A transgender athlete is threatening to shut down an entire sport with this outrageous publicity stunt


The radical homosexual agenda is creeping into every facet of our culture it can get its hands on.

This time, they’ve turned their attention to sporting events.

Now, one transgender athlete could shut down the sport of powerlifting with this outrageous move.

The debate over men transitioning to women and competing in women’s sports is heating up.

Naturally, the media and many in the LGBT movement are in favor of it and are appealing to people’s desire for “equality.”

But JayCee Cooper, a man who “transitioned” to a woman, applied to compete in the USA Powerlifting competition and was turned down.

Now he’s protesting their decision and it could destroy the integrity of powerlifting as a sport entirely.

The Daily Caller reports:

A transgender powerlifter is speaking out against USA Powerlifting’s ban on transgender athletes, alleging it isn’t fair to ban an entire class of people from an elite sport.

JayCee Cooper, 31, is a biological male who identifies as a transgender woman. Cooper first competed as a female in September 2018. The athlete’s Twitter describes Cooper as a “Queer and Trans Fathlete, Powerlifter, DJ, and Librarian.”

After competing as a woman in numerous high level competitions, Cooper registered to compete in a USA Powerlifting event and was rejected. “It took me aback,” Cooper said, NBC News reported. “I didn’t want to put myself into a situation where I obviously wasn’t welcome.”

JayCee Cooper competing in a woman’s competition as a “female” is outright cheating.

Radical LGBT activists will argue that “she” has taken testosterone-reducing drugs to compete as a woman fairly.

But what the media chooses to leave out is that, as a man, he has a much greater bone density, in addition to benefits from years of muscle growth as a male.

Even experiencing male puberty gives JayCee Cooper an advantage in the competition.

The media has successfully found a small handful of competitors that are supportive.

But they have totally ignored the women who feel that JayCee competing in the women’s division is unfair.

These women have dedicated a great deal of time and effort to compete in this sport.

But the radical LGBT movement and JayCee Cooper want to cheat and belittle all the hard work these athletes have put in.

Do you think it’s fair for JayCee Cooper to compete in women’s powerlifting?

Let us know in the comments below.


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  2. It seems that sports competition, which was men and women, need to add a new classification of “trans” and all trans compete in their own events. I agree it is unfair for “men” who are trans to “women” to compete with birthright females!

  3. a male is a male is a male…..//no matter how they “identify”.

    Heck I “identify” as a 6 ft 125 lb woman. …….but in reality and I not quite 6 ft and no where near 125. The only thing that is correct is I AM A WOMAN.

  4. The demonrats are “SUPPOSEDLY”(I use that loosely)the party of Woman Right’s, How you feel now you demonrat women that the demonrat’s have turned on you? All the years you have trained GONE to some freak that NEEDS PHYSIATRIC HELP and NOT CODDLING by the demonrat party “JUST FOR VOTES!” WAKE UP!!

  5. They are sick at beginnings!!!
    Let them kill them self’s for good. You want right now your kids you adopted, nephews, nieces….. and relative can’t even complete. That is the right LGBT wants!!

  6. Simple solution – have all the real women compete by themselves. Let the nut-case compete against “him”self in a “special” women’s transgender category. That way, “he” gets a participation trophy.

  7. No it is not fair to cross the gender line to compete. If a man identifies as woman and a woman identifies as a man, let them compete against each other in a Transgender Event. That way they can feel they have gender equality.

  8. The Transgenders can not compete with their own natural birth sex so they think they should have an operation and unfairly compete with their adopted sex . This is TOTAL BS !

  9. How about Women’s divisions, Men’s divisions, and LBGT divisions. That way they’ll compete against their own gender.


  11. The LGBTQ and Cooper may think it is unfair that he be banned from competing against women in any sport, but it is most certainly unfair for actual women to have to compete against him.

  12. Trans should compete with the trans This is what Obama did in 8 years when Panetta opened jobs that wants belong to women in a Military Now available to gays who Obama and Panetta want their palestinian cousins to make them happy

  13. If they want that change of lifestyle, it’s their call. But any trans anything need to compete among their own peers. Period.

  14. Another male swiitcher is ruining a sport for women. This is not competition, this is cheating. Let him/it/her compete with the males as he is physically still and always will be a man. Why are the women tolerating these cheaters who want a sure win at the expense of women’s sports. Why bother girls, call the women’s sports the transgender male swiishers sport. They can’t win in men’s sports so they say they are women. Not a chance. Kiss all female sports good bye girls unless you stand up to this injustice! Reminds me of Bozo’s women’s bathroom pass. Big mistake there!

  15. Open a category for the LGBTQ folk to compete in. You can have male, female and LGBTQ. Sounds fair to me. Come Olympics…they can compete with other countries too. Otherwise, tell the queers they are taking drugs and therefore automatically are disqualified.

  16. Yes, they do want to take over the sport..Any one can see that..Its time to wake up America and see them for what they really are, MEN in women’s clothing out to destroy the sport.

  17. And I forgot to add, these men know this is not fair yet they demand they be allowed to compete against women. The gays/trans need their own platform but get the hell out of the women’s platform! This makes all these special guys cheaters. And if it is forced, girls leave the competition to them. Shut the whole damn thing down! Give them what they don’t want, no games no competion except their own group. Bet that goes over like a lead baloon!

  18. ***-“After competing as a woman in numerous high level competitions, Cooper registered to compete in a USA Powerlifting event and was rejected. “It took me aback,” Cooper said, NBC News reported. “I didn’t want to put myself into a situation where I obviously wasn’t welcome.”” -***

    Yeah…. I beleeve that crap…..

    IF HE did not know the REQUIREMENTS before HE decided to ‘compete’ against ‘less GENETICALLY ENDOWED’ FEMALES because “it was just TOO HARD to compete AGAINST MEN, THAT would not be cause for the organization to ‘change the rules to make a crybaby feel good….

  19. This could be settled by DNA .
    Every athlete needs to get a DNA test to have on record, this is ridiculous, if your DNA says your male you compete in male sports provided you make the cut ,if your DNA says your female you compete in female sports provided you make the cut ,it’s a no brainer.

  20. This is so ridiculous! Women are going backwards as far as rights go with these mentally ill people have proven. They are stronger than real women and it is not fair!

  21. It is well known that many men identify as women and participate in women’s sports. But how many women identify as men and participate in men’s sports? I think that answer will speak volumes about the LBGTQRS agenda.

  22. Queers should have their own games… but of course, no one would be there as spectators…. what a waste!!! or put them in a class of their own!! three classes… men/women/those who don’t know who they are!! they are a disgrace to society. GOD DID NOT INTEND IT TO BE THIS WAY OR HE WOULD HAVE MADE PROVISIONS FOR THEM IN THE GREAT SCHEME OF THINGS… p.s. they have a special catagory and games for the handicapped…. so do they fit in this catagory as well… they should have their own catagory. thanx…… rich

  23. Transgender freaks should not be allowed to participate in ANYTHING. The operation that changes their biological anatomy should be permanently banned in all countries. They are freaks of the weirdest kind – nothing more.
    Shut them down permanently.

  24. You are spot on!
    LGBTQ should start their own leagues in whatever sports they want to be in.
    There should be leagues for:

  25. It sounds best to me where men turned women AND women turned men can compete against each other, since they believe they are equal to each other. But “cis,” AKA “normal,” competitors suffering under the horrible unpopular strain of not straying from their birth-sex, SHOULD be placed in special categories, for lack of better terms, called majority-males and competing against themselves, and majority-females competing against themselves. I think Olympic Committees led the way with rules decades ago.

  26. True enough, but, even then, eventually the former women would start to complain about the natural advantage of the former men. The whole argument would start all over again.

  27. More than that – they want to completely ignore the rights of the normal athletes in the same way that schools which allow men in the girls’ locker room pointedly ignore the privacy rights of the girls.

  28. No. Someone should temporarily “transition” into a Muslim and throw these perverts off the roof.

  29. Excellent question and I can assure you that they will loudly complain about it because it’s perfectly sensible and because they have no intelligent answer.

  30. This is getting ridiculous. This mental sickness issue keeps getting bigger and bigger. If they want to compete and make it fair, then they should have competitions within a league of their own. It is cheating and should be a disqualifying factor. A male who has this illness who thinks he’s a woman, enters a women’s competition, and wins or places. This “Guy” just cheated the top natural women contenders out of their place, to which they have trained hard for, cause “He” is confused. It’s not fair to Gods creation of the natural woman.

  31. This is where the insidious social phenomenon as depicted in “Animal Farm” comes alive: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” Another dangerous example of the evil of “Newspeak” where the meaning of the word “equality” is distorted to benefit the evil desire of a few. Where are the proponents of feminism who claim to be defenders of women?

  32. What a coward that he won’t compete in his real gender. He can only beat women I guess. He certainly is NOT a woman

  33. I have not heard of a female wanting to be a male stirring up any crap or wanting to compete as a male. Only these Mama boys wanting to be a girl and competing against them. If they don’t get their way, it’s BooHoo time. Get Castrated and have your pecker removed, then you “MIGHT” be considered a female.

  34. If these guys, or what ever they are, want to be women, play your little game at home. If you want to be something other than God created you to be keep it to your own little private life. It is mind boggling way the high majority of us have to put up with this. We were designed either a boy or girl in our mothers womb by God. Who do we think we are to change our gender, as you will never be able to change your DNA. These its should keep put of sports, play their little game in the privacy of their home, don’t push it on the rest of us. Just yesterday the Islamic religion, beheaded a few men for such things. Muslims don’t except this behavior, why should we. Sick people in the head is all I can say.

  35. A grown male dog who got fixed will always be bigger and stronger than a female dog. Case closed. It is absolutely not fair.

  36. The only reason any transgender wants to complete in women’s sporting events is because he (it) isn’t good enough to compete in men’s sporting events. Now he (it) think’s there’s a chance as long as he (it) competes against the women. Don’t count on it! There are some pretty tough women out there that could beat the crap out of this freak.

  37. LOL no Brenda because in a lot of countries they would be stoned to death
    I have no problems with what they want to be but when they start demanding special rights and special protection thats where I draw the line
    you got what you wanted life with it
    my question to these trans are you pre or post op that makes a huge difference because if you still have all your equipment you are a male who just dresses

  38. The LBGT people always throw out the ‘equality’ BS. How is it equality force on the female sports scene a person who is ‘male’ by all outward appearances just because HE says HE is a she? If he wants to compete equally, then HE should compete in male competitions. After all HE has the muscle mass of a male. He has the bone structure of a male. He has the DNA of a male. Nothing in the world can change his DNA. It is totally unfair to the real women for a man to compete in their sports events.

  39. You people are clueless. The choice/necessity to transgender is not an easy one and there is a LONG process of professional evals, living as the opposite, therapies, operations and further transitioning after the actual operation. This is a legitimate medical condition, What REALLY defines gender? It is not what parts you possess. If that was the case, the woman who has a mastectomy or hysterectomy, ie., doesn’t have her “female parts”, would no longer be a woman. This is not the case; she would still identify as female. Gender is how one identifies, the roles they portray. Gender is a sociocultural issue. Sex is biological. Your labeling of transgender individuals as “freaks” is deplorable; is the woman who must go under the knife to have “the operation” now a freak? Behind all your smoke and mirrors, ignorance, and prejudices, is where the real freaks reside. Instead of condemning others [see Matthew Chapter 7, you know the Bible. Try reading what it really says and means instead if blindly thumping it.] try addressing some of the ACTUAL humanitarian issues.

  40. These leftist domination-proponents are deadset on destruction of ANYTHING traditional . . . whether it has a natural, biological or rational basis, then they abandon the cause. REMEMBER THE BOY SCOUTS (new enrollment has NEVER been so low). Victory over America as a wonderful opportunistic experiment is NEVER good enough. . . the narcissism of self-aggrandizement trumps everything else. If it ain’t broke . . . let’s break it, THEN devise a way to advantage ourselves in a newly developed “solution”. The miserable outlook on life they drag into anything they oppose or seek to destroy, has an inherent fervor towards a deceptive and illegitimate striving for “equality”. None of this is true . . . as mentioned in earlier comments, the aim is dominance and special rights, not equality. Though I’m not a weightlifting enthusiast, I certainly understand the need to keep a fault-free measuring system in place. Gumming up the works with interchangeable gender designation is just plain farcical ! As I have in stated in numerous past commentary, over and over again . . . the left and leftist thought foster an uncaring of ethics and honesty. We have entered the age of the squeaky wheel ! Four percent of our national population, with the aid of the manipulative left and their henchmen (the MSM), the LGBTQ community has bullied American into embracing unnatural, (and in my personal opinion) abhorrent behavior, of all sorts. Along with negative replacement birth rates (1.7) . . . we are destined for the self-fashioned suicide, as a nation, we just refuse to face. Again . . . WAKE UP AMERICA !!

  41. He would still the muscle mass and bone density of a man. So nothing would really change. Except that he may talk in a higher squeaky voice.

  42. Form their own damn league and leave everyone else alone! One of the glaring absurdities of the whole ‘LG….whatever’, is, that if they got their way, everyone would be like them (else why are they recruiting school children, etc), and that would signal the end of the human race. Interesting thought process!

  43. Th PC Sickness that is catering to less than 1% of people in this country, who are basically mentally ill, must be shut down immediately. All sports competitions should be based on biological and genetic sexual differences period, end of story. We spent decades testing people in the Olympics for just that reason. I do not think the rules of fairness have changed just because the LGBTQ community has become a bunch of bullying loudmouths who want special treatment.

  44. Ok I know there are a very small percent hermaphrodites but for goodness sake look between the legs and can’t anyone decide for real ? Even with Hormones you can’t change what was God-given- but of course what was a given has new evidence for other genders what a crock. but then again,when there’s no belief in God this is what you have. Thanks to the infiltration of communism (read the Communist Manifesto) what the small group prescribed to do to Western Civilization was accomplished in about 80 years. Nothing new under the sun just when are people going to take their heads out of the sand????

  45. The Special Olympics is NOT for”retards”! It is for people that have a wide variety of issues. Also, NOT ONE OF THEM CLASSIFY THEMSELVES AS A RETARD!

  46. Transgenders should compete in their own league, that will be equal. If there competing in the same sport then they can compete together.

  47. Excellent analogy! I wish more democrat voters would read a book now and then, well something other than that one written by Saul Alinsky…

  48. Why can’t they have their own competition- LBGT all women that used to be men can compete against each other & all men that used to be women can compete against each other & then if they want to compete against born men or born woman, they can.


  50. The “LGBT” movement needs to be stopped, just as strongly as abortion and Zionism need to be stopped!!!

  51. “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”
    Let’s face it; isn’t this pretty much the rule in the USA—Still after years of social struggles of various “groups”. And the present administration is only potentiating the problem in numerous ways both directly and indirectly.

  52. The he/she and his trans friends can shut down all sports as far as I’m concerned anyway. I was once an avid fan of many but the childish games being played by many turned me off long ago. This dork doesn’t need to be competing with women.

  53. EXACTLY! If a person can’t cope with reality then mental health care is needed. Period! It’s asinine for society to coddle them and feed into their mental illnesses. There is no such thing as “trans” and this shouldn’t be an issue.

  54. In this very specific, very insular, nitch (individual physical sports), I disagree with those who would have trans women competing with CIS women.

  55. To Justin Satan: That was the most disjointed and confused bit of unscientific writing I have seen in some time.. Can you NOT SEE that a man (trans) CANNOT compete FAIRLY with a Woman. Even if she is at the
    top of her gamel This form of cheating I HOPE will end soon

  56. My comments are my own. I have no scientific evidence, just an opinion. Any male athlete that enters any athletic competition against a woman is bound to win said competition because women and men are built differently from one another. That is fact. So, in a male defeating a female in a female competition, that has to be the hollowest win ever! A man beat a woman in a woman’s event?! WOW!!! If a man cannot beat another man in a man’s event or sport, does that allow him to switch sides and try to beat the women? lol It shouldn’t! I don’t give a rat’s behind what you have lopped off or added on, it doesn’t change the physical anatomy of either sex, therefore, a male competing against a female is ridiculously ignorant and unfair to the female who has given her blood, sweat and her many hours of training just to be shot down by a man who is dressed as a woman! There is something seriously wrong here, ladies and gentlemen!

  57. Applauding you Yank, absolutely correct in your thought process, libtards can’t figure it out, just put the freaks in their own category if you have to and go with the participation trophy .
    Let the flippin’ drag queens be the judge’s, and lesve the normal folks alone.

  58. Why not have different groups : male, female and transgender. Each group will compete with others who are the same. This could be applied to ALL competitions.

  59. All these sicko’s want is attention they can’t get their own competition because no one would sponsor it nor a fan base to pay for it homosexual and lesbian lifestyle is a cancer to every part of society

  60. He’s just a P*SSY who can’t compete with REAL men so he “competes” against women!!

  61. if those idiots keep up this crap, they will have to be put back in the closet again for century.

  62. The Department of Defense has different requirements for male and female members of the military so should the civilian community. If these transgender males want to compete in the women’s athletic events have them compete in their own category and let the real women compete as in the past.

  63. What a stupid and ignorant suggestion. What you are supporting is a way for the born males to eventually compete against females. Note, to all: note it is the MALES that want to invade the female’s spaces, dressing rooms, lavatory, showers, etc. Satan’s LBGTQ group want to push their sinful behavior or NORMAL males and females as God has designed.

  64. You and the sinful LBGTQ need to read your Bible. Try telling God that the SCOTUS says your sinful behavior is OK. It is written all throughout the Bible that Homosexuality is a SIN.

  65. Men who “identify” as women and compete in women’s sports are cheaters. Their “achievements” are meaningless, their records, fixed, their wins, not wins at all. They do not have the respect of real athletes of either gender because they are the worst of competitors: cheaters.

  66. NO, it is not fair. Either all men and women compete against each other or man/woman should compete with themselves, women should compete with women and men should compete with men.

  67. I support LGBTQ rights completely, because, frankly, they are simply “human rights.” But I see no obvious “human right” involving competition in some silly physical contest as the opposite sex.

  68. Actually these are men who were not good enough to compete against other men so they want to compete against women. DON’T GIVE THEM THEIR WAY!!!

  69. If the LGBTQXYZ community is so special, then whynot start your own LGBT only sporting events and compete against each other, whether man becoming woman or vice versa. Sounds fair to me.

  70. Transgender Weirdos haven’t the stature or skill to compete with real men and they have no right to compete in real women’s sports ! They are a surgical freak of nature and should be banned from all sports !
    If they want to cut off their junk and try to act like a real woman then that is their choice but they need to stay away from women’s sports !

  71. Transgenders should only compete against transgenders. It is unfair with muscle development & muscle mass to compete against females who would never have a chance of winning. It’s totally unfair and again they should compete against each other in their own sports agendas.

  72. No, gender is the same as biological sex, even for those people who are mentally ill and confused about their reality. And a womsn who has medically necessary surgeries to remove her “woman parts” still has her female DNA and of course is still a woman. A man who is mentally ill and gender confused will always be a man, no matter how many hormones, surgeries or “feeling like a woman” HE has, as his DNA will always be male. Learn actual science and actual biology, and not the hijacked psychology.

  73. perhaps like heavy weight and welterweight and others, their should be body categories, so like body type not gender against like body type using muscle mass as the dividing line.

  74. If they must compete in physical activity or sports, it should be against others like them; a third category.

  75. It is NOT a woman and it should NOT compete in the women’s division! This subhuman deserves to be MOONED and it should be legal to MOON him!

  76. Jay Cee is a man period! You can paint the barn any color you want, you can dress up the outside anyway you want but it’s still a barn. Good grief WTH is wrong with people. Biology is just that biology. Get a grip. This world has gone insane! Dogs can’t be cats and men can’t be women.

  77. No matter which way a person is “trans”ing, its unfair for that person to compete in the sport or activity of their “desired” sex instead of their biological sex.

  78. There is no such thing as a transgender woman/man! It is just some fool that had an operation removing his genitals so he could get an advantage in physical competition.

  79. This is a foolish move by the left, it is simple as “WHAT YOU HAVE BETWEEN YOUR LEGS” that matters, if this so called transgender will pull his pants down, the argument is over. If he has a vigina thats fine, if he doesn’t then he can’t play with the girls. That took only five second to determine, what’s next……+

  80. To add to the stupidity of this topic., Just look at what was passed in the House of Representative (or house of MISREPRESENTATIVES this week. They passed the INEQUALITY Act (but called it the equality act) to allow the end of women’s athletics. It certainly is not the same as co-ed teams as used in some schools or communities with lesser numbers of enrollment.

  81. The acceptance of mental ill folks will not be tolerated by normal people as normal. This will come back on the leftists –

  82. I am heterosexual, I am not phobic, I am not a hater. What do you do about the hermaphrodite that was born with both sexes as heir body. Usually, I think, one part of their sex is just there and non functioning.
    Anyway, forget sexes in sports, do it like heavyweight, lightweight, welterweight – something done by body mass, muscle tone, fat content – like against like. Girls of low muscle mass compete against guys of low muscle mass or something along the lines of body type not sex.

  83. We born females have the Obama’s to thank for this insane devil thing that they voted and put in place. Obama was the worst President ever.


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