there will be no do overs!

    • James: Nope when it’s done, it’s done. Those who haven’t accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior, will be doomed to hell for eternity. The is nobody who can say when the world will end. Only God knows and when he tells Jesus to go gather his children home THEN will Jesus know also. People need to get ready because we are already living in the endtimes. The Bible is being fulfilled every single day.

      • I agree about all but the promise of hell for eternity… The bible says that if one man shall ask forgiveness for a resident of hell, it shall be given and that soul brought home, so even for the worst sinners, there is still always hope. Are any of us forgiving enough to ask, though?

  12. Similar to MillieK I guess, it just seems pelosi is flexible enough to bend over backwards.
    Not really surprised by this ocasio-cortez freak, who’s in it just for the fan base.
    How “queer eye” has anything to do with politics I’ve no clue.
    – I thought they were just fashion fags, but “pants suits and equality” does sound like a hillary clinton “real women wear pants suits” thing…
    Maybe pilosi is simply resigned to the fact that the clout of the FREAKS of society is in some bizarre way where the majority is heading.
    As a true politician, just choke back the bile and join in.

  13. It’s really too bad that there are so many catch lines luring people to read stories like this one – “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez brought one person to Nancy Pelosi’s office that ended their careers” because they always turn out to be wishful baloney. Whose careers have been ended by this? No one’s. It’s kind of pitiful, really.

  14. Hellfire and brimstone will be on California and Oregon for their evil ways in trying too spread there poisonous philosophical differences on the rest of society. The things that once were hidden in their private bedrooms or motels. Vote republican in 2020 and again in 2022.

  15. “congress’ has been a joke since the time the Senate subcommittee on Farming Problems invited a few retarded hollywood BIMBOS to testify(?) on the issues Farmers had to deal with in the real world.

    Lange, Spacek, Fonda : 3 Hollywood Actresses Relate Farmers’ Plight…

    “It is heartbreaking to witness their anguish as they watch their lives being stripped away,” Jessica Lange, who starred in the film “Country,” said through tears as she spoke to a dozen Democratic congressmen on the party’s House farm task force.

    Lange was joined by Sissy Spacek, who produced and starred in “The River,” and Jane Fonda, who developed and played the title role in the television film “The Dollmaker.” Both films were about stresses facing farm families.

    While Rep. Thomas A. Daschle (D-S.D.), the panel chairman, said “our purpose is not political,” the event had partisan overtones: No Republican members were invited, it was sponsored by the party’s House fund-raising apparatus and Daschle is frequently mentioned as a promising Democratic Senate candidate in 1986.

  16. The new buzz words in the Democratic talking points is they want to return us to the “moral clarity” President Trump has destroyed…. If moral clarity was required for office, Trump has all the Democratic leadership beat by a country mile!!!! PLEASE….

    • By “moral clarity” they mean that if they can clearly see any hint of being morally correct, it’s wrong for their vision of our country!
      It was obvious to even the most intentionally ignorant and blind that morality had zero relevance in the previous administration!

  17. Odd, isn’t it, that in Hillary & Obama’s world, the two things that will get a man into a kind of trouble he can never get out of are (1) making a pass at an attractive woman and (2) criticizing a man for making a pass at another man.

  18. Nibiru, the 10th planet that circles the our sun about every 5,250 years came last year closest to us in Nov. and is circling the sun now, and will be coming close to us around July 4, and causing asteroid impacts, it is bigger that Jupiter, as stated in Revelations, a lot of destruction here, keep an eye out for it, and prepare to survive.

    • Looking into my crystal ball, I predict 4 July shall come and go with no extraordinary celestial bedlam. The Book of Revelation mentions nothing about rogue super-planets, and Zechariah Sitchen

      • Sitchen was a fraud, a purveyor of pseudo astronomy and anthropology, linguistics, ad nauseam. Jesus spelt it out very clearly: nobody knows *the* time but God.

  19. She sounds like she is out to a five martini
    Lunch on a half hour break and there’s ten minutes left before clock in

  20. With what the Left is doing, America must be a laughing stock to the rest of the world. It’s hard to believe the “stuff” these folks are coming up with and trying to destroy what our founding fathers built. America is or at least should be better than this!

  21. Well well the cat comes out of the bag. Just saying. This is horrible. They are out of control & need to be put out of office. Also Beto is comparing Trump to the Natzis is crazy. The Dems are the ones that are Natzis. Trump don’t agree with killing babys. Dems do. So their is the proof of the ones that adhere to Hitler’s nonsense.

  22. Well Alexandria Occasionally Conscience just came up with her best idea yet. She figured out how to land on the sun.
    She says they’ll do it at night.

  23. Both houses of congress are being infiltrated with queers, lesbians, he-shes, she-hes, another Sodom and Gomorrah is needed to wipe them out along with their followers.

  24. The old botox using hag has never been in touch with everyday Americans! She reminds me of a little kid throwing a temper tantrum because she can’t have her way all the time. She is stupid to think the world is gonna end in 12 years when the Bible clearly states and I quote: Matthew 24:36 – “But of that day (the endtimes) and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels in heaven, but my Father only.” Okay, with that being said, who does she think she is? I feel sorry for anybody who think they know more than our Heavenly Father does.

  25. Get rid of her
    And all of the left’s and their stupid ideas this is America and its we the people
    Need to Stand up for America and our country. And constitutional fore fathers
    For the constitution of America

  26. Pelosi has definitely lost touch with reality. I guess living on the Left coast has addled her brain, too bad for her. I’m beginning to think that I’ve lived too long…. how can the Speaker of the House in the United States of America take gun control advice from ANY actor, they don’t know how to do anything, that’s why they have to ‘act’ like they do!!!

  27. Omar , Rashida , Cortez all are new enemy’s to threaten our trues setting principles & justified Democracy , not just needs to prosecute them ! also lock them up or kicked them out from this country !! They’re unfit to belonging or to representing in ours trues freedom & lawfully Society’s ! Is an diseases & cancers spreading all over the places , lock them up ! get them out !! Here’s USA , not an radicals Middle Easterns or Communism Central America , go’s back where your original from ——you guys aren’t Americans !!!!

  28. Out of touch doesn’t even BEGIN to describe these nut-cases. They’re so far out that they’re at the farthest reaches of our solar system and moving on out.

  29. I guess it’s all part of the plan to PANDER for the “FREAK VOTE”. Sickly enough, it’ll probably work & they’ll be hailed as “Giving a voice to the voiceless”. They couldn’t care less about Gays. Oh, well – They care about them when they need more “Useful Idiots” to show up at the Polls & Vote for Demon-rats. Trump has already done more for the LGBTQ’s than the Democrats have EVER thought of, or tried to do. Yet, they’ll be STUPID enough to believe the Commies shall be their “Saviors” & Vote for them in droves. All I can say about that is – Play stupid games, Win stupid prizes……….

  30. According to the headline that you used to get me to click on this article their careers have ended, but I wasn’t able to find that part in the article itself. What’s up with that?

  31. This is an interesting question posed at the end of the article: […]Do you think Nancy Pelosi is out of touch with everyday Americans?
    My answer to that question; is a question: When was she EVER in touch with America???

  32. Why can’t the Fed do something about their citizenship, Omar, Talib & OAC, these people are not American. They live off the American tax dollars enablers for the lazy people . Get them out of the country and revoke their citizenship. How terrible to know that America the once land of milk and honey is politically dominated by haters of our country.! They are the destroyer of the patriots hard work to preserve our land and constitution!

  33. Pelosi has lost it. The far left communist has won. They sucked the blood out of the democrats. Sickening at best.

  34. The dawn of filth has begun, and it’s not our filth. This is the last of the democratic party. They will see a lost
    so great, they will be sad.
    In 2020, it will be GREAT, for us, and bad for democrats.

  35. Thanks to the far left democrats, there is no doubt any more that the democrat party is the party of:

    Infanticide = pro murder of babies

    No guns = anticonstitutional

    No borders = (no country)

    No morals = (fill in the blanks yourself)

    No success = (steal YOUR earned money through more taxes)

    I could go on and on, but we can all see that the Democrat party is evil and stands FOR everything that is wrong with this country. Democrats must be voted OUT before we lose what little is left of our Constitutional Republic.


  36. These idiots should be reminded that it took TWO STRAIGHT AND NORMAL PEOPLE TO create them, and they should just shut their mouths and hang their heads in shame if that is possible.

  37. In a few more years, while everyone is starving to death, and no able bodied person is working beyond the status quo, the nancy pelosis and alexadria cortezs’ of the world will be sitting in their million dollar town houses and mansions looking out over the desolate country that was once the most prosperous country in the world and they will BLAME TRUMP.

  38. As much as I enjoyed the show mentioned above with original actors, Pelosi has really lost it! She should retire and live in her fenced in home! I don’t believe Hollywood actors are qualified to be advisors- they are actors and jump on the bandwagon to be seen and promote their show. I hope and pray the LEGAL voters vote Pelosi out of office along with the hate-filled Muslims. The representatives have work they are supposed to be doing and need to stop the witch hunt and do the work they are paid to do. If they don’t perform conducive work then they should not get paid. I also agree they should have a salary equal to what the “ordinary, every day working class person gets paid “. No free transportation, no special planes – they fly commercial like the average joe, and pay for it from their salary.

  39. Yes, thank God that Trump consults with the intellectual elite, folks like the Kardashians and Kanye West to discuss important policy matters.

  40. FREEDOM of SPEECH. Let pelosi aoc discuss anything they want with whomever they want. Report, unbiased as fact everything and let WE the People decide what WE want. NOW, WE the PEOPLE go out and vote them out of office in droves. Then their talk will change, then the supporters will be less revered. Make the public less unsuspecting.

  41. Prepare for a surprise; Americans don’t like it when their children get murdered for experimenting with gender roles. Lose again murderers; do you have murder in your heart Christian? No heaven for you. And see how theyre playing you too. Oh yeah, we value the sanctity of life; we stop baby killers when their children are in the womb; just God help them once they’re out, huh. And see how the economy is really NOT getting up and moving on getting you $40/hr plus benefits? You’re getting played suckahs. . . Know anything about Kissingers 2/5ths solution? It’s randomized; anyone can get it or just decide to quit and check out; theyre not responsible until. . . three days after they’re dead, and then the real pain begins. . . it’s forever and you were warned. . . .

  42. This country has allowed the few to rule over the majority and that will destroy our country. The minorities have set this up, that because they are a minority they should have MORE rights than the majority and if you disagree you are a racist or a bigot and should not be allowed o speak up against them. All of a sudden it is not acceptable to stand up for the rights you believe in anymore. These lesbians & gays know they have a real problem since they are not capable of conception among themselves, they have a problem of increasing their numbers unless they an come up with laws like Infanticide to lower the number straight people!

  43. maybe congress should be forced to read ALL the comments in these multiple news feed pages….maybe that’s the only way to get them to see exactly what the majority of American’s think about their “performance” maybe then they would all start shaking in their collective boots and realize we the people are ready to kick them all to the curve especially AOC, Tilab, Omar and the rest of the radical screwball left

    • Any citizen, or perhaps person, can contact any of the members of gov both dem and repub. I personally have contacted at one time or another most likely all of them, many now that are gone, but not all of the present crew. I quit when President Trump became President. I am sated, for the time be.

  44. Since homosexuality is an ABOMINATION according to God in His Word, that tells me what AOC is . . . and “it ain’t pretty” on Judgment day.


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