Alec Baldwin just attacked Donald Trump in this sickest way possible


Trump Derangement Syndrome has spread across Hollywood faster than the coronavirus.

Actor Alec Baldwin might have one of the worst cases of TDS ever recorded.

And Baldwin just attacked Donald Trump in this sickest way possible.

Alec Baldwin has lampooned Donald Trump repeatedly on Saturday Night Live over the past four years.

Actors are often taught to empathize with the subject they’re playing and not judge them in their performance, but Baldwin isn’t here for any of that.

He makes no bones about his hatred of Trump, and he took it to another level with his latest anti-Trump tweet:

While Joe Biden is supposedly calling for unity in the country, Democrats are calling for blood, suggesting Trump should be buried in a Nazi cemetery, and threatening to compile lists of Trump “collaborators.”

The Democrats have gone completely insane and they think they have the moral authority to cast out of society the more than 72 million Americans who voted for Trump.

Baldwin’s Tweet literally makes no sense.

Trump has Jewish grandchildren, has a town named after him in Israel, moved the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and brokered historic peace agreements between Israel and Arab states.

Democrats like Baldwin cheapen the term Nazi when they flippantly apply it to Trump.

If Trump were some Hitlerian dictator, he wouldn’t be trying to end wars and deferring to Governors on how they want to handle COVID-19 and obeying court orders.

Trump also received the highest GOP share of the nonwhite vote since 1960.

Republicans also did far better than expected down-ballot much to the chagrin of “expert” pollsters.

Baldwin and his fellow Democrats should perhaps take a look in the mirror when calling people fascists.

They’ve either ignored or excused Antifa and Black Lives Matter extremists rampaging through cities across the country.

At this point, Baldwin is too far gone with TDS.

He’s already attacked Trump supporters as “mentally ill,” and that sentiment isn’t going anywhere.