America’s culture is rapidly descending into a cesspool.

The totalitarian Left now shouts down conservatives in the public square, on college campuses, and runs them out of restaurants.

The Left’s war on Christianity is growing.

Children are being subjected to Critical Race Theory – a Marxist belief system – in schools across the country.

America’s proud history of freedom is denigrated as the legacy of our supposedly “white supremacist” Founders.

Meanwhile, the Leftists believe biological boys who “identify” as girls have the so-called “right” to compete on girls’ teams.

And the Left has gone from calling for abortion to be “safe, legal and rare,” to urging teenagers to proudly “shout your abortion!”

Sticking our heads in the sand and hoping everything will turn out fine is a recipe for disaster for our country and for future generations of Americans — including our kids and grandkids.

That’s why the editors of Culture Watch News work daily to bring you updates on the latest attempts by the Left to undermine and remake America’s culture — stories you’ll never hear about from the so-called “mainstream news.”

As Christians and American traditionalists with decades of experience working in politics at every level of government, we understand that America’s grassroots hold the key to stopping America’s cultural slide.

And that can’t happen if America’s grassroots are not informed, so we hope we can count on your readership.

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