Al Gore said one thing about Greta Thunberg that proves how pathetic his life is


Al Gore may be the biggest loser in the history of politics.

He has failed more times than perhaps any other major political figure.

And one thing he said about Greta Thunberg proves just how pathetic his life is.

Al Gore made his big break and moved beyond being a forgettable Vice President when he released his movie An Inconvenient Truth.

In it, he makes wild claims about how “global warming” will bring an end to the world as we know it, along with direct predictions.

Following the release of the movie, the world went into a frenzy demanding action to stop global warming.

But now, nearly 15 years after the release of his movie, many of his predictions have been proven false.

And when he released his follow-up movie, An Inconvenient Truth Two, he was laughed at by virtually everyone.

So now he has little going on, but he found time to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

And while there, he praised Thunberg, claiming that “nobody speaks truth to power as she does.”

“Great to see Greta Thunberg at #WEF20 today. Once again, I was struck by her potent and sobering call to action. Nobody speaks truth to power as she does,” Gore, a climate activist himself, wrote on Twitter, sharing a photo of him and Thunberg.

He has been pushing this issue for decades, and now he is admitting that a disturbed 17-year-old girl has done a better job than him.

At the conference, Thunberg attacked everyone in the office, seemingly including Gore, for not doing enough to push her radical environmental agenda, saying:

“Unlike you, my generation will not give up without a fight. The facts are clear, but they are still too uncomfortable for you to address. You just leave it because you think it’s too depressing and people will give up. But people will not give up. You’re the ones who are giving up.

“I wonder what will you tell your children was the reason to fail and leave them facing a climate chaos that you knowingly brought upon them. That it seemed so bad for the economy that we decided to resign the idea of securing future living conditions without even trying? Our house is still on fire.”

So Thunberg got on stage, attacked Gore and all the other adults in the audience, and in response he praised her.

Do you think that Al Gore is an utter failure?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. This young girl has been brainwashed as a child. Now she is a pawn used by the left. Gore the pathetic human being that he is, is exploiting her to push his agenda. I feel sorry for Greta she is afraid because the people around her are using her. I pray for Greta. I have nothing but disdain for the people teaching this propaganda and scaring her.

  3. And how much energy is Gore using at his home compared to the amount of energy the average homeowner uses?
    Practice what you preach? Don’t think so.

  4. She needs to study history and learn about the Ice age and how the earth also got so hot it killed many reptiles I do not think there were people creating global warming back then.

  5. Greta and Gore, both right in principal; but have NO idea how to handle the problem and those with the education and ability to make a difference remain silent

  6. Man made Global warming is a hoax! Design to enslave you! Wake up before it’s too late! The NAZI Commie Demoncrat Globalist get richer and we get poorer! In the meantime these hypocrites burn fuel on their private jets and the like with no consequences!

  7. The world has changed shape many times in the past. We have read of the different ages through our lives. Iron age and so on. There is no one on earth that can say what it will come to. As for us I know that we have done things that can and have make changes but I do not blame what we have done to cause it all. Ice age one of the ages caused many changes to the face of earth. I can not tell you what needs to be done.Were in some kind of change and only can go with it. I can o9nly wish and hope plus pray that it does not harm us all.

  8. Greta Thunberg is a troubled teenager that is unwittingly being used as a pawn by others with their own agenda(s). I pity her because one day she will come to realize how she was played and used by people she trusted, even her own father.
    Al Gore, on the other hand, is nothing but a hypocritical, has-been parasite who has never achieved any real success totally on his own. And so he continues to monetize himself by attaching himself to anyone and anything that he can. As the old adage goes, “A fool and his money are soon parted”. And Al Gore is right there to encourage the fools as he profits off of them.

  9. Gore and Greta are one of the same kind.
    BOTH are STUPID and think they are all that. IGNORE them and JUST MAYBE they will go away.

  10. Gore goes beyond pathetic into realms unexplored with this. Of course, he’s been there for quite a while now.

    As for Greta, I’m surprised her trainers didn’t have her barking like a seal at Prince Charles after he toured thousands of miles in a private jet before going for his photo op with her.

  11. Al Gore , proof that education in the wrong hands or used improperly can be terrible thing . Greta Thunherg were she an American child would be placed in the care of DYFUS and her parents charged with child endangerment for what they are doing with this child or are allowing hard to do .

  12. Does anyone else find it at least a little creepy that so many grown men are fawning over an underage girl, especially the ones fighting to keep the border open for trafficking?

  13. Al Gore is the biggest farce ever played on the Americans! Global warming ala climate change is and was a hoax. It is intended to defraud Americans out of great amounts of money to stuff in liberals pockets and further NWO!

  14. To John J and anyone else who thinks they are right in principal: you are mistaken! Study the facts! We are currently in an interglacial called the “Modern Warm Period.” It was preceded by the Medieval Warm Period, the Roman Warm Period and the Minoan Warm Period. Carbon dioxide levels have little impact on global temperature and actually rise and fall as a result of prior temperature changes – not the other way around! Wind patterns are generally more responsible for the level of polar ice receding (which happens at the North Pole, while it accumulates at the South Pole). The levels of carbon dioxide fell to dangerous historic lows. There’s a sound argument that our carbon footprint saved the earth. But, truthfully, we don’t have that much impact. Solar activity is more influential than human activity. And EVERY climate model failed. They have proven themselves wrong. Why does anyone still believe the hype?

  15. Al, you are saying that Greta speaks “truth to power”?!? Man you ARE pathetic! You BOTH are CLUELESS TWITS believing in that JUNK SCIENCE “climate change” (or WHATEVER you climate twits call it now . . . ). You make all of your PREDICTIONS and – crickets (the QUIET ones). Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  16. Its easy to be a critic not so easy to lead the way. Don’t look to Al though he’s failed at both.

  17. Greta’s father is the one who should be taken behind the wood shed. What father who loves his child would indoctrinate her and then stick a microphone in her face and let her take the impact of the facts that those in the know continue to use to show the world’s people the true reason for climate change. Greta needs help, her father needs his ass kicked for what he is doing to that little girl.

  18. Gore and Thunberg has one thing in common, they are both brainless idiots, only GOD knows when life on this planet will come to an end and neither gore or Thunberg will have any say for sure when that will happen so sit back brainless go along for the ride the end will come as GOD dictates and if you don’t believe then you need to get right with him and start believing

  19. Greta isn’t really a friend of the left, IMO, because she is too ideological and honest.
    Greta isn’t a hypocrite and a lair like people on the left from what I’ve seen.
    She truly believes what she says – unlike nearly all democrats and people on the left that use climate change for their own personal enrichment.

  20. We should make the homeless clean up their messes.
    Every where they turn up filth and trash follow.
    That would help the environment a little!

  21. I believe that, if Great were old enough, and met the qualifications, that she would make a GREAT Vice President. Add her to the Biden ticket, and watch the “sparks fly”, as the two would take on the HARD issues.

    There is nothing “wrong”, with Greta, that a few billion dollars, in fines, to the largest polluters, would not solve.

    Greta just has the COURAGE to talk about what others “just want to pass on, to the next group”.

    It is just too bad that Greta is too young to run for office. She would “mop the floor” with Donald.


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