Actress Jamie Lee Curtis bashed Trump for this absurd reason


When Donald Trump announced the death of ISIS’s #1 terrorist leader, you would assume that all Americans would jump to celebrate.

But not Left-wing radicals in Hollywood.

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis attacked Trump for killing the terrorist and what she said will leave you in total shock.

Hollywood Leftists are suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Even when the President does something anyone on the Left could agree with, such as killing a known terrorist leader, liberals throw up their arms and begin to scream.

But Jamie Lee Curtis took it one step further.

After Trump announced the terrorist’s death, Curtis tweeted about how the terrorist suffered and how cruel it was.

She literally took pity on a known murderer, rapist, and direct enemy of the United States, just so she could attack Donald Trump.

Breitbart reports:

Actress and left-wing activist Jamie Lee Curtis unloaded on President Donald Trump following the death of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, ripping him for his lack of military service while seemingly showing pity for the suffering that al-Baghdadi reportedly went through…

“Last night, the United States brought the world’s number one terrorist leader to justice,” Trump said. “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead. He was the founder and leader of ISIS, the most ruthless and violent terror organization anywhere in the world.”

While most of the nation was celebrating, Lee-Curtis appeared less than impressed, pointing out the suffering endured by those in warfare that Trump has never experienced.

“He may have died a coward @realDonaldTrump but ALL living things suffer when they are blown up. Anyone who has experienced warfare, unlike yourself, would know that,” she wrote on Twitter. “War is brutal. Dogs are brave, bold, loyal, loving and healing.”

This is how desperate and sad liberals have become.

They can’t cheer and celebrate with the country when a known terrorist, a true monster, is killed at the hands of brave U.S. military members.

This is a victory for all Americans.

But Jamie Lee Curtis would rather take pity on a terrorist instead.

Leftists like Curtis have sunk to a new low.

They can’t admit that Donald Trump did something great for our country.

What do you think?

Have Hollywood Leftists completely lost their minds?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  2. No one in Hollywood has a brain. If she had one she would know that Pres. Trump did not kill the terrorist. He killed himself like the coward that he was. And he killed three children. I suppose Curtis blames Trump for that, too. She is an idiot

  3. Jamie Lee Curtis is a dummy, typical Hollywood celebrity. Sad that we “worship” these creeps…they deserve to actually have to get a job and work for a living.

  4. She needs to have a chat with the parents who lost their children to this mass murderer. If you see your son being burned alive maybe you would change your tune.

  5. Jamie Lee,

    I’ve always liked you until now.
    Don’t you realize that this Terrorist blew himself up with 3 of his children?
    You’re one Huge Mental case
    I’m sorry that Senility has set into your brain.
    Too many Halloween movies and wanna be comedies.

    When you die, I won’t she’s a year.

  6. “Anyone who has experienced war”…Has Curtis? If not, as a Marine ‘Nam vet (68-69) I’d suggest that she should shut her pie hole. I’d also suggest that most who have either celebrate or are at least relieved by the death of an enemy.

  7. Democrats / progressives / leftists HATE Christians, HATE conservatives, HATE the constitution, and deride capitalism but have sympathy for muslim terrorists.
    Never mind muslims murder Christians, throw gays off buildings, stone women to death, and mutilate little girl’s genitalia.
    There is only one explanation for the thought process of progressives. Mental disorder.

  8. This is even more proof that Democrats deserve the name Dhimmicrats instead. Pity the poor monster who led a global killing spree. Yup, all Dhimmis must come to the defense of Islam – or else! Pathetic fools that they are.

    By the way, did ANY of these Hollywood Liberals say a single negative thing when their Muslim hero Barack Obama was flinging missiles and bombs all over the planet killing God knows how many people? Utter a sympathetic phrase when Bin Laden was killed? I didn’t think so! Pathetic HYPOCRITICAL fools that they are!

  9. typical Hollywood idiot. She should shut her mouth and read all the facts before blabbering her opinion. This terrorist blew himself and three kids up. she is lying about Trump killing this POS, he did it to himself.MAGA.

  10. Always thought she looked like a MAN!!! Nobody cares what these MORONS think. Our lives do not revolve around them. When was she in military. Don’t remember her making any comments about bin laden. When odumbo was photo shopped into war room picture. His boy toy Reggie said he wasn’t in the room.

  11. Curtis speaks as though she knows combat and the suffering of deaths that happen in warfare. I would guess that she knows neither. She represents the worst of Hollywood. Maybe she should do a face-plant in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I wonder if she is brave enough to join some of those ISIS fighters in Syria for some eye-opening and fruitful discussions on terrorism??

  12. What can U expect from someone who couldn’t make anything of herself without riding on her father’s fame?? Like most actors/actresses, they made it either on the casting couch or had a famous parent. THAT CERTAINLY TAKES ALOT OF BRAINS!!

  13. Pretty sad that Hollywood is totally gone.
    The generation before them were really there to produce great film’s that we all knew
    and loved.
    However at present we now are watching the real fall of Hollywood and their buddies with their
    head up their ass (DEMS).
    Jane Fonda said it best let’s go sit on a Tank in Vietnam.
    You can see how plugged in Hollywood is look at the street’s of L.A.

  14. Most actors and actresses live in a fantasy world that’s why they spend their lives pretending to be sombody else.

  15. Did Creature Lee Curtis say this when Hillary and Obozo abandoned our own during Benghazi? Did Curtis say this when Hillbag announced “we came, we saw, he died” ? Or is it ok for the witch of the Arab Spring to say and do these things? I’ve been boycotting Hollywood for years, I don’t know why Americans continue to give these idiot actors their money. Are you all sick of it now? Sick enough to boycott for real this time?

  16. These Hollywood idiots are disgraceful! We must stop giving them press coverage! They are as bad as the communists that filled Hollywood before WWII. If they had brains, they might be embarrassed by their utter total stupidity! If they have such disdain for America, feel free to leave!
    God bless America????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Trump,2020. Our only hope for America to survive!

  17. JL Curtis came after our 2A rights just before her last crappy Halloween movie came out a few years back. I’m sure she wielded a gun to go after Michael Meyers at some point in the film too. Anyway, ever since that incident, I knew this thing couldn’t be trusted. I’d call her a woman if it was confirmed she had lady parts….still not confirmed. Lol I say as Americans we better watch out who we support (directly or indirectly) with our votes and our money. Research every single candidate before voting for them. Stop giving Communist Hollywood your money. Always remember the Red China take over of OUR film industry has been complete. Think about that.

  18. Nothing Hollywood says or does would shock me anymore. They are nothing but a bunch of misfits with no brains, and even less common sense.

  19. Jamie this was just like you killing Michael Myers in your movies but this was a real monster not fake stupid leftist

  20. I think all these leftists Hollywood has beens, worshiped at the feet of Jane Fonda, who sold out our brave POW’s to the Viet Cong. Since then they have gone further and further left. Someday son they are going to have to answer for all their hatred of us deplorables who have faith in God, Country and out great President

  21. Has been actors need to keep alive over social media. The more outrageous a comment the more “shares” they get. She did look good in true lies though …

  22. I would like her to spout this crap in front of the parents from Prescott, Az.whose daughter endured horrible atrocities at the hands of this terrorist. She is a vacant, uninformed lib idiot who is filled with Trump hatred. Their daughter’s remains are still not back with her grieving family. Now suck on that you foolish lib idiot! Your opinion is irrelevant. You don’t have a clue what this man did. The horrible, barbaric and evil things he did should haunt your dreams for backing him!!!!!

  23. Dump the pile of Trump!
    I had bone spurs. I went to Viet Nam. I pay taxes and they should not go in Trump’s pocket.
    Trump traitor tax evader liar racist enemy of the working man (“low wages are not a bad thing”)
    Does not believe in free speech or freedom of the press. Both basic principles of our democracy!



  25. I always enjoyed watching Jamie Lee Curtiss. But now I see that she’s an ISSIS sympathizer, enemies of our and other countries. SHAME! Perhaps she should be investigated

  26. who cares what this idiot says, she is a nobody, and not a has been because she never was a bin, her acting sucks and she looks twenty years older than she is. Go Trump 2020

  27. Jamie Lee Curtis is another deranged leftist just like the view celebrities I want watch any thing on tv or the big screen that has Curtis, Goldberg or any of them is boycott them all !

  28. who cares what this idiot says, she is a nobody, and not a has been because she never was a bin, her acting sucks and she looks twenty years older than she is. Go Trump 2020 she looks like she had a transgender plant and it did not work.

  29. who cares what this idiot says, she is a nobody, and not a has been because she never was a bin, her acting sucks and she looks twenty years older than she is. Go Trump 2020 she looks like she had a transgender plant and it did not work.she should join the whoopie pew show with megan the crybaby.

  30. who cares what this idiot says, she is a nobody, and not a has been because she never was a bin, her acting sucks and she looks twenty years older than she is. Go Trump 2020 she looks like she had a transgender plant and it did not work.she should join the whoopie pew show with megan the crybaby.

    go trump 2020

  31. Oh yeah they did too, by giving B O credit for killing him, when it was actually a Seal Team that took him out. All BO did was say ok.

  32. JP; Thank you for your very insightful post! So many of these crazy so called celebrities are coming out and shooting their big mouths off, unjustly against our president. But Jamie Lee Curtis? She really is has topped all of them so far….

  33. Really with all the killings Abu Bakr al-Badhdadi lead or ordered. Jamie you have the audacity to moan about him taking himself down. Get Real.




  35. Too many years of drugs, sex and rock’nRoll! We thought you were smarter but you obviously have not been educated in good schools and you didn’t read up on the LIfe and Times of Bagdadi. Did you not read what he did to the captured American Journalist who is not alive to come home and testify against this monster any longer! He was not even human!!

  36. I wasn’t going to post on this story because quite frankly I am sick to death of all these idiots coming forward, and we vent against them.
    But after thinking about it, I WANT to know where was Ms. Curtis sympathy for Kayla Mueller and how she(and others) suffered beyond belief before being murdered at the hands of this sicko Baghadadi ?” Doctors without borders” who give their time to help others. Where was her tears and concerns for her and all the others that were tortured and died unimaginable deaths?? Ms. Curtis is deplorable and sick piece of s***. And I truly hope you will read what we think of you….

  37. Jamie Lee Curtis is another Hollywood airhead has-been. When are you going to keep your mouth shut about matters you don’t know anything about? What about the aid worker and the journalist who would be able to return home to their loved ones? I suggest you find the nearest gas station and stick the air hose into your ear. The air supply in your head is leaking!

  38. Another Hollywood actor/actress spouting off about nothing. It is a shame that she feels more for someone that has harmed countless other people than the fact that he was stopped to harm anyone else ever again. I hope she doesn’t end up like Kimmel or Meyers, and tries to belittle the president. I can’t begrudge any comedian for a few jokes about the president, but when these hosts use up almost 16 percent of their show to show old clips from years back to belittle them, I have lost all respect for them, I refuse to watch them and I hope others will start doing the same.

  39. WTF does a woman who has spent most of her adult life pretending to be someone else know about reality?
    That raghead got exactly what he deserved for doing what he did. He’s dead, end of story. Rest in pieces.

  40. I think she is a traitor. She showed her true colors when that picture in Hanoi showed her consorting with the Vietcong. I’ve never forgiven her for thaT AND NEITHER HAVE ANY OF THE VEtS THAT SERVED IN Nam.

  41. This is from an Idiot and from an Idiots family that made her fortune of from a series of HALLOWEEN and Micheal Myers!!! She is as anti American as you could get. Someone make a sequel where the tortured , knifed, blown up, burnt up Micheal Myers get revenge on JAMIE LEE CURTIS and finally GETS RID OF THE DRUG DERANGED, ANTI AMERICAN CURTIS WHO NO ONE EVEN CARES ABOUT.(will someone at the funeral do something with her hair)

  42. I think everyone should send her pictures and stories about how our people died so she would shut up. Your all right no one made him do these things he did them because he wanted to. He didn’t have to blow himself up and those kids. She’s a crazy looney in Hollywood.

  43. I think I have come to understand why so many Hollywood “celebrities” are radical leftists. They are actors and actresses. They live in a make-believe world. Their brains run fantasy and reality together and they eventually can’t separate the two. Further, so many “fans” idolize these Hollywood “stars” so much that they become so self righteous and enthralled with themselves that they begin to believe that what they think really matters. They are narcissist to an exponential degree. Fuel to their fire is the great financial wealth that most of them are graced with, which sadly gives them power to manipulate people. ie: “you put me on a pedestal and I will give you a fortune.” Truth be known, many Hollywood “elites” are “dumber than a sack full of hammers” as the saying goes. All this said, I really don’t give a damn what Jamie Lee Curtis says or thinks about anything.

  44. Your reply is really stupid Matthew. Thank you for the service that you did but it doesn’t mean what you said about our President is true. If low wages are not a bad thing why are the workers at McDonald and the like wanting more money. Teachers are paid well but still they want more in Chicago. Maybe what you saw in the war affected your thinking. A great guy I know served in the Vietnam war as a Marine so I know from him how it was.

  45. Well here we go again!
    Another Hollywood idiot has surfaced .
    When are they gonna learn to keep to mouth shut.
    I used to like her but now I wouldn’t even consider watching her reruns.
    Jamie Lee you just lost my respect.
    Taylor Swift is another one that should keep their opinions to themselves.
    It’s a good thing Taylor Swift has a young Dumb fan base or she’d be ousted out of being so popular.
    Can’t stand these idiots
    They are popping up faster
    Than I have time to comprehend where the hell they’re coming from.

  46. I deplore war. I deplore murder. I deplore murder in the United States. I do not agree with any celebration on murder, killing of any human. Trump did not do this but bragging about death- using deplorable adjectives like whimpering etc. is unnecessary. un -Christian. Peace is the only answer to war. As for ISIS- Trumps decision to pull out caused the murders of many innocent women and children. We are/ were allied with aiding the Kurds in there fight. We left them…now Trump says we were only there to protect oil fields. It makes me sick.
    I pray for the children. The women. Shame o. Trump. The bad guy got his fate. I am saddened that he killed his children.

  47. I am a Democrat but she’s out of her mind. The pain suffering and agony he caused thousands of people? He was lucky he was killed instantly. Many citizens of the world go through terminal illnesses and pain and agony and he died instantly. Like I said I’m a Democrat but I don’t like Hollywood commenting on politics because they’re not in my humble opinion educated enough. Some may be. also there are some Democrats that might be more liberal on certain issues and more conservative and certain issues. It’s not a blanket statement when you say you’re a liberal. I am anti-abortion for instance. Anyway, good riddance.

  48. Cheryl, you have no clue what is going on. You need to stop blindly believing the sick lies of your dem party and dare to seek the truth. As for peace, it will not come until Jesus does. Read the Bible. There is much worse to come.

  49. Matthew, you are a LIAR!!!! NOTHING you said about Pres. Trump is true. He loves this country and ahs done a lot for it. As for traitor, that is OBAMA!!!! He tried his best to destroy this country. He is muslim and hates everything it stands for. But guess that is all fine with you.

  50. Cheryl: Maybe you should be weeping for all the innocent men, women and children he was responsible for torturing and killing instead of his cowardly act of killing himself and his children. How about all the children dying daily in third world countries ? Are you angry about that? But yet, just like every other blind and ill informed Liberal, it’s just so easy to blame and hate Trump.
    I am also sorry that you live in this make believe world that peace is the answer to war. We have all of our freedoms and what makes this country great because it has been defended by wars since it’s existence. No body likes war or death. But it does happen. Do you really believe Trump made that decision to pull out of this country all by himself?? This decision was not made lightly and it was made by his military advisors BEFORE any orders were signed… As bj said to you, peace will not come for this world until Jesus comes again.

  51. You got that right. She is another Jane (Traitor) Fonda wanabe. Siding with the enemy is inherent in the HOLLYWEIRD BOZOS. God Bless America!!!! God Bless President Trump!!!!! KAG !!! MAGA !!!

  52. Jamie lee CV curtis when you talk the rest of us ssd’s offer. Its cruel stop talking.

    Your just a washed up worn out actress that cant find work becuase Weinstein is I. Jail and you cant blow him to get jobs anymore. We really dont need your syphilis rotted brains thoughts.

  53. I am so thankful when actors and actresses show me what useful idiots they are! It saves me a lot of money at the box office! People that I once enjoyed watching at the movies, are now in the never watch again list!

  54. Have you served, Jamie Lee Kuntass?? Please, try to look like a woman instead of an antifa colostomy bag!!

  55. Speak for yourself! I don’t idolize slobs that don’t have an original thought, or can’t speak unless some dolt writes it out for them!

  56. What we should all understand by now, is that in November of 2016, about half the nation reeled in disbelieve and suffered emotional and in some cases mental breakdowns. For that reason, do not excoriate or condemn these desperate and reckless fools; pity them and show compassion for they know not what they do.

  57. She should never had performed in True Lies because that’s exactly how the terrorist died, BLOWN TO BITS BY HER HUSBAND. All right then, should be alright now. I’m disappointed Ms Curtis.

  58. She is another actor well known for the horror movies she was in and the daughter of Tony Curtis, who probably would have considered her unamerican. These people live in their fantasy worlds pretending to be real when they actually are a bunch of NUTS hiding behind their own personal walls at the same time they criticize our duly elected President. Why don’t you go live in the Middle East if you want to support known terrorists?

  59. Yeh sure Matthew you went to Vietnam. You are still living in your parents basement you MORON!!! Would love to meet you on the street you coward. Just like Curtis she is your man toy.

  60. Wow!!! Another leftist liberal! I thought Hanoi Jane was bad, but dang, JLC is right up there with her! Hey Jamie……..AMERICA…LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!!! GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!

  61. Jamie, you were good in Halloween.. but will no longer watch any of your movies. You have shown you absolutely do not have a brain just like almost all of Hollywood. You are dumb like them for lack of reason, common sense, and fairness. Shame on you.

  62. Shame on your ridiculous condemnation of the PRESIDENT of the USA!!!! Her deceased parents must be rolling over in their graves, horrified at the nasty bully their daughter turned out to be……………. obviously doesn’t care about the pain and suffering of the brave military, the reporters the healthcare workers, the families who witnessed the torture and beheading of loved ones…..etc…butchered by this horrible man…..


  63. Nothing the has been Hollywood idiots say can shock people anymore, they open mouth and insert foot on a regular basis, they would argue with a sign post even tho they put it up themselves that is how low they have become in order to keep their name in the tabloids

  64. Jamie and her bunch will be happy when we send in their perverted cross-dressing transgenders. She might have a point on that. Imagine how our enemy would feel? “al-Baghdadi blows himself up in a cave rather than be captured by American dogs and cross-dressing soldiers!”

  65. Maybe if the terrorists had attacked her or her family member, then she would think differently! She can join her sister traitor, Jane………….Hollywood is slowly DEPETING ITS AUDIENCE!

  66. Now i know why there are so many idiots in Hollywood cause no one believes that a President should protect american interests and her citizens they just
    want to wine and take pity on a man that would slit your throat in a heart beat because you are an American and even worse a women. So Ms Curtis wake up and Realize the man you pity is a bloodthirsty real killer. not ever to be pity .

  67. It is So Shameful some ”ustabes ‘ Crave to be Seen..Heard >>Just one more time ! i Once upon a time had Some respect ? for this ustabe… BUT NO longer. SHE is totally ‘out of her Gourd’. TO DARE to TRY garnering “”Attention ” in such A Low Manner..IS TOO Dispicable… And I Don`t think anyone is going to be ”remembering her kindly ”..FOR What She Is TRYING to DO.. Attention is good, when it is Gathered in an honorable fashion. THIS WAS NOT. Good have now become “”Yesterdays` toast.”

  68. PEOPLE, ..DONE WITH HOLLYWOOD ? It Certainly Appears That OUR GOD is , as well. It is SAD that California has to BE burned to the Ground…When The Idiots LIke jlc ARE Left Standing…And Spouting their Empty Heads off >>Spouting Things They really DO NOT Know Anything About. jlc..Get a life..( while you may still have one to GO ON ) Shame on you. Isn`t It enough that you ‘had a go’ At Movie-making..once upon a time ? Settle down..And try to age gracefully, Won`t you ? Find some good way to TRY staying” in the limelight >This one backfired on you..Big Time. NOW You will only be remembered Badly..And as an idiot, As well.

  69. WHERE was Hollywood Celeb’s when Al Bagdadi took an AIDE WORKER as HIS SEX SLAVE? Pretty sure they were standing around with their heads buried in the sands of CA!


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