A top Democrat got caught on a hot-mic saying something sick about Amy Coney Barrett’s religion


Democrats despise anybody with strong religious convictions. 

With their agenda being so radically secular, that is no surprise.

And a top Democrat got caught on a hot-mic saying something sick about Amy Coney Barrett’s religion. 

Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett has all the qualifications for the job she is nominated for. 

She even has supporters on the Left in the legal community who can’t argue with her qualifications. 

But the big problem for the Left is that she is a faithful Catholic.

She has seven kids, which she and her loving husband raise in their faith.

A part of her faith is supporting life and the traditional family. 

So naturally, her faith is the main line of attack she is facing in her confirmation hearings.

And it is nothing new for her, considering she faced the same attacks in 2017 during her confirmation to a Circuit Court position. 

Sen. Dianne Feinstein attacked her for her faith, telling Barrett, “the dogma lives loudly within you” during that hearing.

Thankfully, she was able to be confirmed, and everything is pointing toward her cruising into an easy confirmation this time around. 

Feinstein yet again brought up her religion, this time being caught on a hot-mic.

“She’s been pro-life for a long time. So I suspect with her, it is deeply personal and comes with her religion,” Feinstein said.

Most people of faith likely agree with her statement, but in her mind, it is clear that her pro-life views “coming with her religion” is a bad thing. 

Feinstein has long had a pro-abortion record, and has extreme disdain for anybody who is pro-life, proven by her 2017 comments to Barrett. 

Barrett, in contrast, has always stood up for life.

She once signed onto a letter declaring her pro-life beliefs, which was posted in a local newspaper in her hometown of South Bend, Indiana. 

Barrett’s confirmation will be a huge win for Christian conservatives who have been calling for her appointment to the Supreme Court for years. 

Since Trump took office that call has been consistent. 

And he has finally followed through, and once she is confirmed, it will be a point of celebration for anybody who believes in the sanctity of life.