A top Democrat just announced the first step in his plan to outlaw Christianity


Democrats are becoming bolder than ever in their war against Christianity.

They truly hate anybody who follows the Word of God.

And a top Democrat just announced the first step in his plan to outlaw Christianity.

There are a lot of people in America today who identify as “Christian,” while being far from it.

These people support completely immoral practices like abortion and gay marriage.

And Rep. Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke just came out and said that any church that doesn’t support gay marriage should have their tax exempt status revoked.

Fox News reports:

Democratic presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke says he’d strip churches of tax-exempt status if they don’t support same-sex marriage.

When the former Texas congressman was asked if religious institutions — “colleges, churches, charities” — should be stripped of tax-exempt status Thursday night by CNN anchor Don Lemon during the LGBTQ town hall, he immediately responded, “Yes.”

“There can be no reward, no benefit, no tax break for anyone or any institution, any organization in America, that denies the full human rights and the full civil rights of every single one of us,” he said. “So as president, we’re going to make that a priority, and we are going to stop those who are infringing upon the human rights of our fellow Americans.”

In O’Rourke’s “Plan to Pursue Equality for LGBTQ+ People and Ensure They Can Live Openly Without Fear of Discrimination or Violence,” he lists reversing the Trump administration’s “attempt to expand religious exemptions in order to enable discrimination or harm others.”

He adds, “Freedom of religion is a fundamental right, but it should not be used to discriminate.”

While cutting off tax-exempt status is bad enough, his plan sets up a dangerous system ripe for abuse.

With the Left becoming more and more restrictive on what they consider “hate speech,” O’Rourke seems to want to list those Christians that he deems as “hateful” in order to punish them.

It is only a matter of time before some Left-wing maniac like O’Rourke uses that same list to punish churches that preach against homosexuality.

Or manipulates the tax code or some arcane regulation to penalize folks who don’t agree with their radical Leftist agenda.

Do you believe in religious liberty?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


  1. Of course I believe in religious liberty. Isn’t that what our country was founded on? But this Beto O’Rourke is nothing but a fake, a fool,a phony, and a liar.So why would anyone with a brain listen to him? The Leftists may want to turn our country into part of the NWO , and try to get rid of the Christians that live here. But my faith and beliefs are with my Lord and I truly believe HE will intervene and not let evil prevail. Please pray for our country and President Trump….

  2. Liberals argue separation of church and state prevents theocracy and religious tyranny. Conservatives argue (the other side of the coin!) it also means the government and nonparishioners cannot interfere in ecclesiastical affairs. In one of his broadcasts from 2004, Sean Hannity warned his conservative audience of a future in which churches which fail to recognize same-sex marriages lose their tax exempt status.

    The apostle Paul wrote in I Corinthians Chapter 7:

    “It is good for a man not to touch a woman, but because of prevailing immoralities, let every man have his own wife and let every woman have her own husband.

    “The husband must render to his wife the obligations that are due her, and similarly the wife to her husband…

    “Do not deprive each other, except by mutual agreement for a time to devote yourselves unhindered by prayer; and come together again, so that Satan may not tempt you on account of your lack of self-control.”

    (The apostle Paul’s words here suggest regulated or restricted sexual activity, even within marriage! Augustine and Aquinas taught sex is intended only within marriage and only for procreation.)

    “I say this by way of concession, not as a regulation. I wish all were as I am (celibate), but each person has his own gift from God, the one in this direction, the other in that.

    “To the single and the widows, I say that it is good for them to remain as I am (celibate); but if they cannot restrain their passions, let them marry, for it is better to marry than to burn (with desire).

    “To the married couples I command — not really I but the Lord — that the wife must not leave her husband; and in case she does separate, she must either stay single or make up with her husband. And the husband must not divorce his wife.

    “…if the unbeliever wants to separate, let there be separation…”

    (Jesus forbade divorce, except in the case of unfaithfulness. And here we see Paul forbidding divorce, except in the case of an unbeliever demanding separation!)

    “Regarding the unmarried I have no divine injunction, but as one who has received mercy from the Lord to be trustworthy, I give my opinion… it is good for a person to remain in his present situation.

    “Are you united to a wife? do not seek release. Are you unattached to a woman? Do not seek a wife. But in case you marry, you do not sin; nor does the unmarried woman sin if she marries…

    “The single person is concerned with the Lord’s affairs, how to please the Lord, but the married person is concerned with things of the world, how to please his wife; he has divided interests.

    “The unmarried woman or the virgin is interested in the Lord’s affairs, that she may be dedicated to Him in body and spirit; but the married woman is concerned with things of the world, how she may please her husband.”

    “I mention this for your own good, not to throw a rope around you but to promote proper behavior and undisturbed devotion to the Lord.”

    I’ll take the conservative Christian opposition to LGBT rights seriously when they condemn birth control, divorce, and fornication just as strongly.

    • Here goes this lunatic Vasu again. That idiot can’t get a message across without writing an entire book. Nobody bothers to even read his stupidity but he continues to make himself look like the idiot he is.

      • That one again! I don’t read or pay any attention to Vasu as well as O’Rourke! If there is a just God, he will come down on Beto like ugly on an ape because he deserves a little humbling!

    • Claiming we don’t doesn’t mean we don’t. You act as though you can formulate your own thoughts, but the garbage statement at the end reveals you have NO idea of the mind of Christians. You’re just too lazy to seek where we are! You’re exactly like Herod! You parrot Satan.

    • I no longer read your diatribes. The written diarrhea that you spew stinks. Time you got a life and stopped invading conservative websites, where you gets your kicks while hiding behind a nom de plume in your parents basement

        • Vasu, you quote the Bible but have no clue what it teaches and it is all just words to you. When are you going to apply what you read?? Until you do, you cannot grasp who Jesus is or who Paul is.

    • Vasu, you have no clue at all of the truth. There is no such thing as separation of church and state. You know no more about our history than you do the Bible, which is absolutely nothing at all. GO AWAY!!!!!!! You are not wanted here. We know the truth that you deny.

  3. This is not about being religious or a parishioner, it’s about destroying our country. Just because a certain individual didn’t get elected. So they are attacking anything and every thing to get the president out of office. Anyone who believes what the left is saying have their head buried in the sand. Our country was built on Christianity and we have survived for almost 300 years. If we let these evil people take our country away from us, our for fathers, if they were here today would be so upset, they would be contemplating a new war for independence. That is why our constitution is written the way to prevent this. It gives you the right to redress and correct the wrong that is being committed.

  4. Why is he even in the news. First of all he would be in his grave if he tried this crap. Is he gay or just wanting to make people believe he has such powers. lmao

  5. In Canada bill C16 already gives the government these powers, freedom of speech? Only until someone considers it hate, then watch out our way out human rights tribunal will destroy you.

  6. how can anyone listen to any of these dim-o-craps? free everything for illegals and aoc says we are racists for not giving illegals welfare, free housing and everything free. put them above americans. how in the name of god could anyone vote for a dim-o-crap at any level?

  7. LBGTQ makes up about 3.5% of the population. The rest of us should take a lesson from them. The dysfunctional squeaky wheel makes the most noise. The most noise gets the most grease. Yet as conservatives, we never protest en block. There is still power in numbers as we see by the Hong Kong protests. It’s time to wake up before we are stripped of all our civil rights. One of the worst things that happened to collective populist power was the introduction of the mandatory payroll tax withholding system. The government gets paid first and the government gets to do what it wants with our money. It’s time to re-visit taxation without representation. LBGTQ does not represent mainstream thinking. Don’t ask. Don’t tell. Mind your own business and leave the rest of us alone.

  8. Beto,
    Why are you still in the race. The only thing I can think of is that you like hearing the dumbass crap that comes out of your mouth. If you try doing a handstand I believe the crap coming out that hole will be a whole lot more intelligent, at least you were sitting and giving that brain a chance to think. Go away already.

  9. So should democrats decide they wish to live without God, so be it. What Betos does not recognize or respect is God. He wishes to push immorality which is a stone in every American shoe that walks with God, but walk I will. Does this mean if using the same standards, there should be no democrats allowed to legislate if they disagree with the Constitution which the Republicans believe in. Or visa versa? Does my disagreeing with immorality strip me of my beliefs in God’s house? Will I also be restricted in my Conservative views of being pro-life because you are anti-life? What about liberal colleges verses conservative colleges. Should the Federal Government deny liberal colleges funding for students who do not align with my beleifs? You do see where this could go, right? You do recognize a New World Order. A realm for Satan to rule. You wish to reduce iur society to Sodom and Gomorrah. Immorality in the name of sameness.

  10. Well folks; Beto has finally done it! He has out-liberaled/radicaled all of the other demos by out stupiding them. It isn’t over, however. We shall see if the next demo running for president can possibly out-stupid Beto. Btw, the only reason Beto has gotten this far is because he looks like a Kennedy. I am sick of these demos resurrecting the Kennedy’s. Let them rest in peace.

  11. The spirit of Antichrist is in the world. Everyday we hear his voice through people. Them that are not belonging to Jesus The Christ of The Almighty God.

    It is the human rite to believe and to serve their religious belief or lack of. The governing authorities cannot change the God of creation. Claiming Christianity does not a Christian make!


  12. ALL ALL ALL Democrats THAT BELIEVE IN THE DEMOCRAT PLATFORM are serving the Devil!!!!!!!Your fate is sealed as the devil.s is in ETERNAL Damnation in the lake of fire!! You might as well join in witches ceremonies, demonic organizations. Killing babies, illegal is legal,perverted hollywood are your leaders,the word of God and God himself is attacked EVERYDAY! YOU WILL BE DEFEATED IN THE END PLEASE THINK ABOUT WHO IS GUIDING YOU AND CHANGE!!!!!!Not all republicans deserve to be voted in . Look at what the person and THE ORGANIZATIONS stand for. I know this Democrat views are of the DEVIL and there is no case of defense for them. IF you do not believe in God you are where you should be!!!!!I am an Conservative Independent who votes for what a person believes about the Bible! Not all republicans are good for our country!!!!!

    • Ronald Harston: Have you heard one Democratic say anything against any other religion other than Christianity ? No religion, that I know of, supports gay marriage’s. The Leftists hate us because they have thrown out GOD and Jesus and they know we won’t. And we also know some of” their stars ” are Muslims, so they certainly not going to attack their religion. At least not now anyway…..

  13. Who gave this idiot the title of TOP democrat. He should be castrated so he can’t reproduce as we don’t need anymore of his bloodline in the US. It is done with livestock why not idiots? He is not smart enough to be a moron.

    • Hey, donald, Replace The Word (DEMOCRAT) With The Word (republican) In Your Above Posted Message & You Just Gave A Perfect 100 Percent Description Of The Oval Office donald! That SICKO IDIOT!! That MENTAL MORON!

  14. Hey, guenther, You Got It Backwards! It’s trump Who Is Just The PLAIN STUPID IDIOT Of All Times! How Long Can Or Will Americans Tolerate His SICKO Presence In The White House? Finally, the word is (PRESENCE, Not PRESENTS), A Word To ANOTHER Uneducated republican RETARD Who As Usual Can’t Even Spell Correctly!

    • Betty; YOU of all people correcting other’s of their spelling errors?? If I remember correctly, you couldn’t even spell your OWN name correctly on another story !! And if anyone is a mental moron it’s you!!!
      Just take your hate somewhere else you very rude, ignorant, ungrateful Leftists……

  15. Actually he is not a “top” anything. Only in his mind and the little flock of imbeciles who follow him around drooling as they go. Morons all.

  16. So sorry, but this kind of person does not belong in the political arena at all. Beto might just as well go back to bed. Only a very few people are able to correctly understand the separation of church and state principle. Beto O’Rourke does not happen to be one of them.

  17. The christian population are the people that have made it possible for someone like O’Rourke to ascend to a position in Government that he has. Knowing that he is also Stupid to go along with Queer will work against him in the long run. I guess he has never herd the expression DON’T BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU.

  18. By coming against GOD and his CHRIST, the Democrats have spelled the BEGINNING of the END of the Democratic Party as we know it. This is the SPIRIT of the Antichrist. And it’s fall will be TERRIBLE and HARD. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  19. I say “Who CARES?” This is the GREAT, and WORST, thing, about the United States.

    Everyone has the right to voice an opinion. NO one is “required” to agree.

    This is why I can hold Pro-Choice views, yet be friends with Anti-Choice members.

    We just dont discuss the issue. We may ASK one anothers thoughts, but we respect one another.

    After all, we all enjoy doing home repairs, car repairs, gardening, reading, etc.

    Why fight over what none of us can control?

    Namely, one anothers thoughts?

    • Norman, so you think it is okay to murder the most helpless and innocent human beings. You are very sick. Life begins at conception. It is a BABY…the same baby it is when it is born. It has everything it needs, It just has to develop. You are a very sad creature

      • bj: I can remember this Hinderliter person posting on another story. And again he posted he was worried about a “men’s rights being taken away. I don’t know what rights he is so worried about. Killing innocent babies because these people are just too irresponsible to take proper precautions NOT to get pregnant in the first place certainly any out weights of any of men’s rights being infringed upon….

  20. The dem party hates God and has thrown Him out. They embrace satan, which is obvious by their hatred and lies, which satan thrives on. They hate everything this country stands for because it was founded by Christians, whom they detest. Their goal is to have total control of our government and us. They are extremely dangerous to our freedom and must be voted out. It is time for us to come to God as a nation and ask His forgiveness and help to deliver us from satan and his army which includes dems, atheists, communists, muslims and all others who deny God.

  21. O’Rourke is the product of cultural corruption. In his biased and hypocritical speech he singled out church’s, and not mosques or temples. O’Rourke knows he has not a chance of winning the primary, and is just endearing himself to the extreme left wing for his future ambitions.

  22. I believe in religious freedom, unless it includes some backward, barbaric practices. Such as women having to wear a tent when you’re in public that covers everything but has a view port for your eyes. Or allowing stoning for disrespecting your father/family.

  23. the author of this article reveals just how deplorable and desperate the gop has become . There are christians in the democrat party and I happen to be one. Everything the republicans stand for is contrary to God’s word. Most of your party supports a person that is so vile and full of hatred for everyone except himself. He has brought shame and disgust to our country from all over the world and to treat the little children at the border the way he does is so ANTICHRIST that all of you in the gop should be trembling in your shoes.

    • gary…You CANNOT be a Christian and vote dem!!!! They have thrown God out and satan has taken over. All they have is hate and lies and YOU are proof of that!!! The dems are pro baby murder and pro homosexuality, BOTH of which God forbids. And you attack Pres. Trump yet extremely vile and corrupt Hillary and muslim traitor Obama are fine with you. You are either VERY brainwashed, or have no clue what a Christian is. WAKE UP!!!!!! And, NO, Pres. Trump IS NOT the Antichrist. That is certain. Take your sick hate somewhere else.

    • Eric; And this is the best solution you can come up with? You know dictator’s like Lenin and Hitler tried to do the same thing, don’t you? Tell me, how did that work out???? If you think doing away with religion is the answer, please move to North Korea and get back to us with your findings. That’s IF you can leave that is….

    • Eric, so you want to outlaw Christianity. Christians follow Jesus who teaches us love, compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, and helping others. He forbids hate, murder, and all evil. Without Jesus, satan reigns. If you bother to read the Bible you will know that satan will reign for a time. satan is full of hate, lies, chaos, and all other evil. You may be very sorry what you wish for.

    • Eric, I thought the dem party celebrated divisiveness, so you should embrace it. And Jesus loves everyone and wants to bring us all together to be with Him. NO divisiveness.

  24. gary wells: Boy are you brainwashed!! One of the MANY deplorable things YOUR party stands for is abortions right up to the moment of birth. And if these poor souls survive that disgusting act, they will just leave them to die a horrible death, unattended. But yet you cry about how poorly those ILLLEGAL alien’s children are treated at the border. They have better treatment there then they had in their own country!!!! YOUR party has “the squad” that hates our country and everything it stands for. Or haven’t you been paying attention??? But yet YOU make the ridiculous statement the GOP is against GOD’s word??? You have no clue, pal. YOUR PARTY is deplorable and disgusting, and most definitely against ANTHING GODLY!!! Not the GOP.

  25. You know what to do RIGHT? … You simply VOTE people like this one OUT-OF-OFFICE! … And Good People Like you pick up the baton and RUN FOR HIS SEAT! Give the Great People Of TEXAS a Real Candidate to VOTE-FOR! … IF “YOU” Are A Conservative Constitutional Loving American! Please fill out the Forms and Run For Beto O’Dorks Office. …. The Pay is Magnificent! The Benefits Are AMAZING! … And Beto is living PROOF? YOU REQUIRE ZERO EXPERIENCE! …. WOW, is the pay GOOD 174,000. a year. Please apply for his job TODAY! You got my VOTE!

    • Job Opening: I really do not understand how the GOD fearing people of the great state of Texas ever voted this deviant in, to begin with. Yes of course we will try to vote out every one of these Leftist. But heaven only knows what other tricks they will pull next to get a sitting president. Or to keep their other positions in our government. We can only cast our legitimate votes and hope they will be counted fairly. And of course pray to GOD he will help keep our country and its values and morals safe…

  26. Yes I am for religious freedom. Trump is 100 percent for our constitutional rights. Even with Trump in office. We still our fighting for our constitutional rights. So let them take the exemption. We will preach in the streets.You can’t take it away. Jesus is inside of us. The Word is inside of us.

  27. it is indeed time to remove the tax exempt status of the church. it is the only thread the government has to control them. When it is gone the priests may then tell the followers about all the corruption within government. They may then also suggest who to vote for at elections. What I couldn’t figure out is why they don’t declare each church as an embassy to the Vatican? It is a country and would then bypass taxes just like the UN building or any other embassy. Can you see the government scramble to provide protection for each embassy? It would be interesting. ———-Grampa


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