Al Sharpton’s latest move will infuriate every Christian Trump supporter in America


Nobody in modern history has caused more racial division than Al Sharpton.

Now he is using his status to attack President Trump and his supporters.

And his latest move will infuriate every Christian Trump supporter in America.

Despite being a racist, and an anti-Semite, Al Sharpton is a hero to the Left because he claims to be a “civil rights hero.”

And he has leveraged his status to get his current job at MSNBC.

On a recent broadcast, he went on a rant against Christians who support President Trump, stating that they aren’t real Christians, and that they “would sell Jesus out if they thought they could get something from it.”

NewsBusters reports:

You just knew that Morning Joe would seek to exploit for maximum political gain the Christianity Today editorial by outgoing editor-in-chief Mark Galli that was highly critical of President Trump. And sure enough . . .

First up today was Never-Trumper Rick Tyler, who praised the editorial for having “overturned the tables of the money changers in the temple courts.” In a particularly audacious attack, Tyler claimed that Trump-supporting evangelicals are telling others that “Christianity is sort of a farce. That it’s not real. That it’s not true.”

Next up was Al Sharpton, who approvingly cast the editorial, because it’s “exposing all of them that they would take this shameless con man over the principles that they’re preaching. In the holy season as we celebrate Jesus, they would sell Jesus out if they thought they could get something from it,” like judicial appointments.

It’s always amazing to marvel at the chutzpah of Reverend Sharpton calling out someone else for exploiting their religious bona fides or race-baiting, or being a shameless con man. Holy Tawana Brawley!

Al Sharpton doesn’t even seem to care how much of a hypocrite he is for accusing anybody of exploiting their religion.

Sharpton has made his millions from exploiting people.

Most notably is when he latched onto the false rape allegations of Tawana Brawley – smearing an innocent man and then refusing to pay a $65,000 settlement against him for his role in the smear.

Do you think Al Sharpton is a hypocrite?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. Al Sharpton is “The Racist” … remove the cover from this man and acknowledge what he is American … remember his racism has been around for a very long time, are we all blind?

  3. Is Sharpton a hypocrite? That is the kindest thing you can call this racist, bigoted fool!! ANY ONE with active brain cells KNOWS what kind of sub-human he has been all his public life! Then he has the nerve to say we would sell Jesus if we thought we could get something? I will not be judged by someone who sold his soul to satan . We true Christians do not say or do things for OUR glory and for money, as he has.
    Sharpton’s day of judgment WILL come before GOD and believe me, it will not be pretty ! He will definitely reap what he has sown….

  4. Al Sharpton is not a Reverend.. a pastor’s.. or a biblical Christian – And he sold Jesus out long, long, longgg time ago!

    Sharpton is a “Carney Barker”.. a “Huskter”.. a “Racist” – He needs to shut up & he needs to be ignored!

  5. Al is a son of the devil and has been cast out by Jesus. His ultimate reward will be burning in hell for eternity

  6. Al (The Doo) Sharpton!
    All those chemicals you out on your ugly head to RELAX your hair
    are seeping into your little brain!
    You want white-boy looking hair, Counterfeiter????

  7. Looks like he is out to do a few things, Get all the money that he can from cause racial tensions with people of color, trying to do the least that he can to improve the relations of races. It was getting much better before the 2008 Election then everything seem to fall apart by the lies and corruption in Washington D.C

  8. Sharpton is a “reverend” in what church? Ordained by which church? I’d like him to produce his ordination paperwork if such a thing exists. He spends all of his time preaching not the Love in the Bible but the Hate in Democrat politics. Perhaps he was “ordained” by Pastor Saul Alinsky.

    The man is a LIAR and HYPOCRITE. He does not represent the Creator God of the Universe in any way. He is the perfect ambassador of his god, Satan, though.

    Look up the proper definition of the word “reverend”. It does not fit this hate monger in any way. Why anybody in their right mind gives him any kind of a platform to spew his hatred from is beyond the understanding of any sensible person.

    But, you know, Morning Joe, MSNBC. ‘Nuff said about that.

  9. Sharpton is cut from same bolt of sleaze cloth as Maxine Waters, the “Squad”, Pelosi, Nadler, the Clintons and the list goes on forever. They all made or are now making their money by causing strife everywhere they can.

    Will Congress ever get the guts to clean this nest of vipers and get them out of office and better yet out of the country. America needs a break.

  10. Racist, hateful human being, scammer, liar, are just some of the words to describe Al Sharpton. But again being in New York this is totally acceptable. Until the people wake-up and stop listening to his utter BS he will continue to rake in millions and spew his lies and deception. Enough this guy isn’t worth the time to decribe him. Worthless, RICH POS sums him up.

  11. Wow…..Sharpton just called all Blacks, Whites, Asians, Europeans, Muslims, that believe in Jesus Christ a Judas, simply, if they even have a single thought that Trump has done something to help anyone. I understand that individuals that believe in Jesus have a forgiving heart. That leaves out Sharpton.

  12. Al “Twana Brawley” Sharpton is a race baiter, a racist and a bigot, and is a convicted slanderer and libeler. He also is a tax evader. No longer is Johnny Cockran around to pay his fine and settlement. Al is a political priest and a disgrace.

  13. You call yourself a Christen making comments like that? Christ would be praying hard for you to find the way to confession and to find true grace! Unfortunately Mr Sharpton, anyone who stands up for abortion can’t be a real christian!!!!

  14. All Al Sharpton is, SATAN disguised as a human. As for him calling himself a Christian! He lies to himself and to JESUS. In the end, he will stand at the throne of judgement and answer for all the and Al the deceitfulness. Therefore, AL SHARPTON, face GOD and say the same thing you’ve been blowing your mouth about and face your punishment. For God judges all righteously. You hateful person.

  15. Well, Sharpton has a lot of labels laid on him in the above opinions. In summation, it all seems to boil down to a general consensus that the man could not be more irrelevant regarding any question of importance.

  16. “But, you know, Morning Joe, MSNBC. ‘Nuff said about that.”

    I would rather be a giraffe with strep throat than to watch “Morning Joke.”

  17. Lawrence, did I read your comment saying, ” Anyone who stands up for abortion can’t be a real Christian? If that is your comment about christians, then your a fool. Abortion is murdering humans before they are born. If you say that they are not human and you call yourself a Christian. Then, you are no better than Al Sharpton. For murder is murder. Weather in the womb or not. And try to explain that to Jesus. I hope I’m wrong in reading your comment. If not, may GOD have mercy on you.

  18. HOW did Sharpton get away legally from paying what he owed by the court? How HE is so powerful he gets away with illegal things the rest of us would have to pay OR go to jail?

  19. I can not argue anything you said But I must add that as a follower of Jesus I can say until he closes his blood filled eyes and follows the golden rule his soul is headed for eternal damnation. Faith, Hope, Love: THE GREATEST IS LOVE. Al has lost his faith in God who is our father and his, he has turned his back on his family, his hope has reached fruition over the souls of those he has condemned to his new god SATAN. His new religion is hate and spewing defecation by his verbal assault on the human race. I can ask him hey AL what color is God’s skin, and is it true you are descended from the first African Tribal Chief who found he could become rich by selling Black members of his Tribe and other Tribes to white traders.


  21. ”Big Rat Al” is nothing but a Racial Huckster. Starting with his Tawana Brawley Hoax, Freddie’s Fashion Mart riot inciting and Gavin Cato rioting, the his person should be in PRISON. Fearful White Liberals bow down and kiss his ample rump.
    PS: Let’s not forget his Economic Boycotts, in which Millions were paid by corporations to feed his coffers. Yet he owes the Government Millions!!!

  22. What makes me uncomfortable is the fact that one ounce of credance is given to this race baiting tax cheap. Reverend my ass. Watching those fools on msnbc chat it up with the “Rev” is stomach turning. This man should not gave a forum for his hate. His beloved barry Obama had a failed 8 years In office and came out a multi millionaire but say anything and they yell racism. Just go away mr sharpton

  23. There is no such thing as a REAL Christian lil dee trump supporter. You can’t follow Jesus and Satan at the same time.

  24. I take exception to the claim that Sharpton is responsible for more racial hatred/divide than anyone else in America.
    Sharpton lost that title when the Zero was elected and began to “remake America”. Even at the height of the Civil Rights Movement in the turbulent 1960s there wasn’t as high a level of racial tension, divide, and outright naked hatred so generally [all over the country, not just in a well defined region] on display as during the years when the Obamination was POTUS.

  25. AL AL AL you say what you do is in the name of God ? Sounds like you don’t belive in what you use to make a living . God knows you don’t pay what you owe . Your a racists and it’s blacks like you that use your color as a weapon and I am calling you out on it . You don’t belive in god and rip off your own race through lies and fake BS . If anything your one with the devil . Take a good look at him and what he said … and if you still think he’s right … then your part of the problem to . And need to be called out . If he was white and did this and called blacks racists the sun would stop shining cause of all the crying noise from everyone . But because he’s black it’s OK ? . I am a half breed my self and see how both sides go back and forth fighting between them for what … they don’t even know . Each side only listing to what their told by their side and not even caring who’s right or who’s wrong . I have no filter and will call out them that need to be called out to answer for their doings . It’s what everyone should be doing . Stop taking sides and go after the truth no matter how much it hurts . At least you will know for your self . That’s all I have to say about this .

  26. He was at a community meeting and one if the participants called him out. He said to sharpton that he only shows up when the cameras are around. He then told sharpton that he was full of crap and only cared about the spotlight not folks so why was he there? Sharpton took a big roll of money out of his pocket and waved it around while the participant was escorted out of the meeting.
    Sharpton used to be a dope dealer. I guess he found pretending to care about folks when the camera is on pays more.
    You can find the video on the internet that the FBI took of him during a sting operation. I wish more people knew of it so they can see who he truly is.
    It amazes me how folks like him have to fear of God.

  27. AL Sharpton has been a racist and anti-American long before Donald Trump was president. In Case you haven’t realized “Public Citizen” Trump has done more for minorities than your precious Obama or democrat ever did. Sadly, you anti-Trumpers wasn’t to blame everything on Trump while you idiots are the ones causing the separation in this country. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson have been riding the coat tails of Martin Luther King for decades and neither one of them is the historic man Martin Luther king was. Sharpton is a jerk and always has been. God Bless America.

  28. You were…. I’m sure he meant what you said. Abortion is murder and true followers of Jesus don’t approve.
    We all make errors. All is well.

  29. He and Obama are little pygmies . The biggest nothings in the world!!Both should be treated as such along with Jessie the racist Jackson! Nothing but trash people who Eugene Robinson should write about They are not called to preach but to spread the gospel of SATAN!!!!

  30. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE that claims that President Trump is racist is deaf, blind and mute! The chief racists in America at this point in history are Sharpton and Obammur. If the idiots who whine about racism would open their ears and eyes instead of their mouths they would clearly see that the racists are always the loudmouths that are too stupid to actually see the facts, and besides that they are too lazy to use the little brain power they have left after all the drugs to look for facts.

  31. Here Here! He is using religion to cause race problems. I question if he is really a minister? I’m old and I’ve never heard a real Minister speak as he does.

  32. Eric, look in your mirror to see someone who follows satan. You have no clue what a Christian is. God gave us Pres. Trump. He knows how extremely corrupt Hillary and Obama are and how Hillary would have finished Obama’s destruction of this country. The dem party threw God out and embraces satan and his hate and lies. YOU are proof. YES, you can be a Christian and support Pres. Trump. I know HUNDREDS of Christians who do. Hillary belongs to satan

  33. Al just needs to go away, under a rock, anywhere and shut his mouth, and pay your taxes

  34. dh, no, he was not. But just keep believing the sick lies of your dem leaders without question. What Sharpton said is a lie. He has no clue what a Christian is, as he is not one. God gave us Pres. Trump. He knows how evil and corrupt Hillary is. Hillary would have continued Obama’s destruction of this county. Trump loves this country and has done a LOT of good for us.

  35. john, dems have only hate and lies. They have no morals and will do anything it takes to get rid of Pres. Trump. They are deranged

  36. Eric: You have posted many times you do not believe in GOD or Jesus, so who are YOU to accuse Trump supporters of following two Gods??? We true Christians follow one true GOD and his name is not satan. You on the other hand, and your whole demon party, does follow and worship satan!!!

  37. These treasonous hypocrite libs(lying sack of Schiff) don’t know the meaning of the truth! They are at it again and just as mentally deranged as the rest of the Globalists NAZI Muslim Commie Liberal Demoncrats! Deep State, Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Hollywood, Academia, Fake News, Swamp News and you know the rest!! ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these lying Fake News deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  38. Sharpton does not believe in god .He has been lying and cheating people for so long that if he did believe he would be worried about going to hell. But his actions show that he isn’t .

  39. Sharpton knows all about selling Jesus out for self gain. He perfected the move many years ago. I’m surprised he hasn’t written a book about it. Wait I think he has.

  40. I am just curious about one thing. Exactly what Divinity College did the so called Reverend Al Sharpton go to? Which one did he graduate from and get his degree in Divinity from. I have heard of his being a reverend for many years, but have not heard just where he got the title from. Did he make it up out of thin air (like the old southern gentlemen calling themselves Colonel Beauregard). Is Al Sharpton a real reverend? Or have we just his word for it? I would like to really know for sure one way or another. Is there someone out there who can show all of us the iron clad, concrete proof that he is a bona fide, registered, documented, current reverend?

  41. Al Sharpton is not a man of God, he uses every black person for his own wealth, he will lie the create a situation to make him money. The word Reverend from his so called title. The more educated blacks can see through him, he is a has been.

  42. Good ol’ Al a hypocrite? I will NOT call him a hypocrite! Self respecting hypocrites the world over, would line up to Whup my butt.

  43. Tom Tucker: I am certainly no Sharpton fan but if he filled his taxes legally and he is just not paying the balance owned, then there is nothing criminal punitive that can be done to him. We don’t have debtors prison any longer.

    That said IRS can certainly slap liens against his holdings to re-cooperate the revenue but if he didn’t lie on his return there is no crime committed.

  44. No it won’t because we know that Sharpton is nothing but another pathetic, loudmouthed lefty loser and a fake reverend who’s nothing more that a tax evader. He’s more a joke of a human than anything.


  46. that piece of sh// Sharpton is a racist bastard for sure;;;let me tell you a fact hoss; I am an American red blood ,Alabama real dude; if the fn Sharpton wants to compare racism against some one , let the weak ass nig face off with me; that punk thinks he can be racist , hell, i’ll split that black ass fence post, blue gum monkey ass heathen into, theres no blood boils worse than mne just having to be around some heathens for a minute;;; tell the fake ass reverend,,, ha, what a pimple on a reverands ass; that punk has sucked more pricks than a woman, took it up his ass more times than his wife, his boy; come see me and lets debate racism yu heathen


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