A top priest’s LGBT secret just dropped and how Pope Francis’ top allies responded will disturb you

Pope Francis

Radical LGBT activists are trying to take over the Catholic Church.

Faithful Catholics should be terrified at the progress they are making.

This is especially true after a top priest’s LGBT secret dropped and how Pope Francis’ top allies responded will disturb you.

In previous years cases of sexual misconduct in the Catholic Church have put a stain on the Church.

To rebuild trust, the Church has taken action to root out priests, and other figures in the Church, involved in such behavior.

Monsignor Jeffrey Burrill was a major player in this response.

After being elected general secretary of the U.S. bishops’ conference in November 2020, he effectively became the highest-ranking American cleric who is not a bishop.

Prior to that, he was appointed as associate general secretary of the bishop’s conference in 2016, where he helped lead the U.S. bishop’s response to the Church’s 2018 sexual abuse scandals.

But it turns out that as all of that was going on, Burrill was himself engaging in sexual acts with men, which he coordinated on the gay hookup app Grindr.

The Pillar, a Catholic publication discovered this when analyzing app data signals connected to Burrill’s mobile device.

Those signals showed him visiting gay bars and private residences while using the location-based gay hookup app, often while traveling on assignment for the U.S. bishops’ conference.

In response to being exposed, Burrill resigned from his position, as was announced by Archbishop Jose Gomez.

“On Monday, we became aware of impending media reports alleging possible improper behavior by Msgr. Burrill. What was shared with us did not include allegations of misconduct with minors. However, in order to avoid becoming a distraction to the operations and ongoing work of the Conference, Monsignor has resigned effective immediately,” Gomez said.

Perhaps most troubling in this saga is that in response to this news, Jesuit Priest James Martin responded defending Burrill.

“Priests should obviously keep their promises of celibacy. But Catholic journalists should not use immoral means to spy on priests,” Martin said. “Because what comes next? Spying on Catholic school teachers? Spying on parishioners? And where does it end – when we have a church where no one has ever sinned? The church will be empty.”

Martin is close to Pope Francis, who is a fellow Jesuit.

Earlier this month Martin, who is most known for his pro-LGBT ministry in the church, revealed that Pope Francis sent him a letter thanking him for his advocacy leading up to an LGBT conference he was leading.

Pope Francis has also appointed Martin to major roles in the Vatican, most notably as a consultant to the Vatican’s Secretariat for Communications.

The LGBT agenda is against everything the Church teaches.

Having such high-profile figures defending someone engaging in homosexual activities on church time should disturb any faithful Catholic.