Al Sharpton and Jemele Hill are making shocking claims about the NASCAR noose hoax


NASCAR was steeped in controversy after the company came to grips with an alleged hate crime.

In the end, it turned out to be nothing more than a wild noose chase.

But Al Sharpton and Jemele Hill are making shocking claims about the NASCAR noose hoax.

Civil unrest is high after the tragic murder of George Floyd and subsequent rioting and looting perpetrated by agitators and opportunists.

With everyone on edge regarding race issues, NASCAR was rocked by the scandal of a noose allegedly found in the garage of Bubba Wallace, the sport’s only full-time black driver.

The incident came shortly after Wallace called for the rebel flag not to be displayed at events.

Wallace received overwhelming support from the media at large and the NASCAR community.

All of his fellow drivers joined together in a show of unity to push Wallace’s car to the starting line.

The gesture brought Wallace to tears.Fifteen FBI agents were brought into investigate the noose incident, they quickly determined that the rope was not a noose but a garbage pulldown string, and it had been in the garbage since at least October 2019, well before Wallace had been assigned the garage for this race.

Everyone was relieved that there was no racist incident, except for the left-wing activists who thrive on stoking racial division.

Al Sharpton, who somehow has a show on MSNBC, said after the FBI’s findings, “It was a noose, so the question is even if they did not know that Bubba Wallace was going to use that stall, why was a noose in the stall? I do not think we’ve seen closure in this particular inquiry.”

This is truly absurd.

The rope unequivocally was a pulldown string with a loop knot tied in the end for pulling up a garage door.

Jemele Hill, who went full “woke” before leaving ESPN for The Atlantic, echoed Sharpton’s sentiments with a tweet:

“It. Was. A. Noose. They (the FBI) just don’t believe it was directed at Bubba Wallace.”

The idea that some secret racist left a noose in a garage for months is complete nonsense, but this is the game radicals play.

Instead of the simplest and obvious solution, they immediately jump to the most uncharitable and inflammatory conclusion.

People like Sharpton and Hill are willing to tear the country apart for personal gain, which is truly appalling.

After the embarrassing Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax, one would think the Left would be more careful about jumping to conclusions, but they can never pass up the opportunity to divide the country.

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  2. Well let’s hope there are enough intelligent Americans, especially black Americans that see what’s going on here and want no part of it. If you vote for democrats this is what you get. You get race baiting, false narratives, fabricated problems that don’t actually exist, scare tactics, and violence.
    When you vote democrat you are voting for American communists. PERIOD!

  3. Joan, because he is a dinosaur. He thinks we are back in the times of ”colored only” bathrooms and water fountains. He is arrogant and dares to compare himself to Martin Luther King. He is a race baiter. If a white person knelt at his feet in adoration he’d scream that a white person tried to block his way. He is irrelevant and doesn’t even know it.

  4. One Black guy enters NASCAR and the Whole thing goes to S… I Can’t Believe Every one hasn’t had Enough of their BS…But people are kissing their a$$es even More then EVER!?? What a Nuthouse we live in!

  5. First of all the incident is NONE of Al Sharpton’s business. If there was ever a real racist- HE”S IT! His mouth does nothing but spew hate and riots.Need to find a deep hole and lock him in it

  6. Both of these Black spokescritters are the ugliest inside and out! Our patience has run out with all the Protesting, Rioting and Racebaiting! GTH!!!!!

  7. Hey Al, never let a crisis, although I can’t classify this as one, real or imagined, go to waste. I’ve seen video footage from 2019 and more than one garage had an identical pull down. Shut up and pay your taxes.

  8. The old elitists had it right….major decisions should be made by a handful of the strongest, smartest men. Every passing day bears witness to their wisdom.

  9. Question ? What the hell has Al Sharpton done for his community over the last 40-50 yrs but cry about injustice, take in millions of tax dollars , for some reason those tax dollars never seem to make to those people who it was intended for , who much of our tax dollars go directly into his pockets , while his community in poverty.

  10. who’s that jemele hill person? As for al sharpton, just chalk it up to more smolleting. We should be used to that by now.

  11. These race hucksters need to be shown for what they are. Al Sharpton has been at this for years. He has grown rich off of it. I am not familiar with Jemele Hill but if she is following in Sharpton’s footsteps look out for more BS!!! Don’t blame Bubba Wallace for the huge media hysteria. Blame NASCAR!!! This was seen as a PR bonus and they exploited it to the max. The drivers and crews were not involved. They turned out en mass to support their brother!!! His race, creed, or color ment nothing!!! HE IS THEIR BROTHER!!!

  12. I’m surprised nobody has pulled a Martin luther king on Idiot Al Sharpton yet !!!! Also ,,, BLM SUCKS !!!

  13. Sharpton and Hill are simply race baiters. This country is filled with intelligent people who see through their stupidity. Why is Sharpton not in prison for tax fraud? Hello!!!IRS???

  14. Sharpton and Hill. Real nice couple. Both need to get a life and start trying to help their blacks friends instead of making it harder for them with their race baiting. As for Bubba Wallace, he has yet to apologize for stating that there was a noose in that stall. From the pictures I have seen all of the stalls have the same pull rope. His Mother told him they were just trying to scare him, which isn’t what a Mother should say before she can find out the truth of the matter. It seems like he has a chip on his shoulder being from a mixed race family. White Father and black Mother. He shouldn’t have asked NASCAR to ban our Confederate flag which we in the South are very proud of. It isn’t racist at all.

  15. Bubba’s fans are over 90%white. The blacks he hi fives after the race were nothing more than gimme naggers. They came to the race cause it was free and the “brotha” was racing. Two weeks ago I’ll bet they didn’t know who Bubba Wallace was.

  16. You would think that after the Tawana Brawley fiasco that Sharpton would wise up. Wising up however seems to be something beyond his IQ. He wallows in ignorance and prejudice.

  17. Wallace is a sub par driver and always finishes a lap or so behind or like 45 seconds behind the leader. I believe his highest finish is 11th. So he easily could of thought to also make this to get allot of attention on him as well. He is half white, half black. He wanted people to feel sorry for him obviously as well as play the RACIST card BS that he fully well knew for a long time already that this rope is just a pull down rope for the bay door as is all of the other 50 or so there. So did his crew !!!! So even if a story puts it on a crew member, they would absolutely know fully well what that rope is for !!!! That is even far more of worse excuse to try and get out of a total BS SCAM he played on the FANS and Americans ! NASCAR has made themselves pure garbage in such a rapid time as well. What a very incredibly stupid stunt to try and pull off on FANS and Americans !!!! A NASCAR SCAM to try to deflate their total removal of the Confederate battle flag and then play it the very next week with Wallace and his RACIST stunt as well. If you heard or read some things that Wallace has said before, you would know that he is a RACIST. NASCAR tried to help him with this SCAM ! Think about it, in a few minutes once NASCAR saw what Wallace was claiming was nothing more then a rope for the bay door, this never would of made any NEWS AT ALL !!! NASCAR let it fully take and get a load of news attention instead !!!! Just a walk over to their bay door would of so easily solved this by NASCAR !!! But they instead, let it fly with the news for two days until 15 ( for real?? ) FBI agents ( WAY OVER PLAYED AS WELL ) came there and saw it right away what this whole BS was about !!! No doubt giving NASCAR some load of words as well for such a stunt pulled on them as well.

  18. sharpton and hill can not be much more vapid in stringing to-Ooops… cobbling together a set on non-sense words to describe a non existent event. and, much to his discredit, wallace doesn’t seem to know his way around a garage, to be 5 years into driving nascar. people, get a grip.

  19. Jussie Smollett is at it again. If we get the right prosecuter the charges will be dropped and the revered Al Sharpton will make it his goal to prove more phoney racism. Games up y’all. God knows the truth.

  20. Al must have heard that Wallace has a net worth of something like 3.2 million . Figures he’ll get a nice donation for mouthing off and stirring the pot . Guess he wants a few more $1000. suits or something . What really surprises me is that someone hasn’t ripped Al’s head off and crapped down his neck . Oh well , the Phoney Rev. will one day have to atone to his maker for his actions . Maybe one day he will have to atone to his followers . He does them no service with his division and hate rhetoric .

  21. I’ve created many slip loops like that. Primarily to place on doors to pull them down and up. The loop is easy to make and easy to undo. The racist Sharpton is what he is an opportunist who agitates his fellow African Americans with half truths and lies to enhance his financial opportunities. Besides a hangs man loop requires 13 wrap arounds to qualify for an illegal noose. Hence its just a simple slip noose found on many garage doors. Wallace another racist opportunist used it to enhance his notoriety within NSASCAR being the only African American. This is clearly reverse racism designed to enflame an already contentious subject. Its like a angered ex-husband who calls Child Protection Agency in to report false information in order to harass and get back at the ex-wife. Wallace can be placed in the same status as Sharpton now a race baiter.

  22. Soon it will be Racist to wear shoes with laces because when you tie your shoe two loops are formed and they look just like a hangman’s noose. When you get a gift wrapped in pretty paper and ribbon, you must not have a bow placed on top as it too resembles a hangman’s noose. That means no more neckties in the presence of any Black person as the tie around your neck must assuredly look like a hangman’s noose. Women, no more little ribbons and bows in your hair as this may offend someone as it might remind them of a hangman’s noose. Have we reached absurdity yet or is there still room to fit in one or two more bits of stupidity? There was no threat, no profanity scrawled on the walls, no Racily suggestive words or drawings, nothing but a piece of rope that had been on the door since at least October of 2019. So some Racist back in 2019 knew that on this particular NASCAR race day a Black Guy would be assigned to that particular garage and so in anticipation of this random garage assignment fashioned a noose out of the rope used to raise and lower the garage door. This person or persons unknown was not only a Racist but a Psychic and was able to see into the future.

  23. More Trumpinazi lies… the NASCAR noose was not a hoax; it was an unfortunate mistake. But the ultra right wing likes to use dog whistles like “hoax” to inflame their hoard of neo-Nazis.

  24. I think Al should put the “noose” around his neck and jump from the highest rafter. If he dies within 1 minute or so then it’s a noose and was properly used to eliminate useless racist scumbags like him. Otherwise it a noose to pull down the garage door. If we want confirmation, then Jemele should try it after Al. Both racist baiters deserve to die. They have done nothing for the black people.

  25. BLM is a racist org. paid for by big business. Every time I hear of a business that supports them, I stop using them. Everyone should do this. Wal Mart is one of those contributors. So sad. Next time you go to Wal Mart, check out how many blacks are working there. Hardly any at mine. I am sick to death of all this pandering and ass kissing. I hope the good decent blacks turn their backs on the Dem, even though they are supposed to vote for them, and vote Trump. At least they will have a chance. Get over all this crap before they totally ruin the country. Makes me turn against them, not toward them. ALL LIVES MATTER you idiots.

  26. Sharpton is so totally irrelevant and such a nasty race baiter. The blacks have got to wake up and see this before it’s too late for them. That “noose” was a crock, and the fact that that driver is still trying to make it real makes me sick. He’s pushing rioters. I will not watch Nas Car any more and it was one of my favorites. When they got rid of the confederate flag, part of our history, I was done with them. Then this. Unreal.

  27. Al Sharpton would eat the flesh of ever hard working African American in the U.S. yes men women and children if it were financially profitable for him.Sharpton is the lowest form of creature that belley crawls on our earth.he is a manipulator a user and worst of all Sharpton could careless about other african Americans or anybody else for that matter of fact.he cares only for Al Sharpton and Al’s pocket book.someone needs to pour a box of salt on Al the leach Sharpton. JGB

  28. These two filthy racists could make a hate crime out of a baby’s bottle. They are so filled with anger and jealousy and stupidity it is pitiful. And they claim they are leaders of their people. No wonder the black community is such bad shape.

  29. Former Congressman JC WattS (R-OK) had the best description for this crowd: ‘Race hustling, poverty pimps”.

  30. The real problem here is the media.
    There are so many investigative “journalist” opportunities here but no, they focus on their handlers’ anti-American agenda and most of The Patriots see right through this BS.
    The Dem Dingdongs can see the gallows so they have no choice but to flail away.
    Black America must be disgusted as the left simply panders to them.
    Hey Black Americans, you want justice?
    Vote Red and see what real jobs and little government will do for ya…It’s in your hands.👍🇺🇸

  31. Why isn’t the IRS on Sharpton, for not paying taxes. Why is it that he gets away without paying taxes, and the rest of the working public pays consistently?

  32. So Sharpton and Hill deny the truth, as does the whole dem party. They do not want any part of the truth. They are fools who follow satan and his hate and lies

  33. al sharpton lives in beverly hills california next door to his buddy jesse jackson in the richest neighborhood in america. yet he makes the black community believe he lives full time in harlem,new york the poorest neighborhood in america. i got to admire the man he knows how to fleece the blacks and take their money while pretending to help them,the only one he helps is himself.

  34. After all the fake stories that Al Sharpton has perpetrated in the past, why any one would believe anything coming out of his mouth now is beyond me. This pencil neck moron is only out for one thing. That is to see how much money he can get from the other morons in this country. Al Sharpton doe not have the guts to stick around and see what his hate mongering starts up. He will go into a city and stir up so much hate and destruction (as with the Michael Brown fiasco) , then tucks his tail between his legs and runs like a coward before the s**t hits the fan. That way he is assured of not being caught in the middle of the anarchy.

  35. Don’t know when I have seen so many ignorant racist comments. Most sound sincere, so I guess most of you are not intentionally racist, just can’t realize it. I’ve seen many “pulldown” ropes in my life, but none of them looked like the nooses at NASCAR.

  36. Big Al has done it again. This time his advanced senile dementia has gotten the best of him. Isn’t time for him to retire and tried for treason? He was taught well by Obumer how to wreck white and black relationships. They are champions at it.

  37. Al Sharpton and Jemele Hill are a pair of rotten racial extortionists. They increase racial tension, from which they benefit, and damage the majority of their Black brothers and sisters.

  38. They are both idiots. They are trying to stir up more violence by
    those morons running around the street trying to appear to be
    actual humans not mere animals. Sharpton should have been
    run out of the country a long time ago. He only knows how to
    cause trouble. Can think of anything he has ever done that was
    good. As for Jemele Hill, as far as I can tell he is a nobody who
    wants to be somebody and the only way he can get in the limelight
    is by causing dissension and chaos. These two men( I use the term
    loosely)are complete losers.

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