A top rapper just sent a massive reparations demand that would cost white people big


Rap music’s favorite past-time seems to be bashing white people. 

That is one thing it seems to have in common with the radical Left. 

And a top rapper just sent a massive reparations demand that would cost white people big. 

If there is one thing that holds the Left together more than anything currently it is their hatred of white people, particularly white men.

They have been villainized as being responsible for everything that goes wrong in the world. 

And of course, they are still being held responsible for what is considered America’s original sin, slavery.

No slave, or slave-owner is alive today.

Despite this, the Left still claims that white people are benefiting from slavery and need to pay.

And rapper T.I. just came up with the solution during an interview with The Breakfast Club.

T.I. said that he is pushing for reparations to the tune of one million dollars for every descendant of slavery, at the cost of 44 trillion dollars, assumed to come from white people. 

“This is my goal,” the rapper said. “My goal is to get every black person in America that’s a descendant of slavery one million dollars, at least. That’ll take about 44 trillion. So that’s my goal, so I’m working up on 44 trillion.”

T.I., who is worth an estimated $50 million, echoed this call, which was first suggested by rapper Ice Cube.

He also said that black people should only purchase goods from other black people. 

“Everything black people spend money on, it should be a black company that provides it,” stated T.I. “If we make up for 13 percent of this nation’s population, we should make up for 13 percent of the ownership of land. We should be representing at least 13, 14 percent on boards, financial institutions, and so on and so forth. That should be persistent or consistent throughout, but it is not.”

No country in the world has done more to make up for the wrongs of slavery than the United States.

And when it comes to slavery, it is not white people who should be considered the villains, considering that it was white people who first abolished slavery, while slavery is still practiced across Africa, to the deafening silence of race-baiters like T.I. 

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