Actor Jon Voight revealed what he really thinks of President Trump and the Left


Academy Award winning actor Jon Voight recently posted a two-part video message to his “fellow Americans” on Twitter.

In it, he revealed what he really thinks of President Trump and the Left.

And the reaction from both sides was swift.

Jon Voight is firmly planting his flag on the MAGA train.

In his recent video messages, he declared President Trump the greatest president since Lincoln.

And he didn’t hold back on the Left, condemning “their absurd words of destruction.”

The Washington Times noted the videos attracted 8.5 million views in just 36 hours.

But not everyone is happy about it.

Former Charmed witch, Alyssa Milano fired off a tweet mocking Voight as a “has been.”

Bill O’Reilly swiftly condemned Milano on NewsmaxTV:

“I don’t know if this was the smartest move [by Milano] because Jon Voight, at 80 years old, is still working,” O’Reilly said. “He is one of the best actors on the planet. Alyssa Milano is a television actress. I’m not gonna denigrate what she’s done, but surely it’s not in the class of Jon Voight.

“Why the personal attacks? If Jon Voight believes that President Trump is on par with Abraham Lincoln, he has the right to that opinion without being attacked personally. Does he not?”

“If Alyssa Milano wants to say, ‘well I think Jon Voight’s wrong and here’s the list of presidents I feel are better and here’s why,’ I certainly would listen to that. But to call the guy a has been? At 80 years old, the guy is still at the top of his game, Jon Voight. He’s an amazing actor. I hope he doesn’t say anything. I hope he lets his career speak for itself.

But Milano certainly wasn’t the only Hollywood leftist sneering over Voight’s remarks.

Left-wing comic Albert Brooks compared Voight to John Wilkes Booth.

And that didn’t sit well with actor Robert Davi, who ripped Brooks and the Hollywood Left in a video of his own.

“The continued beratement of Donald Trump and his supporters or people who have a different ideology of the left eliteness of Hollywood, they live in a different society than a John Doe that’s in Arkansas or the coal mines of Pennsylvania or Ohio,” Davi said.

“There are differences of opinion. Respect them!” he urged.

What are your thoughts on Voight’s comments?

Let us know in the comments below.


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  2. Shame on Albert Brooks for his remark. How dare he!! And for Alyssa Milano calling Mr.Voight a has-been. Really? What the hell have you done lately Ms. Milano?? Oh that’s right, your career now is promoting killing innocent babies (abortions) because some women want to use it a form of birth control instead of using other avenues available to them…
    Mr. Davi, I applaud you for speaking out for your friend and what’s right.
    This country is being ripped apart because of the Democrats acting like spoiled brats because Clinton was not elected. THANK GOD for that miracle…..Grow up Democrats and try to work WITH our president…

  3. John is correct, and a really good actor. Those who would disagree just
    because he speaks freely, and truthfully, needs to just calm down, and give yourself a chance to be a
    human being without looking like you could hurt someone.
    I dare Alyssa to actually go out into the general public, and just ask questions, about what you believe in.
    The response from the main population will certainly put you in a uncomfortable feeling of being a small

  4. Well said Linda. The Democrats are trying to destroy our beautiful country. WORK WITH OUR GREAT PRESIDENT, NOT AGAINST HIM. I agree that we should all THANK GOD that Clinton did not get elected. Have a Blessed Day and may God Bless America.

  5. People still don’t get it, Democrats hate President Trump because he stands up for America. They could give a rats fanny about Russia. If they did, Obama and Hillary would be up doo doo creak without a paddle. It’s all about politics and who’s dumb enough to listen to the “New Green Deal.” Wake up America! If you don’t protect your own home it will soon be looted.

  6. I agree with Jon Voight about President Trump, but, at the same time wish actors and all celebrities could stay outta politics.

  7. Albert ?? WHO ???? Never heard on him. Now John, I’ve heard a lot about that guy, and it’s all good.
    As for, Robert Davi, he is three times the man that Albert (whatever his name is ) !

  8. Milano is the has been. All she has done lately is stick her nose way up the Democrats! What a twit!


  10. Thank you Mr Davi for your wise words! It’s too bad leftists such as Milano can’t see anything beyond their noses and can’t put together a rational thought! Much less demonstrate any common sense, integrity, morality and ethics! May God forgive us for what we have done to deserve these leftist lunatics trying to squeeze the life from the nation that is a true beacon of what people can achieve when they live in a democratic republic as given us by our founding fathers. The United States of America ???????? is not perfect but it is the closest to perfect of any country or nation in this world and Jon Voight, Milano’s “has been” recognizes and loves what we are. Ms. Milano needs to shut her mouth and work on her acting skills so she can become half the success that Jon Voight is!!!!

  11. Jon Voight is one of the few REAL Americans in Hollywood, and he is also a great actor. I’m getting tired of these left wing freaks trying to tell everybody else what to do. Milano is probably just having a bad day because of giving up sex

  12. Albert washed up Brooks…never made a movie I liked, and acts like a fool in everyone I saw. Jon Voight acts with dignity and talent…oh and Milano never heard of he/she/it whatever.

  13. Jon Voight IS Is Our President Donald J Trump & Family, as is Our VP & His Family..Cannot Seriously Say that about ANY on the LEFT or DEMOCRAT or Hollyweird or MEDIA, Except for a FEW..All the DEMS & LEFT have SHOWN Time & Time Again, is HOW LOW CLASS, LOW IQ, ZERO..COMMON SENSE & ALL INSANE THEY ARE..That’s What I’ve Seen Repeated Over & Over again, as Commonalities Tween the Right & the Insane LEFT/DEMS, Resistance, Obstructionists & So-called Other VARIOUS…NUT CASES..Aka Their Political PIMPS..What a “BIZ”..Politics, Hollyweird, Media. All Pimps, They Live in an Alternate, Totally Irrational, Delusional WORLD of Their Own. They have Many COMMOM Traits, Every One I Know, CHEATS, LIES< STEALS & Believes Faking IT to MAKE IT…what ever IT happens to Be…is OK, Unless Any Other does the Same..Like the Multi Tier "Justice System" We have in This Intentionally Invaded, Transformed By the LEFT & DEMS, Nation. NO Longer Safe, or Secure, soon Not to be Sovereign. By the Time Enough See for themselves, IT IS TOO LATE..It is NOW..Thank A DEM Every Time You See this is TRUE…Coming Soon..Near You & Your Town, City, County or State.

  14. My man John, I knew there were some in California that did not beleive all that crap that Schifty Schiff, Crazy Maxine, and Old Hag Pelosi was trying to sell on the back streets of Horrywood! Now lets get on with the “real” investigations into Obozo, Clinton, and the rest of the FBI and CIA that tried to pull off a coup!

  15. I clicked on this link to basically say what Bill O’Rielly said but he as usual said way better!!! I think Alyssa Milano is still very hot for a 40 something that as far as I know hasn’t worked since Charmed. So as far as a HAS BEEN, if the shoe fits get your foot out of YOUR MOUTH!!!!! I hope she finds work soon maybe she will be too busy to make such a FOOL out of herself!!! Maybe she could work AT a planned Parenthood ABORTION MILL for a while I know she like dead babies!!!

  16. It is unbelievable that anyone as vile and evil as that so called actress, milano can judge a fine actor like Voight, in that way is a shame. SHE IS CLEARLY DOING THE WORK OF SATAN!!!! AND WHERE SHE WILL BE GOING, IF SHE DON’T CHANGE AND GET DOWN ON HER HANDS AND KNEES AND ASK FOR FORGIVENESS, WELL, IS WILL BE VERY HOT,,FOREVER. I ask for forgiveness every day for actions I may have done that GOD does not approve of. If everyone in the world would just stop and ask GOD to forgive us all for our sins, really be sincere, and go and live a sinless life, just think what that would mean. EVERY PROBLEM IN THE WORLD WOULD BE TAKEN CARE OF IMMEDIATELY.

  17. Jon Voight is right, Trump is a great President, if the dems would take their heads out of their asses and work with Trump instead of trying to impeach him, things could be even better. They better get use to President Trump because he will win again in 2020!

  18. Thank you Jon and Mr. Davi for speaking up for our President. He is my President. Greatest since Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln. Our young ones need a history lesson amongst other lessons. I love America, Land of the free and the home of the brave. Keep speaking up and never get tired. Even though the left doesn’t hear many others are. Maybe one day they will hear. We must never give up. God Bless America. ❤️

  19. John Wilkes Booth also murdered the President, not stand with him as with Jon Voight. Again, that shows just how ignorant these elites are. John Wilkes Booth sneaked into the President’s theatre box and shot him, and ran like hell to get away. Jon Voight has stood with Pres Trump from the beginning. No, he is NOT like John Wilkes Booth. He is a patriotic American standing for proper law and order. Get a life, idiot.

  20. They can’t stay out of politics because they know better than anybody else but they only show their true color!

  21. THANK YOU, thank you, thank you John Voight. Your words will be heard, whereas the great majority of the American people are given no notice by the ungodly Democrats, no matter how loudly we try to proclaim the glaring truth. —

  22. John Voight is on target and in the spirit and charachter that has made America great. I think we’ve had a few great Presidents since Lincoln. One thing we have been blessed with is ; regardless of how great, or which Party they came out of, our Presidents have supported America an the Office. The current crop of Democrats may be the most dangerous enemy of the USA since, that same Party led the country into Civil War in the 1860’s.

  23. I have a few things in common with Jon Voight. We both hail from Yonkers, NY . . . when politics were a lot less toxic than they are now. We were both liberal in our political approach to life, early on. We both evolved into conservative thinkers as years passed. As a matter of fact, Jon Voight spoke at a church conference that I attended many year ago. He influenced me in my time of political questioning. I was not a Trump supporter during the campaign season, but, like Dennis Prager (another fellow-New Yorker), I pledged to support the success of the people’s choice in the election. I couldn’t be more pleased with the stances and policies Mr. Trump and our conservative contingencies have fostered since the 2017 administration began. Mr. Voight has been an outspoken unabashed advocate for Americanism for many years … this at the possible peril of his very career. The cream rises to the top, though, in most cases. As an outside observer, Mr. Voight has been a no-nonsense, straight shooter when voicing his opinion and in his acting style. It is, I believe, a major factor in his popularity and appeal to casting personnel. As for his outspokenness, I believe he should live a long life and continue to stand up against the mindless trolls that prowl the grounds of Hollywood. If you get ANY of the witless lemmings of show business one-on-one and ask them to justify any of the ghastly beliefs they hold … it would be a remedy to using sleeping pills. If it’s not in a pre-written script (or conjured up leftist talking-points), they have very little to say. Thank You, Mr. Voight for your clear and consistent voice for conservative thought … I owe owe you a debt of gratitude.

  24. What ever happened to free speech! We are all entitled to our own opinion without being subject to name calling and vile insults. Nor should the President of the United States, no matter what as person’s opinion is of him, be subject to insults if only as to the rightful respect his office is due. If you want to disagree with his policies, that’s one thing, but no name calling please. You demean yourself when you do so. I do not agree on how President Trump has handled every matter, but on the whole I believe he is doing the best he can. I endorse his stand against the killing of the unborn and the live births after abortion. I believe he is doing the best he can on the broken immigration system. If only the other parties would come to the table and legitimately discuss the matter instead of trying to stop everything this president attempts to do. It appears the Democrats are more interested in defeating the President in everything than in trying to work for the better good and interest of the people. They don’t care about safety on the border unless it’s what they want. No one reads the small print or listens to the full presentation anymore as they are more interested in listening to themselves and yelling than being in a full rounded discussion. John Voight is a wonderful actor and as a citizen is entitled to his opinion without being ridiculed, just as we all are. As for Albert Brooks, he’s a comedian and I think he is just being funny. I think?

  25. Interesting how when an actor speaks against your Dear Leader, most of you so quickly jump to declare everyone in Hollywood are wacko left idiots.. Yet, when one says something you like, suddenly they are not all idiots. Can you folks be any more hypocritical… it’s in nearly everything you say, whether it’s the use of AirForce One to campaign; or golf vacations; or trade, or executive orders… it’s all Obama was bad, trump good.

  26. CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump, the So Called “Stable Genius”? as the greatest president since A. Lincoln. That’s the biggest joke ever but then d trump as a president & a (Human Being?) is such a Brainless, Worthless LAUGHABLE JOKE as well!

  27. Jon Voight as the “greatest actor”” since John W. Booth & d. trump as the “greatest president” ? since A. Lincoln. Remember what happened when those two crossed paths at Ford’s Theater, one April night in 1865.

  28. True…but a fellow like Voight paves another path for others from the hollywood crowd…allowing and encouraging them to think for themselves… and as well to feel free to voice their Pro-Trump pro-American thoughts.

  29. If she saw one ultra sound…just one “live” abortion…Milano would be following the droves of PP workers that are presently leaving right out the door. Talking about it …and seeing the debacle are two very different things.

  30. Someone once said “People hate the ones who make them feel their own inferiority”. Jon Voight is a great actor, traditional conservative and a fine man in the best tradition of America. I doubt any insults or adhominum attacks can in any way diminish or shake his spirit.

  31. James McClain – Save your breath James, they cannot get a life, they only know how to hate and repeat lies to try to bring others down. They are LOST without any hope of become normal. We should just pity them.

  32. I think Alysa Milano should see a real abortion and witness what happens to a life taken such as a helpless new baby . She is no great actress and is the perfect example of twisted messed up Hollywood big mouths that have troubled lives themselves . Drugs, multiple marriages and other mess and they have no business acting like they are experts at any of this . It’s truly sad . Hollywood movies have even gone down in quality as have they . Really really sad .

  33. Milano, let’s see, a couple of cheesy sitcoms, a few low dollar B movies that went nowhere, and oh yea, the sleazy nude layout that shows your immorality and low self esteem. I could walk through any mall and see probably 40 women who would put your skimpy little body to shame. You’re really not that hot!!

  34. I agree with you Linda, Maria,Wanda, and Rich. President Trump is the greatest, and has done a terrific job considering what he has to deal with.

  35. Right wingers think actors are stupid and elitists, rude, etc until they get their idiots speak out like Voight, Eastwood, Willis, Jean Pirro, JOhn Wayne, Heston, Sandler, Kanye, Grammer, Selleck, RoseAnn

  36. Hollywood has produced some personalities that are truly worth listening to. John Voight is one of them. Too
    bad he is so extremely outnumbered. It certainly makes him more appreciated. God bless you John Voight!

  37. (Gun Nuts of America) I like all those “right wingers” mentioned, plus many more left unmentioned. I thank God for everyone of those people that stood with and for President Trump. I won’t go further because I just feel someone will trample on just that sentence. The law always works against those that try to point out what’s wrong with this or that. President Trump is in the right place at the right time to turn history on it’s ear. They (democrats) can’t stand the fact that even with all their evil misdeeds in the 2016 election, they failed turn an election and win. Think I’d be worried too. . .ducking and diving takes on a new meaning.

  38. Since AM has no proper argument, like the Sophists, she resorted to one of the fallacies – and used “name calling” – so she lost this bout ! She does not even have any “prayer” at all. I doubt if she knows it.

  39. Actually, John Wilkes Booth was considered the greatest actor of his time, even though he shot Lincoln in the back of the head, as a misguided Southern Confederate at the Ford theatre. So Albert Einstein AKA Brooks certainly doesn’t live up to his real namesake.

  40. Who is Albert brooks? Who cares what Alyssa Milano thinks.
    John voight is great. President Trump is great.

  41. I am happy to have a friend in Jon Voight. He was very quick to the point; President Trump is accomplishing what he set out to do; make America great. The unimportant left has no chance in taking down Pres. Trump. It is not going to happen. And Mrs. Clinton will not be the first female president. I’ll take that to the bank.

  42. The Washington “Elite-erati” don’t like the idea of anyone messing up their ‘cushy, self-importance’ deal by draining their swamp, so they’ll fight almost to the death to preserve it. I trust Trump to finish the job before retiring on 20 Jan, 2025. Good wishes, Mr. President, You’ve got a lot more to show us than your useless predecessor.

  43. God bless Jon Voight for speaking what many of us say & believe but don’t have the platform to get it to million of other supporters of President Trump! God bless President Trump & Vice President Pence!
    God bless America!
    Thank You JESUS for placing Donald Trump! America needs You please Lord JESUS!

  44. Well said. In the case of Brooks and Milano I have to consider the source. Both Brooks and Milano are has beens who never were except int heir own minds, but that fits 99% of Follywood who are wrapped up in their own fake self importance. It’s the biggest cite of narcissism in our country.

  45. John has more class in his little finger than 99% of Follywood has, period….especially those like Brooks and Milano.

  46. Parasite. You couldn’t carry the jock strap of anyone of these great celebrities! Did you get your stupid PhD yet or are you still working on it?????????????


  48. Keep up the great work President Trump! The best President ever! Not to mention the first lady she’s the best too! Now that America is great again, let’s keep it that way! Trump 2020!

  49. Albert Brooks? Who the he11 is this guy anyway? Okay, I have said just enough to show my disdain for this real “has been buffoon”.

  50. For some unknown reason these Hollywierd or entertainment people seem to think what they have to say is important. Milano, like dozens of TV kid actors end up being held in extremely low esteem, if at all, by the public. She went from a cute child actor to playing roles that her own mother would be ashamed of. I wonder what Tony Danza and Judith Light think of her?

  51. I believe the demmocommies hate Trump because he beat the Hildbeast who the media claimed was 95% sure she would be elected. They hate Trump because he put an end to Obamas agenda to destroy America. They hate Trump because he loves America and makes no excuses for saying so. Something no democrat does since Harry Truman. The democrat party is an evil, treasonous organization masquerading as a political party. They are for all intents and purposes “a domestic terrorist cult” that deserves elimination.

  52. Jon Voight is a Great Actor and a great Father to Angelina.. I applaud him for his comment about President Trump.. There should more actors like him to support our President. Some of the remarks that they say are very disrespectful to Trump…

  53. Thank you, Mr. Voight, well said! When I think about how much I have come to appreciate this president, I realize, although I love all he has done to lower taxes, cut oppressive regulations, rid us of the Obamacare mandate, relocate the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem..the true capital, install conservative Constitutional judges and Bill Barr and Durham to go after the swamp creatures, and try to stop the flood of illegals who are coming across our borders with their accomplices, the Demonrats, I realize the best thing about him is that unlike his predecessor, who has brought us close to our total destruction because he hates the United States, the majority of our citizens, Christianity, and rule of law…Donald J. Trump LOVES the USA and all it stands for. God bless him!

  54. Mr. Voight is one of the few out of Hollywood that is a true American. GOD BLESS HIM for standing up for what is right for all of us in AMERICA. PRESIDENT TRUMP is the only trying to save the Country he knew as a young boy and the country we all love and cherish.

  55. Milano is in the same class and level as AOC, every time they open their mouths, they remove all doubt about being the fools they are not to mention uneducated Idiots!

  56. He was (John Wilkes Booth) a Democrat who shot a Republican President, who had just freed a population of thousands of slaves who had been repressed for hundreds of years: guess the South didn’t like that. Democrats are still a hateful party.

  57. milano (who’s that?!) is also calling for women to refuse sex! Good on her – no more disgusting abortions from the leftist idiots, and the only thing she’s said that makes sense.
    MAGA/KAG †
    TRUMP 2020

  58. I can’t get that upset over what some of these people say. Mark Twain said, “It is better to
    keep quiet and let people think you are an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all
    doubt”. I believe that is ezactly what we are dealing with. Part of the problem is that since
    the NEA politicized education with slogans, unimportant issues and -isms, most of the people
    in the media and the country don’t recognize facts, truths or a well said, TRUE, statement. It
    is beyond them. We put a lot of stock in education now, but some of the people with degrees
    and impressive academic credentials show themselves to be blithering idiots. Keep it up, John!!

  59. It is beyond my thinking that an actor like Brooks would be dumb enough to antagonize people who pay for tickets for their movies. This is another performer I will cross off of my list to attend any performance he is in.


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