A top Democrat just announced the first step in his plan to outlaw Christianity


Democrats are becoming bolder than ever in their war against Christianity.

They truly hate anybody who follows the Word of God.

And a top Democrat just announced the first step in his plan to outlaw Christianity.

There are a lot of people in America today who identify as “Christian,” while being far from it.

These people support completely immoral practices like abortion and gay marriage.

And Rep. Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke just came out and said that any church that doesn’t support gay marriage should have their tax exempt status revoked.

Fox News reports:

Democratic presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke says he’d strip churches of tax-exempt status if they don’t support same-sex marriage.

When the former Texas congressman was asked if religious institutions — “colleges, churches, charities” — should be stripped of tax-exempt status Thursday night by CNN anchor Don Lemon during the LGBTQ town hall, he immediately responded, “Yes.”

“There can be no reward, no benefit, no tax break for anyone or any institution, any organization in America, that denies the full human rights and the full civil rights of every single one of us,” he said. “So as president, we’re going to make that a priority, and we are going to stop those who are infringing upon the human rights of our fellow Americans.”

In O’Rourke’s “Plan to Pursue Equality for LGBTQ+ People and Ensure They Can Live Openly Without Fear of Discrimination or Violence,” he lists reversing the Trump administration’s “attempt to expand religious exemptions in order to enable discrimination or harm others.”

He adds, “Freedom of religion is a fundamental right, but it should not be used to discriminate.”

While cutting off tax-exempt status is bad enough, his plan sets up a dangerous system ripe for abuse.

With the Left becoming more and more restrictive on what they consider “hate speech,” O’Rourke seems to want to list those Christians that he deems as “hateful” in order to punish them.

It is only a matter of time before some Left-wing maniac like O’Rourke uses that same list to punish churches that preach against homosexuality.

Or manipulates the tax code or some arcane regulation to penalize folks who don’t agree with their radical Leftist agenda.

Do you believe in religious liberty?

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