A video of Jimmy Fallon has surfaced of him doing something shocking it could destroy his career in 24 hours


Jimmy Fallon is one of Hollywood’s late night comedy hosts who uses his platform to bash the President and serve as an hour long infomercial for Democratic Party.

One of Fallon’s favorite attacks against the President is to call him a racist . . . but that may stop due to this breaking news.

Now an embarrassing video of Jimmy Fallon has emerged of him doing something so hypocritical and shocking it could end his career instantly.

Fallon launched his career as an actor on Saturday Night Live.

Unfortunately, his breakout role on SNL may also be his ultimate undoing.

A video has surfaced of Jimmy Fallon performing with blackface on . . . and it’s not good.

When Megyn Kelly merely mentioned the use of blackface on NBC during a discussion about children’s Halloween costumes, she was terminated immediately.

So far, Jimmy Fallon has not been fired and it appears the network and his unhinged left-wing celebrity friends may protect him from losing his job.

Jamie Foxx has already come to his defense.

Fellow comedian and late night host, Jimmy Kimmel, has remained radio silent on the issue because he also used blackface in a comedy skit on The Man Show.

Fans and activists on social media were not so forgiving.

The hashtag, “#jimmyfallonisoverparty” started trending on Twitter made up of fans, conservatives, and even liberals demanding his termination.

The Left has attempted to create a “Cancel Culture” that allows activists to tank the career of any celebrity or comedian for any kind of controversy or even social media posts made decades ago.

It appears Cancel Culture does not apply to leftists and is only a tool used to destroy anyone that diverges from Hollywood’s approved left-wing ideology.

Virginia’s Democrat Governor was also caught either using blackface or wearing a KKK robe in his youth and did not resign!

Instead, the Left rallied around the Governor to protect him.

Fallon’s use of blackface in an SNL skit was of him impersonating Chris Rock, a black comedian and actor.

The skit itself is funny and doesn’t have a hint of hatred against Chris Rock or African Americans.

But the question remains, who will be the ones deciding whether to make exceptions for who is and who isn’t engaging in racism due to their political ideology.

What do you think? Should Jimmy Fallon be fired?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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