Al Gore’s worst fears just came true with news about this All-American muscle car


First, Nanny State environmental socialists devised the “manmade global warming” con as an excuse to ram through every big government regulation they could dream up.

Then, every major Democrat running in 2020 endorsed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s so-called “Green New Deal.”

But now, Al Gore is realizing his worst nightmare is coming true with news of this all-American muscle car.

While General Motors recently announced plans to kill the Camaro to satisfy radical environmentalists, the upcoming 2020 Ford Mustang GT500 promises to be everything the “Green New Deal” environmental socialists despise.

Yes, the muscle car will have a big, powerful, supercharged V8 that is the bane of their existence.

But in addition to that, it’s also the new kid on the block that muscle car enthusiasts have been waiting for, amid the General Motors push for “greener” autos.

Granola-chomping environmentalists are seething mad because this muscle car is the middle finger to their regulations and socialist “utopia” of regulatory overreach.

At $70k, the car isn’t cheap, but compared to the European exotics that environmentalists like to drive, it’s a steal.

And nothing makes snobby environmental activists madder than somebody who’s not as rich as them leaving them in the dust.

Motor1 reports:

The 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 will start at $70,300, but a $1,095 destination fee and $2,600 gas guzzler tax will put the actual base price at $73,995. The Mustang6G forum first leaked this info from a Ford dealer pricing sheet, and spokesperson Jiyan Cadiz confirmed the figures to
. . .
The GT500 packs a 5.2-liter supercharged V8 making 760 horsepower (567 kilowatts) and 625 pound-feet (847 Newton-meters) of torque. Power reaches the rear wheels through a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The Blue Oval claims the muscle car can cover the quarter mile in a sub-11-second time, and the top speed is a factory-limited 180 miles per hour (289.6 kilometers per hour).

The GT500 goes on sale later this year.

Ford is making a statement that a muscle car shouldn’t be about making apologies to satisfy tree huggers in San Francisco.

And muscle car enthusiasts are cheering them on.

This has environmental Chicken Littles and big government socialists red in the face with anger.

In their fantasy land, muscle cars like the 2020 GT500 and Dodge’s 797 horsepower Hellcat Redeye would cease to exist.

Chevrolet was the first to bend the knee with their promise of “zero emission” cars.

But Ford and Mopar are standing strong, and Americans are taking notice.

Do you think a muscle car should be a “green” science experiment?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


  1. I love it! Eat dirt and bark at the moon you tree hugging, hypocritical so called green environmentalists!

      • Well you know, Al Gore can’t even spell potato, and he claims that he is the one that invented the internet too. If he can’t spell potato, then how in the world could he invent the internet? LOL But I agree with President Trump: There’s no such thing as global warming. What did they call the triple digit heat back in the 1930s and all?

  2. These are the last Generations of the very powerful Internal Combustion Engines . The All Battery powered cars are going to be as powerful and guilt free with Zero Emissions . So while there are still Gas powered cars still being produced , The writing is on the wall for them . I guess I can say enjoy the Gas powered car while you still can because like the Dodo Bird they will all gone and will be replaced with very powerful Battery powered cars .

    • Battery cars will never be practical. Toys for well to do environmentalist.
      A car that needs a recharge every 60 miles? A lithium battery that gets
      so hot it needs a water jacket to keep its surrounding from igniting. And
      in a collision if the water jacket breaks the battery explodes. Yes these
      are marvelous car for the environment. Maybe in 50 years but that’s a
      big maybe.

    • Zero emissions as long as no one includes the generators needed to recharge the batteries, or the equipment needed to mine the internal parts of said batteries.

      • Don’t you understand that the energy that it takes to charge the battery is on gas and oil? When you plug in the car, where does the electricity come from.?? It amazes me that no one questions, how we make electricity??? Worse, the batteries are the worst nightmare for landfills once they die…. The pollution that destroys the oceans and landfills is much worse that the climate control narration. CO2 emissions have been cyclical since the beginning of the earth and the highest was 10,000s of years ago before fossil fuel… Focus on cleaning up the oceans and landfills, stop making plastics that give off carbon and chemical emissions that pale cars that run on oil. These are the things we can actually control right now. Look around your house, your kitchen, your laundry room, and realize the real damage is the wastefulness of creating new plastics.

          • The Hell with it! Go back to the Horse & Buggy days. There wasn’t no ” big, dark “Mush Room Cloud” in those days! PROGRESS you say?… look where the hell it got us so far. A man on the moon? Hell sakes, once that gets colonized, the same old human problems will follow. (Wonder if we’ll say….MOON BEAMS are racists)

  3. Yeah Ford!!! Don’t bend a knee like Nike. America is muscle car-land. Although I am a Mopar enthusiast, I won’t mind seeing the new Mustang in my mirror… Remember, objects in mirror appear closer than they are.

    • I totally agree and I can’t wait until my husband and I finally get the money up to fix up his 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner with a 383 high performance engine and a 4 barrel Holley carburetor sitting up on it. Miss riding in that baby.

  4. Raise the flag for Ford, the greener’s can buy the car they want, but so can we. Funny how it’s their right to force you to buy the car they approve of, but not the car you want, only they count, not you. Go Ford, thank you for being true to your people.

  5. a little note to the idiot screamers,,the major safety innovations done in the transportation industry were done by the crazy hotroders..

  6. I have always been a GM fan because my father worked for GM for over 25 years but I am very disappointed in GM and may soon become a Ford fan. I am for anybody that will defy Washington DC liberals.

  7. I’m almost 71 years old. I’ve been Chevrolet and GMC since I was 14. After what I have learned today it will be Ford or Dodge.

  8. Climate change, global warming, etc. etc. are simply the globalist and the party of death and the alphabet people trying to explain something Biblical. Since they can or won’t acknowledge God they have to come up with some kind of explanation. Is our climate changing, bigger longer storms, volcanoes, warmer temperatures, earthquakes, flood, yes! It will only get worse. However, for those who know The Truth, these are a sign of the times and called “birth pains”. Muscle cars and hairspray have absolutely nothing to do with it!!

  9. With as many cars as there are in the world now, if everyone were to drive gas-guzzling cars like this, it would be a major problem. But, since it is a small number of people who will have these cars, especially at over $70,000, this is a very small niche, and is not going to hurt anything. Many people don’t plan their errands very well to make the best use of gas, and will drive to places, often times for fun, myself included. Also, many people will drive full speed toward a red light, only to have to apply the brakes more than they would need to, if they would decelerate more by letting off the gas. If more people would be wiser in their driving, this would go farther to reduce pollution, and save gas, than the negative impact caused by these Mustangs.

  10. Isn’t Al Gore the same fu*ker who told us the “ice caps would melt by 2008”?…NASA says they are expanding.
    Isn’t Al Gore the same corrupt man who has earned $68 million on his fake climate change road show?
    Isn’t Al Gore the same idiot that preaches “Global Warming” and flies his private jet every where he goes?
    Isn’t Al Got the same moron whose home uses 30 times the energy of the average household?
    Isn’t Al Gore the same asshole who said he invented the Internet?
    Isn’t Al Gore the same liar that claimed he wrote the book, Love Story?

    • Uncle Al said NY would be underwater by 2015 and look how that turned out……

      People don’t understand that the energy that it takes to charge the battery is on gas and oil? When you plug in the car, where does the electricity come from.?? It amazes me that no one questions, how we make electricity??? Worse, the batteries are the worst nightmare for landfills once they die…. The pollution that destroys the oceans and landfills is much worse that the climate control narration. CO2 emissions have been cyclical since the beginning of the earth and the highest was 10,000s of years ago before fossil fuel… we need to focus on cleaning up the oceans and landfills, stop making plastics that give off carbon and chemical emissions that pale cars that run on oil. These are the things we can actually control right now. Look around your house, your kitchen, your laundry room, and realize the real damage is the wastefulness of creating new plastics.

  11. I have always loved the Mustang. It is sleek, handles well, and fast. It is a super road car. I regretted having to sell my old Mach 1 ages ago. The Environuts are blowing smoke again. They can have their carriages; leave real drivers alone.

  12. Even though I’m a Chevy guy I love it because of the enviroloonies Don’t get too close to the exhausts because your hair will catch on fire.🧯

  13. Some may say that my 2011 5.0 GT Mustang is chicken feed but I love my STANG ! More power to Ford … hope they just keep making Stangs for EVER !

  14. I admire Al Gore, but he does not speak for all vegans! You’d think the unborn-right-to-lifers would immediately understand the animal-right-to-lifers! The case for animal rights should be readily understandable to the millions of Americans opposed to abortion on demand.

    “Although I may disagree with some of its underlying principles,” writes pro-life Democrat Karen Swallow Prior, “there is much for me, an anti-abortion activist, to respect in the animal rights movement. Animal rights activists, like me, have risked personal safety and reputation for the sake of other living beings. Animal rights activists, like me, are viewed by many in the mainstream as fanatical wackos, ironically exhorted by irritated passerby to ‘Get a Life!’ Animal rights activists, like me, place a higher value on life than on personal comfort and convenience, and in balancing the sometimes competing interests of rights and responsibilities, choose to err on the side of compassion and nonviolence.”

    Although dominated by secular progressives valuing personal autonomy, privacy and civil liberties, the animal rights movement, representing a cross-section of mainstream secular American society, is NOT “officially pro-choice,” but IS divided on abortion. In a 1992 interview on Dennis Prager’s conservative talk show, when specifically asked about the animal rights position on abortion, Ingrid Newkirk, co-founder of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), admitted, “We’re divided.”

    Former television game show host Bob Barker is a conservative Republican and an animal activist. Tony LaRussa of the Animal Rescue Foundation is a political conservative. Vegan labor leader Cesar Chavez was pro-life. Vegan civil rights leader Dick Gregory was pro-life. Former Washington Post columnist Colman McCarthy, a devout pacifist, has expressed opposition to abortion, and in the 1980s was critical of Reverend Jesse Jackson for having changed sides on the issue.

    Dixie Mahy, past president of the San Francisco Vegetarian Society, has been vegetarian for sixty years, vegan for forty of those sixty years, and identifies herself as pro-life-and-pro-animal Matthew Scully, a conservative Catholic and former speechwriter for George W. Bush identifies himself as “Pro-Animal, Pro-Life.” Catholic Concern for Animals is pro-life-and-pro-animal. Reverend Frank & Mary Hoffman’s Christian vegan website is pro-life-and-pro-animal Compassion for animals is a fundamental tenet of the Baha’i faith, which endorses vegetarianism, says abortion is more a matter of individual conscience, but concludes, without taking a position on abortion, life should not be destroyed.

    John Stuart Mill wrote: “The reasons for legal intervention in favor of children apply not less strongly to the case of those unfortunate slaves — the animals.”

    Animals are like children. Henry Bergh, founder of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), successfully prosecuted a woman for child abuse in 1873, at a time when children had no legal protection, under the then currently existing animal protection statutes. This case started the child-saving crusade around the world.

    In Christianity and the Rights of Animals, the Reverend Dr. Andrew Linzey writes: “In some ways, Christian thinking is already oriented in this direction. What is it that so appalls us about cruelty to children or oppression of the vulnerable, but that these things are betrayals of relationships of special care and special trust? Likewise, and even more so, in the case of animals who are mostly defenseless before us.”

    When told the animal rights movement is divided on abortion, Serrin Foster, Executive Director of Feminists For Life, said understandingly, “The Children’s Defense Fund is also divided on abortion.” Feminists For Life has many vegetarians and vegans. Serrin identifies herself as a vegetarian.

    From 1992 through 2003, James Dawson, raised Catholic and now a Buddhist, published Live and Let Live, a pro-life / animal rights / libertarian ‘zine. The ancient eastern reincarnationist religions Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism all predate Christianity, all oppose abortion, all teach ahimsa, or nonviolence towards humans and animals alike to the point of vegetarianism, all are vegan-friendly, and all teach that abortion and war are the karma for killing animals, and that therefore, we cannot end abortion nor bring about world peace until first we abolish the killing of animals.

    This knowledge, however, does not rest with everyone. Not all pro-life-and-pro-animal people advocate the reincarnationist strategy for ending abortion and bringing about world peace. Shay Van Vlieman, founder of Vegans For Life in the late ’90s, said she doesn’t expect to see a vegan president in her lifetime: she would just be glad to elect a president who will work to overturn Roe v. Wade. And she insists she is not a Republican, but a libertarian!

    During the late 1990s, Rachel MacNair, a Quaker pacifist, feminist, vegan, past president of Feminists For Life, moderated an email list for pro-life vegetarians and pro-life vegans. Rachel is now a psychology professor, and has written several books on nonviolence. In 1998, the Animals Agenda ran a cover story on the debate within the animal rights movement over abortion. Vegan congressman Dennis Kucinich (D – Ohio), one of the most liberal members of Congress, was pro-life throughout most of his political career.

    Pro-life vegetarians and pro-life vegans are found within the “consistent-ethic” movement: pro-lifers opposed to capital punishment. A significant number of “consistent-ethic” Christians are / were vegetarian or vegan: Rose Evans, Ruth Enero, Rachel MacNair, Albert Fecko, Carol Crossed, Bill Samuel, Mary Krane Derr, Mary Rider, Father John Dear, etc.

    Mary Rider, a practicing Catholic, wrote in Harmony: Voices for a Just Future, a “consistent-ethic” periodical in 2002:

    “So we teach our children to walk softly on the earth and to embrace nonviolence as the only legitimate means of conflict resolution, on both a personal and a global level. We are aware of the excessive, privileged life we lead as educated, first world U.S. citizens and of the responsibilities to which our privilege calls us. We try to live simply. We eat low on the food chain. We try to buy nothing new… We try to respect all life and carry that message forward in all we do… Because we value people and relationships over things… First world consumption kills people around the world… Pollution, environmental devastation, corrupt governments, war, sweatshops… all are a are a result of our desire to buy more at a lower price… We believe each person has a right to live a valued and respected life free from hunger and discrimination…”

    The threat of overpopulation is frequently used to justify abortion as birth control. On a vegan diet, however, the world could easily support a human population several times its present size. The world’s cattle alone consume enough to feed over 8.7 billion humans. Even if abortion advocates argue shifting to a plant-based diet, a vegan diet, isn’t enough to stave off overpopulation, in light of the data showing the depletion of energy, food, fresh water, land space, raw materials and resources as well as the heavy contribution to air and water pollution, deforestization, and global warming caused by a meat-centered diet, how do abortion advocates — warning about overpopulation consuming the world’s resources — justify consuming meat?

    If vegetarianism were merely about “fit” or following a peculiar set of “dietary laws” why are pro-lifers offended by pro-choice vegetarians and pro-choice vegans? Clearly, they’re offended because they know vegetarianism involves the animals’ right to life, and thus these pro-choicers appear to value animal life over human life under some circumstances. And issues like animal experimentation, circuses, and fur have nothing to do with diet, eating, nor food, but do involve the animals’ right to life. Leonardo Da Vinci, Count Leo Tolstoy, Mohandas Gandhi, George Bernard Shaw, Susan B. Anthony, Percy Shelley, Rosa Parks, etc. were all vegetarian, and none of them were Jewish nor Muslim.

    For Love of Animals: Christian Ethics, Consistent Action offers an introduction to animal rights ethics within Christianity alongside directly related sanctity-of-life issues, like the possible rights of unborn children. The book’s foreword is written by Mary Eberstadt, senior fellow with the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, DC, a Catholic who identifies herself as “Pro-Animal, Pro-Life.”

    Author Charles Camosy responds to criticisms from academicians Peter Singer and Lynn White, Jr., that the misinterpretation of “human dominion” (versus compassionate stewardship) is responsible for the current ecological crisis. Camosy indicates that Christianity cannot be blamed if humans with their imperfections distort their own religious teachings, that Christianity did not give rise to the industrial revolution, and that real Christianity — as it was meant to be practiced — is at odds with market-driven ethics and mass consumerism (a point made decades ago by liberal Protestant theologian Dr. Harvey Cox). Camosy concludes: “I became convinced that, if I wanted to be authentically and consistently pro-life, I should give up eating meat.” Dozens of books have been written on Christianity and animal rights. Camosy merely provides an overview of animal ethics within Christianity.

    Steve Kaufman, head of the Christian Vegetarian Association, was raised Jewish, and is now serving in the United Church of Christ, America’s largest pro-choice Protestant denomination. Steve expressed interest in Democrats For Life, his only reservation was whether Democrats For Life favors criminalizing abortion. Some animal advocates and activists (like Catholic vegan columnist Colman McCarthy) oppose abortion, but don’t think criminalization is the answer.

  15. The self-righteous smugness of folks bragging about their coal-powered electrics makes me laugh.
    Take away the subsidies and the fossil-fueled generation plants, and ***poof*** it’s back to the golf course cart paths ! 😂

  16. The electric car will one day prove to be one of the biggest automotive RIP offs of all times. Illinois is looking at hiking their registration fee for all electric vehicles to 1000.00 per year, slightly up from the current fee of 17.50. Have to keep those roads in shape somehow. I am also reasonably sure if they get away with it the fees for other vehicles will rise as well.

  17. I have always driven Fords. Now with GM bowing down to the Liberals and the fact that Ford was the only one of the big three autos that didn’t take one red cent of bailout money. This just proves that if you make a great product you don’t need government handouts. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK FORD!!!

  18. What good old Al driving today? It ain;t a Prius. When these A-Hokes shut off their phones computers pull the circuit brakers park their cars even electric cars (Fossil Fuel makes their Electricity the charge them with). Their such Hippocrates.

  19. Uhh the tree huggers better look at the upscale Teslas rode in one recently it will give the Mustang a run for its money. Best of all its as green as the leftys demand. I will keep driving my Crown Victoria that gets 22 mpg and is paid for. I too would love to know what Al drives.

  20. Anyone driving a Chevy, a Dodge or anything else will soon learn an “Inconvenient Truth” when one of these bad boys pulls up to the line.

  21. Global warming doesn’t exist!
    the earth cools down, and it warms up. It’s a natural pattern that’s been around for millions of years.
    Humans have no effect on this.
    Well, there is one thing humans
    Have contributed to global warming,
    and it’s all verbal arguments, with no scientific evidence to back claims.
    Except uneducated liberals that don’t
    RESEARCH, and don’t listen to anyone else except another lame brainless liberal.

    • You are right. But I have seen climate change. I’ve seen it change from Winter to Spring to Summer to Fall. LOL Just a little something to brighten your day. Have a great one!

  22. Make both muscle cars and electric cars and let the buyers decide what they want to drive!
    We have the Right to Pursue Happiness, not the Guarantee of Happiness.
    The Ice Age and the Global Warming that allowed humans to come out of the caves were caused by Sun spots, Earth’s orbit, and volcanic activity. As long as we don’t poison the water we need to drink, we have done our part.
    Modern technology has allowed us to clean up our rivers and beaches. We should recycle because wasting resources is not logical.
    China and the Third World pollute more than the USA does.

  23. Kissing butt to the tree huggers is what made GM build ugly, no performance, one size fits all vehicles that DID NOT SELL and that’s why they almost went under. I have always been a MOPAR fan, then Ford. I have gotten talked into a couple GM trucks and I have had more hell with them than any of my fords or Dodges or Internationals. They are cheaper built and always have some kind of problem. I bought a NEW 1985 GMC 7000, 366 engine, now has 24,000 miles because it floods easy and a bitch to start. Oil pump fell off block at 2,000 miles and never ran right since. Have a used 1975 FORD F-600 4×4 330XD engine with knuckle crane. No matter how cold, it starts every time, no problems. Have a 2000 Chevy 3500 crew cab 454 and it got an internal fuel leak and been into several times and gets 10 MPG. I wish Dodge and International kept making the medium trucks. They were plain Jane , but functional I was told by an international parts man that IH didn’t want to meet the newer safety standards and buyers were going for fancier other brands. I had several and never had any problems. When I saw the new Camaro and corvettes I though great GM is getting out of the turd box cars and back into performance machines. Sadly it looks like it’s down hill again.
    I would build what sells and tell the tree huggers to kiss off or they can buy them. If I’m going to spend $100,000 on anything it better look GOOD to me and preform to my expectations. I tell people “As long as your writing the checks, you can have anything you want. But do not tell me how to spend mine.” also people knock my projects because they think I should do something different.” Until you make a donation to the project you don’t have a say in how to do it”
    I have bought only ONE NEW truck (1985 GMC) in my life and have had more trouble with it than any used one. I’m now building myself a StreetRods so I have what I want.
    Sick of being dictated to by limp wrist snow flakes that can’t get out of mommies basement, but expect to run my life. Besides they don’t buy cars anyway because they can’t afford them and get Ubber. Not going to Happen,


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