Actress Emma Watson just wrote something despicable for all to see


Feminists worship abortion.

Planned Parenthood recently promoted a “Shout Your Abortion” campaign, encouraging teens to proudly tell their friends on social media they had an abortion.

And actress Emma Watson just wrote a letter that will make you want to trash your Harry Potter DVDs.

Ireland has a long history of being Catholic and pro-life.

But earlier this year, Irish voters repealed the country’s abortion ban.

And now feminists are heralding that tragic move as “progress.”

Emma Watson, who played Hermione in the Harry Potter movies, is now a pro-abortion activist.

She just wrote an open letter in support of Ireland repealing the Eighth Amendment.

Her letter was written to Dr. Savita Halappanavar, a woman who died from a septic miscarriage in 2012.

Abortion activists claim Halappanavar was denied an abortion, which caused her death.

But there was one major problem.

Ireland’s Eighth Amendment would have allowed abortion to save the life of the mother.

This was a case of medical malpractice.

Watson wrote for Net-A-Porter:

Dear Dr Savita Halappanavar,

You didn’t want to become the face of a movement; you wanted a procedure that would have saved your life. When news of your death broke in 2012, the urgent call to action from Irish activists reverberated around the world – repeal the Eighth Amendment of the Irish Constitution. Time and again, when our local and global communities collectively mourn a tragic death due to social injustice, we pay tribute, mobilize and proclaim: rest in power. A promise to the departed and a rallying call to society, we chant: never again.

A note on your memorial in Dublin read, “Because you slept, many of us woke.” That the eighth amendment enabled valuing the life of an unborn fetus over a living woman was a wake-up call to a nation. For you, and those forced to travel to the UK to access safe, legal abortion, justice was hard-won. From Argentina to Poland, restrictive abortion laws punish and endanger girls, women and pregnant people. Still, Northern Ireland’s abortion law predates the lightbulb. In your memory, and towards our liberation, we continue the fight for reproductive justice.
With all my love and solidarity,

Emma x

Less than 1% of all abortions are performed to save the life of the mother.

Yet, pro-abortion activists use these extreme cases to justify abortion-on-demand through the full nine months of pregnancy

Emma Watson is not new to this politicizing game, though.

She was appointed as an ambassador for the UN in 2014 and has used her position for radical feminist causes since.

What do you think about Emma Watson’s pro-abortion stance? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  2. I am a 77year old woman who doesn’t understand this whole thing. Do they not make birth control pills any longer? In my day they were practically free, or at least very low cost. Why should our tax dollars go to pay for abortions? They are very expensive. If you don’t want to get pregnant, TAKE THE PILL! Now I understand that if a woman is raped, and the situation was out of her control, that’s something else. But for women who just “sleep around”, how about they take care of the cost themselves. Meanwhile, I agree with Beverly…keep your legs crossed!

  3. She’s a skank like the rest that believe it’s okay to MURDER their offspring. Pond scum, IMO, that’s what she is!

  4. If you can’t remember to take your birth control pills (or whatever)…….get your damn tubes tied!! That way you can screw around alll you want and the rest of us won’t have to pay for it. Being female I think a woman should have the option of clean abortion under certain circumstances…….and only during the first trimester. But this is an elected procedure and she should pay the cost. Too many things out there to prevent pregnancy to have to resort to abortion. The morning-after pill is now an ‘over the counter’ item now….isn’t it?

  5. She’s a Hollywood sellout just like every other actor/actress. She has NO idea what mental and physical repercussions a woman will experience after an abortion, unless she has had one. You either turn to the left or the right after an abortion. (Right)If you have a soul, you will forever regret the abortion and the taking of life of your child. (Left) If you are soulless, you will forever promote the idea to others, so that you can try to justify, to yourself, that it is common practice and is not taking the life of an innocent child ????. In the end..God is able to forgive your mistake, but it is much more difficult for you, to for yourself.

  6. She’s a Hollywood sellout just like every other actor/actress. She has NO idea what mental and physical repercussions a woman will experience after an abortion, unless she has had one. You either turn to the left or the right after an abortion. (Right)If you have a soul, you will forever regret the abortion and the taking of life of your child. (Left) If you are soulless, you will forever promote the idea to others, so that you can try to justify, to yourself, that it is common practice and is not taking the life of an innocent child ????. In the end..God is able to forgive your mistake, but it is much more difficult for you, to FORGIVE yourself.

  7. Let’s see Emma, you are willing to murder 60,000,000 American babies to support one tragic case of a woman who died from suspect causes. So under that same justification to save me, it’s OK if I murder 60,000,000 people, is that right? So if their are just 6 people in our country like this woman it is OK if we kill off every man woman and child in America to save those 6. Wow, your reasoning is astounding. Let me guess, it’s OK if we kill off the entire population as long as you are one that is left alive.
    Let me ask this, wouldn’t it be much easier to avoid pregnancy? There are literally hundreds of birth control products on the market. Are you unable to find even one? If not then let me make a suggestion. Hold an aspirin firmly between your knees. Can’t find an aspirin, just keep your knees together and keep your panties on. JUST SAY “NO.” Because you cannot refuse sexual intercourse we should allow 60,000,000 babies to be murdered. You are such an example of Moral values.

  8. Emma: Worship bael much. GOD have mercy on your soul. The blood of all of these aborted babies are on you and all those like you.

  9. I learned at a very young age about accountability and the issue of an unexpected pregnancy. I was a product of one and back in the early 60’s in a small town that was quite taboo.
    So when I became sexually active at the age of 17 BEFORE I ever even had sex for the first time I went to my doctor and began taking birth control pills. If a senior in high school can pay out of their own pocket and realize the accountability of my own actions why can’t other women?
    I am proud to say at the age of 56 I had two children and both of them were planned and wanted. I NEVER had to put myself into the position of and unwanted pregnancy or abortion. I know that the pill is not 100% effective but damn close.

  10. Idiot right wingers just made a HUGE mistake. You morons can pick on lots of people with impunity. But when you pick on Hermione, we get to see what you douchbags are really made of. And it is not pretty.

  11. Using extreme examples to prove a point is hardly foreign to right wingers. They use grossly extreme examples every day to justify civilian ownership of assault style weapons.

  12. Emma, I hope there are enough Progressives to support your career aspirations because you have lost my support!

  13. Right on, Eric – – Dr. JD here with another handle. Yes, they are big bullies, and the less they know, the more they get it wrong. Like to simplify issues to bumper sticker levels – – but real life is much more complicated than generally fits a bumper sticker.

    Would you not think that after the right-wing terrorism of a Trump cult follower with the bombs, including attacks on Media that Trump leads, with the killing of Jews in Pittsburg by another right-winger who took Trump’s racist caravan language of “being an invasion” (another lie) so he went after the HIAS who protects immigrants – – that with all of the violence that has been generated by neo-Nazis and KKK types, that they would learn a lesson about picking on people, mocking Dr. Christine Ford and disabled reporters, that it is time to tone it down?!?

  14. Eric, it is called creating a ‘straw man” argument. What I find very concerning is the amount of violent threats I see now coming from conservative websites – -the threat that if Trump is impeached (he certainly deserves it for all his obstructions of justice and campaign law violations) they would launch a “civil way.” They have moved from being a political group, to a domestic terrorist group – – – and if they continue in a violent direction, will have to be dealt with as a violent terrorist group by the FBI.

  15. I find it interesting that someone brought up “right wing” violence but has totally ignored the over 600 attacks by liberals against conservatives. The shooting at the baseball game? I don’t know who the crazy guy is that shot up the Jewish temple but real conservatives support Israel so whatever nut job that guy is he is not conservative. They’ve investigated Trump for two years and have no proof of collusion yet they have proof that Hillary colluded and nothing has happened to her. She should be in prison for using an unsecured server for classified information among other Hong’s-4 Americans were murdered bc of her. Abortion is our modern day holocaust.

  16. I just wasted five minutes of my LIFE reading what this person “thinks”. Whether she knows and believes it or not, she was made IN GOD’S IMAGE, with a soul and intellect. She just jeopardized her soul: “But woe to the one who leads one of these little ones into sin — for it would be better for him to have a millstone about his neck and be thrown into the abyss”. In the end, God WINS. He will “take care” of the murdered babies. I don’t see ANY good things for those who perform abortion, promote abortion or VOTE FOR abortion or those who support it. God gave us a list of things to NOT do through Moses. This list is the MINIMUM of “rules” to have a good and cooperative society. One of them says something about “adultery”.
    (Back then, there was no difference between adultery and fornication, because their “lawyers” were still in Egypt worshiping manufactured “gods”. Sadly, that goes on today: money, sex, power, control, fame.) But the one we most neglect now is about murder. I’ll pray for Ms. Watson, but, I admit, halfheartedly, for I believe she knows what she’s doing, but one of those “gods” (fame) is more important to her than her soul.

  17. What about the day after pill also. Females are too careless and hippy free with themselves now a days. You know there is HIV and AIDS out there. What ever happened to saving yourself for your husband? People do die from abortions! Also no one works on their marriage, get in a fight with each other and then that divorce. You have to work at marriage, its not all fun and games. Grow up!

  18. I agree abortion should never be a means for birth Control. They have shots that last up to five years of protection, you need not remember to even take your pill. This whole article is a lie to begin with; Ireland allows for abortion if it will save the life of the mother so cut the crap. Unless she was refusing to allow them to abort the child and was hoping to save her child they would have performed that aboration.

  19. This is a part of the cause of the statement “There is highway to hell and only a stairway to Heaven, makes you think about anticipated traffic!”

    These people need to pay attention to this. Abortion is MURDER plain and simple. Pro “choice” people need to read the ten commandments (they are commandments not suggestions) Thou Shalt Not KILL!

  20. I am so sick of so many females whining about the side effects of the pill, the patch, IUD, waa, waa, waa.

  21. Most extreme skank I know of in Hollyweird is Martha Plimpton in her singing the praise of her Abortion doctor, she had 2 abortions.

  22. The reason the Immigrant communities are growing larger and larger because they do not listen to the whites and jews who favor choice and the immigrant choice is more babies, be fruitfull and multiply. The liberal American philosophy is have children but the rest must kill theirs..

  23. not really she is an airhead $lut and a hore.. now the $luts and hores are so f…ing braindead that they need time right up to when the baby is about to be born to decide to murder the infant..

  24. if we do actually go ballistic on the democrapo pervert parasite commie party and all of their supporters life would be pretty good here, can not say the same for those scum’s heroes in roooosha and chinkeee land and Venezuela or cooooooba.. may have to consider purging the abortion activists 1st then the anti gunner cowards, then the $luts in hollow woody, like this worthless piece of gutter trash… oh and get their best friends, the rag head racist haters that they put into office like MOFOHO from michiganistan and the other Jew hater rag from Minnesotastan.. and the atheist hore semenhole in Arizona… one of the pu$$ies commenting further up said something stupid about conservatives being the terrorists.. azzwipe is in for a real treat.. if things get that far those cowards will not have to suffer long..

  25. Amazing that these libtards always manage to exaggerate or outright lie to accomplish their agenda. I thought Ireland allowed abortions to save the mother’s life which tells me — this female watson is full of sh** right up to her ears.


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