A top Hollywood star just outright admitted he hates America


Despite President Trump improving the lives of millions of Americans, Hollywood hates him.

They jump on every opportunity to try to tear down his agenda.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that a top Hollywood star just outright admitted he hates America.

Late show host Stephen Colbert attacks President Trump on every one of his shows.

And he even does it when he’s in other countries.

During a recent show in New Zealand, he asked a resident if he’s proud of his country.

When he responded positively, Colbert admitted he isn’t proud of his country, stating “I miss that feeling.”

Breitbart News reports:

CBS Late Show host Stephen Colbert admitted on his recent visit to New Zealand that he is no longer proud of his country.

Cycling through the capital of Wellington on a four-wheeled bicycle, Colbert asked two New Zealanders whether they feel proud of their country.

“Oh, yeah, love that,” one of them replies, to which Stephen Colbert responds: “I miss that feeling.”

The footage comes from Colbert’s recent visit to the South-Pacific nation, segments of which he is airing on his political charged talk show.

On arrival in New Zealand, the CBS funnyman was picked up by the country’s left-wing Prime Minister Jacinda Arden. She drove him to her home for a family barbeque. Arden has previously appeared on Colbert’s show and invited him to visit her country.

During a sit-down interview with Arden, Colbert described himself as a “huge admirer” and suggested making her 2020 election campaign slogan: “New Zealand, same prime minister.”

What’s not to be proud of as an American currently?

More Americans are back at work than they have been in decades.

We are pulling out of unwinnable wars and reuniting U.S. military personnel with their families.

And ISIS is virtually completely destroyed, with their founder killing himself as the U.S. military closed in on him.

Stephen Colbert doesn’t care about any of that, and is instead so blinded by hatred for the President that he would tell people in a foreign nation he isn’t proud of his country.

What do you think of Stephen Colbert?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. Oh my. What do I think of Colbert? Leaving out some very bad curse words, it’s quite hard to give my total impression of this Leftist fool. So all I can say to Mr. Colbert is, if you hate this great nation of ours and will not recognize all the accomplishments President Trump has done. Even under all the undue pressure your Nazi party has put him through. May I suggest YOU move. Go to New Zealand or North Korea. I really don’t care!! You’re not funny. But just a buffoon that is a total loser….

  3. one question what good have you done for America/you think “resist” makes you soooo cool when really you’re just an ordinary leftist fool tool! one thing that makes America so great is the power of our vote & the peaceful transfer of power so dumb to weaken our President it only serves to weaken our country/maybe you should ask if your country is proud of you/hope you will grow up or why not stay in NZ if they’ll have y

  4. Thanksgiving is here. What will Colbert give thanks for. Maybe thanks should be given because he lives in the most free country in the world, that he has a roof over his head, food on the table, money in the bank, people that actually think he is entertaining and most important of all a God he doesn’t even know that sent His Son to die for him.

  5. Stephen Colbert: So you’re free to leave any time your little heart desires. “See ya. Wouldn’t want to be ya”.

  6. Many people fought and died for you to be free to say the anti-American words you say, it also means you are free to leave and not come back, I suggest you do that

  7. I don’t watch any show that bad mouths my country(USA).If they don’t like it,leave it.They sure like making millions of dollars though.

  8. The truth is I and all of my friends can’t stand to look at his face, the second it shows up on my screen I change the channel. Colbert’s ignorance is only out done by his total lack of any kind of talent. My advice to that fool is to get his sorry ass out of the country that I have always loved for all of my eighty eight years.

  9. Hollywood star….more like a Hollywood a hole…..not even funny….Do not like it here????? MOVE…..

  10. So, Stephen, you are no longer proud to be American? Ok, so you’re free to leave any time you wish. Please do.

    I hear Venezuela is nice this time of year. AND, they have a type of government YOU will love! When you get there, attain citizenship, go live among the people that your friends there have reduced to grovelling slaves. Eat what they eat, drink what they drink. Try to find basics like new clothes and tp if that’s possible. It’s what you want the rest of America to be!

    Then come slinking back and tell us all how proud you were to Venezuelan.

    Better hurry, your flight to Caracas leaves in an hour. Need help packing?

  11. Third rate is being pretty kind to this guy. And if he hates America so much, why doesn’t he move to New Zealand or somewhere else where he can find his “pride” in a country again.

  12. He is too ignorant to recognize what freedoms he has including the freedom to say he doesn’t feel proud of his country…
    I would be happy to see him find another country to live in and give someone else the opportunity to host the show that appreciates it and can act like a television host and other media people should act – deliver the truth and remain neutral on your your personal opinions. He is a complete waste of time and money.

  13. He is too ignorant to recognize what freedoms he has including the freedom to say he doesn’t feel proud of his country…
    I would be happy to see him find another country to live in and give someone else the opportunity to host the show that appreciates it and can act like a television host and other media people should act – deliver the truth and remain neutral on your your personal opinions. He is a complete waste of time and money. I totally agree that I would not consider him to be a Hollywood star at all!

  14. I think he needs to leave the USA, since he is not happy here, I am sure he would like some other country, that would not permit him to have the latitude that he has in the USA. Go for the first Plane, blimp or what ever flies out of the USA.

  15. Just another day in his imaginary world. This comment from another brain dead Trump hater. What is his audience made up of but others of the same ilk.It’s sad that they’re so many, maybe they should start their own country on some distant island that may tip over.

  16. I agree with mrph: if he don’t like it here,then leave, and don’t forget to take Kimmel and Meyers with him


  18. I agree with all the comments, If you hate us why are you living here??? Take your crap & leave go somewhere else. You will not be missed I don’t watch your show or any other talk shows, I think you are all Stupid Idiots
    President Trump has done wonders for Our Country My Husband is a Army Viet Nam Disabled Vet. He & Others fought to keep Our Flag flying & Keep AMERICA FREE If You Hate Us & run down Our Country then get the HELL OUT I will help you pack. You are a JACKASS!!

  19. Colbert, if you’re not proud of OUR country, and you can’t support our duly elected President, you have the right to leave anytime! “Put your money where your mouth is”, and get the hell out! I hear New Zealand is a great place – why don’t you see if they think you’re a “celebrity”, and see how successful you can be down there. Don’t let the door hit you in your ponderous ASS.

  20. Who said the clown was a star????????? There are very few stars left in Hollywood…..Just paid actors who pat each other on the back from time to time…….they are all narcissists…….they love themselves more than ANY THING ELSE…Colbert is just another left puppet…they use him for his big mouth…..

  21. CBS has underwritten Stephen Colbert and his nasty commentary. Mr. Colbert, who is paying you to destroy my Country. President Trump has not done anything Unconstitutional. Hilary exposed serit U.S. information, YOU haven’t said anything about that, the Democrats created a false investigation on the basis of False information submitted to Congress and the American people and wasted millions of dollars but you have not said one word in the DEFENCE of our President,.Are you being paid by a foreign organization of Mr. Sorens? Someone that wants to destroy our Democracy? I will not watch your show ever.

  22. Sounds like Michelle Obama. Has no sense. Doesn’t realize being proud of America has nothing to do with the President. It has to do with the individual spirit of each American. Evidently, he has done nothing to be proud of. Try this. America is not proud of you, SC.

  23. S Colbert as stated is a 3rd rate comedian. His show is not entertaining or informative. He gets laughs from the radical left for bashing Trump.
    If he doesn’t like it here, then he has enough money and should move to New Zealand where he seems to like it better.
    All of these people bash Trump and our Government but have no constructive recommendations for how they think it should be fixed.

  24. Where did that headline come from–“A Top Hollywood Star”???. He is not a star at all let alone a TOP star. My sincere wish is that the press would stop giving these Hollywood lunatics so much publicity. The newspapers every day print a list of the Hollywood “stars” celebrating a birthday that day. Who cares!! I would care more about my neighbor who might be celebrating a birthday.

  25. New Zealand may be beautiful, but no more beautiful than many of our states.
    What car is New Zealand known for? They aren’t even trying to have a known product.
    The only product I can remember is their wool from sheep in carpets.
    While the Japanese and Koreans try much harder to compete on the world’s financial/manufacturing stage and they are small countries in land mass.
    Boo – to the New Zealanders. And Colbert.

  26. I used to love t watch late night talk shows. However, over the past 3 or 4 years they have all gotten too political, I just want to laugh and enjoy the show, however all the political opinion pieces they each offer up in their monologues are not funny if you support the POTUS. So, I had no choice but just to quit watching them. Turn them off and their ratings will plummet. Steven Colbert is not the only one, they are all poitical and not funny!

  27. Have to agree with the comment that Colbert is not a Hollywood star. He’s a TV star–and a damn good one at that. And there’s more (or less?) to be proud about our country than its unemployment rate, etc. that DJT boasts about.

  28. I;m not sure he is even third rate. He sickens most of the audiences to the point only retards call him a star. Looks like whoever keeps him on the tube is nuts.

  29. Who cares what he thinks???? He’s just a third rate wanna-be comedian. Go to Iran, darling Steve, who has yet to learn how to pronounce Colbert . . .ColberT. Eschnell

  30. This fool is a jackals leave no great loss. Why don’t you take all your other late night fools with you.By the way he is not a Hollywood star.

  31. Paul,, caught his act @ the “IMPROV” in LA back in the mid ’90’s……… Half of the room got up and left.. He wasn’t funny,, just a nousy !!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Who considers Colbert a major star? He must be the only one that I know of. Colbert, if you don’t love this country, not proud of our country you can leave. Simple. Take your comic garbage and go elsewhere and don’t let the door hit your butt. Many of us would not even notice–perhaps most of us would not notice.

  33. Colbert a star? Clearly the bar is lower than last week. What does he actually do? Obviously not much based on this blog. However, maybe if we can get a few more, so called stars, who hate America we can charter a plane and take them elsewhere. They won’t be missed. Man its so boring talking about Hollywood people. Losers all of them and they believe they are the smartest on the planet. Maybe they think they are on Pluto

  34. Colbert’s problem seems to be that he believes his own crap! A blow hard who doesn’t have the personal courage to walk his own talk! A self described critic who isn’t qualified to critique anything, not even his own remarks. Who decided he was a “top Hollywood star”? If he is so ashamed of America, I personally invite him to leave and see if he can keep the door from hitting him in his butt! This guy is a true ass!

  35. Wouldn’t it be interesting if some group of people saw him in a restaurant and started shouting at him for hating America and shaming him publicly for his remarks? These people like Colbert need to understand that their public opinions can meet with resistance wherever they are….and they deserve the uncomfortable acknowledgements. Who does he think he is by benefiting from the freedoms that this country gives him, then turning on the best thing he ever had in his life? He is a legacy in his own mind.

  36. He is anything but a Hollywood star. He is a 4 star schmuck, a traitor and a very unfunny hasbeen. He should be deported to Iran. They would appreciate his anti American humor. I would rather watch paint dry than watch his pitiful attempts at humor.

  37. Don’t watch your show, so I won’t miss you at all. Where can I donate for your airline ticket to go anyplace but here in the US.

  38. Well, Colbert, why don’t you pack your bags, child???? We certainly won’t miss your whining. It’s funny just how many of these Follywood clowns whine about this country’s “failures”(to them) but you seldom, if ever, see one just pack up and leave and leave us in peace. Old saying: Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.

  39. Colbert is not a Star but this Country would be better off without him! This POS needs to leave so we don’t have to read about him ever again. Isn’t he originally from Canada?

  40. There is one reason that Comi Colbert “I miss that feeling.” does not like America.
    This “burnt out” individual is a democrat and does not contribute to society but lives off society like a scavenger.

    Just saying ….

  41. Never watched him, never will. He isn’t worth our President Trump’s you know what.
    we are so fortunate to have our Presidant at this time. He has saved us from another war, losses of more jobs, and a do nothing like Obama. They talk a good story but accomplish nothing. More taxes for what, more waste lining politicians pockets. Those idiots, group of four don’t know what they are talking about. They couldn’t add two and two without an adding machine. Work for what you want. Earn your own money. Don’t ask for others who have worked for theirs. Go to another country, see how and what they give you.


  43. This so called late night clown called cobert can love America or leave it . Screw him he’s not even funny.

  44. This so called late night clown called cobert can love America or leave it . Screw him he’s not even funny.

  45. All of you have made great comments, however i believe the solution to our problem is this, all state, counties, cities, and towns that was to refuse to honor their promise to follow the CONSTITUTION then they should loose their status and be put under possession governship with an appointed. Governor such as an high ranking military officer and all freedom of movement to other areas be stopped. They are to blame for breaking their oath. HATE has NO PLACE here in America. GOD BLESS AMERICA. As a ninety year old and a 30 year vet, i think there is no place in this country for those who can not respect this nation. Just think what just said and did not use one cus word.

  46. They all have it too good here to leave. Remember all those promises people made to move if Donald Trump became President? They are still here living in the lap of American luxury.


  48. Colbert is another “self appointed” important person & he’s not funny & has NO INFLUENCE ON ME OR MY OPINION ON ANYTHING!!

  49. Not being proud of our country is sad, but hating our country, as so many progressive Democrats do, is a real tragedy. What kind of crazy is it to call for assassinating our President? What is with the modern domestic terrorists in black KKK outfits? These people are off the rails.

  50. Watched his show once for about five minutes. He’s funny as a broken crutch. Don’t like the USA? Then go…anywhere but please go.

  51. I heard they pay people to attend his shows…ha ha ha! I think everyone who commented here would gladly help him pack!

  52. Old Floppy Ear needs to leave OUR country. We don’t need loser’s like him here. Isn’t he from Canada? If so, go back!

  53. If I was Donald Trump .I say Stephen Colbert is a terrorist and a threat to our country.And kick him out..Where he can love whatever he wants.Just get out of here

  54. AND don’t forget Barbra Streisand, DiCaprio & Rosy O’Donnell and a bunch others; they won’t leave cause they couldn’t make as much money in other countries! Wish I could print what I really feel but as they say what goes around comes around. They will get theirs…………

  55. he’s a typical liberal Hollywood prick making big bucks from the system he hates. they are all a bunch of in grate phonies, let them move the hell out of the country

  56. I agree, Connie. I wish they were all gone, but here only to keep stirring the pot. I don’t watch any late night shows, don’t like any of them. I won’t lower my standards to trash like this on TV. I like the old comedies from long ago which make sense and believe it or not, there are many more people doing the same thing. Heck with this trash on TV. I have quit watching most of the shows of “Today” cause they are just plain stupid like the networks are too.

  57. What’s this low lifes name again? Is he on the terrorist list so I can see what he looks like? He is and always has been a loser. He’s ugly on the outside and the inside. I’m all for putting him and others on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean and see how long they all last. Bet no longer than a day. They’d kill each other off.

  58. He’s so INSANELY STUPID he’s not worth commenting on . . ‘Nuff said. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  59. To think…I once thought this turd entertaining…Have not watch him since he became a liberal, that’s been a couple years now at least…won’t watch him anymore….He should butt buddy up with Kaepernic…Neither belongs in America….If they hate the USA so much, leave…..It’s that simple, as are they.

  60. I was born in 1953, and America in my first 9 years The USA was both the world’s greatest, and richest Nation.Almost no one Heard about people having Drug Problems. The Divorce rate was under 20%, Few People were gay, and unemployment was really perhaps 3% total, because the numbers of the disabled was so low.Every Sunday, Churches were full, and most people had this fear of God. In many places you can leave the door to your home unlocked, For the most part, people treated each other with Respect except the blacks , People feared the Lord. Today they do not even know him. Even the so Called Christians. They only know that their pastors tell them. The political Parties had differences, but when bills needed to be passed they would meet together and negotiate what was usually the Best Laws for the People. Today, we have Hatred. You have an anti-Christ for a President whose job is to divided us as bad as he can.It takes 2-3 jobs today to earn a living. I find few people that love America, because people do not love other People. The USA will soon be destroyed, period

  61. Hey, mrph. What America Doesn’t Need Is Another 4 Years Of A CONCEITED, SMUG FACED, SMIRKING, STUPID SICKO & A PISS ASS PIG Like d trump!

  62. He is free to leave and move to New Zealand or any other country. I do not watch his program because on The Daily Show he was a comedian, but now he has turned into another political hack. His sophomoric humor is only rivaled by Jimmy Kimmel who is also a comedian gone politcally askew.

  63. well i’m older than you and did two tours in nam.got out of the service went to school and worked at the same time.worked my way up the ladder and became a mechanical engineer for over 27 years before retiring at age 64.please look up the statistics on how many people work more than 2 or more jobs and you will find that it’s only 10% of the workforce.it’s one thing to say that most people work two or more jobs but idiotic without evidence.if you’re one of them then i don’t feel sorry for you as you probably have just a high school education.so now it’s trump’s fault right?you liberals are all the same blaming trump for all the nation’s ills.where is the new trade agreement with mexico and canada?yes siree bob sitting in the do nothing democrat congress!ples don’t insult our intelligence!

  64. I don’t consider Colbert a comic; he is a propagandist. Nowhere near a 3rd rate comic!
    Just like other “celebrities” out to make a headline or news item, he will say things like
    that but won’t follow through and LEAVE.
    Alec Baldwain
    Rosey O’Donald
    Barbara Streissand

  65. steveo: Thank you sir. Your comment is spot on. Why fred A. comes on this site is beyond me. Most times all he does is call President Trump the anti-Christ. Which I find so amusing because that’s how I and many others refer to Obama! He truly is the anti-Christ….

  66. are you describing yourself? sounds like it.
    I could list a number if invective’s here but then you already know them every time you put on your makeup.

  67. Colbert needs to be exiled to K. Korea or China. I’m sure he would be much happier there and I would certainly be happy to get rid of the stupid pos..

  68. The wonderful thing about America is that you can always leave. Feel free to renounce your citizenship at any time. We’ll do fine without you.

  69. I remember years ago a man said he hated America and spent the rest of his life aboard a ship going from port to port. This is history.

  70. Along the lines of “my country, right or wrong,” conservatives disdain anyone critical of the United States. Liberals take the stand, “My country, when right (correct) to be kept right (correct) and when wrong to be corrected.” Liberals might see the flaws in our country, but believe in the First Amendment freedoms which allow us to change things. Few conservatives, however, acknowledge that both the right **and the left** are necessary in American politics.

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

  71. steveo…You have insulted me. I am a college graduate and working two jobs. I don’t sit in a cushy office and make millions So what is wrong with manual labor? It may not pay as much but it pays the bills.

  72. Vasu, NOT ONE THING you say the dem party should support is good for America. NOT ONE. The dem party is against everything this country stands for. PLEASE MOVE to the commie country of your choice

  73. I Guess the Dumb A.. Misses the Highest food stamps ever(I Needed them when the Hoax was in office),The High Unemployment(Worst years of my Life,LOST EVERTHING),the Low EMployment,High Poverty And On and on and on…. I Mean,We Must live in Twilight Zone where we Even HAVE people like Him and ALL the Other F…… Morons on the left and the Useless dem.party.I Mean it’s like a pile of dog crap and a Gold bar on a table you could choose and keep.And THEY would pick the dog Crap!!Iiiii Just DON’T Understand these these Upsidedown-Backwards F…… People!!????

  74. Hey Little Stevey, you’re just another NESTING COCKROACH, that comes out of your SEPTIC TANK, to bad mouth America. Quite frankly you should be hung by a Tree on the south lawn of the White House, until DEAD.

  75. Someone once said “People hate the ones that make them feel their own inferiority”. Colbert is an inferior, decadent fool. What he fails to understand is that Hate corrodes the vessel it resides in.

  76. A Foul mouthed “lady” like you & others of your elk & that moron that have chips on their shoulders who will always besmirch others >> are the ones we don’t want if need – sinuf you don’t like GO AWAY, ANYWHERE????????

  77. LEAVE NOW! YOU MAKE BIG BUCKS OF OF YOUR HATRED OF OUR PRESIDENT! Do us a favor! PLEASE LEAVE!!! AND DON’T COME BACK! You’re a Deranged Individual who needs Psychiatric Meds!!! WE WON’T MISS YOU AT ALL!

  78. The JERK needs to go somewhere else to live, apparently this country has made him a lot of money, but he’s to stupid to appreciate that fact.

  79. First of all his name is NOT col-bear. It’s col-b-e-r-t. This isn’t France. And everything else about him is just as pretentious as that.

  80. Betty,
    Your profanity speaks for itself; Perhaps, if you listened to other News outlets you would have a broader vocabulary. Then again, there is no hope for your thought process; just start taking your meds.

  81. To put it bluntly, I’ve always viewed Colbert as a total Jackass. Without his nightly attacks on President Trump and his family, he would have no dialogue all. Colbert should thank God he lives in the United States where he has the pleasure of free speech, because in other countries this type of talk against the President WOULD NOT BE TOLERATED.

  82. Colbert is no star, not even a good comedian, the reason his name as been prominent is because he is constantly bashing the president, if he hates America so much let him find some other country to live in he will not be a great loss to America and he won’t be an asset to the country that he would move too because it would only take a few weeks for him to find someone there to start bashing

  83. Another fervent disciple of the ex Secretary of State (of Benghazi fame), one of the highest offices in the USA, requiring TOP security clearance, who by their OWN admittance, was too STUPID to know that “C” on official documents meant CLASSIFIED/CONFIDENTIAL…obviously also is incapable of understanding that there was NO DNC “hack” as the transfer speed of the data precluded any such thing….it was a DOWNLOAD…and cannot grasp the fact that Obama, on this spurious contention, launched Russiagate to deflect the resulting Wikileaks, which incidentally have NEVER been debunked, “dump” on Hillary…which morphed into the fraudulent Mueller inquiry….and supports the real “sickos” that call for “open borders”…No Borders = No Country and those who would circumvent the “spirit and intent” and even call for the outright abolition of the Electoral College…No College = No Constitutional Republic…and oblivious to the fact that if $80,000.00+/- in ads by “Russian” interests during the 2016 campaign, all of which were NOT of political significance as reported by Facebook, somehow affected the voting, that these “Russians” would be the most sought after political campaign managers on the ENTIRE planet…

  84. Auhhhh Stevie. You don’t like it here? Tell ya what…you & Joy Bayhar have a baby in a country of your choice. If it’s a boy, name him Barack & if it’s a girl, name her Whoopi.
    Colbert you have so much misplaced pride you don’t know which end is up. You’re an apologist & a hypocrite just like former Prez. BO. The traitorous cowardly due-nothing race divider. Include his bastard ‘wife’ Michael.

  85. Any time one tunes by this frothing-at-the-mouth sick lunatic he is bad-mouthing the president. Perhaps North Korea would accept him. Kim would take care of his problem. Three years of this raving has made him as deranged as the rest of the left.

  86. He is free to leave any time. Maybe he is just a blowhard as those others that were to go when Trump git in. They still love the milk and honey here.

  87. See, the great thing about this country is if you don’t like it you can pack your s— and leave. I wonder what other country would pay this moron for his BS views and not tell him to shut up!! Its disrespectful a holes like this jackass who get all the press. The “good” people don’t get heard!!

  88. Betty you are either a troll or a programmed loon spouting Prog. Libtard hate that you’re told too but you don’t understand why. In a poll of Hillary supporters by the PEW Research Group; the question asked was “Why do you dislike the current President”? The Women & a couple of Men said what you did. The next question was “Why, can you give an example”? NONE of them could! Those that tried to imagine some issue to answer, the pollster asked them to elaborate. The person just degraded into a mumbling mess & couldn’t answer the question.
    Betty, I’m a conservative & respect your right to free speech w/o consequence. That right was granted you by White Men w/ Christian beliefs after witnessing the dysfunction of late 17th century Europe & it’s continuation into the 18th w/ no or little improvements for the people. They didn’t want that for their new nation & that included Women. Of course, w/ freedom, some Men will make bad choices. That’s human nature. Women do the same.
    With regards to your opinion of Trump, that’s your right. But I ask you; if you’re not a troll; to ask yourself, ‘what reason do I have to say the things I say’? Find a quiet place, alone. Maybe watching a fountain at the mall or sitting on a park bench next to the shoreline of a pond watching a Goose & her brood floating by w/ the Gander in the rear protecting the gaggle. Ask yourself, ‘Are these really my opinions, why do I feel this way, do I have a reason to feel this way? If you’re honest w/ yourself Betty, maybe you’ll find what you might be hoping you wouldn’t find.

  89. He is just a idiot. One does not have to like Trump……but as a American you have to respect his position. Even if you are to dumb to realize he is good for our country. Be an American……period.

  90. He should have been kept out when returning to customs. His kind are cowards! He would yell plenty if he were locked out. He would be a big baby crying to get back! Comedian names him wrong! He is not funny but sick!!

  91. Well it took a really long time for BETTY to finally shut her mouth. All I can say about this big mouth woman is you have to remember YOU CANT FIX STUPID.

  92. Betty, first wash your mouth out with soap, then go to your room & don’t come out until you have something intelligent to say… & while you’re in there you may as well start packing given you’re obviously part of America’s problem

  93. The Dems have succeeded in dividing our country into two camps. Unfortunately for Colbert he buttered the wrong side of his bread. I’m afraid that the left will never come around seeing that there was a mighty wrong committed against this president. Sad and unfortunate for them.

  94. Absolutely. Colbert is a demented leftist. He is not funny. He should take his millions and move to one of the majority Muslim countries.

  95. Colbert is an ass. He is assuredly not a Hollywood star, best described as a “never was.” He’s one of a group of pathetic comedians or talk show hosts (Kimmel, Maher e.g.) who have no real talent. Only in America could he and such individuals prosper as they have.

  96. I agree, Colbert has little talent but it is amazing the money the networks pay these people. I have watched his show maybe a total of 10 minutes in my life and will never get the time back.

  97. Simply put, I agree with everything you said, and I’m looking for ways to stop this madness, which was started by Obama and Hillary, and the Democratic Party before our greatest President ever was elected. They are so mad that he got elected, and might have a chance to stop some of their corruption, they are willing to do anything, legal or not to get another Swamp creature in the Oval Office. Their hate, Racism, and greed are ruining our country. I hope and pray Americans stand up for our country in 2020, and not only reelect President Trump, but vote out dozens of these crazed Democrats, particularly the so called Squad!

  98. Isn’t this clown the guy with the weird ears who is a paid late night performer………I heard he is terrible……these so called Hollywood people just praise each other……he is certainly not a star….uses cheap nasty jokes to get attention… a left puppet,

  99. Shut up stupid! He’s done more for the American people than the last 3/4 presidents put together! Dumbasses like you are who’s ruining this country

  100. Stephen Colbert, is a degenerate to denounce America. IF he feels New Zealand is better, then, he, can move. Being an American and verbally degrading the country shows lack of intelligence.

  101. The way I see it. Love it or leave it. His show should taken off the air and he should be locked up or exciled from this Great country.

  102. Calling this guy a hollyweed star is about like calling a mosquito an F18 Super Hornet. Hollywood Star???? Gimme a break. Hey Colbert, if you’ll take the plane ride and promise to never come back (ever), I’ll buy the ticket.

  103. First of all, Colbert is not a star. He is just a T. v . host..I’m surprised C.B.S .keeps him employed,because he hates the U.S. That must mean C.B.S. Don’t like it here either! They are paying him to degrade our country & our president. He should be removed as a host. Never watched his show because all he has for guests are negative democrats against our president. I guess they will have to suffer for another four years. Go Trump 2020 !

  104. I used to think Colbert was funny. He also claimed he didn’t want anyone to know his true political stance. Now we see his true colors. Don’t fine him funny anymore. He is a traitor and a demented Hollywood liberal like so many of the rest.

  105. I’ve never watched him, but I don’t get it. If he, you, or anyone else doesn’t like this country, why not just leave? I’m sure no can force you to stay.


  107. He’s done more for this country than your pair of liars Obozo ,nad anything that London imdicile Killary you like so much!

  108. So,if he hates America & denegrates our country why is he still here…. All people that HATE AMERICA
    need to leave NOW!

  109. Amen. I also notice he’s always hiding somewhere he can’t be touched behind guns of others to spew his BS. Never does he do it where he can be held accountable.

  110. Your comment is, among many other things, is the kind of thing which caused me to leave the party of slavery and the KKK after JFK; the last Democrat POTUS that cared about America and the Constitution. There is no logic to the left’s thought process, and that brings us “unintended consequences” at every turn. The left is filled with hypocrisy.

    For decades, We the People called for leadership and accomplishment from our government. Trump was elected because he was an outsider. He was elected because neither party could field the politician We the People called for. And, Trump has followed through on his promises even in the face of the continuous false flag attacks. Trump has done more for the citizens of this country in his short 3 years than Democrats have ever thought of doing during Obama’s tenure, Clinton’s tenure, etc., back to Reagan’s presidency. And what he has accomplished are things the people wanted done, not something forced upon We the People.

  111. New Zealand is so famous for being boring and the only product I can remember them having is sheep’s wool.
    And that is grown in RURAL areas much like our peaceful RURAL areas that supported Trump and have old-fashioned values like LOVE of Church, LOVE OF COUNTRY, but not much manufacturing. No car brand to speak of in New Zealand.
    I doubt the whole world would depend on their military for protection.

  112. My, my,my , Bety dear ; sure are showing your Democratic liberal ignorance aren’t you. Best stick to something other than making really dumbass statements.

  113. He rates below the garbage men. He can leave and would not be missed with the rest of Folloywood fools. I will stand proud of our president.

  114. I’ll speak to you in your low class language so you’ll understand. Get your fkn ash out of the country–I have never watched your show and you are not by far a unholywood star. A [iece of NY trash and your real name is schitt.

  115. Any and all of the late night show hosts should get on a boat and choose whatever country they wish to live in if they don’t like it here. They have a choice, stay and be grateful of what they have earned and been given in this country; or, get out and stay out and see how it is to live in a country where you are not able to open your big mouth and bash your country, president and other Americans. They are all bluster and no action. Talk is cheap, just like them! Colbert is not only a traitor to his country, but his faith as well. God have mercy on their souls because they will need it!

  116. Who is this Colbert? Don’t know why I should watch his show. he lies and insults President Trump to make a living. He has nothing beyond that.
    He does not deserve to live in this country, he should stay out of the United States of America. Hollywood? They should go with him also.

  117. Yes Richard 4 more years. Trump haters will 4 have more years to be miserable, and they call us deplorable. Yes you are also right about CBS not liking our country. You can include ABC NBC and the king of Fake news CNN.

  118. Maybe he can stay there if he so unhappy with America. Seems a lot of Hollywood said they would leave if Trump was elected. Why are they still here

  119. If you only love something when you get your way, you aren’t much of a “lover.” I loved my country through 3 of the worst presidents in our history. Jimmy Carter, (who I voted for the 1st time) Bill Clinton and Barach Obama. I am happy we have a President who puts our country first even against the adversity he has to put up with daily. And why are all these Catholics like Colbert, Pelosi, Biden, Cuomo, etc opposing their own church’s standing on issues? What ever happened to excommunication?

  120. Garbage men keep us healthy and disease-free. We would be like California without them. Please give respect where respect is due.

  121. Totally agree…not a super star…no star at all but a jerk who happens to have a late night show which no one watches…if he hates America, why does he stay here and reap all the benefits? Find another country you idiot.

  122. So where EXACTLY in this article is Steven Colbert QUOTED as “hating America”? I never once saw where he or the generic “celebrity” that your title cites ACTUALLY says that they “hate America”. Please stop with the sensationalistic headlines followed by LIES in your articles. I hate conservative articles acting like CNN almost as much as I hate Colbert. Report FACTS, not hearsay.

  123. Hillary the bag lady lost big time. Get over it. The people have spoken. The lib owned TV news and printed press tried to push the bag lady but we didn’t want her or her pervert husband anywhere near the white house again.

  124. I think Colbert’s discontent stems from an unhappiness in his own personal life. I bet he suffers from depression.
    He needs to stop behaving like a victim.


  126. Paul, I agree. The late shows and so-called comics on television are losers. Stephen Colbert is a “Legend in his own Mind” and Jimmy Kimmel is in the same class. Late night comics can not hold a candle to Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, Merv Griffin or Dave Letterman. Who ever told them that they were funny?

  127. Colbert is no great Hollywood star and if he hates America so much he needs to pick a country he likes, apply for citizenship and get the hell out of the US, he won’t be missed by any one except the leftist, he won’t leave the US because he will not get a cushy job making the same kind of money he makes by bashing Trump, also no other country will put up with him when he starts bashing someone in that country the way he gets away with bashing Trump, wonder what he will do after the next president takes over

  128. A. Colbert is NOT a star.
    B. If he was he would still be considered just another ignorant ( fill in body part of choice).

  129. If he is so anti America then they should deny his passport as a American citizen and leave his ass there in that country

  130. I really don’t have too much knowledge of colbert, as I don’t watch his show. I do know that he is not very funny. Also, if he doesn’t like America, than why doesn’t he stay in New Zealand ? He would be doing himself and American late-night tv viewers a big favor.

  131. If he’s so unhappy here, he should leave this wonderful country. Let him try his ‘stupid form’ of comedy in another country.
    He should kiss President Trump in Macy’s window. He was on his way out until he started poking fun at Trump, winning over the libtards.

  132. Amen! Colbert is an ass…He is in a position he could do so much to help heal this country with his program and connection to the media. Why do people come here? And Why do people stay here who claim to hate this country so bad…. Leave ! The likes of you are not wanted or welcome here…..Go where you will be happy!

  133. The “Donald” is not a politician. He is a businessman. I don’t like the way he talks but at least you know where he is coming from and thus respond accordingly. Politicians can talk so well they could sell your mother w/o you knowing it. And it is really all about the economy. U.S.A is doing quite well economy wise. When the living is easy, people are happy. There is something mentally wrong w/people who remains unhappy when the living is easy

  134. Steven Colbert is a liberal but also may be an atheist. He probably does not say Christmas but may say happy holiday. I myself don’t know one conservative that hates liberals as much as the left hate conservatives. Steven C. is feeding the “HATERS” of his audience all of his “Democrap” lies. They just love to digest the funny mean spirited and degrading jokes about our President. The only remedy to hatred is to for them. Satan love’s ill informed people because they are easy prey. Once he’s got them, to the fiery pit they go. People that believe the election was rigged will soon find out the truth after death in the spirit world. The President won fairly. It was Hillary’s people that were cheating, being deceitfulness, greedy, angry, full hatefulness because they didn’t Want Trump to win. That is how she lost the election. To this day they are continuing to shed pathetic tears and continue with anxiety and hatefulness. They must be suffering from, heart palpations, migraines, high blood pressure, arthritis, !Americans are smarter than she thinks. The so called “deplorable” conservative voters have a keen sense of truth, honesty, ethics, character and the good conscience to vote for the best and worthy candidate. The winner was DONALD Trump! 2 1/2 years ago and the Democrapts are still trying their hardness to get rid of him any way their devious, lying, conspiratorial souls can think.

  135. one of the reasons why I no longer
    believe in the democrat movements
    2 Washington Post
    3 NY times
    4 Hollywood (S jerk Colbert)
    all of the above enjoying DT tax breaks

  136. stop talking about your mother like that you douchebag. Colbert another piece of shut. he’s not funny at all, half ass so called comedian. go back to Canada you big Suzy.

  137. Brad I think you should leave the country for what it is worth. Sorry to see you have been sucked into the Cult of tRUMP Personality.

  138. DJ if he is an American citizen he has the right to voice his opinion same as you. if you don’t like him to bad maybe YOU SHOULD GET THE FU–OUT. I don’t know you so I don’t hate you.

  139. Kaperdick and colbert and any one that does not like this country. 1 way ticket to Iran armed with an AK-47. Goes for all the squad members. While at it ,schiff, puglosie and her flying monkey schummer can go too..

  140. The “good old USA” would be so much better off without all the loud mouth fools that scream their hate & how much they hate America! So IF you actually hate this country so much LEAVE IT and go live in the country of YOUR choice. Give up all the freedoms you have {even the one to scream your hate!}, & all the money you are paid for your third rate comedy. Can’t do it can you? Otherwise you & all the other so-called Hollywood idiots that scream the same thing would be long gone!! Take all the Trump haters with you. We are all sick of seeing the people like you that are so consumed with hate that their faces are actually wrenched with hate!! I pity people like you! It must be a terrible life you live that hate & anger is all you think of!!! Try going to a VA hospital sometime & see the disabled blown apart vets. Or go to a children’s hospital & visit the cancer patient’s that are dying. Or just visit & sit with a 90 yr. old that can tell you all about life in this wonderful country. I pray that you think about the shame you are bringing upon yourself with your hate!!!!!!!

  141. Right on I can spot them a block away they have that constipated look on their faces as its so terrible to live in this country

  142. Colbert does NOT have to stay in America ! he is more than welcome to leave any time . but notice he doesn’t leave. that Should tell you something . His opinion is Not welcome and his rating have dropped, Wish he would leave. he has NEVER served for this country , but gains from it prosperity . this guy make me sick .

  143. Well Said, Lynn, what the hell is wrong with these people?
    I think they are all possessed by the devil. Go to Australia, good riddance.

  144. Betty is really Bubba living in his Mommy’s basement-wearing her bras and panties when she’s out of the house. He goes by Betty cause it makes him feel like a woman.

  145. If Stephen hates the USA tell him to get the hell out. Buy him a one way ticket to a Muslim country where he would have no free so , he’d have no voice on a late show in Iran or other places that dictators rule. So GO get the hell out we don’t want you here. Has Stephen always been an A-Hole or has it just come upon him all of a sudden. Guess what Stephen you’d be missed by your momma about five minutes and I doubt it would be that long and We the People wouldn’t care for one second that you’re gone. Even your Hollywood so called stars wouldn’t even know your were gone and oh ya take Alec Baldwin and Robert De Niro with you to because Hollywood even know your gone. Your Hollywood types are full of yourselves. You think your big , famous, and you even think your Hollywood types care about you but you never even think of you until you make and ass out of yourself and even then your just a blimp on their mind and then your gone. That old devil has very warm accommodations ready for your type the Hollywood elites in hell. There you’ll have no voice. You’ll burn 24-7 365 for ALL ETERNITY. I don’t think you’ll like it. The only way to escape death, hell and the LAKE of FIRE is to get your life right with God. You must be born again and receive Jesus Christ into your heart and life or you’ll burn in the lake of fire for ALL
    ETERNITY. I don’t care for you yet I’m willing to show you the road map to Jesus Christ and show you what you must do to be born again and what you have to do to have eternal life in Heaven. To go to hell just keep living just the way you and the Hollywood elites are living and hell will be your final destination for ALL ETERNITY .
    Heaven or Hell YOU CHOOSE !
    You can drop me a line here or email me at
    [email protected]

    Even though the Hollywood elites think they’re better then us Republicans who Love our President And our country our vote counts too. No matter who hates us I’m still willing to share the good news of the Bible with them. Even if I don’t like what they say or what they stand for I Love them
    ( YOU ) enough to tell them what they have to do to be saved. Jesus Christ tells us to love others as He has loved us. That will never change. If you read this let’s talk. Heaven or Hell YOU CHOOSE !!!!!!!

  146. Stephen Colbert has every right to appear every weeknight on national television and make a fool of himself. It’s his God-given
    right as a free citizen of the United States.
    So, let him. I certainly won’t stand in his way.
    And if you find him so offensive, don’t watch him- and watch his show go right down the drain.
    After all, television is all about the ratings, isn’t it?


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