Al Sharpton is furious after all his race-baiting caught up to him in a horrifying explosion


Nobody knows how to exploit a race crisis quite like Al Sharpton.

He has made millions off of it, and made his way into a cushy job at MSNBC over it.

But now he is furious after all his race-baiting caught up to him in a horrifying explosion.

With Minneapolis in flames over the killing of George Floyd, one would think Al Sharpton would be ecstatic.

After all, he has been stoking racial tensions for decades.

Notably, he formed a protest against the “white interloper” who ran Freddy’s Fashion Mart in Harlem, which led to a fire where seven people died.

But in the case of the riots in Minnesota, he struck a very different tone.

Taking to his show on MSNBC, he talks about his visit to the riot sites, lamenting about the destruction of black-owned business at the hands of rioters.

“As I walked around Minneapolis yesterday,” he began. “Some of the stores that are being damaged are black-owned stores! So we cannot become so reckless that we are destroying each other in our rage.”

One must wonder if he would have been upset if the businesses being destroyed were not black-owned, as it seems that is the only contention he brings up.

After all, the destruction was wide-reaching.

A Target department store was looted and burned, along with a police precinct.

Black people work at both of those locations, and will certainly be adversely affected by the violence.

But he likely sees those places as being operated by “whitey” – corporate America – meaning it doesn’t deserve any attention.

The killing of George Floyd has been near-universally condemned.

President Donald Trump has spoken out against it and the officer involved has been arrested for his actions.

But that isn’t enough for the rioters who seem set on nothing more than destruction.

And some protesters seem to be heeding the words of Sharpton.

A video taken at the riot shows one rioter threatening to take the destruction to the suburbs, where they can target more white people in what seems to be an attempt to start a race war.

That may happen as long as city officials continue to allow the rioters to get away with their crimes.

Thankfully, President Trump is taking action by deploying the national guard.

Do you think rioters should be arrested?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. perfect time for bad blacks to steal and they don’t even care if their
    own people get hurt in the process

  3. I believe this is another case of exploitation by George Soros: Divide, divide, divide and increase hatred and mob mentality for total destruction and distraction.

  4. Sharpton is an embarrassment and nothing more than a shyster hustling h is own for his own benefit….nothing more.

  5. This is ‘where’ the second amendment ‘kicks’ in unless they’re burning the ‘homes’ of the milfs that always vote democrat in ‘suburbia’ who don’t own guns?

  6. If they continue to riot, pillage and burn and loot then they should be shot on site. End this right now. Martial law and curfews from 8PM to 7AM each and every day until peace is restored. On top of that a 20% surcharge on all goods and services for the foreseeable future which goes into a fund to restore and repair all the damage done.

  7. Not a fan of martial law… rioting at this level…totally agree with it being imposed. Yes, rioters should be arrested. Peaceful protesting should be allowed.

  8. I was 15 years old and living in the Glenville area of Cleveland, Ohio during the Hough riots in 1965; and 17 years old during the Glenville riots on 1967. In both black areas there were millions of dollars of destruction done to White and Black own businesses, and those neighborhoods never came back fully. It took decades before most of that carnage was cleaned up. It’s absolutely stupid to burn down your own neighborhood. We black folks need help from our own self destruction.

  9. I live in the Twin Cities and the riots continue because of the lame Democrats leaders as mayor and governor and their concern for the rioters rights. Let someone that knows what they are doing run the show and the trouble makers would be stopped now!

  10. Stupid over reaction but so typical letting outrage excuse theft looting and destruction of their own community.

  11. I agree.amazing how mtk had a million man March and not one incident of sad these things have no respect for anyone even their own

  12. Why is this racist P***K not in jail for income tax evasion? Why? Because hes is a loud mouth black racist and they are afraid of this same thing should he be arrested and jailed.

  13. Rioters/Looters: Please come by our motorcycle club. We missed target practice last week. Don’t count on leaving.

  14. Stan, can you please come to Minneapolis, we need more thinking like yours to stop this nonsense, not more people (sharpton) spewing their venom and hatred.

  15. Since my last comment disappeared, I’ll try again, While the Officer in question took the situation to one that could only spell tragedy for everyone involved, the rioting, looting, has taken it to another level of insanity. The ones causing the distruction ( when identified ) should be prosecuted as well. Unfortunately our own laws have created the situation we have, from the laws aimed at racial division, many Officers with a “God ” complex ( way to many, feel they have the right over life and death of anyone commiting a crime, ) they should be found before situations such as this occur, and removed from the force. In this case the officer, his colleagues and even those that stood by video recording ( to try to be the next social media star) instead of alerting another officer who may have stopped the tragedy from happening and escalating to this point.

  16. State Officials (Governor, City Mayors, Council Members) can and should request and use their State National Guard when their local Law Enforcement Police become overwhelmed. When the NG gets overwhelmed (due to non-support of their State Officials), POTUS can and should FEDERALIZE the guard. It then becomes FEDERAL CRIMES what these rioters are doing. Subversive professional rioters can and should be identified, arrested and prosecuted. Politicians and media celebrities should also be prosecuted.

  17. Where’s JJ, the other half of the ‘Justice Brothers’? Same goes for Stuart Smalley, Also, who’s the US Congressperson that represents this area? Rememberr, one of their US Senator’s is the former DA. in Minneapolis. No mention either on how far this is from Little Mogadishu. Those ‘Africans’ may have a different reaction should the rioters descend on that enclave.

  18. if you do loot/set a fire or rioter you should be arrested period okay
    as simple as that okay.

  19. The “protestors” must be aware they are exposing themselves to Co-Vid 19 and are returning from where they came from to pass on this deadly virus to their relatives. A Tragic Souvenir!

  20. As with the DC riots after king was killed the negros know only one way of expressing their hate for whitey who since the great society has spent trillions of dollars for the slums that are still slums, never enough folks just waiting for a reason to go on a rampage and we(whitey) just stand back and let it happen that riots are what M-16s were invented for, yet the shame of all of this is that old fart biden id gonna win, just wait and see. woe be on to America,woe for us all.


  22. Blacks are so violent. “ hey we have a good excuse for a riot. I need a new tv too”. Blacks are mean, nasty and stupid. Pull your pants up man and go home.


  24. Any destruction is criminal. If they come to the suburbs they might find people will protect their homes by any means necessary.

  25. I think the majority of the rioters and looters are bussed in by Sharpton and Soros and the Dems. Anything to stir up hatred and unrest and trouble. This does not bring back the victim nor does it help anyone including his family. But peaceful protests, prayer vigils and supporting the grieving family with help for funeral services and community support of the family of the victim would. It is good that the 4 officers were fired and the murderer is being charged. But all this rioting and looting and burning is doing is making the tragedy worse and more deaths will come about. If Soros or Sharpton or anyone else are involved lock them up and charge them and if anyone dies in these uprisings charge them with murder too! Every single one regardless of color, fame or political affiliation! Shut it down now!

  26. Yes, rioters should be arrested. What started out as peaceful and became ugly by way of the rioters, needed to be arrested and needed to be questioned to find out if they were paid to do this and who paid them and why.

  27. Keep it up stupid people and black hunting season may be opened any day. Break in my place to loot, you will be shot on sight. No questions asked or cops called.

  28. Al Sharpton is likely THE most contemptible racial extortionist America has ever spawned. The Tawana Brawley affair is perfectly exemplary of his irresponsible, incorrect and damaging rabble rousing. Al Sharpton makes America a far less safe, less stable, and less secure place to live – for people of every race and culture.

  29. First of all it’s a yankee state. LET IT BURN! Second, y’all freed them now deal with it !

  30. Hey black people,your burning down your parents’s jobs..when this is over they can’t pay the rent,then what?Hey parents teach your kids to respect.Learn to think for yourself,those people telling you to burn it down could give a rats ass about you and the very communities that you live and work.

  31. And how many police officers were killed or injured all over the country who had nothing to do with this man’s death and most likely condemn the officers involved? What did they do to deserve to be killed or shot and where are the leaders of the Black Lives Matter and Antifia saying how their lives matter, how they were good citizens in their communities. Where are they asking for justice for these lives? Silent as they are on Black on Black crime. It’s is just sickening.

  32. Alright, ENOUGH! From both sides, the PEOPLE that are rioting are being set-up by Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Both organizations are supported by Soros and the demokrauts. Yes, if they have broken the laws by destruction of public or private property, kidnapping and/or rape, they should be arrested and given a FAIR trial. If they are found guilty then they need to do their time. They are people, not animals. If they attack and attempt to kill someone else, then that person or other people nearby have the RIGHT and OBLIGATION to defend themselves and others, up to and including deadly force, but not before. Calling people animals based on skin color is a racist attitude and should be dropped. Got it? Stop it! Conservatives are better than leftist. Try to show that!


  34. Jon, I admire your wisdom. How refreshing to know that some people see this as a systemic problem with our society and not hatred for the sake of more hatred. No matter who we are, our social status, our religious beliefs we are all passengers on this ship, USS America. I remember the Watts riots and for all the losses we endured nothing was really gained. MLK gained so much more for this country with words then all the violence. Control, reason and wisdom will give us all what we want, to live in peace and prosperity together. When we run amok waving weapons, screaming words of hatred at each other, hurting the innocent we instill fear in each other. What we fear we come to hate. How horrendously sad.

  35. Al Sharpton is a despicable dangerous weasel. Every time something happens pertaining to an African American, He’s there, front & center to roil up the crowd with his terrible guttural voice. He’s a real troublemaker & all the idiotic Liberal wannabe’s were kissing his ass like he was God under the other God Hussein Obama.
    BTW, anybody know where Obama’s. Odom buddy Rev Wright is lurking, lol? Obama is dying for another term as President. Make sure he doesn’t get in!!

  36. The government authorities should say any of you out there protesting and doing so peacefully we ask of you to go home to where we know who we’re dealing with and can deal with them accordingly. We don’t want innocent naive Americans to be harmed, but if you hang out with with wild animals you will probably end up getting bit.

  37. It seems that no one can see a solution to police brutality. The psychological profile used in recruiting all officers must be changed. When you enlist young candidates who just want to “get some” the system will never change.

  38. sharpton is nothing but a piece of BLACK garbage. This is also why nobody watches the network he is on. These rioters should be stopped by any force necessary. When I saw the video of all these people raising their hands & repeating what the idiot with the microphone in Maryland was saying it made me sick, begging these people for their forgiveness. They were like zombies.

  39. Please please please come out to the subburbs and rural areas. I personally have 15 acres of trees that need adorned. Vlad the Impaler will look like a party planner.


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